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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & Mary Bradley

[Copied by Miss Vigors.]

Sacred to the Memory of Mary, Wife of James Gracey, Esq., of 
Downpatrick, Who departed this life 28th of May, 1826, aged 
33 years.  Favoured with outward beauty, & elegance of 
person, but supremely blessed, in a mind and disposition 
highly exalted; During her short earthly course, she was 
pre-eminently distinguished for sincere piety and Christian 
benevolence;  For purity & warmth of heart And all those 
domestic qualities which rendered conjugal felicity 
complete.  Her mortal remains lie buried with some of her 
kindred, in the tomb of their near relative, the Revd. 
Philip Skelton, In the cemetery of this church.

Inserted to the memory of a person once most devoted to him, 
Whose remains were first deposited below This Marble most 
timely records That to the last of life she justified His 
high & saintly approbation Whose lamented dust now rests 
beside his Mrs. Frances Skelton relict of Francis Skelton 
Esq., M D of Drogheda, Died April 8th 1823, aged 80. 

Sacred to the Memory of Ann, Daughter of T. Franklyn, late 
of Duneany, in Co. of Kildare, Esqr., & wife of Joseph 
Lefanu.  Actuated in her conduct by A rational sense of 
religion, a good understanding, The tenderest nature, & the 
most delicate feelings.  She filled the several relations of 
Daughter, Sister, Wife, & Mother In a manner truly 
exemplary, Having endured the sufferings of a severely 
protracted illness With unusual meekness and fortitude She 
yielded her breath to the God who gave it With faith in His 
Word And an humble dependence on His promises on 9th Febry., 
1778 aged 31. yrs 2 mos.  This Tribute Of respect for such 
Virtues And of love for such a character Is erected by a 
husband Who knew her worth And feels what he has lost in 

Tears cease to flow! they but insult the dead
Whose spirit justly liv'd & pious fled
Who, like thee, Anna, sweetly cou'd unite
With duty love, the pleasing with the right;
Who fond cou'd prop a father's failing age
His pains cou'd soothe, his parting hour assuage;
Who, while thy years yet seem'd to ask a guide
For sisters cou'd maternal care provide;
Who still on self scarce spending a desire,
To child & husband gave a heart entire.
O timeless snatch'd from life & love away
But happy thou! Wretched those doom'd to stay,
Go, gentle soul! & a vain world's vain noise
Exchange for transports pure, eternal joys.

Guielmo Stack.  Collegii medicorum Regis et Reginae In 
Hibernia & Sociis, Aetate vigente, heu! Febre abrepto; Animo 
mansueto, integerrimo, diluto, Sodales maerentes Posuere 

In the churchyard:-
Erected to the Memory of Christopher Patrickson, C B
late Colonel of H M 43rd Regiment, died 25th September,
1856.	Aged 78 years.

Jackson Golding Aged 65.  1828.  Here lieth also the
Remains of Charlotte Golding, his wife, who departed
this life November the 12th 1832.  Aged 51 yers.

In south porch of church”-
Near this place are interred the remains of Jackson
Golding Esq.  Many years Comptroller of the Genr
Post Office in this city, On his character for noble
integrity & private worth it is not necessary here to
enlarge, it is engraven on the memories of all those
to whom his name was known, on the Hearts of the few
who were honored by his friendship and who survive
to deplore his loss.  Died 4th Decbr, 1823, aged 65.

Sacred to the memory of The Revd Shuckburgh
Whitney Upton, Rector of Kilmoon, in the Diocese of
Meath; who fulfilled all the relative duties of this life
with truly Christian feeling; & died in humble hope of
mercy, thro' faith in Jesus Christ, ob.  April, 1807
Et. 39.

Sacred to the memory of the Revd Robert Evans, late of
Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, who departed this life the
11th of February, A D 1881.  Aged 75 years.  Also to the
memory of his dear and only daughter, Emily, the well
beloved wife of Euseby Stratford Kirwan Esq. who died
the 29th December. A D 1825.  This tribute of respect
is erected by an affectionate wife and mother, Emilia
Evans.  Also the above Euseby Stratford Kirwan, who
Died the 5th of May 1852.

Here lies the remains of Theodosia Smith, who departed
this life on the 8th day of September, 1832, Aged 50
years.  And of John Smith, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland,
who died on the 29th day of December, 1835, Aged 67
years, And of Jane Connor, who died on the 16th day of
February, 1855, aged 82.

In memory of Sarah Georgiana  L'Estrange, youngest
daughter  of Christopher Carleton, Esqre., of Fitzwilliam
Sq.  She was born August 8th, 1829, And fell asleep in
Jesus April 18th, 1838.  Is it well with the Child ?
And she answered, It is well.  ii Kings 4, 26.  And of
Henry L'Estrange, Esqre.  Eldest son of Christopher
Carleton, Esqre., Died October 31st, 1839, aged 29 years,
Also their kind and affectionate Aunt, Mary Jackson,
Daughter of Col. Jackson, Enniscoe House, Mayo, Died
January, 1857.

Here lieth the Body of Captain John Lawson and
Ellinda Lawson, his wife, Also Their only Son Endymion
Lawson, Esq., Who Departed this Life 20th day of March
1784, aged 75  Also Mrs. Anna Lawson, his wife, who
departed this Life, 17 May 1795, aged 70.  She was
virtuous, charitable and humane; Go! Gentle reader,
strive to be the same.

Sacred to the Memory of Miss Barbara Day, who
departed this Life June 22nd, 1818, aged 9 years.

To the memory of Patrick Hoare, Solicitor, who
departed this life on the 26th June, 1834, aged 70.
Trusting in Him who is the way and the truth and the
life.  Also Eleanor Hoare, his wife, who departed
January 15th, 1845, Aged 70, Looking to the precious
Ransom which was given for her.  Also their grand-
daughter, Fanny Abernathy, Daughter of Earle Hoare,
Died 3rd July, 1855, Aged 6 years.


To the Memory of John Johnston, Aged 14 years,
Fourth Son of James Johnston, of the City of Dublin,
Esqre., and Jane Lucretia, his wife, who departed this
life on the 18th day of August, 1808.  Also to the
Memory of  Launcelot Johnston, who died on the
12th Nov., 1810, Aged 26 years, the 3rd Son of James
Johnston, Esqre., Lieut. in the 1st Barr. 90th Regt.,
Departed this life in his 25th year, On the 25th of
September, 1811.  In the Island of St. Vincents, West
Indies, where the Battalion was then stationed.  Alas
my sons.  J L J Francis Johnston, Esq., Aged 46
years.  Died 28th of January, 1828.  Like him few left

This is the Family Burial Ground of Mr. Henry Gray,
Late Captain's Clerk in the Foot Regiment of Coldstream
Guards, and Master of the Masonic Lodge of said
Regiment, who died on the 25th May, 1824, Aged
28 years, Also six others of his children who died young.
Here also lies Mr. Henry Gray, Father of the above-
named, Who departed this life on the 14th of Feby.,
1843, aged 86 years.

Here lieth the Body of Mrs. Sarah Heron, Wife of Mr.
James Heron, of Portobello, who died Nov. 29th, 1828,
Aged 48, Also Mr. Jas. Heron, who died 10th Jany., 1831,
Aged 56 years.  Mr. John Weeks, Died 10th Augt., 1842,
Aged 74 years.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vo. 6. 1904, (FHL #