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1. Here under lyes the Body of James Nicholson, whose 
fidelity as clerk hath been sufficiently shown in His 
Majestie's Treasury Office, in the city of Dublin, for 36 
yeares or thereabouts. Aged sixty foure, and was here 
interred 10 September,Anno Domini 1676.

2. Here lies the body of Selina Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter 
of John Atkinson, Esq., Ely Place, Dublin, who, in the 
blossom of youth, was untimely cut off, one of Nature's 
fairest flowers, leaving her afflicted parents and friends 
unceasingly to deplore her loss, and to look forward with 
anxious hope to a reunion in that World of Peace, the reward 
of Innocence and Virtue. She died 17th September, 1813, aged 
13 years and 4 months. Here also are buried John Atkinson, 
Esq.,who died the 30th October, 1823, aged 63 years. Judith 
Atkinson, his wife, who died the 14th May, 1821, aged 57 
years. Also Anne Atkinson, wife of John Atkinson, junr., 
Esq., who died 7th April, 1824, aged 30 years. John 
Atkinson, Esq., died December 13th, 1859, aged 68 
years,deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife and family. 
Also Mary Atkinson, widow of the said John Atkinson, and 
eldest daughter of the late John Hemphill, Esq., of Cashel, 
she died at Ely Place, the 18th July, 1888, beloved and 
mourned by her children and relations. Also Ellena Mary 
Atkinson, daughter of the said John and Mary Atkinson, who 
died 9th December, 1890, loved and regretted by all who knew 
her. " Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

3. Richard Atkinson died at Gortmore, 18th July, 1871, aged 
53 years. " Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright : 
for the end of that man is peace."

4. Mary Jane Atkinson died in Dublin, 17th June, 1889, aged 
67 years. "If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, 
even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with 

5. In Loving Memory of Michael Charles Bernard, M.B.,

T.C.D., & L.K.C.S.I., who for forty years labored as a 
Physician in this parish. Died 24th April, 1881, in his 71st 
year." I know that my Redeemer liveth."

In Loving Memory of Henry Hilton Bernard, Medical Student, 
who died on the 11th December, 1887, of scarlatina,caught in 
the path of duty, in his 20th year. "Blessed are the pure in 
heart : for they shall see God."

In Memory of Joshua Bernard, died 9th February, 1843, aged 1 
month. Sarah Maria Leigh, relict of John Leigh, Lymm 
Cheshire, died 14th October, 1856, aged 74. Adeliza Bernard, 
died 13th May, 1864, aged 1 year. Anna Mayne, died 7th 
April, 1870, aged 3 days. Godfrey Bernard, died 16th April, 
1870, in his 19th year. Annie Bernard, died 14th March, 
1876, aged 10 years. Louisa Bernard, died 6th November, 
1887, after a lingering illness.

6. Sacred to the Memory of the Barrys of Lislee here 
interred, viz., James Redmond, late of Glandore, died June 
18th, 1879, aged 90 ; his wife Anne, died 1869, aged 80 ; 
his mother, died 1852 ; his Aunt Johanna, died 1851 his 
daughter Mary Theresa, died 1860, aged 32. R.I.P.

7. Sacred to the Memory of William Ball, Esq.,who died July 
18th, 1824, aged 73 years.

8. Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Ball, who died March 
28th, 1838, aged 49 years; also of her husband Major 
Benjamin Ball, formerly of the 40th Regiment, who died April 
10, 1841, aged 52 years; and of their daughter Jane,wife of 
John Dickinson, who died May 20, 1843, aged 25 years ; and 
of her husband John Dickinson, who died May 26,1851, aged 38 
years ; and of Charlotte Elizabeth, widow of Robert Lloyd, 
M.D. , sister of the above Major Ball, who died August 5, 
1853 ; and of the Rev. Ruttledge Ball, son of the above 
Major Ball, who died March 16, 1858, aged 27 years.

9. In Memoriam. Charlotte Beaufort, died November 15th, 
1868. She walked with God. Also of her sister Fanny Mary 
Anne, who died October 20, 1875. " He that believeth on me 
hath everlasting life." John vi. 47. " There the weary are 
at rest."

10. The Burial Ground of Patrick Bride, Esq., and his 
posterity.1798. T. Taylor, fecit. In the firm hope of a 
blessed immortality, here lies the body of Margaret Bride, 
wife of Patrick Bride, Esq., and the daughter of Arthur 
Lamprey, Esq., who departed this life on the 9th May, 1796, 
in the 69th year of her age, and the year of her marriage. 
Here also lieth the body of Eliza Bride, their daughter, who 
died on the 1st September,1797, in the 22nd year of her age. 
She inherited the suavity of manners, kindness of 
disposition, solid understanding, and true piety, which her 
dear mother so eminently possessed. Heu! quanta minus est 
cum aliis versari quam vestri meminisxe.In the firm hope and 
confidence in the goodness and mercy of Almighty God, here 
lies the body of Patrick Bride,late of Stephen's Green, 
Esq., who died 29th day of September,1808, aged 82 years. He 
had been an eminent druggist,but retired from business in 
the year 1773. He served the office of High Sheriff of the 
Honorable City of Dublin in the year 1780; had been elected 
a Director of the Bank of Ireland in the year 1784 ; and 
served the office of Governor of that Honorable Corporation 
in the years 1805 and 1806.In every station of public and 
private life his conduct was pure and correct. He has left 
one son and four grandsons.

11. Sacred to the Memory of T. R. Burke, Esq., who departed 
this life the 25th day of June, 1841, aged 22 years.

12. In Loving Memory of James Carnegie, who died 18 March, 
1866, aged 75 years. Also of Beatrice Carnegie, his wife, 
who died the 24th May, 1883, aged 87 years. Also of their 
daughter Jane, who died 15 April, 1891, and their daughter 
Eliza von der Nahmer, who died 12 March, 1894,aged 57.

13. Sacred to the Memory of Lieut.Col. Wm. Cowell, C.B., 
late of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, whose premature death 
was occasioned by severe campaigns and wounds received in 
the Peninsula during the war ; died 24th September, 1827, 
aged 45 years.

14. Deposited here lie the mortal remains of what was 
Frances, the beloved wife of James Crofton, of Roebuck 
Castle. He, in deep, in sincere affliction, has lived to 
record her the best of wives, of mothers, and of friends. 
She ceased her earthly existence on the 8th day of January, 
1811, at the early age of thirty-four years, to appear 
before her God arrayed and conducted to His presence by 
every virtue.Here also is deposited the body of Eliza, the 
infant child of the above-named.

15. In Loving Memory of Michael Carr, died 21st June, 1876, 
aged 35 years. Also his daughter, Margaret A. Carr, aged 12 
years, and his son, William T. Carr, died 20th July, 
1889,aged 19 years.

16. Erected by Thomas Clarke to the memory of Jane Clarke, 
his wife, whose many virtues endeared her to every person by 
whom she was known. She died the 1st of May, 1806, in the 
23rd year of her age, and is here interred with her father, 
Garrett English, Esq., who died on the 5th May,1793, aged 36 
years. Here also lyeth the remains of Mary,second daughter 
of the above-named Garrett English, who departed this life 
on the 21st of November, 1807, aged 22 years. Here also are 
deposited the remains of the above mentioned Thomas Clarke, 
who departed this life on the 21st of May, 1825, aged 52 
years. Here also lieth the remains of the Rev. Geor. D. 
Crooke, son-in-law of the abovementioned. Thomas Clarke, who 
departed this life October the 5th, 1836, aged 38 years. 
There also is interred the remains of John Clarke, Esq., son 
of the above-named Thomas Clarke, who departed this life 
November 14th, 1836,aged 30 years. Here also are deposited 
the remains of Eliza Clarke, daughter of the above-named 
Thomas Clarke, who departed this life on the 12th day of 
January, 1844, in the 24th year of her age ; and also the 
remains of Sarah Tilly,wife of Benjamin Tilly, Esq., another 
of the daughters of the above-named Thomas Clarke, who 
departed this life on the 25th July, 1852, in the 34th year 
of her age.

17. To record conjugal affection, parental tenderness, and 
every virtue that constitutes genuine worth, this stone has 
been placed over the remains of Nathaniel Creed, Esq., late 
of the City of Dublin, by his sorrowing widow, Mrs. Rebecca 
Creed, as a humble testimony of her gratitude to his 
memory.He departed this life the 17th day of April, 1805, 
aged 55 years. Here also are interred the remains of their 
infant son, Nathaniel Creed, who died 17th January, 1805, 
aged 11 months. Here also are interred the remains of 
William Nat.Creed, eldest son of the said Nathaniel Creed, 
who departed this life June 13th, 1815, in the 21st year of 
his age. He was a young man of unspotted purity, and 
possessed of every virtue which could endear him to society. 
Here also are interred the remains of James Joseph Creed, 
son of the above Nathaniel Creed, who departed this life the 
18th of April, 1825, aged 24 years. A young man who lived 
beloved,and died deeply regretted by his family and friends.

18. This tomb was erected by James Allen Heyland, Esq., of 
the City of Dublin, to the memory of Maria, his beloved

wife, and eldest daughter of the late Nathaniel Creed, 
Esq.,of Roebuck, County of Dublin. She departed this life in 
38th year of her age on the 8th of December, A.D. 1830.Here 
also are interred the remains of the above-named James Allen 
Heyland, Esq., who departed this life on the llth December, 
A.D. 1837, aged 53 years.

19. Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Cage, daughter of 
William Cage, Esq. Born June 19th, 1798, died at Sydenham 
Road, Dundrum, December 24th, 1876.

20. Sacred to the Memory of Louisa Coxe, daughter of Baron 
Schele. of Osnaburg, in Westphalia, and wife of Daniel 
Coxe,junr. Esq. She died January 30th, 1819, aged 48 
years.Her father-in-law, D. Coxe, hath placed this 
monument.Also Sacred to the Memory of Daniel Coxe, junr., 
Esq., who died 10th June, 1819, aged 47 years.

21.In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Frances Darlington, who  
fell asleep in Jesus 27th April, 1875, aged 18 years. Also 
her sister Margaret, died December 16th, 1850, aged 10 
months. Here lieth the body of Francis Darlington, who 
departed this life the 9th day of September, 1804, aged 47 
years ; also his daughter Susanna, who departed this life 
the 14th day of November, 1802, aged 22 years.

22.In Loving Memory of Arthur, only son of the late W. D. 
Dickie, Cedarmount, Dundrum, died 15th January, 1891, aged 
21 years.

23.This stone was erected by Thomas Dillon, Esq., of Mount 
Dillon, Roebuck, and Marcella, his wife, in memory of their 
sons Cornelius and Thomas, who died in their infancy.

24. Underneath are deposited the mortal remains of Mr. Peter 
Depoe, of Leinster Street, in the City of Dublin, who 
departed this life the 16th of November, 1826, aged 68 
years.A man very generally known, and as generally esteemed 
and respected for all the Qualities that constitute "a 
valuable Member of Society." Here also lie interred the 
Remains of his Son James Mark Depoe, who died the 25th 
February,1826, in the 26th year of his age. This stone is 
dedicated to their memory by Mrs. Elizabeth Depoe, widow of 
the above named Peter, tho' imperfectly can such a 
testimonial convey a sense of her grief or of her lasting 
affliction. Also the remains of Mrs. Depoe, who departed 
this life the 1st January, 1848, aged 81 years.

25. Sacred to the Memory of Capt. James Espinasse. late 1st  
Royal Regt., who died at Dundrum, Co. Dublin, 1st March, 
1874, aged 70 years. Erected by his sorrowing widow. Also 
Julia, his wife, died 19th June,1877, and their daughter 
Mary, died 29th December, 1879.

26.Sir John Franks, died 10th January, 1852, aged 83 years. 
Also his attached wife Sarah Franks, who died 22nd February, 
1874, aged 78 years.

27.Edward, infant son of Edward and Amy Fitzgerald, born 
August 21st, 1890, and died on the 23rd.

28. Sacred to the Memory of William John Freke, who died 17 
November, 1879, aged 71 years; and of Frances May, his wife, 
who died 3 June, 1880, aged 64 years.

29. 1868. To the Memory of three dear sisters, who are 
interred here, Eliza Findlay, died 16th December, 1847, aged 
83 years. Charlotte Findlay, died 17th May, 1849, in her 
81st year. Annie Findlay, died the 3rd June, 1858, in her 
85th year.Erected by their affectionate grandniece A. H. 
Church.Here also are interred the remains of their beloved 
grandnephew, Mark Bloxham, Esq., County Inspector, R.I.C., 
who departed this life on the 13th May, 1876, aged 53 years.

30. The persons here interred are Mrs. George, the wife of 
Baron George, A.D. 1814. Master Richard George, their fifth 

31.Charles Samuel Grey, born January 22nd, 1811, died June 
12th, 1860. Also Henry Charles Martin Grey, his son, born 
April 10th 1851, died May 3rd, 1851.

31. In Memory of Frances Camac Hutchins, wife of Samuel

Hutchins, of Ardnacashel, Co. Cork, who died 16th 
September,1839, aged 44, and lieth at Monkstown. Also of 
Ellen Elizabeth Hutchins, who lieth here, having died 18th 
June, 1888, aged 28.

32. In loving memory of Emma Hudson, died 3rd July, 1894.

33.Sacred to the memory of Alexander Henry, M.D., born  17th 
March, 1805, died 6th May, 1888 ; and of Caroline, his wife, 
born July, 1814, died January, 1873. Mary, daughter of 
Alexander Henry and Caroline, his wife, born May, 1853,died 
June, 1878, aged 25 years.

33.Died on 24th May, 1853, aged 52, Mary, wife of W. E. 
Hopkins, Esq., h.p., 5th Fusiliers, and daughter of the late 
Henry Baldwin, Esq., of Mount Pleasant, Bandon, Co. Cork.

34. In Loving Memory of William Andrew Hayes, B.A., T.C.D., 
of Summerville, Dundrum, died 12th May, 1889, aged 61 years.

35. Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of William 
Haliday, Junior, cut off by a lingering disease in the early 
bloom of life. He anticipated the progress of years in the 
maturity of understanding, in the acquisition of knowledge, 
and the successful cultivation of a mind gifted by 
providence with endowments of the highest order. At a period 
of life when the severe studies have scarcely commenced, he 
had acquired an accurate knowledge of most of the European 
languages, of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic. But of his 
own, the Hiberno-Celtic, so little, Oh ! shame to the youth 
of this once lettered Island, an object of attainment and 
study, he had fathomed all the depths, explored the 
beauties, and unravelled the intricacies. He possessed 
whatever was calculated to exalt, to ennoble, to endear: 
great talents, social virtues, sincere religion, a good son, 
and an affectionate husband, a steadfast friend. Carried off 
in the 24th year of his age, his worth will be long 
remembered, and his death lamented. Obiit 26th October, A.D. 
1812. Requiescat in Pace.

36. Danielis Haliday, Edinburgensis Parisiensisque, Medicina 
Facultatum Socius ; Academiae Regite Hiberniffi Sodalis. 
Natus Dublinii, 19 October, 1798, Obiit Die nono Maii, 1836,

37. Beneath this stone are deposited the mortal remains of 
the late Lieut.-Colonel George Hart, formerly of His 
Majesty's 26th Regiment ; he served for upwards of 28 years. 
He departed this life at his house on Rathmines Road on 
Thursday, the 7th day of April, 1811, in the 78th year of 
his age, and is buried here at his own desire. Here also 
lieth buried the remains of John Hart, Esq., Barrister, who 
died on the 5th February, 1833, aged 27 years. He was the 
eldest son of W. S. Hart, Esq., of Fitzwilliam Square.

38. In memory of William Richard Hamilton, M.D., of Urlar, 
Co. Sligo, died January 1st, 1882, aged 80 years." Until the 
day dawn." Also of Gertrude, who died 29 March, 1890, aged 
31 years, eldest daughter of the above William E. Hamilton. 
"Blessed are the pure in heart : for they shall see God." 
Anita Hamilton, daughter of Alex. Hamilton, B.L., J.P., died 
26th August, 1885, aged 7 days.

39. Sacred to the memory of Catherine Mary James, the dearly 
'beloved wife of Charles Henry James, of Rockmount House, in 
this parish, born November 25, 1835, died June 21,1875. " He 
giveth his beloved sleep." Also to the loving memory of 
Katherine Caroline, third daughter of the above, who died at 
Clifton, Bristol, on the 18th July, 1886, in her twentieth 
year." Heaven is my home."

40. Here are interred the bodies of Mrs. Susan Johnston, 
wife of Richard Johnston, of the City of Dublin, Architect, 
who departed this life on the 8th September, 1799, aged 33 
years. Also the remains of the above-named Richard Johnston, 
who departed this life on the 20th of March, 1806, aged 47 

41. In memory of Julia Leslie, wife of Robert Grove Leslie, 
of the City of Dublin, Esq., Barrister-at-law, who died in 
the Parish of Taney, on the 28th day of June, 1806, in the 
29th year of her age. Her afflicted husband has placed this 
stone, imposing that his mortal remains shall rest here with 
those of her whose loss he now deplores, and humbly hoping, 
through the Redeemer of mankind, that the souls of both 
shall meet in heaven to be blessed for ever.

42. Sacred to the memory of Maria Mary Lloyd, who departed 
this life March 21, 1881, aged 63 years.

43. Sacred to the memory of Fanny, the beloved wife of the 
Rev. Dr. Chas. MacDonnell, who died in the Lord July 
17th,1838. To record her devoted love and affection as a 
wife and mother this monument is erected by her affectionate 
and sorrowing husband. Also his son Richard, died January 
8th,1837, aged 19 years.

44. This tomb and burial-place belongeth to the family of 
the Merritts of the City of Dublin. Here lieth the remains 
of Mr. Math. Merritt, who departed this life the 3rd 
December, 1775, aged 63 years. Here also lieth the remains 
of his wife, Mrs. Eliza Merritt, who departed this life 21 
June,1778, aged 60 years. Here also lieth the remains of 
Mr.Barth. Merritt, who departed this life 15th November, 
1790,aged 30 years. Here also lieth the remains of his wife, 
Mrs.Mary Merritt, who departed this life 3rd June, 1801, 
aged 42 years. Here also lieth the remains of Mr. John 
Merritt, who departed this life 29th April, 1804, aged 54 

45.Beneath lie the remains of Frances Maria M'Naghten, 
relict of the late Henry M'Naghten, of Coleraine, in the 
County of Londonderry, Esq., who departed this life at 
Dundrum, on the 16th of April, 1839, aged 65 years.

46. This monument, erected by Mark Monsarrat, of North Great 
George's Street, as a token of his devoted attachment to his 
beloved child, George Darley Cranfield Monsarrat, born 19th 
December, 1830, died 23rd May, 1834. " The Lord gave, and 
the Lord hath taken away : blessed be the name of the Lord."

47. Sacred to the memory of Adolphina, youngest daughter of 
the late Capt. Nicholas Malassey, Deputy Commissary General, 
died 24th February, 1875.

48. Here lie the remains, by her own desire, of Maria Rose 
White Mulville, otherwise Tuite, sister of the late Sir 
George Tuite, Bart. She departed this life on the 18th 
January, 1860,in the 79th year of her age, esteemed and 
beloved by all who had the happiness of her acquaintance. 
This monument is erected by her affectionate and only 
surviving child, W.O'Grady. They that have seen thy look in 
death, no more may fear to die. Happy soul, thy days are 
ended, All thy mourning days below, Go, by angel guards 
attended, To the sight of Jesus go.

49. This tomb was erected by William M'Caskey, of Roebuck, 
Esq., in respect and memory of his much lamented and beloved 
wife, Frances Louisa M'Caskey, who departed this life the 
3rd day of December, 1830, aged 55 years, sincerely and 
affectionately esteemed by all who knew her. Thou art gone 
to the grave, but we will not deplore thee, Whose God was 
thy Ransom, thy Guardian, and Guide. He gave thee, He took 
thee, and He will restore thee; And death has no sting, for 
the Saviour has died. Here lieth the remains of the late 
William M'Caskey, of Roebuck, in the County of Dublin, who 
departed this life on the 9th day of June, 1834, aged 62.

50. Cyril Morphy died 6th March, 1879, aged 15 years. 
Alexander Morphy died 30th September, 1889, aged 63 years. 
Kate Morphy died 5th January, 1894, aged 65. R.I.P.

51. Frances M'Causland departed this life the 14th April, 
1820,aged 30 years; and to the memory of Elizabeth 
Gerrard,departed this life the 27th October, 1848, aged 70 
years ; and to the memory of Mary Gerrard, departed this 
life on the 18th day of May, 1862, aged 89 years ; also 
Hannah M'Causland, who died February 16th, 1865, aged 81 

52. Here lieth the remains of Anne Minchin, daughter of 
William Augustus Minchin, late of Woodville, in the County 
of Wexford, who departed this life September the 5th, 
1819,aged 16 years. She now inherits the fulfilment of that 
promise, Because I live, ye shall live also. Adjoining this 
tomb on the left lies the body of William Minchin, son of 
the above William Augt. Minchin, who departed this life 22nd 
April, 1825, aged 18 years. Also the remains of William 
Augt. Minchin, who departed this life the 3rd January,1841, 
aged 73 years.

52. In memory of Catherine Lucinda, wife of John 
Maunsell,Esq., who died 3rd February, 1862, aged 34 years." 
I know that my Redeemer liveth." Also in loving memory of 
Edmund Robert Lloyd Maunsell, eldest son of John and 
Catherine Lucinda Maunsell, born 18th October,1852, died 2nd 
November, 1886.

53. Sacred to the memory of Daniel Neill, who died on the 
23rd day of April, 1877, aged 57 years ; and of Harriet 
Haughton, his wife, who died on the 27th day of May, 1872, 
aged 50 years ; also of their son, Daniel Arthur Neill, who 
died on 12th July, 1885, aged 35 years.

54. The Family Vault of Michael O'Brien, Esq., of the City 
of Dublin, who died the 2nd February, 1783, aged 68 years, 
leaving issue one daughter and two sons, Richard and 
Michael. Christiana, wife of Nicholas Mulligan, and only 
daughter of Michael O'Brien, died the 25th April, 1800, aged 
42 years. Her husband died the 28th December, 1808, aged 62 
years. Richard O'Brien, eldest son of Michael O'Brien, died 
the 4th of May, 1807, unmarried, aged 48 years. Here also 
lieth the remains of Catherine Lyons, daughter of James 
Lyons,Esq., formerly of Newcastle, in the County of Dublin, 
and maternal aunt of Mary O'Brien. She died on the 5th 
April, 1852, aged 96 years. Mary, wife of Michael O'Brien, 
jun., died  the 26th of January, 1819, aged 55 years. Her 
beloved husband died the 27th of February, 1829, aged 60 
years. Kate Mary O'Brien, daughter of Michael and Mary 
O'Brien, died the 30th July, 1834, aged 24 years. Maria Anne 
O'Brien, a twin daughter of Michael and Mary O'Brien, died 
the 16th of April, 1847, aged 28 years. Brigid Mary O'Brien, 
died on the 15th November, 1876. R.I.P.

55.Here lieth interred the mortal remains of Mrs. Mary 
O'Neill, daughter of the late James Kenney, Esq., of 
Milltown, and wife of Patrick O'Neill, of Harcourt Street, 
Dublin, by whom this monument has been erected as an 
affectionate tribute to her worth. She departed this life 
the 10th May, 1819, aged 43 years. Here also are deposited 
the remains of the above Patrick O'Neill, Esq., for many 
years an eminent merchant in the City of Dublin. He departed 
this life July 16th, 1828, aged 58 years. Here lieth the 
remains of James Kenney, Esq., of Milltown, County Dublin, 
who died the 10th September,1809, aged 73 years. Here also 
is interred the remains of his wife, Mary Kenney, who died 
the 16th November, 1815.

56. Sacred to the memory of Alphonsine Maria Pellegrini, 
eldest daughter of Doctor Pellegrini, of Trinity College, 
born in Berne, Switzerland, the 13th March, 1789, died July 

57. Henrietta Ponsonby, daughter of C. B. Ponsonby, Esq., 
ob. April 12th, 1815, aged 16 years. She pleased God, and 
was beloved of Him, so that living among sinners she was 

58.Christina, wife of David Richard Pigot, died 8th April, 
1887, aged 65 years.

59. Frances Phillips, infant daughter of George and Mary 
Phillips, born 2nd May, died 17th May, 1858. Also Alix Maud 
Phillips, born January the 25th, died December 24th, 1863.

60. To the beloved memory of my husband George Laurence 
Gardiner Ross, who died November 3, 1891, aged 29 years. "At 
evening tune it shall be light."

61. In memory of Emily Radcliffe, widow of J. Radcliffe, 
loving, loved, and only sister of Davenport Crosthwaite, 
LL.D. She was called home 25 July, 1885, aged 57 years. At 

62. Annie Rossiter, died 18th January, 1886, aged 43 years. 
Grace, her daughter, died 8th October, 1885, aged 14 years.

63. This Stone was erected by Bernard Reilly, Esq., in 
Memory of his beloved wife, Hannah Reilly, who departed this 
life 3rd May, 1817, aged 45 years. Here also are deposited 
the remains of the above-named Bernard Reilly, Esq., late 
Paymaster of the 18th or Royal Irish Regt. of Foot, who died 
on the 20th January, 1841, aged 63 years. Universally 
regretted by those who knew him.

64. In loving memory of two dear children taken home, 
Devonsher Jackson Rowan, on March 17th, 1889, aged 7 years ; 
and Eliza Villiers Rowan, on April 10th, 1889, aged 21 
years." From the bondage of corruption into the liberty of 
the glory of the children of God."

65. Here lieth the body of William Reynolds, of Ash Street, 
in the City of Dublin, who died the ? of February, 1736. 
Also the body of his wife Joanna Reynolds, alias Fagan, who 
died the ? of April, 1739, Also the bodies of their 
daughters, Margaret and Catherine and Elioner ; and of their 
son Patrick, and of eight more of their children. Here lyeth 
the body of Alice Reynolds, who died 10th Oct.,177? . . aged 
31, to whose memory this Stone was placed by her husband, 
Edward Reynolds, of St. James St., Dublin. Here also are 
buried two of their children, Patrick and Edward.

66. Sacred to the memory of Catherine Rowley, widow of the 
Revd. John Rowley, LL.D., Rector of Lurgan, County Cavan, 
and of St. Michan's, Dublin, died 10th April, 1879, aged 72 
years. Also in loving memory of Josias, Commander, R.N., 
their eldest son, who died 10th Feb., 1887, aged 57 years, 
late of Mt. Campbell, Co. Leitrim, J.P. and D.L.

67. This tomb was erected by John Roe, of North Frederick 
Street, in the City of Dublin, Esq., in respect and memory 
of his lamented and beloved wife, Eliza Roe (otherwise 
Campbell, only daughter of the Rev. Matthew Campbell, late 
of Barn Elm, in this county) ; she departed this life on the 
15th day of October, A.D. 1826, in the 24th year of her age, 
sincerely esteemed and regretted by all who knew her. Here 
also lieth the remains of Eliza Campbell, relict of the late 
Rev. Matthew Campbell, of Barn Elm, County Dublin, who 
departed this life June the 1st, 1835, in the 74th year of 
her age. Here also are deposited the remains of Frederick 
Campbell, Esq., only son of the above-named Rev. Matthew 
Campbell, late of Barn Elm, Co. Dublin, who departed this 
life on the 15th day of February, 1861, in the 61st year of 
his age. Here also are interred the remains of Maria 
Campbell (otherwise Murray), relict of the above-named 
Frederick Campbell, who departed this life on the 22nd day 
of November,1885, aged 82 years.

68. Here lieth the body of Philip Roe, who departed this 
life December the llth, 1817, aged 53 years. May he rest in 
peace. Amen.

69. In Memory of Robert Sherlock, fourth son of Major 
William Joshua Compton, and Isabella, his wife, who died at 
Belfield, December 26th, 1852, aged 5 months.

70.Sacred to the memory of Dr. Whitley Stokes, ex-F.T.C.D., 
of 16 Harcourt Street, Dublin, who departed this life in the 
peace of Christ on the 13th April, 1845, aged 82 ; and of 
Mary Anne, his wife, only daughter of William Picknoll, 
Esq., of Seatown House, Swords, who departed this life on 
the 13th July, 1844, aged 68. They were lovely in their 
lives. This stone is placed here by their youngest daughter, 
Ellen Honoria Stokes, May, 1863. Also of Ellen Honoria 
Stokes, died Augt. 6th, 1880. Beneath this stone are 
interred the Mortal Remains of Harriet Stokes, who died on 
the 10th June, 1825, aged 27 years. And of her sister Mary 
Anne, who died on the 14th October, 1838, aged 39 years.

71. In fraternal remembrance of Edward Alma Stanley, died 
12th November, 1881, aged 36 years. This stone was erected 
as a tribute to his memory by his brethren and friends. He 
was a loving husband, fond father, faithful brother, and 
true friend. " And they laid him in his own grave, and 
mourned over him, saying, Alas ! our brother." Also his 
beloved wife Catherine, who died 26th November, 1890, aged 
46 years ; and their eldest son Charles, died 6th December, 
1890, aged 22 years.

72. Margaret Sophia, second daughter of Robert Johnstone 
Stoney, Esq., of Parsonstown, and for nine years the wife of 
George Johnstone Stoney, M.D., F.K.S., died October 13th, 
1872, aged 29 years. In loving remembrance of Anne, third 
daughter of Bindon Blood, D.L., of Granaher and Rockforest, 
County Clare, and widow of George Stoney, of Oakley Park, 
King's County, born June 4th, 1801, died October 29, 1883, 
aged 82 years. In loving remembrance of Katharine Harriet 
Stoney, second daughter of George and Anne Stoney, of Oakley 
Park, King's County, born February 5, 1824, died February 
24, 1887, aged 63 years.

73. Sacred to the memory of Robert Turbett, Esq., of 
Greenmount, who departed this life the 21st January, 1830, 
aged 70 years. A sincere and exalted Christian, he fulfilled 
the relative duties of husband, parent, and friend with 
unaffected piety and exemplary affection. His virtues could 
only be duly appreciated by those who knew him, whilst the 
sorrowing recollection of so much departed worth affords the 
most convincing assurance that he lived respected and 
esteemed, and died lamented by all who knew him.

74. Emma Usher, daughter of Lieut. Usher, B.N., died Dec. 
8,1889, aged 62 years.

75. Family burial-place of J. L. Verschoyle, eldest son of 
the Rev. Joseph and Catherine Verschoyle, Captain, H.M. 60th 
Regiment, Douro, Talavera, Albuhera, Vittoria, Pyrenees, 
Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Peninsula. He departed this life the 
28th Sept., 1875. Erected by his wife and three sons. " The 
Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away : blessed be the 
name of the Lord."

76. The family vault of Patrick Waldron, Rathgar House. 
Mary, wife of Patrick Waldron, born 21st Augt., 1787, died 
19th Dec.. 1824. B.I.P. Laurence Waldron, elder brother of 
Patrick Waldron, born . . 1763, died 20th May, 1833. R.I.P. 
James S. Murphy, son of Jeremiah Murphy of Cork, born . . 
1817, died . . 1825. R.I.P. Patrick Waldron, who caused this 
tomb to be erected, was born 5th September,1772, died 31st 
Dec., 1851. R.I.P. John Waldron, second son of Patrick and 
Mary Waldron, born 13th April, 1815, died 8th December, 
1847. R.I.P. Patrick Edward Waldron, fourth son of Patrick 
and Mary Waldron, born llth January, 1824, died 22nd May, 
1846. R.I.P.

77. This Stone was erected by Maria to the memory of her 
husband William White, of the 61st Regiment, who departed 
this life the 30th April, 1828.

78. In memory of John L. White, Esq., Surgeon, who departed 
this life on the 25th day of June, 1870, aged 65 years. This 
monument was erected by a few personal friends and 
inhabitants of Dundrum, in remembrance of his many social 
qualities, his care and kindness as a physician, and 
especially his attention to the poor of the village and 
surrounding district. Lieutenant Henry White, died December, 
1870. Mary Wright, died October, 1871. Frances Dorothea, 
wife of Dr.J. L. White, died July 8th, 1874.

---------------- LIST OF BURIALS ---------------- From 
Inscriptions not printed in full. d=died. a=age

Bridget, wife of John Anderson, of Dundrum, died June 10

1881, aged 69.

Mary Elizabeth Addy, died Sept. 10, 1859, aged.4.

William Ashton, of Clonskeagh, died Oct. 28, 1879, aged 24.

William Burke, Woollen Manufacturer, of Milltown Mills,

died Aug. 19, 1823, aged 43 ,also his son, Christopher, died 
an infant.

Garret Byrne, of Milltown, d. Oct. 5, 1882, aged. 72 ; also 
his wife Esther, d. Jan. 31, 1886, aged. 66 ; their dau., 
Elizabeth. June 12, 1863, aged. 3 ; and their dau., Ellen, 
d. March 17, 1870, aged. 14 ; also Michael Butler, brother 
of Esther Byrne, d. April 24, 1881, aged. 42.

Henry Byrne, d. Oct. 21, 1877, aged. 12.

John Byrne, d. Dec. 22, 1880, aged. 18 ; also three 
children, at an early age.

James Burke, d. March 16. 1889, aged. 69; also his wife,

Catherine, d. Nov. 4, 1870, aged. 41.

Anne, wife of Francis Burke, of Fleet St., d. Feb. 28, 1789, 
aged. 34 ; also nine of her children.

John Byrne, d. March 9, 1862 ; and his son, Edward, d. Jan. 
21, 1889, aged. 18.

James Barrett, of Churchtown, d. Oct. 18, 1818, aged. 78 ; 
also his wife, Mary, d. March 18, 1820, aged. 54 ; their 
dau.,Margaret, d. July 10, 1829, aged. 24 ; and their son, 
Luke, d. July 2, 1850, aged. 48.

Clare, wife of John Byrne, of Townsend Street, d. April 
8,1821, a 38 ; also three children, Margaret, Teresa, and


Robert Barnes, d. Aug. 8, 1820, a. 87 ; also his dau.,

Charlotte Dillon, d. March 4, 1800, a. 33 ; and her son,

George Barnes Loughlin, d. July 2, 1830, a. 32.

William Browne, d. April, 20, 1892, a. 50 ; also his dau., 
Kate, d. May 10, 1879, a. 1 ; his son, Thomas F., d. Aug. 
26, 1893, a. 9 ; and his son, Ephraim J., d. Aug.

28, 1893, a. 8.

Richard Beasley, of Ballinteer, d. April 12, 1870, a. 45.

Laurence Byrne, d. May 15, 1773.

Julia, wife of Patrick Cumiskey, d. Dec. 8, 1861, a. 28; and 
his father, Terence, d. May 10, 1863, a. 74.

Arthur Carton, d. Feb. 20, 1871, a. 74; his wife, 
Catherine,d. May 7, 1857, a. 58 ; and their three 
grand-children, who d. young.

Edward Connor, d 15 ? 1775, a. 57.

Margaret, wife of John Canna, of Harold's Cross, d. May 28, 
1816, a. 60.

Stephen Connor, of Dundrum, d. April 2, 1886, a. 30 ; and

his wife, Esther (who m. 2ndly Albert Gate), d. Aug. 5,


John Carroll, d. Nov. 19, 1887, a. 56; also his wife,

Catherine, d. Oct. 26. 1867, a. 40 ; and their grandchild, 
Catherine, d. May 28, 1880, a. 1 ; also Ellen Billings, 
mother of Catherine Byrne, d. Sept. 21, 1885, a. 87.

Patrick Cantwell, of South King St., d. June 8, 1810, a. 60 
;also two of his children, who d. young.

Thomas Coyle, of South Earl St., d. March 29, 1793, a. 41.

Timothy Cahill, of Exchequer St., d. Jan. 11, 1825, a. 80.

Richard Carr, of Park St., d. June 24, 1788, a. 49 ; and his 
wife, Mary, d. April 15, 1788, a. 46.

Henry Curran, d. July 28, 1856, a. 57; also his wife,

Elizabeth, d. Jan. 29, 1883, a. 76 ; their eldest son,

Thomas, who d. in New Zealand, Jan. 26, 1868, a. 34 ;

and four children, who d. young ; also dau., Caroline,

d. Nov. 2, 1891, a. 50.

John Cannon, d. April 21, 1888, a. 17.

Margaret, wife of Thomas Clarke, d. July 10, 1892, a. 42.

Anna Coombs, d. Dec. 9, 1890.

Martha Costello, d. Dec. 23, 1891, a. 20.

Bridget Craven, of Montague Lane, d. November 14, 1891,

a. 48.

Mary, wife of Edward Courtney, of Dundrum, d. August 11,

1890, a. 50; and their son, Edward James, d. June 1,

1884, a. 4.

Catherine, wife of John Donnellan, of Milltown, d. April 
16,1792, a. 46 ; also three of their children, who d. young.

Five children of Bryan Duffy, of Clarendon Market ; and his 
brother, Miles, d. January 29, 1739, a. 18.

Ellen, wife of Timothy Duggan, d. February 1, 1887, a. 72.

Sarah, wife of Charles Dickenson, d. March 22, 1883, a. 35.

Bridget, wife of Christopher Dromgoole, of Weaver's Square, 
d. March 7, 1805, a. 32 ; also three of their children, who 
d. young.

William Dromgoole, of Rathfarnham, d. February 3, 1809,

a. 79 ; his wife, Catherine, and his son, Edward.

John D'Arcy, d. March 4, 1842, a. 46 ; and his wife, Mary, 
d. March 18, 1858, a. 60.

Mary Delaney, d. Aug. 23, 1882, a.l.

John and Catherine Doyle ; and their dau., Jane, d. July 15, 
1889, a. 35.

Patrick Duras, d. November 28, 1766, a. 44.

William Duff, of Golding Lane, d. November 26, 1776, a. 76.

Anne, wife of William Dunne, of Beaver Row, d. October 7,

1885, a. 58.

Kate, sister of James Egan, of Newtown-le-Willows, d.

March 6, 1877, a. 27.

James Elverd, d. February 6, 1892, a. 70.

William Ennis, of Kingston, d. December 11, 1826, a. 68 ;

also his wife, Alicia, d. March 23, 1808, a. 49 ; and their 
son, Andrew, d. January 1, 1815, a. 21.

William Flannagan, of Rathfarnham, d. November 15, 1759,

a. 91 ; also seven of his children.

Charles, father of Patrick Farrel,

" chaneman." of New St.,d. April 21, 1735, a. 55 ; also his 
dau., Catrein, Hugh Farrel, and his wife, Catrein.

Eliza Avice, wife of Henry Edward Flynn, d. March 8, 1855.

Anne M. Fox, of Milltown ; also her daus., Kate, Avice,

Monica, Josephine, and her son, Thomas J. Fox, M.D.,

of Cottage Park, Kilgobbin, and his wife, Julia Maria,

and their children.

Patrick Fleming, Inspector, D.M.P., d. April 22, 1892, a. 46 
;also his wife, Elizabeth, d. January 17, 1890, a. 40 ; and 
their dau., Mary, d. May 1, 1880, a. 5.

Bridget Anne, dau. of Patrick Field, of Ranelagh, d. Feb.

20, 1888, a. 21 ; also Patrick, jun., d. November 12,

1891, a. 24.

Mrs. Maria Fox, a faithful servant of R. W. Hillas, Esq., of 
Farm Hill, d. February 11, 1889.

Daniel Finn, of Patrick Street, d. October 6, 1808, a. 31.

Henry Fullerton, d. Feb. 20, 1863, a. 52; and his son,

Thomas, d. March 16, 1859, a. 7.

Patrick and Hannah Farrell ; also their son, John, d. 
December 16, 1879 ; and their dau.-in-law, Mary, wife of

Patrick Farrell, d. May 6, 1884.

William Finn, d. January 9, 1891, a. 74.

David Goold, of Clare Street, d. Jan. 27, 1790, a. 74 ; and 
his brother, Patrick, d. Aug. 1, 1781, a. 57.

Amos Godsell, d. April 22, 1883, a. 62 ; and his wife, 
Mary,d. December 5, 1886, a. 66.

Michael Garvey, d. Dec. 8, 1890, a. 72, and his wife 
Catherine,d. May 8, 1894, a. 69.

Robert, youngest son of Wm. Hall, of Aberdeen, d. May 4,

1883, a. 5.

Paul Ham, d. November 15, 1816, a. 54 ; and his dau., d.

July 26, 1815, a. 19.

John, son of Daniel Hayes, of Portobello, d. March 24, 
1817,a. 19.

Mary, wife of Matthew Hart, of Churchtown, d. May 9, 1893,a. 

Ann, wife of Thomas Hughes, d. Aug. 26, 1769, a. 34.

Edmund Jones, d. October 20, 1766, a. 45.

James Jackson, d. October 4, 1806, a. 67.

James Kearney, of ?Hill, d. October 17, 1758, a. 46 ; also 
two of his children.

Mrs. Mary Kearney, d. September 10, 1811.

Elizabeth Mary Kinlen, d. March 26, 1880, a. 14.

Daniel Kane, d. June 22, 1824, a. 60.

Mrs. Elnoir Kelly, d. Feb. 9, 1773, a. 40; also five of her 
children, and Michael Kelly, sen., d. November 23, 1785.

Simon, son of Terence Kane, of Cullenswood, d. Oct. 4, 1803.

Mary Elizabeth, wife of John F. Knott, L.R.C.S.I.,d March 
26.1879, a. 28.

Mary, wife of James Kennedy, of Dublin, merchant, d. Jan.

7, 1779, a. 60.

John Kelly, d. May 20, 1884, a. 61.

Thomas Kinsella, d. Dec. 25, 1804, a. 39.

Ambrose Langan, of Windy Arbour, d. October 14, 1887, a. 55.

Marian Letheby, d. March 1, 1891, a. 68.

John Lee, of Wall's Lane, d. Jan. 20, 1822, a. 58.

Jos. Lennon, d. Jan. 4, 1891, a. 85.

Marcella Leonard, d. Oct. 21, 1882, a. 10.

Mary Jane Meates, d. April 17, 1853; and her brother,

Abraham, d. May 26, 1882.

Catherine, wife of Wm. M'Kee, of Haddington Road, d.

May 24, 1873, a. 61 ; and their daughter, Catherine, d.

Sept. 19, 1872, a. 30.

Thomas Messett, of Dundrum, a. 86 ; also his wife, Sarah,

a. 102 ; their son, Solomon, d. May 22, 1808, a. 66 ; and

several more of their family ; also their son, Thomas,

d. March 5, 1827, a. 76, and his wife, Margaret, d.

1826, a. 56; and their son, Solomon, d. Aug. 9,

1859, a. 57.

Anne, dau. of Bryan McGarry, of Pill Lane, d. May 1, 1772.

Agnes, wife of Timothy Maguire, d. June 10, 1779, a. 33 ;

also two of her children.

James M'Kenna, d. March 2, 1883, a. 34; also his child,

Catherine, d. young ; and parents, Christopher and Ellen,

a. 74 and 68 ; and his sisters, Catherine, a. 16, and Anne, 
a. 12.

John, son of John M'Loughlin, of Milltown, d. July 4, 1880, 
a. 9 months ; also his sons, Patrick and Thomas, a. 14 and 
13, who were accidentally drowned on Dec. 19,


Annie, wife of Christopher Mulligan, d. March 17, 1756.

Mrs. Frances Newton, d. June 30, 1814, a. 80.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Moran, of Winetavern Street, d.

Aug. 23, 1810, a. 75.

Edward Mullins, d. Dec. 11, 1817, a. 37.

Anne, youngest dau. of D'Arcy Mahon, d. March 2, 1824, a. 5.

James Murphy, d. June 25, 1882, a. 76 ; also his wife, 
Mary,d. March 13, 1882, a. 75.

William M'Arthur, d. July 28, 1880, a. 11.

William, brother of John M'Cabe, d. Aug. 16, 1865, a. 20;

also his infant sister, Kate ; his grandfather, Michael

O'Neill, d. March 14, 1857, a. 71 ; and his grandmother,

Jane O'Neill, d. Sept. 16, 1861, a. 60.

Thomas Murphy, d. Jan. 31, 1867, a. 47 ; also Ellen Murphy, 
d. July 26, 1868, a. 44 ; and John M'Donnell, d. July 19, 
1884, a. 40.

M. Jane, dau. of Patrick Murphy, Miltown, d. Oct. 21, 
1881,a. 5 ; also his wife, Ellen, d. Dec. 22, 1883, a. 43 
his son, Joseph, d. June 4, 1889, a. 4 ; his dau., Esther, 
d. May 21, 1891, a. 14; seven other children, d. young; and 
his son, John, d. March 8, 1871, a. 4.

Elizabeth English, dau. of John O'Neill, of Frederick 
Street, d. Dec. 3, 1780, a. 27.

Mary Dora, dau. of Thomas and Sarah O'Neill, of Dunlavin,

d. July 30, 1878, a. 6 months; also their dau., Bridget 

d. Jan. 13, 1888, a. l.

Laurence O'Borke, d. June 11, 1891, a. 64.

Mary O'Connor, d. April 26, 1853, a. 63; also Patrick, d.

Jan. 21, 1869, a. 88 ; and Christopher, d. June 30, 1890,

a. 56.

Anthony O'Brien, d. Jan. 19, 1795, a. 62 ; his wife, 
Julian,d. Nov. 17th ? a. 42 ; and five of their children.

Cecilia Russell Patterson, wife of William Mitchel of 
Londonderry, d. April 9, 1881.

Anne Panton, d. June, 1872, a. 4 ; and her brother, John,

d. Jan., 1873, a.6months .

Edward Purcell, of Windy Arbour, d. Feb. 1, 1868, a. 82 ; 
also nine of his children, who d. young.

Thomas Godfrey Power, d. May 27, 1881, a. 52.

Two children of John James Quinn, Oct. 6, 1759.

George Quinn, Weaver, of Ash Street, d. Jan. 30, 1758, a. 45 
; also four of his children; and Jane, his wife, who d. Feb. 
23, 1774, a. 63 ; with six of their grandchildren.

The Mother and four Children of Patrick Reynolds, of

Plunket Street.

Edward Ryan, d. Feb. 17, 1771, a. 56 ; also his wife, Jane, 
d. Sept. 27, 1788, a. 49.

Mary Redmond, of Ballypierce, Co. Carlow, d. Jan. 9, 1872, 
a. 72 ; and two grandchildren, Johanna, a. 7 ; and

Bridget, a. 5.

Sarah Jane, dau. of Wm. and Mary Richardson, d. Aug. 9,

1882, a. 15 ; and Wm. Richardson, d. Sept. 9, 1894, a. 61.

Samuel Ranson, d. Nov. 17, 1860, a. 32 : and his wife, 
Maria, d. May 28, 1888, a. 70 ; also their child, Maria 
Louisa, d. May 3, 1859, a. 2.

William Sutton, d. June 4, 1893, a. 78 ; and his wife, Anne, 
d. Jan. 7, 1890, a. 60.

Maria, wife of William Sproule, d. May 18, 1880, a. 50.

Elizabeth, wife of John Sheridan, and dau. of Robert Taylor 
of Ballymascanlon, Co. Louth, d. May 15, 1881, a. 44.

George Henry Searle, formerly of Louth, Lincolnshire, died 
April 12, 1890, a. 70.

Rosie, dau. of Joseph and Georgina Smith, d. Jan. 31. 1891, 
a. 10.

Anne, wife of John Seth, d. Aug. 7, 1875, a. 31.

Mrs. Anne Sharman, d. June 16, 1838, a. 72.

Nine children of John Scott, 1774.

William Sheedy, d. March 14, 1886, a. 55 ; and his dau., 
Ellie, d. Feb. 17, 1894.

Mary J. Thompson, d. July 6, 1886, a. 46.

Jane, wife of Peter Tobin (alias Johnston), d. Nov. 21, 
1778, a. 27.

Richard Turner, d. March 31, 1841, a. 45 ; also his wife,

Jane, d. May 5, 1833, a. 36 ; and the following children

of their son, Joseph Turner of Newtown Park: Richard,

d. Sept. 1, 1853, a. 3 ; Sarah, d. March 25, 1855, a. 3 ;

Joseph, d. Dec. 27, 1858, a. 1 ; John, Feb. 8, 1861, a.

1 day ; Esther, d. Nov. 23, 1867, a. l. ; also Mrs. Sarah

Turner, d. Sept. 15, 1864, a. 68.

Walter Blake Kirwan Tyner, d. Oct. 26, 1891, a. 32.

Carolina Elizabeth, dau. of Arthur W. Webb and Catherine

Elinor Webb, d. May 1, 1851, a. 17.

Catherine, wife of John Wright, of Ormond Street, d. Aug.

23, 1770, a. 42.

James Whittey, of Rathfarnham, d. Nov. 8, 1756, a. 36 ; and 
three of his children, who d. young.

The Husband of Mrs. Bridget Walsh, d. June 17, 1793, a. 86.

Emily Walsh, d. Oct. 9, 1891, a. 62.

John Wade of Terenure, Farmer, d. April 12, 1761, a. 88.

Lorance, son of Nicholas Whitty, of Dublin, Throster, d.

April 17, 1755, a. 20; also his grandfather, Lorance

Byrne, d. Oct. 12, 1748, a. 94.

Source: The parish of Taney: a history of Dundrum, near 
Dublin, and its neighbourhood (1895)