Church: DUBLIN - Clondalkin Parish - Extracts from Parish Registers
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Contributed by C.Hunt and Carol Hughes

(From notes taken by the Rev. C. T. McCready)
 'On pedestal in lawn of Moyle Park, near the gate lodge':


1779,  July 4.------Hugh son of Hugh WILSON Esq. and his wife Elinor of Collinstown (bapd.)
1789,  Sept. 21.----Benjamin BROWN son of Hugh and Elinor WILSON of Collinstown (bapd.)
1779,  Oct. 26.-----Lady BRADSTREET (aged) 82 of Kilmainham (buried).
1784.  July 21.-----Eliz. POUNTNEY, Dublin, aged 36 years (buried).
1788,  Jan. 12.-----Eliz. FINLAY, Corka(gh) buried.
1798,  Sep.  3.-----Mrs. Margaret TRAMASE, Dublin, in Fleet-street (buried.
1799,  June 4.------Sam BROADSTREET, aged 26 Dub(lin) Merrion Sq. (buried).
1799,  Nov 16.------Henry BROADSTREET Dub(lin) (buried.
1803,  Sep. 9.------William CALDBECK Esq. Dublin (buried).
1805,  Sep. 22.-----Hugh WILSON Esq. Collinstown (buried).
1791, July  4.------Ann POUNTNEY Dub(lin)	(do).
1810, May  12.------James FINLAY, an infant, Clondalkin (buried).
1817,---------------Lucy GRANT, daughter of the late Revd. Jno GRANT from Dublin (buried).
1820, Mar. 3.-------Edmund BRADSTREET, Newtown Mt. Kennedy (buried).
1820, March 5.------Henry Nassau FINLAY, a child from Dublin (buried).
1821, June 24.------Mrs. Anne CALBECK, aged 94 from French street  Dublin (buried).
1821, July 21.------Mary POUNTNEY, aged 83 from Dublin (buried)
1822.---------------An interment in the churchyard of Domina recorded ----Blue Bell.)
1823, January 24,---John FINLAY Esqr. died at Corkagh, of the effects of a rupture aged 72 (buried).
1824, Aug. 19.------John READE of Clondalkin Glebe, aged 14 years (buried).
1826, Jan. 4.-------Laurence RORKE of Nauger (?) aged 86 years (buried).
1826, Dec. 5.-------Rev. Andrew MILLS aged 25 years (buried).
1827, Jan. 10.------Alderman Wm. EXSHAW aged 74 years (buried) and many of the same name before and after.
1827, Nov. 10.------Louisa HEALY, from Lord Kilwardens, aged 37 years (buried).
1829, Jan. 17.------Mary FINLAY of Dublin (buried).
1829, Feb. 15.------(The Widows' Cottages are mentioned).
1831, Jan. 19.------Miss Eliza READE of Rathmines aged 25 (buried).
1803, April 18.-----Martha daughter of the Revd. John GRANT and Jane his wife (bapd).
1809, Mar. 15.------Hester dau of same (bapd).
1811, May 16.-------Wm. Edwd. son of do. (bapd).
1816, Dec 12.-------Henry NASSAU, son of Thomas and Ursula FINLAY (bapd).
1824, June 5.-------Amongst those confirmed in this church by Archbishop Magee, are-------
	Chas. Tottenham READE and David READE.


1802, Jan. 23.-------Richard JENN Esq. of Dublin to Jane Louisa FINLAY of Clondalkin, by special licence.
                     Rev. John READE minsr. of Clondalkin had been in Feb. 1809 curate of Stillorgan.
1817, March 25.------Harriet CLANCY of Ballymount to Charles BLACKHAM of Crumlin (she is believed to have
                     been born in Bride-street.
1823, ---------------In Clondalkin Church by Consistorial licence Michael MILLS Esqr. of Collinstown in the Parish
	             of Clondalkin to Sarah DIXON of Grange in the Parish of Kilmadday (?) on 15 Dec. by Rev. Jno. READE.
1825, ---------------In Anne's Church Dublin Louisa MILLER of Clover Hill in Clondalkin  Parish to Daniel KINAHAN Esq.
	             of Dublin Barrister  May 19, by Rev. Jno. READE.
1831, Jan. 16.-------William BACKS a foundling (bapd).
    "   , June 24.---Charlotte LANDSDOWN a foundling.
    "   , Septr. 27.-Henry WETHERALL a foundling (bapd).
1832, ---------------Landsdown Valley (a place) mentioned
1837, Oct. 14.-------Married by the Rev. David READE in Clondalkin Church by license Robert DIXON Esqr. of
	             Ballyfree, Wicklow, and Sarah Anne DICKSON of Richmond Clondalkin ............
1834, Jan.  4--------Robert Mills, of Dublin (buried)
		Michael MILLS, Esq., of Collinstown , aged 69 years (buried)


James Digges LATOUCHE and Elizabeth CHAIGNEAU were married by his Grace ye Archbishop of Dublin on the 7th day of April, 1735.
Thomas HASSARD and Henrietta CHAIGNEAU were married by his Excellency the Lord Primate on ye fourth day of May, 1743 by 
virtue of a licence from ye Consistorial Court of Dublin directed to me.        Francis WILSON, Vicar of Clondalkin.


1772, Oct. 25.-------Michael TRAMISE a child.
     "       "  31.--Elizabeth CHENEVISE.
1773, Dec.16.--------Sir Simon BRADSTREET aged 29.
   ' N.B.------------I meet with the names of William CALDBECK   (Barrister-at-law) first in 1784 and 1785.'

(From the Vestry-Books)

1728-------Samuell CALCOTT and Char. ffARAN.
1729-------Mr. Hugh ROE and Mr John PEARSON.
1730-------Mr. Edmond HODSON and Mr. John CLIFTON.
1731-------John FALKINER and David CHAIGNEAU, Esq.
1832-------    "  "           "     "          "
1733-------Matthew HOYLE and Charles FARRAN.
1734-------Charles FARRAN and Matthew HOYLE
1735-------David CHAIGNEAU, Esq., and Edward MADDEN, Esq.
1736-------Mr. James DIGGES La TOUCHE and Mr. Alfred Howard.
1737-------Mr. William ROE, of Corkagh, and Mr. Henry ROE, of Knockmuteen.
1738-------Edmund HUDSON, of Cappagh, and Michael KNOWLES, of Clondalkin.
1739-------Edmund HUDSON, of Cappagh, and Joseph FALKINER, of Nangor.
1740-------Joseph FALKINER, Esq., and Edmond HUDSON
1741-------Mr. Simon SLINGSBY and Mr. Robert ORMSBY.
1742-------Mr. Anthony HALWELL and Mr. Simon SLINGSBY.
1743-------Mr. Anthony HALWELL and Simon SLINGSBY.
"   22 Dec Mr. Benjamin HUDSON and Wm. LINTON.
1744-------Mr. Charles FARRAN and Mr. Samuel CALCOTT.
1745-------Mr. Charles FARRAN and Mr. Samuel CALCOTT.
1746-------Mr. Samuel CALCOTT and Benjamin HUDSON.
1747-------Mr. Richard MORGAN and William Linton.
1748-------Mr. Isaac FINNAMORE and Mr. Thos. STYLES.
1749-------Mr. Isaac FINNAMORE and Mr. Henry HUDSON
1750-------Mr. Henry HUDSON and Mr. John QUIN.
1751-------William LINTON and John HUDSON.
1752-------John HUDSON and Charles FARRAN.
1753-------Mr. Alex. McDANIEL. (sic) and Mr. John FARREL.
1754-------Mr. Alexander McDONALD (sic) and Mr Samuel CALCOTT.
1755-------Mr. Benj' HUDSON and Mr. Philip FARRAN.

(To be continued.)


Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the
Dead in Ireland:  vol. iii - 1897 FHL # 1279285