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Marriages from Parish Register

1739 Feb. 5	Henry Richardson and Ann Ratcliff
1752 Dec. 2	John Richardson and Mary Gregory
1772 Apr. 22	Henry Maddock and Mary Hawkins
1777 Sept. 8	Ben Maddocks and Ann Lambert
1778 Feb. 26	Henry Richardson and Mary Fisher
1778 Sept. 5	Henry Williams and Eliz Mackrath
1779 Nov. 13	Thomas Richardson and Jane Newman
1782 June 4	William Maddox and Cath Melton
1803 Apr. 9	John Williams (Capt. R.N.) and Elizabeth 
1803 Aug. 19	Thos Hand and Elizabeth Richardson
1804 Oct. 21	John Williams and Mary Morris
1811 May 5	Andrew Richardson and Mary McAuley
1811 Oct. 2	John Williams and Elizabeth Taylor
1811 Dec. 14	John Richardson and Mary Anne Magill

St. Mark's Church, Dublin

Baptisms from Parish Register

1803 May 8	John son of Benjamin & Ann Richardson, 37 
Townsend St. 
1803 Nov 6	Edward son of John and Frances Richardson, 
Townsend St.
1803 Mar 23	Ann dr. of Peter and Ann Richardson, Moss St.
1808 Apr 24	William son of John and Ann Richardson
1811 Feb 10	Henry son of Henry and Ann Richardson
1812 Oct 20	Elizabeth dr. of John and Elizabeth Williams
1815 Nov 15	William son of Henry and Ann Richardson