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Rev. E. G. Sullivan was advised by the Public Records Office 
of Ireland under date 7th July 1928 that the Register of 
Burials 1780 – 1872 were not among those saved from the 
destruction caused by the fire in the Four Courts in June 

From The Parish Of Donnybrook, Dublin. Parish Church Of S. 

Taken From The Donnybrook Parish Magazine. For The Year 
1896.Volume Vii.

December 1895.


ALLMAN. - December 13th, 1895, Florence Kathleen Edith (born 
October 27th), daughter of Robert and Constance Maude 
Allman, 81 Pembroke Road.

HOOPER. - December 26th, 1895, Violet Lillian (born November 
22nd), daughter of Eugene Samuel Williams and Mary Hooper, 1 
Belmont Terrace.

GRAFTON. - January 5th, Annie Maude (born November 14th, 
1895), daughter of Thomas and Jane Grafton, 27 Ball's Bridge 


RAMSAY and SIMPSON. - December 9th, 1895, at S. Nicholas' 
Church, Galway, by the Rev. J. Fleetwood Berry, B.a., Daniel 
L. Ramsay, Ball's Bridge, Dublin, to Emilie, eldest daughter 
of G. W. S. Simpson, Galway.

FARRELL and QUARRINGTON. - January 4th, at S. Mary's Church, 
by Rev. R. Walsh, D.D., George Augustine Farrell, 2 Eglinton 
Terrace, son of the late Richard Farrell, to Alice 
Quarrington, 4 Churchill Villas, daughter of John 
Quarrington, of Stephen Street.


TUTHILL. - December 21st, at 27 Northbrook Road, in her 84th 
year, Margaret Tuthill, of 9 Brookfield Terrace, widow of 
the late John Tuthill, of Kilmore, Co. Limerick, eldest 
daughter of the late Robert Lloyd, M.D.


BATES. - January 22nd, Harriett Maude (born December 14th, 
1895), daughter of Robert and Annie Bates, 1Eglinton 

NORMAN. - February 2nd, Horace Moilse (born November 30th, 
1895), son of George William and Elizabeth Anne Norman, 1 
Llandaff Terrace, Merrion.

LEWIS. - February 2nd, Ernest Edward (born November 24th, 
1895), son of Robert and Annie Lewis, Marino, Merrion.


STRAHAN and CONAN. - January 22nd, at S. Mary's Church, by 
Rev. R. Walsh, d.d., George S. Strahan, 1 Churchill Villas, 
youngest son of the late Simon Strahan, 24 Henry Street, to 
Josephine Conan, B.A., youngest daughter of the late Joseph 
Conan, Roseneath, Sandymount Avenue.

GORDON and BOSWELL. - February 4th, by special licence, at 
S. James's, Milltown Road, William, son of the late Stewart 
Gordon, of Aberfoyle, CE. and Co. Surveyor of Londonderry, 
to Josephine, daughter of the late James Boswell, Esq.


BYRN. - January 25th, suddenly, at Drumcree Rectory, 
Westmeath, the Rev. Richard Archdall Byrn, m.a., aged 70.

STEPHENSON. - February 6th, at 8 Elma Terrace, of pneumonia, 
Letitia, widow of the late Robert Stephenson, Bank of 


GLANVILLE. - February 24tii, Kathleen (born January 11th), 
daughter of David Hill and Harriet Frances Glanville, 6 
Eglinton Terrace.

BOLTON. - March 1st, Margaret Frances (born January 28th), 
daughter of James and Jane

BOLTON, 5 Keegan's Lane.


Irwin. - Feb. 22nd, at Sharon, Belmont Avenue, Florine, 
widow of the late Rev. James William Irwin, M.A., of Sharon 
Rectory, Co. Donegal, and only sister of the late Sir H. B. 
Edwardes, K.C.B.

MILLER. - February 19th, at Shanghai, John Irwin Miller, 
Grand Master of Freemasons for the Province of North China, 
eldest son of the late Rev. J. H. Miller, Rector of Tamlaght 
O'Crilly, and of Mrs. Miller, 1 Churchill Villas, Sandymount 
Avenue, aged 59 years.

PIDGEON. - March 4th, at 2 Homestead, Sandymount Avenue, 
John Pidgeon, late of Castle Warden.

WHITE. - March 13th, at his residence, Mountain View, 
Belmont Avenue, Alfred White, aged 58 years.


LAMBERT. - Easter Day (April 5th), Saul Dormer (born March 
3rd), son of George and Mary Anne Lambert, 39 Donnybrook.

MITCHELL. - Easter Day (April 5th), Elizabeth Henrietta 
(born Feb. 25th), daughter of Andrew and Anne Mitchell, 6 
Estate Cottages, Merrion.

BROWNE. - April l0th, Gertrude Cicely (born March ), 
daughter of Hon. Arthur Henry and Clotilde Georgina Browne, 
41 Ailesbury Road.

MOLLOY. - April 22nd, Elsie MacNiell (born March 22nd), 
daughter of Hastings Francis James and Berthia Catherine 
Molloy Brookfield.

HENCHY.- April 22nd, Robert John (born Jan. 19th), son of 
Robert John and Edith Geraldine Henchy, 5 Elma Terrace.


RUMNEY and WARREN. - -At Rusholme Road Church, Manchester, 
Frank Vanston, son of F. J. Rumney, Whalley Range, 
Manchester, to Eva Annie Eustace, only child of the late F. 
A. Warren, The Cottage, Donnybrook.


WESTROPP.- April 9th, at 5 Belmont Terrace, Maria Christina, 
widow of the late Rev. J.

WESTROPP, M.A., Rector of Ardcanny, Limerick, and daughter 
of the late Major Henry Ross Lewin, of Ross Hill, Co. Clare.

INGLIS. - April 9th, at Larreen, Co. Leitrim, suddenly, of 
acute peritonitis, Gordon Stuart, fourth son of J. Malcolm 
Inglis, of Montrose, Donnybrook.

TURNER. - April 14th, at 18 Beaver Row, Agnes Turner, widow 
of the late John Turner.

CLARKE. - April 16th, at Willfield, Sandymount Avenue, 
Susanna Mason Clarke, eldest daughter of the late John 
Clarke, of Willfield, in her ninety-first year.


ALLEY. - April 29th, Daisy Woodroffe (born Feb. 11th), 
daughter of Joseph Uppington and Mina Alley, 6 Vergemount 

BARRETT. - May 13th, John Howard (born April 3rd), son of 
Albert John and Jane Barrett, Woodlawn, Ball's Bridge.


DARLING. - April 22nd, at 2 Belmont Terrace, Donnybrook, 
Helena Leicester Darling, widow of the late Arthur Darling, 
of Nappersdone, Kells, Co. Meath.

BADHAM.- April 26th, at 7 Churchill Terrace, Ball's Bridge, 
Edward Badham, aged 80.

BLOOD. - April 29th, at New Cavendish Street, London, W., 
Katherine Florence, wife of Bagot Blood, of Rock Forest, Co. 
Clare, and 19 Ailesbury Road, Donnybrook, and daughter of 
Major C. W. Studdert, Cragmoher, Co. Clare.

STRAINE. June 7th, Mabel Lilian (born March 22nd), daughter 
of Robert James and Ivah Augusta Straine, 2 Bloomfield 
Terrace, Merrion.


DEANS and DOWMAN. - June 3rd, at S. Andrew's, Church, 
Dublin, the Rev. John Deans, b.a., Rich Hill, Armagh, to 
Georgina Mary, second daughter of J. M. Dowman, College 
Green, and formerly of Eglinton Road, Donnybrook.


FARRELL-June 26th, at the residence of her niece, 10 Ashford 
Terrace, Ball's Bridge. Sarah, widow of the late Loftus 
Farrell, of this city, and sister of the late William 
Poland, of Sackville Street.

BROWNE-June 27th, at 41 Ailesbury Road, Geraldine Henrietta 
Somerville, daughter of the Hon. Arthur Henry and Clothilde 
Georgina Browne, in her 5th year.

HARDEN-July 10th, at 3 Eden Terrace, Merrion, Annie, 
daughter of the late Rev. Archibald Harden.


HUTSON-August 5th, Sylvia Lilian, born June 6th, daughter of 
Alfred James and Lilian Louise Hutson, Pembroke Town Hall.


STEWART and BRADLEY.- July 16th ), at S. Mary's Church, 
David Stewart, 17 Bishop Street, son of the late David 
Stewart, Brig-o'-Dee, Aberdeen, to Sarah Jane Bradley, 
Morehampton House, daughter of the late James Bradley, 
Bailieboro', Co. Cavan.

BARRY and COYLE.- July 29th, at S. Mary's Church, Joseph 
Barry, of 6 Vavasour Square, Bath Avenue, to Ellen Coyle, 44 
Caledonia Terrace, Upper Grand Canal Street.

BRADDELL and FURLONG. - July 28th, at Fermoy Church, by Rev. 
T. C. Abbott, George Revell, eldest son of Octavius H. 
Braddell, Sarnia, Eglinton Road, Donnybrook, to Clementina 
Frances, eldest daughter of Hodder Furlong, Milbrook, 

LEWIS and TRIGGS. - August 11th, at the Parish Church, 
Richmond, Surrey, Joseph, eldest son of Joseph Lewis, 
Twickenham, to Ada F. Triggs, Masonic Orphan School, Ball's 
Bridge, daughter of the late J. Triggs, Bath.

FARRELL and BRYAN. - August 11th, at S. Mary's Church, James 
Farrell, of 15 Maitland Street, Bray, to Emma, daughter of 
Joseph Bryan, 2 Donnybrook.

CROWE and GRUBB. - .August 12th, at Christ Church, Leeson 
Park, John J. Crowe, of 4 Simmonscourt Villas, Donnybrook, 
to Florence Helen, daughter of Henry 'T'. Grubb, of 3 
Morehampton Road.


MORLEY. - August 1st, at Lowell House, Merrion, Frederick 
Morley, C.E.

SOUTHWELL. - August 15th, at 19 Ball's Bridge Terrace, 
Albert Southwell, suddenly.


CAROLIN. - September 8th, Rintoul Edward George (born May 
26th), son of Thomas John and Charlotte Carolin, 6 
Brookfield Terrace.


PERROTT and YOUNG. - August 26th, at St. John's, Upper 
Norwood, by the Rev. P. D. Woods, B.D., William St. George 
Frederick, third son of Charles Leslie Perrott, 39 
Marlborough Road, to Lavinia Hurst, only daughter of David 
Hill Young, of Enderley, Upper Norwood, London.

MADDEN and WARBURTON. - September 15th, at St. James's, 
Piccadilly, by the Rev. Frank Smith, M.A., the Right Hon. 
Mr. Justice Madden, of Nutley, Co. Dublin, to Jessie 
Isabelle Warburton, of The Old House, Shalford, Surrey, 
daughter of the late Richard Warburton, D.L., of Garryhinch, 
King's Co.


LEWIS. - August 20th, at 32 Serpentine Avenue, Thomas Lewis, 
aged 27 years.

GOFF. - Sept. 9, at Lynton, Dundrum, the Rev. Herbert Samuel 
Goff, B.A., Curate of Christ Church, Leeson Park, second son 
of the late John Porter Goff, Castle Hill, Enniscorthy, aged 
29 years.

KNOX. - Sept. 8th, al Port St. Mary, Isle of Man, Commander 
Vesey Knox, R.N., fifth son of the late Rev. Thomas Knox, of 
Ballymoney Rectory, Co. Antrim, formerly resident at 3 
Churchill Villas, Sandymount Avenue.


PERROTT. - September 29th, at his residence, 39 Marlborough 
Road, Donnyhrook, Charles Leslie Perrott, Solicitor, aged 70 


WALKER. - November 11th, Frederick (born Oct. 26th), son of 
Samuel and Lizzie Walker, 1 Spafield Terrace.

BETHUNE. - November 11th, Robert (born September 28th), son 
of Robert and Douglas Bethune, Gate Lodge, Ailesbury House.


SCOTT and CARROL. - November 11th. at S. Mary's Church, by 
Rev. Robert Walsh, d.d., Philip Clement Scott, Lieut., .A. 
S. Corps, Curragh Camp, son of Clement William Scott, to 
Florence Kate Carrol, 4 St. James's Terrace, Clonskeagh, and 
Lissen Hall, Nenagh, daughter of the late Egerton Griffin 


JAMESON. - October 26th, at 56 Stanhope Gardens, London, 
William Jameson, j.p., late of Montrose, Donnybrook, aged 77 

(Spelling as per book.)