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File contributed by: C.Hunt & M. Taylor

St. Michan's DUBLIN
	[Contributed by Mrs. S. LONG, Dublin]

'On the porch floor under the tower' :-
"Here Lieth the body Of M. Daniel BLUNDELL who departed this 
life the 31st day of January 1735 aged 79.  Here also lieth 
the body of [Robert-?-Richard-?] BLUNDELL [the rest is 
illegible]  At the end of the stone is: Momento Mori"

"Here lie the remains of Henry UPTON, Esqre. who departed 
this life the 17th of April 1824 in the 28th year of his 
age.  Under this stone lies Isabella, sister to Henry UPTON. 
She died 11th of March 1829.

'First line illegible' :-

"............ ye relict of Col. Thos. WHITNEY 
..........owpass in ye County of Westmeath departed May 30th 
1716 ....... ........ 2nd years of [his] age"

'On the porch walls' :-
"Sacred to the memory of one of the best sons and kindest 
brothers of Henry UPTON, son of the late Rev, Shuckburgh 
Whitney UPTON and Margaret his wife who on the 17th April 
1824, in his 27th year departed this life after a long 
illness which he bore with patient resignation to the will 
of God.
	'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away
	Blessed be the name of the Lord' 
Also to the memory of Isabella UPTON, sister to the above 
named Henry, who died the 11th of March 1829 Aged 24 years."
"Erected by Catherine OSBORNE in memory of her most dear 
Husband Jonathan OSBORNE, M.D. M.R.I.A. who died Jan 22nd 
1864.  Also of her darling only son Verney OSBORNE who died 
May 4th 1863 aged 21 '2 Sam 1c. 23v' Also of her only and  
loved daughter Florence who died Jan 12th 1868.  Awaiting 
the first resurrection, they all rest in the vault beneath" 

"Sacred to the memory of Richard CARDEN Esqre, of 
Fishmoyne in the Co. of Tipperary who died in his house in 
Gardiner St in this city [Dublin] the 7th of Feby 1812 aged 
53 years" Jane CARDEN, relict of the above Richard CARDEN & 
daughter of the Rev, Dr. BLUNDELL, Dean of Kildare departed 
this life the 22nd Jan 1837 in the 73rd year of her age.  
She was a true Christian, a fondly attached wife, The Best 
most beloved of Parents and a sincere Friend.  This tablet 
is placed here by their only son, as a small tribute of his 
affection and respect August 1837"
"Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Dixie BLUNDELL D.D. late 
Dean of Kildare and Rector of the Parish of St. Mary.  How 
he conducted himself in that parish during a period of 19 
years is still fresh in the memory of his grateful 
parishioners.  Indefatigable in the faithful discharge of 
the sacred duties of his important station, active in the 
unremitting attention to their temporal concerns, public and 
private, he consulted with uniform care their future 
happiness and present interest, his religion was cheerful, 
gentle and rational not gloomy, discontented or insolent, 
his zeal was firm, mild and temperate and in his social 
intercourse no one left him that was not delighted, 
instructed and improved.

After a teadious (sic) and painful illness, which he 
supported with resignation, such as only true religion can 
inspire, he departed this life in the 83rd year of his age 
on the 2nd of November 1818, revered and esteemed and 
universally beloved"
'On the church walls inside' :- "Erected to the memory of 
Mrs. Charlotte MATHEW who died the 7th of August 1833 aged 
42 years.  Bt her disconsolate husband, Hampden Jno. MATHEW 
of this City" [Dublin]
"To the memory of Sarah Anne PERCIVAL Born 10th Dec. 1816 
Died 29th October 1873 and Charles Frederick PERCIVAL. M.D. 
F.K. & Q.C.P.I. Born 4th January 1827 Died 21st March 1827.  
Late Physician to the Hospital for Incurables, Dublin"
"Robert PERCIVAL M.D. Late Physician General Born 30th Sept. 
1756 Died 3rd March, 1839"
"In his family vault underneath this church are interred the 
remains of Henry MONK Esqre.  In the 60th year of his age. 
He died the 20th of Dec 1815"
"Sacred to the memory of Thomas BUNBURY Esqre. of [Clontarf] 
who departed this life the 11th of December 1790 Aged 61 
years.  This monument is erected at the desire of his son, 
Hugh Mill BUNBURY, Esqre. on a visit to this country after 
an absence of 28 years, 12th Feb. 1816"
"Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Thomas QUIN who departed 
this life on the 22nd of January 1841 at the advanced age of 
85 years.  This tablet is erected as a small tribute of the 
highest esteem and most sincere affection by his sorrowing 
family. Also to the memory of Ellen, relict of the said Rev 
Thomas QUIN who departed this life on the 22nd Jan 1855 aged 
78 years"
"Sacred to the memory of the Rev Thomas GAMBLE who died 
March 18th 1834 aged 81. And of Mary his wife who died Jan 
11 1833 aged 92.  also of the Rev. Piers Robert, their son 
who died August 27 1824,  And also of Lucretia Jane, his 
wife, who died July 26 1823, aged 39.  Here also rest the 
mortal remains of their eldest daughter Frances Elizabeth, 
wife of Major George FRASER whose children have erected this 
monument to the memory of their beloved relations"
"Sacred to the memory of Lucie the beloved wife of Sam. T. 
PERROT, Eqsre., County Limerick and yougest daughter of the 
late Folliott MAGRATH of this city who departed this life 
March 13th 1844 aged 26 years."
"erected to the memory of George NYGENT late of Hume st. in 
this city, whose body is interred in the vaults of this 
church.  That of his wife and child in the yard adjoining,  
He died the 2nd March 1832"
"To the memory of James JONES Lieutenant in his Majesty's 
13th regiment of Light Infantry and second son of Robert 
JONES, Esqre of this city.  who on the 15th day of December 
1824 and in the 23rd year of his age was killed by a musket 
shot whilst gallantly leading his men to storm the stockade 
and entrenchments of the enemy at Conovine in the country of 
the Burmese.  His elder brother John caused this tablet to 
be erected as a memorial of sincere affection to departed 
worth 1826"
the wall of the porch' :-
Infra situs est, 
vir adm, Revd Johanned POOLEY, S,T,D, 
Antiqua POOLLEYORUM de Suffolk
In Anglia natus, et materne sanguine
Nobile stemmate de Avergavenny oriundus
Muminis cultor assiduus
Patriae Propugnator strennuus
Virtutos afflictae Patronus
Ecclesiae Anglicannae fidem, cultum, regimen, 
et disciplinam
Sacra habens et intemeranda 	
Ideoque contra vesanos Fanaticorum impetus
Et novarum rerum stuiosos
   Imperterritus etetit antistes
Quippe non temporum, sed veritatis servus
Variisq* rerum vicibus Idem
A Collegio Dub . ubi socium egit,
As Decan""'S" . Canici, et Proeb S" . Mich ""
volatus est,	
Inde Episcopatim Clonede non suo Ambito
Rapotense non ita postea Inauguratus
Quorum aedibus Sacris Adea Munificus fuit.
Sive structuras, sive ornamenta spectes
Ut vel ipsi Vocales lapides hoc testantur
Etiam si sileret monumentum.
Ecclesoae Jura et emolumenta propeiis et
impendiis nec sine gravo danno,
O tempora . etiam Epicopatus periculo
pius ninirium Antiquae Matris alumnus
Nec reditur tenui, nec decoro amictu.
Traditorum more, oscitanter spoliari ferret.	
Hun iniquas Malevolorum Calumnias Integritate
illibatur passus est,
Hinc Impioum vi et Machinis se opposuit,
Ardore et Constantia Virtute Dignus
Fluctuantis tandem Vitae
Procellis din agitatus
Post ardous virtute labores . satis spectantes, 
Emeritus Christi miles
Christi triumphantis proemia manens
requivet Anno Aetatis 67, Octob. 16" Aerae Xtiannae, 1712"

'Beneath is buried the Right Revd. John POOLEY, Doctor of 
Divinity, POOLEYS of Suffolk,  Descended on the 	mother's 
side from the noble family of Abergavenny an unceasing 
worshipper of God, a determined defender of his country the 
protector of down-trodden virtue holding as sacred and 
inviolable the faith, worship, laws and discipline of the 
Church of England he therefore stood unmoved as her champion 
against the insane and revolutionary attacks of Fanatics, no 
time server but the servant of truth and unchanged amid the 
vicissitudes of life.

He was removed from the College of Dublin where he 
discharged the duties of Fellow to the Deanery of St. 
Canice's and prebend of St. Michan's, He was appointed to 
the Bishopric of Cloyne, then not long after he was 
appointed not by his own wish to the See of Raphoe, to the 
cathedrals of which he so munificent, both to their 
structure and ornaments, that the very stones would raise 
their voices in witness even if (this) monument were silent.

He maintained the rights and property of the church at his 
own expense, not without heavy loss. (Shame on the times) 
The truly dutiful child of the Ancient Mother he would not 
endure that she should be despoiled of her slender revenues 
nor of her fitting garb, After the manner of Traitors, hence 
he sustained with unimpaired integrity the unjust calumnies 
of the malevolent, hence he opposed the violence of 
machinations of the impious.

Worthy his zeal constancy and virtue.  At last after being 
tossed by the storms of a troubled life  After his arduous 
and virtuous and distinguished labours, This Veteran Soldier 
of Christ, Awaiting the rewards of Christ triumphant, Fell 
asleep in the 67th year of his age on the 16th October in 
the year of the Christian Era, 1712" ---- "To the memory of 
Peter Theodore WILSON formerly Captain in the Royal Marines 
and for forty-three years Registrar to the Royal Dublin 
Society.  This tablet erected by some of his friends is a 
slight tribute to his sterling worth, and many private 
virtues.  Died July 10th, 1853 aged 74 years." ---- "Scared 
to the memory of William AUCHENLECK, Esqre. F.R.C.S.I. of 
Dominick st. in this city and Muloyne, County Tyrone who 
departed this life 27th December 1848 aged 62 years." ---- 
"This tablet is erected to the memory of Aquila Howe KENT, 
Esqre. Paymaster of the Fourth Royal Lancashire Militia who 
died at Newry on the 24th of February 1856, by a few sincere 
and attached friends as a slight record 5]	of their 
friendship and affection, of their deep regret at his loss 
and in testimony of their warm appreciation of his 
excellence and worth.

Beneath lie the remains of Maria, sister of the above named 
A.H. KENT, and widow of Frances WHITE, F.R.C.S.I. died Jan 
1891 aged 81 years"

	'This concludes the tablets in the church' 

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252