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File contributed by: C.Hunt

  [From Mr. J. R. Fowler.]

'This ancient building is situated on one side of a boreen 
leading to the Naas Road.  It is circular in form, and 
walled round.   Just below it stood Kilbride Castle, pulled 
down in 1858.  No vestiges of it remain. The church is a 
small edifice, choked with elders, &c. It has no windows in 
the nave.  At the west end is a small room, projecting from 
the body of the building.  It is supposed to be a sacristy.  
It has one square ope splayed inward, and the fragments of a 
projecting moulding of slate.  I thought this might be a 
floor at first. Some suppose it to be a vault, but it is too 
small.  The entrance is by an arch of stone, one of whose 
sides is composed by the wall of this place, and is, 
consequently, 7 feet thick, the other only 3 feet.  The arch 
takes up 3 feet on each side, so that there is a clear space 
of 4 feet.  This parish, with those of Drimnagh and 
Kilmahuddrick, is merged in the modern one of Clondalkin.'

  'Flat stone'"—

Memento     IHS       Mori
Erected to the memory of | TIMOTHY DOYLE late of 131 Shop 
Street | in the City of Dublin. Butcher | who departed this 
life 16 March 1807 | ANN DOYLE wife of the above who died in 
November 1786 | John son  of Timothy & Ann Doyle died Sept 
1801 | Monument erected by Dennis Doyle &c


  Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
Have Mercy O Lord on the | soul of Theady Keane who deptd, 
this life April the 17th, 1825 aged 33 years.
  [More is hid.]


Inside ancient church' :—
[Cherub.]     IHS        [Cherub]
This Burial Place Belongs | to Bartw Caffery of Quins |
borough & Family  Here lieth | ye Body of sd Barthw
Caffery | who Departed this life 3d of | Octr 1764 Aged
58 years.

        Crux Mihi Salus.
JAMES FITZSIMONS | Died 9th Augt 1846 | Aged 72. May he and 
the deceased members | of his family | Rest in peace

This Stone and Burial Place | Belongeth to Patrick Carroll 
of Saggart, and his Posterity | Here lieth the Body of his 
Wife | Mary Caroll who Departed this | life the 24th Day of 
August 1775 | Aged 58 years.

   Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
Memento   IHS    Mori.
This Stone was Erected by | Peter Cummins of St James's 
Street in the C. of D. | Cooper in memory of his father | 
Richard Cummins 17 March 1771 aged 56 | Mother Ellice 22 May 


[Ornaments as on last.]
Not lost but gone before | This Stone and burial place
belongeth | to James Cummins who departed this life |
the 14th day of May 1784 Aged 66 years | Erected by his
Widow Rose Cummins.

This Stone Was Erected here by | Eliner Mullins als
Bellew in | Memory of her Brother James | Bellew of
Kingswood and her | Mother Jane Bellew Here also |
Lyeth Here  interred Mary | Ann who Departed life
the | 21st of August 1751 aged 28 | years also of two of
her children.


'The next tombstone is utterly done for, being smashed in 
three, and the middle piece missing. I have endeavoured, as 
best I could, to supply the many and grievous blanks, but 
there were some relating to dates and names which I could 
not fill up. The conjectures are indicated within brackets.'

     Here lie ... of Mr. Lawrence
     Golougher [of Beg]ger's Bush Farmer
     Who dep[arted this life] the 10th of February
     1783 Aged  [year al] so the Body of his
     wife Mrs (?) ....y who departed
     this life the 8th [of] ....1771 aged 50 years
     This Stone [was erected t]o their memory by
     their son ... Golougher of Lazor's
     Hill ... shipwright
     and his ... [He lie]th the Body of
     the above ... Golougher Late of Lazor's
     Hills Sh[ipwright who this life the 8th
     of August ... [in the].. year of his age.


Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. IX (FHL # 1279285)