Church: DUBLIN, Banns for St. Thomas, Dublin, 1861-1862
Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives,
Contributed by Lyn Nunn

Key FA = Full Age

The following entries were written in the Observations Column of the Applotment Book for St Thomas Dublin dated 1829 NAI M4940/4964 pp. 1-20
Names were checked for actual marriage against transcriptions at and results indicated in relevant column.


Anna Maria       WILLIAMS             19 Nov 1852      [Just one birth entry in amongst the Banns]

BANNS 1861-1862

FIRST NAME       SURNAME              AGE        CONDITION  OCCUPATION            ABODE                           FATHER                FATHER'S OCC.     BANNS TO BE CALLED	 COMMENTS                            MARRIAGE FOUND?

John             DEMSEY               FA         B          Sailor                4 Mabbot St                     Wm. Dempsey           Labourer				 [Dempsey]
Mary             NEEDHAM              FA         S                                4 Mabbot St                     William Needham       Sailor            6 Feb 1861		 Married                             6 Mar 1861

John             THOMPSON             FA         B          Servant               31 Shuch...St                   blank
Susan            ONEILL               FA         S                                31 Shuch...St                   James Oneill          Tanner            no date		                                     No

James Wm.        PALMER               FA         B          Porter                11 Cumberland St                James Palmer          Policeman         no date		                                     8 May 1861
Anna Maria       PERRY                FA         S                                11 Cumberland St                Thomas Perry          Optician

John             MCDONNELL            FA         B          Gardener              110 Marlboro St                 John McDonnell        Gardener          no date		                                     No
Sarah L          MILLS                FA         S                                110 Marlboro St                 James Mills           Soldier

Thos.            HANRATTY             FA         W          Stucco Plasterer      30 Northumberland St            Peter Hanratty        Stucco Plasterer  no date		                                     20 May 1861
Mary Ann         CORRIGAN             FA         S                                Res' 30 Cumberland              John Corrigan         Law Clerk

Philip           VAN SLUYS            FA                    Tradesman             41 Nth Cumbland St              Benjamin Van Sluys    Clerk					 Previously married by               31 July 1861
Maria            CURTIS               Blank                                       41 Cumbland St                  Pat'k Curtis          Painter					 the South District Registrar

John             HEALY                FA         B          Type Founder          10 Marlboro St                  Christopher Healy     Cabinet Maker     28 July 1861		                                     14 Aug 1861
Elizabeth        MACKAY               FA         W                                109 Marlboro St                 John McAdam           Type Founder

William          ODONOHUE             FA         B          Sail Maker            3 Clarence St                   ODonohue							                                     No
Sophia           NEILL                FA         S                                2 Clarence St                   James Neill           Labourer

James            CUNNINGHAM           FA         B          Shoe Maker            Nth Gloucester Place            James Cunnungham      Clerk             to be called and	 Wm Concaddin Guardian?              21 Oct 1861
Rebecca          BAMBRICK             FA         S                                3 Newcrom? Terrace              Henry Bambrick        Labourer          m Sunday 6 Oct 61	 [Minor crossed out]

William          DWYER                FA         B          Policeman             Malahide                        Dwyer								                                     No
Esther           ALCOCK               FA         S                                Kingstown                       William Alcock        Farmer

Edward           PLUMRIDGE            FA         B                                Clocks Cottage St Summerhill    Clerk								 [Hard to tell which resided here]   20 Nov 1861
Harriet A L      MUCHMORE             Minor      S																 Mark for Father

John             HUGHES               FA         B          Engineer              27 Lr Sheriff                   Hugh Hughes           Engineer          1st Dec 1861		                                     18 Dec 1861
Mary             MORRIS               Minor      S                                27 Lr Sheriff St                John Morris           Carpenter

Patrick          HAVERTY              FA         B          Servant               6 Newfoundland St               Denis Havery          Farmer            Sunday 8th Dec 1861	                                     23 Dec 1861
Mary             NEILSON              FA         W                                6 Newfoundland St               James Neilson         Cooper

James            HENDRICK             FA         B          Constable in Police   52 Mabbot St                    Richard Hendrick      Farmer            Sunday 15th Dec	                                     26 Dec 1861
Sarah            LINDLEY              FA         S                                52 Mabbot St                    Waren Lindley         Sculptor

Thomas           CONDREN              FA         B          Mariner               2 Nixon Street                  Patrick Condren       Labourer          Sund 22 Dec 1861	                                     8 Jan 1862
Maria            GOODLOW              FA         S                                2 Nixon Street                  George Goodlow        Labourer

Thomas           OWEN                 FA         B          Mariner               Holyhead Haye Street Holy       Thomas Owen           Mariner           Sunday 5 Jan 1862	 [name could be Cowan]               No
Mary             SOM....?             Minor      S                                31 Marlboro St                  James Som...?           Mariner

Edward           FOALE                FA         B          Mariner               1 Amica St                      Philip Foale          Carpenter         29 April 1862		 Resident 3 weeks                    5 May 1862
Jane             HORAN                FA         S                                1 Amica St                      John Horan            Bottle Maker				 Resident same place for 2 years.

Henry            BOURKE               FA         B          Messenger             84 Marlboro St                  Thomas Bourke         Clerk					                                     No
Eliza            EDWARDS              FA         S                                Dean St                         Blank

Thomas           WILLIAMS             FA         B          Clerk                 109 Britain St                  Thomas Williams       Farmer            25 May1862		                                     4 June 1862
Mary Anne        BREARTON             FA         W                                50 Marlboro St                  David McCarthy        Beadle					 [should be Brereton]

Peter S          PITT                 FA         B          Iron Fitter           7 Lr Sheriff St                 John Pitt             blank             Sunday 25 May1862	                                     2 June 1862
Lucy L Edwin     FA                   S                                           8 Lr Sheriif St                 Thomas Edwin          Joiner					 Wit. Elizabeth Smith 1Nth Shi...?