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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

[From Mr. Henry F Reynolds, 1897}

On a flat tombstone in the churchyard, at the north-west 
corner of the church, in the village of St. Doulagh's, six 
miles from Dublin, on the Malahide Road:-

	Here lie deposited the remains of Andrew Reynolds,
	late of the City of Dublin, eminent for his excellent
	Manufactures.  His death was a grievous loss to the
	Community as well as …..trial to his family.
	This stone was erected by his wife Mrs. R REYNOLDS,
alias FITZGERALD.  He departed this Life the Eighth of
May 1788, aged 44.

Here also lie interred the bodies of Mr. Thomas REYNOLDS, 
His Father aged 83 years   Mrs John REYNOLDS His Mother aged 
83 years and that of his son Patrick Who died unmarried and 
also the body of the said Rose REYNOLDS who died 6th of 
November 1797 aged 49 years And also the body of Rose 
REYNOLDS the Daughter of said Andrew and Rose, who died in 
the month of February 1791, aged 26 years Also the body of 
Eliza Weir, Daughter of the said Andrew and Rose Reynolds, 
who departed this life the 7th of October 1799, aged 21 
years.  Requiem……… Dominum
In connection with above the following additional records of 
the Reynolds family may prove interesting:-


1754	Same night (Last Saturday) Mr. Edward Moore, Brewer 
in James' Street to Miss REYNOLDS, Daughter of Mr. Thomas 
REYNOLDS, Silk Weaver of Ash Street, a most deserving young 
Lady with a large Fortune. (The Dublin Journal, Tuesday, 
27th August, 1754)

1762	Last Sunday (Feb. 28) Mr. Nicholas WALSH, an eminent 
Merchant in Merchant in Francis Street to Miss Agnes 
REYNOLDS, Daughter of Mr. Thomas REYNOLDS in Ash Street.  A 
young Lady with considerable Fortune. (The Dublin Journal, 
Saturday, 6th March 1762)

1764    Mr. Andrew REYNOLDS of Ash Street, Silk Weaver, to 
Miss Margaret Davis
	(The Dublin Gazette, Saturday, April 7th, 1764)

1767   Last Monday (April 20) was married at Killmead to Mr. Andrew
      REYNOLDS, an eminent Silk Weaver in Park Street, Miss 
Rose FITZGERALD , a young Lady who to the Most engaging 
        Charms joins the most amiable Qualities of the Mind/
         In each Look, Act and Lin'ment of the Face
         When we Good-breeding, Truth and Candour trace:
         When each Beholder, at first sight, must own
          A Fair to Virtue, ev'n by Nature prone:
         Who towards her God, has unfeigned Piety
          Tow'tds All, Goodwill and Affability;
          Studious (but not thro' Vanity) to please,
          Yet losing nothing of a graceful Ease
           When in a Bride, in whom the Virtues shine
           T'adorn the Virtues, Youth and Beauty join:
	Then Love it's gentlest, tend'rest Thoughts inspires!
	Then burns the Nuptial Torch with purest Fires!
            Then does the Bride Connubial bliss endure
	Which shall as long as Life endure.
	(The Dublin Gazette Saturday, April 25th, 1767)

1797	Mr. Thomas Edmond WEIR, Attorney, to Miss Elizabeth 
REYNOLDS, daughter of late Mr. Andrew REYNOLDS, Of Ash 
    (Saunders' News-Letter, Dublin, Monday, September 25, 1797)


1754	Friday night, died, Mr. Patrick REYNOLDS, son of Mr. 
REYNOLDS, an eminent Silk-Throwster in Ash Street (Dublin 
Journal, Tuesday February 5, 1754)

1764  Ash Street, the Wife of Mr. of Andrew REYNOLDS, an 
eminent Silk Weaver.
(Dublin Journal Tuesday, December 4, 1764)

1782	A few days ago in Francis Street, Mr. Thomas 
REYNOLDS, an Eminent worsted Manufacturer.
(Saunders' News-Letter  Dublin, Wednesday, July 31, 1782)

1788	Yesterday at his house in Park Street, Mr. Andrew 
REYNOLDS, the Eminent and extensive Silk-Manufacturer in 
Ireland.  He was a man of the best character and greatly 
beloved by every rank of people. His death will be 
particularly felt, and deplored not only by his numerous and 
respectable acquaintances, but by the great number of 
families dependent on his employment.
       (Evening Hearld, Dublin Friday May 9, 1788)

Thomas REYNOLDS, of Ash Street in the liberties of Dublin 
Silk Manufacturer. To be buried in St. Doolagh's.  Mentions 
his wife Joan REYNOLDS, son Andrew REYNOLDS, sons-in-law 
Edward MOORE and Nicholas WALSH.  His wife to have the use 
of his household furniture, both in Ash Street and in 
Rathfarnham during her life.  Dated 30 July 1781.  Proved 31 
January 1783.

Andrew REYNOLDS of Park Street in the city of Dublin, 
Merchant.  Mentions his wife Rose REYNOLDS otherwise 
FITZGERALD.  Dated 8 May 1788.  Proved 27 May 1788

R. REYNOLDS .  Mentions her two daughters.  To be buried at 
St. Doolagh's. No date.  Probate granted to Thomas Edmond 
Weir, and Francis PENDERGAST, the sons-in-law, and executors 
of deceased 23rd July 1797.


1757	Mr. Thomas REYNOLDS of Ash Street, returning from 
his Country House in Rathfarnham on Horseback, the Beast too 
Head & threw him, by which his Leg was broke.
(Dublin Gazette, Saturday, April 19, 1757)

Mr. Thomas REYNOLDS had a lease of Dundrum Castle, Co. 
Dublin – vide Ball's “History of Dublin,” Part II

1783	About 1 o/c on Tuesday morning as Mr. Andrew 
REYNOLDS of Ash Street, was returning home in a chair from 
the Parliament House, He was stopped within a few doors of 
his own house by four footpads armed with pistols, who 
robbed him of his gold watch and buckles.
(Saunders' News-Letter, Dublin Friday, November 14, 1783)

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol 6 (FHL # 0258795)