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Richard Cyril Thompson, died, August 9th 1904, infant son of 
Joseph Armstrong, 5 Ardevin Terrace Inchicore.

Mrs. Arnold died, Jan 3rd 1900,  27 Rutland Square 
Mrs.Arnold wife, W.C.Arnold.

George Ballintine, died, January 11th 1905, second son of 
Mary and  James Ballintine, 13 Royal Canal Bank, to the 
inexpressible grief of his mother, brothers and sister.

Caroline Baley, died, April 14th , 18 Ashfield Road, 
youngest daughter e John Baley.

Francis Barnes, died, 1900 aged 70 years.

Daisy Mary Baker died, March 24th 1974, 131 Fortfield 
Rd.Terenure, Dublin.  Beloved mother of Ellis, Rodney, and 

Mary Byrne, died? 1930, dearly-beloved wife of William Byrne 
of 16 Grantham St., and 9 Upper Camden St.

Reginald Becket died, March 27th 1929, 26 Upper Gardiner St. 
Dublin. son of Jacob D.Becket. Castlebar.

William Ashford Bell, died, May 15th 1893, aged 56 years.  
Avondale 181 Strand Road, Merrion. Deeply regretted by his 
sorrowing family.

Anna Maria Bently (nee Mulock) died, July 30th 1904, 13 
Montpelier Parade, Monkstown, Dublin, wife of Mark 
C.Bentley, and eldest daughter of,  Robert Mulock M.D.

Henry Brewster died, February 3rd 1960, Henry Brewster, & 
late of, Dublin, Supply Trading Company.

Edward Brownnell , died, January 3rd 1905, aged 23 years.   
35 Botanic Rd., Glasnevin, second and dearly loved son of, 
Tomas Brownell.

Annie (Tettie) Cadel, died, July 29th 1904, aged 23 years,   
second daughter of Cornelius and Anne Cadl, Windsor Rd., 

John Carroll died? 1094, Sandymount, &l formerly of 30 and 
31 Essex Quay.

Samuel B. died, March 10th, 1900, sixth son of William and 
Mary Camlin, 52 Graceville Terrace. Deeply and deservedly 
regretted by his sorrowing brothers and sisters.

Marguerite Annie (Daisy) died, May 30th 1957, late of 
Barnhill Road, Dalkey, and daughter of, Dr.William Carte, 
Royal Hospital, and Kilmainham. and beloved aunt of William 
M. Carte.

Mary Cassidy, died, April 10th , 1904, aged 54 years, “The 
Colonmade”, Milltown, Co., Dublin, wife, John Price Cassidy.

Adelaide Chambers died, Jan.1st  1900, 120 Upper Rathmines, 
wife, John Chambers.

Mary Cherry died, February 4th 1950, aged, 83 years, wife, 
James Watson Cherry.

Ivor Lucian Collier, died, January 8th 1905, aged 95 years, 
Frankfort, Merrion, Co., Dublin.

Joseph Collins, died, April 8th, 1904, aged 83 years, 33 
Rathgar Road, Joseph Collins

Jemina Colin died, September 11th 1960, wife of, Frederick 
Colin, formerly of 66 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines.

Mary Patricia Cody (nee Seymour) died,  1st January 1974, 
late of Synod Lodge, St.Michael's Hill, beloved wife of 
Joseph and dear mother of Joan, Clive, Patrick, and Lesley.

James Coogan, died, December 25th 1980, husband, Catherine 
and late of 47 New Ireland Rd. Deeply regretted by his 
loving son's Eddie, Maurice and Noel and daughter Bridie.

Agnes A. B.Courtney died, May 23rd 1957, 82 Granville Ave. 
Rathgar, Dublin.

Robert William Coventry died? 1904 aged 31 years,   The 
Bungalow, Dalkey, eldest son of Robert Coventry, 85 Grafton 
St. George A.de M.E. Dagg, M.A.L.L.B. (Dublin) District 
Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary, died, August 8th 1904, 
Johnstown, Co., Kildare, aged 48 years, eldest son,  George 
W.J. Dagg Quarter Master General's Department .Dublin 

Anna Duggan died, January 23rd 1950, Bal-Ivor, 63 St. 
Lawrence Rd, Clontarf, eldest daughter of, Robert Duggan 

Susan Earls, died, April 12th  1904,104 Donore Terrace, 
South Circular Rd.,wife of, William Earls.

Rev. W. Laidlow died, August 4th 1904, Bantry, Curate of 
Myross, Cuion Hall .Co. Cork, son,  T.P. Eckford of 
“Druminartin Lodge”, Dundrum, and grandson of,  N.  

Thomas Featherstone, died, June 1st 1917, aged 80 years, 58 
Summerhill. Deeply regretted by his son and daughter.

Adeline Fluery died, September 29th 1960, 10 Belgrave Rd. 
Rathmines, Dublin.

Daniel Flowers, died, January 15th 1930, 166 South Circular 
Rd., Dolphin's Barn, eldest son, Isaac Flower, Rathdrum.

Samuel Figgis, J.P. died, January 1st  1900, Newlands, Bray, 
104 Grafton St.

Thomas P. Finegan, died, October 27th 1960, 31 Munster St. 
Phibsboro,, beloved husband of Elma.

William Morris Franklin, died, August 4th 1960.

Robert French, died, June 24th 1917, aged 75 years, 15 
Ashfield Ave Ranelagh,

Mary Elizabeth Fry, died,  10th August 1953, aged 99 years, 
daughter of,  William Fry. .

Edit Constance (Tossie) Fry, died, October 21st 1960, 1 
Eglington Road, Donnybrook, Dublin. third daughter of Oliver 
and Emma Fry, of Blackrock.

Stewart Fullerton, died, Jan.8th    1900, aged 48 years, 81 
Thomas St Dublin.

Heather Adalisa Gibson, died, May 10th  1893,   aged 13 
years, eldest daughter of Marian and Edward Gibson, 66 
Leinster RD. Rathmines and 59 and 60 Mary St. Dublin.

Henrietta Louise Green died, Jan.6th 1900,   3 Percy Place, 
wife of, John Green, Resident Magistrate and second daughter 
of Count Lusi, formerly Prussian Ambassador.

Hugh Green died, January 21st 1930, 17 Seafort Gardens, late 
of Ministry of Labour and Royal Irish Rifles Deeply 
Regretted by his sorrowing wife, Father, mother, brothers 
and sisters.

Rev.  Canon John T. Griffin, died, August 14th 1960, aged 89 
years,   Arklow, late of 34 Oakley Rd.Ranelagh.

John Hanna, died, May 13th  1893,  Wellington St., second 
son of Robert Hanna, Donegal.

Juliana Hallower, died, March 27th 1929, aged, 92 years, 6 
Fortfield Rd., Upper Rathmines, daughter of,  Keith Hallows.

Margaret Anne Haslinger, died, August 13th 1960, beloved 
wife of Hans John Haslinger, 9 Bloomfield Park, South 
Circular Rd.

Robert William died, January 16th 1930, 30 Cabra Park, 
Phibsboro, eldest son,  William James Harbon G.N.R.  Missed 
by his wife, son and daughter.

Henry Richard Harris died, July 10th 1955, Highgate, 42 
Fortfield Rd. Terenure, Director of Original Miller and 

Nora Harris,  died,  1980, aged 94 years, ,late of 29 
Coulson Ave., wife of, Gerald Harris, killed in France, 1918 
formerly British War Pensions Officers S.A.F.A. Fondly 
remember by her nephew R. Pelissier (Drogheda)

Annie May Haslam, died, March 28th 1929, Dublin, daughter , 
W.J.Haslam, of Harrogate and Bray.

John Henderson, died, February 20th 1936, son of Mr and Mrs 
William Henderson, Market Square, Birr,

Elizabeth Hilton, died, February 23rd 1927, aged 93 years,   
46 Raymond St., South Circular Rd.. wife of, Thomas Hilton 
Dun Laoghaire.

James Wadell Hunter died, April 21st  1917, aged 36 years  6 
Lr. Pembroke St.   5th son of Mathew Hunter.

Susannah Phair Hunter, died, February 9th 1950, formerly of 
47 Cabra Road, Dublin.

Joseph. James, F.C.A, died, 1902, aged, 67 years, 4 
Northbrook Road, &   22 Nassau St

Florence Johnston, died, July 27th  1960, 162 Castle 
Ave.Clontarf, only sister of Kathleen.

Charles James Jones, died, May 14th 1893, aged 68 years, 56 
Blessington St., formerly of 1 Stephen's Green.

Marion Keogh died, July 18th  1903, 2 Merrion View, Ave., 
Marion, beloved wife, Thomas Keogh, Dublin. Deeply regretted 
by her sorrowing children and friends.

Isabella Lawler (nee Clarke) 1960, died Nov.5th 1960, 5 
Falcarragh Rd. Gaeltach Park, Whitehall Dublin. Beloved wife 
of Patrick Lawler. Very deeply regretted by her sorrowing 
husband, sons, daughters brother son in law grandson

George Leslie Layfield, died, December 19th 1960, beloved 
husband of Marie Layfield, 12 Fortfield Drive, Terenure, and 
father of Ralph and Doreen.

Rev. Newman Lombard died, May 24th 1917, Georgeville, 
Balbriggan, late Rector of Balrothery.

Samuel Lyster, died, August 20th, 1904, 4 Richmond Terrace, 
beloved husband of Isabella and the dearly son of Laurence 
Lyster of Ranelagh, Dublin.

Denis George Mansfield Lyster, died, July 26th 1960, darling 
only child of Homan and Marjorie, “Waldean “Bird Ave. 

Edith Agatha, died, February 4th 1893,  Craigle, Temple 
Gardens Dublin, dearly loved wife of the Rev. George 
H.Martin and daughter of, Ven.Archdeacon Martin F.T. C.D. of 

Sarah Meehan died, November 6th 1960, 42 Hannnaville Park 
Terenure, wife of.  John Meehan. Very deeply regretted.

Anna Frances Meally, died, August 13th 1960, Anna Villaa, 98 
Trees Rd.Mount Merrion, loving wife, William F. Meally, of 
Woodlands,St.Mobhi Rd.Glasnevin, .dearest Mammy  of Victor, 
Florence, and Ethel and Grandmother of Ming, Cora and Pixie.

Eliza J. Millner,died, April 27th 1901, Cheltenham, wife, 
James Milner Esq. J.P. of Mountmellick and daughter of, 
William Roberts Esq. of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin.

Hanna Mellor, died, May 14th 1919, wife of, James, 
Sandymount, Dublin.

Rev.  Thomas Moran, died, August 9th 1904, Norman Terrace, 
Jones Road, Dublin.  Methodist Minister in his 75th year.

Emily Alice Morgan died, January 4th 1955, beloved wife of 
Charles L.Morgan previously of Mount Prospect Park, 
Clontarf, and now at Cllandon Carrickbrack Rd. Sutton.

Ellen M. McConnell, died, January 17th 1927, 3 Little Strand 
St., Dublin, loved wife of R.McConnell ex sergeant R.I.C. 
late of Killarney.

Catherine McFadden died, November 6th 1960, 48 Naas 
Rd.Dublin, wife of Bernard McFadden late of Coneyburrow 
House Lifford, Co. Donegal. Sadly mourned by her devoted 

Mathew McGovern died, February  21st 1960, 46 Beachwood 
Ave.Ranelagh. Deeply regretted by his wife and family.

Bridget Mary McGovern died, February 20th 1974, wife, of 
Patrick McLaughlin, 29 Morehamption Terrace, Donnybrook. 
James Hannan December 16th 1960, beloved husband of Edith 
Adaire, Sandymont Ave. and dear father of (Cecil). Late 
managing director of Switxzers.

Eleanor Millor, died, May 18th  1893, aged 38 years,  49 
Poolbeg St. Dublin. , beloved wife of James Miller

Marion Neilson (nee Haggis) died,  30th April 1987, beloved 
wife o, ,Stuar. Sadly missed by her, Joyce, Ann, and Doris, 
son Robert and brother Bruce.

Alexandra Nicholson, died, February 1st 1936, Dublin, 
formerly of Enniscorthy.

Robert Northon, died, February 10th 1950, 53 Ashfield Rd., 
Ranelagh, dearly loved husband of Ellen F.Norton,

Sarah Ormsby, died, April 17th  1904, 14 Sydney Avenue, 
Blackrock Dublin, youngest daughter, Robert Ormsby, of 

George Patterson, died, February 14th 1950, Coolcotts, 
Templeogue, Dublin.

Martha Patton, died, January 16th 1930, beloved wife of 
Thomas Patton, 19 Charleston Ave., Rathmines.

Adam Walter Phayre, died, May 27th  1917, 35 Haddington 

Grace Nora Place died, September 28th 1960, 16 Alma 
Rd.Monkstown, wife of John Godfey Place, beloved mother of 

Lucian Pilson, died, April 12th  1904, ,aged 86 years, 93 
Ranelagh Road, Dublin, Lucian Pilson.

Martha Pobjoy, died, May 10th 1893, wife of, Charles Pobjoy, 
25 Lower Rutland St.

Mary Ellen Power (nee Kenny) died, 28th December 1980, 
beloved wife of Patrick J. Power, 22 Shanid Rd. Harold's 

Tomasina Margaret Lockhart Prosser , Jan 10th 1900  
grand-daughter of  Margaret Lockhart, Chatsfort Strand Road, 
Merrion, , dearly loved child of Mina and the late Thomas 
Prosser, Clonmel.

Rose Clare Reason, died, March 29th 1960, beloved wife of 
Alexander Reason, 43 Casmir Rd.Dublin.

Olive Audrey, died, March 26th 1929, aged 2 years, 
Blackwell, Crumlin Rd., darling infant daughter of M.A. and 
Sarah Richardson.

Mary Roberts died, May 29th 1919, 26 Longwood Ave., beloved 
wife of Owen Roberts.

Anna Rogers died, May 9th  1893, William's St, wife of, 
Rodgers 64 William St.

Elsa Cathleen, B.A.l.R.A.M, died, March 22nd 1974, 
Loughoreen Hill of Howth, Eldest daughter of the late R.A.P. 
Rogers, M.A.F.T.C.D. and this wife .Elsie Rogers.

Alice Ruxion, died, April 18th  1904, 22 South Gloucester 
Place, dearly loved wife of John Ruxion

James John Salter, died, May 18th , 1919 at 33 Mountpleasant 

Patrick Sarsfield, died, February 13th 1950, formerly of 
Doughcloyne Co. Cork.

Pauline F.Sheared, died, October 1st 1960. beloved daughter 
of George Shearer, 42 Phillipsburg Terrace, Fairview, 

Abel Edward Smyth, died, August 30th 1960, Glananea, 
Collinstown, Co. Westmeath.

Sarah Kate Stewart, died, February 9th 1974, wife of, Joseph 
Stewart, of 33 Grosvenor Rd. Rathmine.

Henry George Thrift, died, March 13th 1900, aged 62 years, 
79 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines , late of Her Majesty's 
Inland Revenue.

Thomas Ruben Trowbridge, died, May 14th 1919, aged 14 years 
and six months, dearly loved son of Thomas and Sarah 

John Rothwell Tuke died, January 21st 1930, Lower Baggott 
St, eldest son of B.B. Tuke.

Cecil Vaughan,  died,  February 17th 1974, ,  35 Templeville 
Road,Terenure,Dublin, beloved husband of Evie and dear 
father of Alec,Cliff,and, Reg, ( and Players Wills ).

James Alexander Walker, died, February 26th 1950, 84 South 
Circular Rd., Kilmainham, son of John Walker. Chapelizord.

John Webster 1974, died, March 9th 1987, , Pembrook Gardens 
Ballsbridge, and Truman's Ltd. beloved husband of May and 
loving father of George and Willie.

Elizabeth Mary, Walker, died, February 16th 1974, wife 
George Walker.

George R. Watts, died, May 16th 1893, only son of George 
Watts V.S. Aungier St.

Lillian Watmough, died, March 20th 1974, 18 Butterfield 
Park. Rathfarnham.

Mary Agnes Wilkinson, died, January 3rd 1955, 34 Connought 
St. Phibsoboro, wife of George Wilkinson.

Sarah Williams died, March 13th 1900, 41 Rathgar Road, 
daughter of V.Dawson Williams, Dublin.

George Earnest Wilson, died, April 21st 1947,   61 North 
Strand Road, beloved husband of Flora and youngest son of 
the late George Henry Wilson (formerly of Springhill Co.,