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Registry of Deeds
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To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for 
Registering Deeds and so forth.

A memorial of an indented deed of marriage settlement 
hearing dated the 30th day of August 1822 and made between 
JOHN RICHMOND of Rathgar in the County of Dublin , Gentleman 
of the first part SARAH RICHMOND of Rathgar xxx spinster 
daughter of the said JOHN RICHMOND of the second part ANN 
WALL of Rathmines in the County of Dublin witness  of the 
third part RICHARD WALL. of Rathmines a xxx gentleman of the 
fourth part., Dingle CUMMING and Abraham Cleson to the of 
the city of Dublin gentlemen of the fifth part and 
BARTHOLOMEW MURPHY of Bride St in the city of Dublin and 
JONATHAN WALL of Rathmines in the county of Dublin gentlemen 
of the sixth part Reciting that the said Sarah RICHMOND was 
entitled under the will of BENJAMIN DISRAELI late of the 
city of Dublin Esquire deceased to the one sixth of the sum 
of £2000. being the sum of £315 5s 6d deducting stamp duty 
and also reciting that the said SARAH RICHMOND was entitled 
under the will of her mother Sarah RICHMOND deceased to two 
sums of £100 and fifty pounds and that the said JOHN 
RICHMOND had agreed to advance a further sum of £334, 
fourteen shillings and sixpence so as to make the marriage 
portion of the said Sarah RICHMOND £800. so Ann WALL in 
contemplation of marriage then shortly intended to be had 
and solemnised between the said RICHARD WALL Sarah RICHMOND 
and in order to make a provision to her son the said RICHARD 
WALL had agreed to execute in part the power of gift or 
appointment in her vested by the will of her husband THOMAS 
WALL deceased and in order to make a provision for the said 
intended marriage and for the issue therof.  It was by said 
Indenture witnessed that for the consideration therein 
mentioned the said Sarah RICHMOND did grant bargain sell 
aseign transfer and makeover unto to the said BARTHOLOMEW 
MURPHY and JONATHAN WALL their exers admin and asseigns saw 
general sums of Three hundred and fifteen pounds five 
shillings and sixpence, One hundred pounds and fifty pounds 
upon the general trust therein mentioned by the said JOHN 
RICHMOND did by said indenture covenenant and agree that he 
the said JOHN RICHMOND his executors adminstrators should 
pay upon the day of the solemnisation of said marriage into 
survivor of them or to the exec or admin of such survivor 
the said sum of three hundred and thirty four pounds 
fourteen shillings and sixpence. Upon trust as to the said 
sum of Eight hundred pounds that the said BARTHOLOMEW MURPHY 
and JONATHAN WALL and the survivor of these and the exec or 
admin of such survivor should and they were thereby required 
and empowered to lend the same and at interest to the said 
RICHARD WALL on a mortgage of his life estate and interest 
in the general plots of Grand Houses and premises therein, 
therein mentioned.  Xxxx the same to remain and upon once 
mortgages & xxxx did not call in or complete payment of the 
same until the said RICHARD WALL should become bankrupt or 
insolvent in the lifetime of the said Sarah RICHMOND, and 
said indenture further witnessed that the said Anne WALL and 
RICHARD WALL according to their respective estates and 
interests therein did general bargain fall afeign transfer 
and made once into the said HUGH CUMMING and ABRAHAM MASON 
their exec or admin and assiegn.  All that and those that 
Lot piece or parcel of ground situated lying and being on 
the west side of st francis st and south side of Swift's 
Alley in the county of the city of Dublin containing in 
xxxxxx in the front of St Francis St aforesaid 42.ft 6 
inches  in reading in the xxxx 49ft 6in and in depth from 
front to rear on the north side to Swift's Alley aforsaid 
280ft and the south side 280ft 6in lie the same more or less 
boundaries on the north by Swift's Alley aforesaid on the 
south by ground the estate of CHARLES SOMERVILLE Esquire 
late in the tenancy of the said THOMAS WALL on the east by 
St Francis st aforesaid and on the west by Glebe ground 
being the premises comprised in the indenture of Lease. 
Hearing date 24 August 1804 in said deeds recited and 
mentioned to xxxxxxxxx by the Right Honorable WILLIAM 
DAWNOR, The Reverand Grimo Irvin and Lucy Chamberlain widow 
Ecoris of the honorable, Tankerville Chamberlain deceased to 
the said THOMAS WALL for the term of 99 years at the yearly 
rent of £68 5s and as more particularly described on a map 
to said indenture of Lease xxxxxxx. Also all that and those 
that plot or piece situate on the north side of Patrick st 
in the city of Dublin containing in front to Patrick street 
aforesaid clear of the flank WALLs 27 feet eight inches or 
thereabouts and in breadth to the rear twenty one feet or 
thereabouts bounded on the fourth by Plunket St to the north 
by an holding now or later in the proposition of THOMAS 
BRYAN on they fourth by an holding now or formerly in the 
possession of JOHN Bentley and on the East by Patrick st , 
aforesaid, being the premises contained in and derived by 
the indenture of lease hearing date 7 Feb 1805 in said deeds 
recited and made by RICHARD Cave Esq to the said THOMAS WALL 
for the term of 99 years at the yearly rent of Thirty Nine 
Pounds.  Also all that and those that Lot of Ground with the 
new dwelling house together with the yard behind the fence 
now or lately inhabited by the said JOHN MURPHY situate in 
Garden Lane in the county of the city of Dublin aforesaid. 
Continuing in front of said line including the Gateway 
twenty seven feet and from front to rear twenty four feet be 
the said general measurements more or less bounded in the 
stable by garden lane aforesaid on the North by a waste 
piece of ground the property of the late Judge Chamberlain 
on the East by the Timber Yard late in the possession of 
said THOMAS WALL and on the west by another new dwelling 
house of said JOHN MURPHY that adjoins. Said demolished 
premises and then or later in the possession of Lawrence 
MURPHY and also by a holding then or late in the possession 
of the ANDREW CONNOR said last mentioned premises being part 
of premises mentioned and described in a certain Indenture 
of Lease hearing date 10 September 1802	made by Charles 
Somerville Esq to said THOMAS WALL , as described by the 
said THOMAS WALL, to JOHN MURPHY by Indenture hearing date 
the 20th day 1803 for the residue of a sum of Ninety nine 
years granted by said original lease of Twentieth September 
1802 at the yearly rent of £30 10s to be free and clear of 
any part of the head or ground rent  measured by said head 
lease for which there is a covenant contained in said deed 
for that purpose on the part of the said ANN WALL her Ecois 
admin and Afeigns, and all buildings and houses a fees yard. 
Sheds and gardens therin and the rents isues and profits 
therof and all their estate and interest therein together 
with the said rented Indenture of Lease of the 24 October 
1804 and 7th day of February 1805 said an authenticated copy 
of said Indenture of the 10th day September 1802 and the 
general xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx lease thereof.. To hold to the 
said HUGH CUMMING and Abraham Mason then ecois adminors and 
afeigns from thereafter for during the residue and remainder 
of the respective terms of years in and by the said 
Indentures thereof granted and than time expired xxxxx 
Nonetheless to the payment of the family head unto thereby 
resumed and to the performance of the Covenant therein 
contained as to the said of the 24th August 1804 and 20th 
February 1805 but freed and discharged from the payment of 
any part of the rent rescued by the said indenture of the 
10th day of September 1802 or of any rent for said premises 
in Garden Lane upon the general Trusts therein mentioned 
that is to say trust in the first place to pay and keep down 
said head unto reserved by said rented leases and subject to 
an indenture of £50 a year for Mary Alley wife of JEROME 
ALLEY Esquire created by her marriage settlement and 
chargeable on the said premises in Patrick st upon trust by 
and out of the residue of the rents and profits of the said 
premises situate in Francis st and Swifts Alley to permit 
and suffer the said RICHARD WALL to receive an annuity or 
rent charge of £49 10s a year during as many years of said 
term of years by the head lease thereof granted as the said 
ANN WALL and RICHARD WALL should jointly live or as the said 
RICHARD WALL should continue in solvent circumstances and 
upon further trust to pay and apply the residue of the rents 
and profits of said premises situate in Patrick St, Francis 
St and Swift Alley subject as aforesaid to the said Ann WALL 
for and during the time of her natural life and and after 
the death of the said Ann WALL the same to be subject to the 
same trusts as in said deed due land of and concerning the 
said premises in Garden Lane and which said premises in 
Garden Lane whereby said deed declared to the vested in the 
said HUGH CUMMING and ABRAHAM MASON their Ecoris Admois and 
Afeigns on trust to pay the rents Ifanes and profits thereof 
to the said RICHARD WALL during his life and in case the 
said Sarah RICHMOND should survive her said intended husband 
then to pay the same to her the said SARAH RICHMOND during 
her natural life in lieu of all claims or things at common 
law and after her death then the same to go to the Issue of 
said intended marriage if more than one in such shares and 
proportions as the said RICHARD WALL and Sarah RICHMOND 
should by deed or Will in their lifetime deed limit or 
appoint and covenenant of such appointment to be equally 
divided between their share and share alike and if but one 
child then the same to go to such only child and in case 
there should be no issue of said intended marriage or their 
living such all the children should happen to die under the 
age of 21 years unmarried and without lawfull issue then the 
said premises to be assigned over to the said RICHARD WALL 
his Ecois Admois and Afeign with other clauses and covenants 
in said deed mentioned which said deed and this memorial are 
respectively witnessed by PETER WARREN of Henrietta St in 
the City of Dublin and ROBERT KIELY of Granville St in the 
County of Dublin Gents.


The above ROBERT KEILY maketh Oath and he is a representing 
witness to the August marriage Settlement of which the above 
writing is a Memorial and xxx xxx the said deed duly signed 
sealed and executed by the Above named Ann WALL and the 
other executing partners then to and dept Also saw the said 
Ann WALL sign seal and Execute the Above memorial and dept 
saith he defined said deed and this Memorial to Francis 
Armstrong Eyre deputy Reg. at his office at the Inns Quay 
Dublin Thursday the 26th day of September 1822 between the 
hours of three and four o'clock in the afternoon and xxxx 
saith the name ROBERT KEILY respectively subscribed as a 
witness to said deed of this memorial in this departments 
proper name and handwriting.

Sworn before one this 26th day of Sept 1822 ~ Signed sealed 
and delivered in the presence of