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File contributed by: M. Taylor & Mary Bradley

[From the Rev. R.S. MAFFETT, BA]

Rows V, VI, VII, and part of VIII, copied November, 1894.  

No. 1. - At the north end of the fifth row counting from the 
east boundary, a stone with an inscription lies on its face. 
 It is more to the north than No. 1 of the previous row.
No. 2.-	After passing a low stone with nothing on it, to the 
south of a tree, we come to a headstone which has the centre 
of the top curved and a cross pattée carved at either 
extremity.  The "th" with line and dot below comes before 
24. [Note" DATE] 
				Gloria in Excelcis (sic) Deo	
This Stone Was Erected by Wm. Pag(e?) | Of the City of 
Dublin | To the memory of his beloved son | Edward |PAGE who 
died May the 24th - 1825 | Aged 3 years and also his son Wm 
PAGE | Who died young.
No. 3.-	'After two stones, placed somewhat to the back and 
which perhaps had never inscriptions. there is a headstone 
which stands near the hollow, spoken of above as lying 
parallel to the south wall' 
Here lieth the Body of Mr. | Patrick HADLEY of Aston's | 
Quay Mariner who departed this Life the 11th of Febuary 
(sic) | 1781 Aged 80 years also | Five of his Children.
No. 4.-	A little to front of the above there is a stone the 
left-hand side of which is intact, but the opposite side as 
well as the top, gone :-

This St[one ...] Elizabeth [K ....?] | her Beloved Hu[sband 
.......?]  | who Departed ..... |1806 in the 60 ..... ------
No. 1 	Headstone near the north boundary :-
Here Lyeth the Remains of | Mary Cavenagh | who departed 
this Life the 30th | of March 1809 Aged 50 Years.

No.2.-	"Standing a little to the front at a considerable 
distance and close to a large tree under which is No. 2 of 
the seventh row, is a headstone of granite.  This memorial 
had a slab of freestone (?) inserted for inscription, but 
the slab is all gone now, except for the upper part which 
has an IHS and arrows in relief.'
No. 3	'Three stones are here placed one in front of 
another, two of them almost touching each other. The one in 
front stands upside down with its top in the earth and 
facing the west. The inscription in capitals with larger 
initials is defective owing to the right-hand side of the 
stone being broken off.'

To The Me[mory of .....?] | McMAHON Wh[o .....?] | 22nd 1811 
Aged 47 [Years?]
No. 4	'The middle stone has in relief, an IHS over 
crossbones.  The stone, below three lines of inscription 
given is covered with earth':- This Stone and Burial Place | 
Belongeth to Barthow EXTON of Thos Street and his Posterity.
No. 5	The stone which stands most to the west of the three 
has a heart under the IHS.  The word "elegance" is by some 
wrong letters having been carved first':- Here Lieth the 
Remains of Mrs. Mary | Ann MURPHY wife of Capt Willm MURPHY 
of Sandymount Dept | this life the 5th Octbr 1806 Aged 29 
yers also 5 of her Children who died in | in their Infancy.
Thou Child of Elegance and Sweet | Simplicity Adiew. C: W.
No 6.	Close to the tree, on the south side and a little 
behind the last three stones, there is a granite headstone, 
the inscription on which has two capital D's with the 
down-stroke to the right hand and the "th" above the line 
before 20. The last line was covered with earth. :-

Here Lies The | Body of Willm | DAILEY Who | Died May [th] 
20, 1774, aged 63. 	
No. 7.	'A slate to the front of above has IHS, "the memory" 
and a few letters  in addition (H IE II P)	scored on it as 
if for cutting.'
[p63]	Dublin 

No.8 	This headstone, placed somewhat to the back, stands 
not far from the south boundary :-
		Gloria in Excelcis [sic] Deo
			   I H S 
This stone was erected by | Mr. Edwd GIBBONS of Abbey | 
Street Dublin in Memory of | His beloved wife Mrs. Alicia | 
Gibbons who departed this | Life the 17th March 1814.

No. 1	Close to the north boundary (the wall in which is 
situated the entrance to the graveyard) and about its 
centre, east and west, there is a headstone to soldiers who 
were shipwrecked in a snow storm in Dunleary.  

The Rev. B. H. BLACKER in his 'Brief Sketches of Booterstown 
and Donnybrook" Vol I, page 52 gives some particulars of 
this wreck, through which 120 Volunteers from the Militia to 
the Line perished.  The Captain, the crew and two officers, 
it is stated, immediately hoisted out the boat and were the 
only persons saved. 

Mr. Blacker also tells us of memorials in Carrickbrennan 
graveyard to officers and men of the 97th Regiment, who were 
lost at the same time, in the Rochdale transport at 

He does not however mention that in Dalkey old churchyard 
(about five yards distant from the centre of the north side 
of the ruins) there is a stone with an inscription exactly 
the same as given below.

It was the loss of life through these wrecks, I believe, 
which determined the authorities to construct a harbour at 
the place, which was begun in 1817 and is now known as 
Kingstown Harbour owing to George IV having embarked here on 
the conclusion of his visit to Ireland.'		

Sacred | To the memory of the Soldiers | belonging to his 
Majesty's 18th Regement [sic] of Foot and a few belonging to 
the other | Corps who Actuated by a desire of mor [e] | 
Extensive Service Nobly Volunteerd [sic] of Irish Militia 
into the line | and who were unfortunately Shipwreckd [sic] 
| on this Coast in Prince of Wales Packet | and Perishd 
[sic] on the Night of the 19th of | November 1807 this 
Tribute to their | Memory has been placed on their Tomb | by 
order of General the Earl of Harrington | Commander of the 
Forces in Ireland.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (FHL # 0258795)