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PARISH OF ST. MICHAN, CITY OF DUBLIN                                       
    [From Mrs. LONG]
'On one side':-                        (Coat of arms and motto)
        "This burial place founded by their father James 
KING of Gorrard, Co. Fermanagh & this city, Esq. was out of 
filial love & respect for the memory of dear & honoured 
parents as well as of their love for such of their brothers 
& sisters as are here interred.  Thus enclosed by James 
KING, Esq. AD 1817 it was restored and finally closed by Sir 
Charles Simon KING, 3rd Baronet of Gorrard & his brother 
William Frederick KING, Esq 1833.  'The dead in Christ shall 
rise first."
'On the other side':-
        "Here also lyeth the bodies of Joseph KING Esqre, 
son of Mr. James KING who departed this life the 23rd of 
April 1810 & of Anne KING his infant daughter" 'On one 
        "Here lye the bodies of Mr. Robert KING and his 
daughter Anne KING" 'On the other end':-
        "Here lyeth the body Of Thos. Smith KING the infant 
son of Hulton Smith KING & grandson of the said James KING."
        "This  IHS   stone
 Was erected by Marcus HICKEY of Beresford Street, Dublin 
Gentm. in Memory of his son Marcus who departed this life 
28th Decr. 1814 Aged 19 years.  A youth sound in morals, 
correct in manners and blameless in conduct who never gave 
his Parents pain until he died. Here also lie burried his 
brother and sister And best of all his son John a youth most 
exalted worth who fell to his nice feeling on the 6th Octr. 
1826 aged 21 years.  Here also lies Good Jane, their mother 
who died the 9th Septr. 1832 aged 60 years.  Here also lie 
the remains of the above named Marcus HICKEY who departed 
this live ..... ........, 1837 aged ... years. Requisent in 
Peace Amen"


'On one side of the stone':-
"This stone and Burrial (sic) place belongs to James O'NEIL 
who departed this life the 3rd day of December 1785 in the 
60th year of his age.  Here also lye burried (sic) are the 
remains of his wife"
        'On the other side the stone being inscribed on both 
sides':- "Stay Passenger see where I lye As you are now so 
once was I As I am now so you will be Prepare for death and 
follow me."
'This  is close to the other KING monument':-
        "Underneath lie the remains of Cap. Charles KING 
late 74th regiment who died in Kingstown Jan 28th 1843 in 
the 77th year of his age.  This stone has been erected to 
his memory by his disconsolate widow.  Here lies also the 
remains of said widow, Letittia KING who died on 
Leeson-street Dublin on the 22nd of March 1849 in the 60th 
year of her age."
"Here lieth the body of Major William James ALEXANDER of 
Garristown Co. Dublin who died  8th of April 1852 aged 46 
years.  Also of William John Alexander SHAW, Esqre. of 
Caledon, Co. Tyrone & Cruise Lawn, Co. Meath who died the 
14th of May 1856 aged 25 years, also of Gertrude, wife of 
the above Major William James ALEXANDER who died 25thH April 
1864, aged 82."
"Here lie the bodies of Arthur HENRY, Esqre. of Lodge Park 
in the County of Kildare died 4th Sept. 1856; of Eliza HENRY 
his wife, third daughter of George Gun CUNNINGHAM, Esqre, of 
Mount Kennedy County Wicklow died 28th July, 1853.  Anne 
Elizabeth HENRY their eldest daughter died 24th of April, 
1868." 'On another side':-
"Anno Domini MDCCXCL This tomb was erected by Joseph HENRY 
Esqre of Straffan in the County Kildare for Himself and his 
"Momoriae sacrum.  Reveni. Joannis CARPENTER, Rom. Cathl. 
Archeip Dubis &C.  Qui Prudentia Pietate ac Doctrina Egregio 
ornatus.  Ecclesiam aibicon creditam Cum Fidelitate, 
Cultusque Divin Summa Preventa Annos sex decims.  
Asministravit Obiit die vigesima nona Octobris Anno Domini 
MDCCLXXXVI         aetati suae quinquagesimo septime."
"To the memory of Charles LUCAS, M.D. Formerly one of 
the Representatives in Parliament for the City of Dublin, 
whose uncorrupted integrity and unflinching spirit. just 
judgment and glorious perseverance in the great cause of 
Liberty, Virtue and his country endeared him to his grateful 
        This tombstone is placed over his respected remains 
as a small yet sincere tribute of remembrance by one of his 
fellow citizens and Constituents, Sir Edward NEWENHAM, Knt., 
LUCAS Hibernia's friend, her love and pride, her powerful 
bulwark and her skilful guide, firm in the senate. steady to 
his trust, unmoved by fear and obstinately just.  Charles 
LUCAS born 6th Sept. 1715 died 5th Nov. 1771. 
        Here also lieth the remains of Maria daughter of the 
above-named Dr. LUCAS who died 11th Nov. 1848 in the 80th 
year of her age.  This tomb was rebuilt and newly lettered 
by Anna FURLONG the sincere and affectionate friend of the 
above named Maria LUCAS."
"Here lie the remains of Quinton DICK, Esqre. who died 23rd 
March 1858 aged 81 years."
"To the memory of Samuel DICK, Esqre., who departed this 
life 17th Jan., 1802 aged 60 years This tomb was erected for 
him & his family.  Here lie the remains of Mrs. Charlotte 
DICK, his relict who died 14th May 1815 aged 72 years.  Here 
lieth the remains of Hugh DICK, Esqre., who died the 10th of 
August 1830 aged 50 years.  In memory of William Foster 
DICK, Eqsre., who died 31st December 1840 aged 56 years." 
'These are on different sides of the same tomb, and are of 
family as those I sent from Kiltegan church'
        "Sacred to the memory of Oliver BOND, Died the 16th 
of Sept., 1798 in the 39th year of his age. The noblest work 
of God, an honest man.  Underneath is also interred the 
remains of Amelia B. JACKSON, who departed this life the 
14th of Dec., 18.., aged 8 years & 10 months.  Likewise the 
remains of her sister Olivia who departed this life March 18 
.. Aged 7 years & 1 month, also of William (this is 
doubtful) JACKSON, who died at Liverpool 24th April 1835 
aged 1[0] years" 'This Oliver BOND, the rebel, and JACKSON 
is said to be here, but the inscription does not mention 
        "Sacred to the memory of Eleanor, wife of William 
TENNENT, Esqre. of Mount Vernon, Belfast Born 18th Jan 1781 
Died in Dublin 18th Jan 1807.  This tomb was restored by 
their daughter Lettitia Lady EMERSON TENNENT, June 1881"
"In sad remembrance of Major R.V. FAWCETT, 99TH Regt. who 
was noble, generous and brave.  This simple stone is placed 
by one who will through life lament him.  He was summoned to 
meet on High the reward of his many exalted virtues, the 
24th of Dec. 1824 in his 38th year."

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland:  vol. V,  (FHL # 0258795)