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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

	 [From the Rev. R. S. MAFFETT, B. A.]

The inscriptions within the Church are to found at page 266 
of Volume III.  The churchyard consists of two portions, 
that to the south being much the larger of the two.  The 
narrow strip of …………………. Ground along the “north” side of 
the nave (which seems to be a little to the east of due 
north) contains nineteen memorials, the inscriptions on 
which, given below, I copied in the year 1895.  This ground 
was at that time kept locked, while the other part of the 
graveyard was accessible to the public.  The inscriptions 
begin with those at the west end of the ground, which lies 
along the public road.  The churchyard has been much 
improved by the removal of a high wall in front, and the 
planting of shrubs.

Row I, No.1 – A low alter-tomb, the under part of which is 
of granite, close to the boundary of the ground on the 
church side, has the following inscription.  The Hebrew (see 
first clause of Psalm iii.3,A.V.) is not given by Mr. 
Blacker in his “Brief Sketches of Booterstown and 

(this line is Hebrew) Beneath are deposited the mortal 
remains of George WALL who departed this life Novr 10th 1823 
aged 59 years.  Also of his son George Saunders WALL who 
departed this life February 5th 1829 aged 26 years. Also of 
Walter Saunders FRAYNE, Esq. of Bormount, Co. Wexford who 
died Feb 17th 1835 aged 23 years Also Jane Wife of Geo WALL 
Senr who died February 19th 1845 aged 80 years 

No. 2 is another altar-tomb, the under part of which is of 
granite.  It is on a line with No.1 to the north of it.  The 
top slab is intentionally sloped down towards the west and 
bears an inscription facing that point of the compass.  If I 
remember aright, Canon STONEY told me that this memorial had 
been transferred to its present position from the site of 
the transept.  The verses are of the older carving:-

Here lieth the remains of | Jane BARTLETT | a native of 
Brixham, Devonshire | She died in Sandymount, 10th December 
1848 | Aged 55 years. | Also | Harriet | Daughter of the 
above | died 20th of April 1853 Aged 21 years | Also | 
Thomas BARTLETT | of New Grove House, Sandymount | Master 
Mariner | Husband and Father of the above | Died 13th May 
……………….1859, | Aged 65 years. | __________:o: ___________| 
Also SUSANNAH BARTLETT second Wife of the above | who died 
at New Grove House, Sandymount, | on the 26th . July 1890, | 
Aged 81 years.
And now my soul another year:
Of thy short life is past,
I cannot long continue here,
And this may be my last.
Fixed in eternal state,
We have done with all below,
You a little longer wait,
But how little none can know.

Row II, No. 1 – A flat stone within chains, the iron pillars 
nearly all a little awry. The lower part of this stone, 
below the inscription, is broken off from the upper, and in 
three pieces:-
Sacred to the memory | of | William MASSY Esqr.| who 
departed this life April the 24th 1849 | aged 62 | Most 
amiable and exemplary in every relation | of life he trusted 
alone in the merits of his | Redeemer, and walked humbly 
with his God | Let us not mourn even as those without hope | 
For those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

No. 2 – A fossiliferous headstone to the north of No. 1, 
leaning somewhat from its proper position:-

Erected by | Bernard WOODS | in memory of his beloved wife | 
Elizabeth WOODS | who died 22nd Jany 1838 | aged 40 years | 
also in memory of Mr. Barnard (sic) | WOODS who after many 
years | of suffering from a painful | complaint departed 
this life | august the 12th 1828 Aged 63 years.

Row III, No. 1 – This is an altar-tomb, with sides of 
granite, placed out in the gravel walk, which is wider here 
than farther on, being opposite the tower of the church.  Mr 
BLACKER does not give this, nor the preceding or following 
inscription (“Woods” and “Rainey):-

Mary FITZ GIBBON, died 22d Feb: 1830 aged 74
Thomas FITZ GIBBON, her 3rd son died 26th Aug: 1836 Aged 53
Gerald FITZ GIBBON, her relict died 29th Jan: 1837 Aged 89
Ellen FITZ GIBBON, only daughter of G F G Q.C. died 30th 
Nov: 1845 Aged 6
Sarah FITZ GIBBON, 3d daughter of T.F.G. died 6th Mar: 1841 
Aged 17
Mary FITZ GIBBON, only daughter of Col. Jas F.G. died 6th 
July: 1852 Aged 35
Henry FITZ GIBBON, 5th son of G. & M.F.G. died 26th Feb: 
1853 Aged 57
Gerald FITZ GIBBON, his 2nd son died 20th(29) Jan: 1855 Aged 
Mary FITZ GIBBON, Widow of H.F.G. died 28th April 1864 aged 

No. 2 – An upright stone in front of No. 1 of the previous 

Erected by | Quarter Master Sergant Archibald RAINEY | Depot 
1st Battalion Rifle Brigade | to the memory of his son | 
Archibald George RAINEY | who departed this life | 30th 
April 1845| aged 4 years and 9 months | Suffer little 
children to come unto | me, and forbid them not, for of such 
| is the Kingdom of God.| Luke xviii. 16 

Row IV, No. 1 – An upright stone to the BARTLETT family, 
1857. _____________________

No. 2 – Within a railing of some three feet in height is a 
headstone, and in front of it a roof shaped slab on two 
basement stones.  The headstone has the following:- Sacred 
to the memory of James PILE Mariner | Native of Brixham who 
departed this life | the 29th of May 1835 aged 46 yers |
I am left for to bewail you dead.
Fondly of your loss complain,
Trust Jesus is your great reward
And then my loss will be your gain
The remains of his beloved wife Mrs. Sarah PILE,| are also 
here interred, she departed this life | the 18th of March 
1838 Aged 43 years

Row V contains an upright fossiliferous stone with the 
following inscription in small letters:- Thomas NEWCOMB of 
Stroudwater | departed this life 18th June 1831 | Aged 71

Row VI, No. 1 – An upright fossiliferous stone to the 
BLACKMORE family 1872

No 2:- is an upright stone, a little to the west of the line 
of No. 1.  To the ELLIOTT family 1857.

Of the three upright stones bearing the inscriptions given 
below, the first and third stand near the centre of the 
ground, the latter in front of the former; the second 
(“LEESON”), which is not given by Mr. BLACKER, being midway 
between them, close to the walk.  The figure within brackets 
in the first inscription looked more like “o”; but the age 
of the deceased, and the position of this part of the 
inscription suggested “6” to me, which I  afterwards found 
to be the figure given in the “Brief Sketvhes”:-

Erected by | John Johnstone MACAULAY | to the memory of his 
children | CADWAKKADER, | WHO DIED 12TH Sepr 1847, | aged 1 
year | Also | Thomas HOBKIRK | whose remains are interred 
here. | He was lost in the wreck | of the SS Ceres pm the 
coast of Wexford | on 10th Novr 18(6)6 | aged 26 years. 

Erected by Edward LEESON | in memory of his beloved wife | 
Mary Anne LEESON | who died 5th Feby 1849, aged 28 years | 
Also his dear son | William C C. LEESON | who died 24, Jany 
1866 aged 22 years | (on back of stone) Mr. Edward LEESON's 
Burial ground _____________________

Sacred | to the memory of  | Ann | the beloved wife of  | J. 
McMURRAY | who died on 26th September 1868 | aged 77 years | 
Also | her beloved grandchild | Hannah Maria COLEMAN | who 
died on 6th August 1866 | aged 3 years.

The remaining memorials consist of five stones placed close 
to each other against the wall, the fifth being somewhat on 
a line with the “MACAULAY” memorial.  The first, second, and 
fifth stones have been broken across and cemented, the first 
hacing again separated. In the inscription on the second 
stone, Mr. BLACKER has three errors, viz., “18th Sepr 1838,” 
instead of 13 Sepr 1833,” and, a few lines further down, “78 
years” instead of “73.”  The explanation is somewhat 
interesting.  Most of the “3's” in the inscription seem 
exactly like “8's”, except that, when closely examined, it 
is evident that the curves to the left-hand side in the 
former, though apparently meeting each other in the centre, 
are not deep-cut like the curves at both sides of the 
…………………..………………”8's” Mr. Blacker, or his copyist, has given 
“8” in those cases where the year would otherwise be 
subsequent to the year of his copying the inscription, or 
the letters of abbreviation after the figure would not suit 
“8”; but he evidently missed the clue to the distinguishing 
between the two figures, which I hit upon after a 
considerable time and careful examination.  In the 
inscription on the fifth stone, the “Brief Sketches” has in 
the last line (wrongly, I believe) “80” for “82”:-

To the memory of | Sarah Catherine MILES | who died April 
6th 1844 | Aged one Year | Also of | Maria Catherine MILES | 
who died May 20th 1848 | Aged two Years | The beloved 
children of | Falconer MILES Esqr | Lower Pembroke St. 
Dublin | “Of such id the Kingdom| of Heaven”|  Also of his 
fifth son _ Falconer | Died July 5th 1861 | Aged 10 years  | 
Also of his eldest daughter | Fanny | Died June 5th 1864 | 
Aged 23 years | Also his fourth son | Edmund | Died 25 Novr 
1868 | Aged 23 years | Also his youngest son | Harry William 
| Died 20th June 1869 | Aged 16 years.

To the memory of | Mary | the beloved wife, of Wm SPARROW 
Esqr | of Sandymount | who departed this life the 13th April 
1826 | Aged 42 Years | also Mary Anne eldest daughter of the 
above | who died 8th Feby 1827 Aged 22 Years | and 
Bartholomew Francis, third son of the above | who died 5th 
January 1825, Aged 18 Years | as also three infant children 
| who are all interred under this stone | Also to the memory 
of | Jane Mary | daughter of the above | who died 8th Sepr 
1828 aged 15 years | of William BOARDMAN who died | 8th May 
1832 aged 22 Years both sons of the above | and to Wm George 
ALLEY his infant grandson | who died 13th Sepr 1833 | Also 
to Selina Anne his daughter | who died 11th April 1839 | 
aged 21 years | And also to James Joseph his youngest son | 
who died 13th October 1845 aged 25 years.

To the memory of Mrs. Mary BREVITER | wife of Robert 
BREVITER Esqr, late of the | fifth Regiment, who died August 
the 18th, 1802 | Aged 80 years, justly Lamented.
	For ne'er was to the Bowers of Bliss con*ey'd
	A purer Spirit of more rightious (sic) Shade

Here rests in hopes of a Joyful Resur | -rection, the 
Remains of the late Robert | BREVITER who departed this life 
on the 18th  | of July 1806 in the 84th year of his Age | An 
Israeliter indeed in whom was no Guile. 

Here lyeth the Body of | Francis JENKINS Son of | Edward and 
Elizebeth (sic) JENKINS | who died 1st April 1798 | Also 
Emily JENKINS their daughter | Aged 16 years and two Months 
who Died | 12th Augst 1808 

Here lieth the Body of Mrs. Ann GREENE | Wife of William 
GREENE of Sand(a?)ymount | in the County of the City of 
Dublin Esq(r?) | who departed this life the 29th day of July 
| 1792 in the 79th year of hir (sic) Age | Here also lieth 
the Body of the above | Mentioned William GREENE Esq who | 
departed this life the 15 day of July 1794 | in the 82 year 
of his Age.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol 6 (FHL # 0258795)