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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & Mary Bradley


No. 2 -  After passing some stones with nothing on them, we
come to a slab on supports close to a large tree, and not 
very far from the centre of the ground”
		Gloria in Excelsis Deo
			I H S
Here lies the Body of | Andrew Hughes. | who departed this 
life | on the 14th of February 1826, | in the 77th year of 
his age. | And although in the humble walk | of life ---- | 
was most highly respected | by all who knew him.

No. 3. – After passing a stone which has nothing on it, that 
is legible at any rate, and a piece of granite, we come to a 
short pillar – like memorial, having four equal sides. On 
the sloped top of this there is I H S, and on the 
perpendicular portion, in three lines, a deeply carved date 
and initials, the third of which is under the second' : -
			I H S
			I W

No. 4. – Headstone' : -
			I H S
	This stone was erected by | Bridget Clare in memory | of 
her beloved Husband | Walter Clare who departed | this life 
the 28th May 1825 | Aged 41 Years | Requescant in Peace 

No. 5. – Not far from the south boundary, and deep sunk in 
the earth, which covers most of the last word given below, 
is a headstone with the following inscription. “Caven” would 
seem to stand for “Kevin,” which in Harris's “History of 
Dublin” is “Kevan.”
			I H S
	This Stone was Erect |ed By John Doyle of | Caven
	Street for him | Self and his P[osterity].

Row VIII, No. 1 – A headstone with a heart under I H S 
Lazer's Hill was the old name for a tract of ground “under 
the dominion of the water” in 1610, according to Harris, but 
subsequently built over, and now know especially as Townsend 
Street. St. Mark's Church is described as built on Lazor's 
Hill in a book of the last century.

	This Stone was | Erected by George | Conolly of
	Lazor's | Hill in Memory | of his Children who | died
	in their infancy.
Pg. 65

No. 2. – Headstone a little to the west: -
	Here Lyeth the | Body of Mr. John | Coffey who
	Deper'd (sic) this Life Septemr |the 17th 1766 Aged |
68 years  and 3 | of his Children.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vo. 6. 1904, (FHL #