Cemetery: St. James & St. Kevim Churchyard Memorials 

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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley


St. James Churchyard
(From Miss C. L. Long 1898)

	On a very high and much ornamented stone:-
Designatur hac effigie “ Theobaldus e gente Butleri Hibernus 
| Juris consultus | Legum Patriae Nominis Decus | Dignitate 
Equestri Donatus non Auctus Causidicus Argutus | Concinnus 
Integer | Barbarie forensic et vernacula Disertus | non 
Partium studio non Favoris Aucupio | non Verborum Lenocinio 
sed rerum pondere | et Ingenii Vi insita et Legum Scientia 
Penitoiore Pollens Quem Lingua Solers Illibata Fides | 
Comitate et Sale Multo Condita Gravitas | Quem Vitae Tenor 
Sincerus et recte custos Animus Legum recondite Depromere 
unice sagax | ad Famae Fastigium evexere | Fortunae Etiam | 
Ni Religio Obstaret Facile evexissent | Obiit Septuagenarius 
XI Martii Anno MDCCXX soli morti minor.  | Jacobus filiorum 
natu maximus | Patri dignissimo P.C.
Restored by Colonel Augustus BUTLER D.L. of Co. Clare 
grandson in the fourth Generatio A.D. 1876.


The Leeson Coat-Of-Arms On Tomb

Crest-A demi-lion rampant gules, holding between the paws a 
S****er Arms-Gules, a cjief argent, on the lower part a 
cloud, the rays of the sun Issuing                    
therefrom proper. A Martlet for a difference (denoting a 
fourth son)

The Rev Charles Danvers HORT | of Bristol | died 30th Sept | 
1867 | aged sixty

In a vault beneath this stone | are deposited the remains of 
Sir Roger PALMER Baronet | of Castle Lacken in the  County 
Mayo | who died on the 6th of February 1819 | also of Dame 
Mary PALMER | his widow | Daughter of the Revd Thomas ALTHAM 
D.D. | of Letton in the Co. of Essex | she died Without 
issue | on the 26th  November 1832.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol 6 (FHL # 0258795)