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Glasnevin Churchyard
[Kindly contributed by Mrs. T Long, Dublin, 1908]

'Mural Tablet':-

Sacred| to the memory of |THOMAS TICKELL Esq|
Who was born in 1686| at Bridekirk in Cumberland|
He married in 1726 CLOTILDA EUSTACE | Died in 1740
at Bath, and was buried in this Churchyard| He was
for some time Under Secretary in England | and after-
wards for many years | Secretary to the Lords Justices
of Ireland| But his highest honour was that of having
been the Friend of Addison.  The sd CLOTILDA EUSTICE 
was the daughter & of one of the co-heiresses of | Sir
MAURICE EUSTACE Kt. of Harristown in the County of
Kildare | she died in July 1792 in the 92 year of her
age, and was buried in this churchyard.

'Mural Tablet, urn above arms, beneath':-

WILLIAM ORR HAMILTON A.M.  T.C.D. Barrister at law |
departed this life on the 24th day of June 1817 aged
36 | The remains of this distinguished scholar and
excellent man are interred| in the adjoining cemetery

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A few of his numerous and afflicted friends have united
in erecting this monument as a Testimony of their
Respect and a Memorial of his Virtues.  The admirable
powers of his understanding The accuracy and extent
of his scientific attainments the engaging qualities of
his heart | and the unaffected simplicity of his manner |
Have left on the minds of all who enjoyed the privilege
of his Friendship a deep and indelible impression.

'Mural Tablet':-
Sacred to the memory of | GEORGE COCKBURN Esq | who
died in May 1773 | Aetat 62 and of his wife ANN
COCKBURN | who died Apri 1766 Aetat 86 | Their 
remains lie near this Tablet | which was placed here
by their son | Lieut. Gen. G. COCKBURN | in the year

Tablet on Glasnevin Churchyard wall

Here lyeth the body of PATRICK DELANEY D.D. formerly
Senior Fellow of Trinity College Dublin | late Dean of
Downe | An Orthodox Christian-Believer | A consistent and
zealous Preacher of the Divine Laws, | For more than 
50 years | and an Humble Penitent | Hoping for mercy
in Christ Jesus | He died the Sixth day of May |
MD CC LX VIII | in the eighty fourth year of his
'Above this were the Beatitudes, now illegible.'

'On Churchyard wall':-

Rebuilt Anno Domini 1707 Sr. JOHN ROGERSON KNIGHT
and CHARLES REEVES Esq. Churchwardens.


JOHN BARRETT D.D. | Vice-Provost of T.C.D. | aged 68
1821, | CATHERINE GUINNESS (niece) 1826 | Mrs ELIZABETH
KEARNEY wife of | JOHN KEARNEY of | Wellington St.
and niece of JOHN BARRETT, 1848 | She was a faithful
friend, a loving wife, and a benefactress to the poor.

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Sir. HENRY JEBB, Knight 1811
Notes - "Mr JUSTICE JEBB was called to the Bar in 1789, & 
advanced to be Justice of the King's Bench in 1818, & a 
commis sioner of Great Seal (ever exercising powers of Lord 
Chancellor) 1823, 24 & 25.  He was succeeded by JUDGE 
CRAMPTON in 1831. Mr JUSTICE JEBB was son of Sir HENRY JEBB 
who died in 1811, will dated 10 Feb 1811.  To be buried in 
Church yard of Glasnevin, with becoming decency but as 
little expense as possible."  Sir H. JEBB left 3 sons, 
FREDERICK, ROSS HENRY, who entered Holy Orders, was rector 
of Gleavy, Co. Antrim, and HENRY, & 2 daughters CHARLOTTE 

RICHARD HOUID 1739, "Overseer of ye highways"
Member of vestry at time of restoration of Church in
1707.  He along with PADY received notice from vestry
in 1708 "to gravelle well and make good the Road from
the gate of the Avenue of his Grace the Lord Primate
& Lord Justice of Ireland to the parish church of
Glasnevin, and the rather for that his Grace hath been a
benefactor to the Said Church"

THOMAS WALL, Baker, of St. Michans parish and
numbers of his friends, also ANNE his wife also EDWARD
KINDELON GARDENER of Capel St. & 13 of his children.
Erected by daughter of THOMAS WALL in memory of her
parents & husband 1745 - 1759.


Erected by JOHN WALSH of Jordans Alley in memory of
his father LAWRENCE and Mother and 3 of his children.
1771 & 1773.  Also his brother Rev LAURANCE WALSH
Doctor of Sorbonne. P.P. of Garristown & Balmydon
who died aged 1795 aged 79.

GEORGE GRATTAN, aged 22. 1810, He was pre-eminently skilled 
as a painter and was justly considered one of the highest 
flowers of Irish genius.  He devoted his short life to the 
duties of a son and the affections of a brother. His piety 
was that retiring kind which hides itself from human 
scrutiny and while he saw & admired the beauty of this 
world, he yet looked & hoped through Christ our Lord to be 
received into another & better.

Succession of Rectors


1709	WILLIAM WOOLSEY.  In 1709 the Churchwardens were 
deputed to go from house to house and collect subscriptions 
for ensuing year to be paid quarterly to Rev. WM. WOOLSEY to 
"encourage & better enable him to take pains in discharging 
his duty."

1710	MICHAEL HARTLIB  In this year order was from the 
Clerk of the Peace for the county that over 60 trees were to 
be planted in the parish of Glasnevin. The number of person 
applotted was 19. In 1713  SIR JOHN ROGERSON collected money 
for a bell, and flagging, also "Communion banisters." He 
paid �65 for a bell, still in existence.

1719 	JOHN TRAVERS  It is to JOHN TRAVERS we owe our 
present communion plate.  He collected the sum of �19 odd 
for the purpose, he himself, DELANY and SIR JOHN ROGERSON 
being chief subscribers.

	The following is account as it appears in vestry book, 
1725:- To  one chalice and paten with ye Latin inscription, 
weighing 19 oz, 15 penny weight at £6, 11.4, 6 S per ounce. 
To one chalice and Paten with English inscription weighing 
19 oz, 18 penny w at 6/per oz £6, 12, 8 To one large salver 
weighing 16 oz & 3p, w, £5, 7, 0 at 6/8 per oz,
Engraving inscriptions 12/6 Total £19.4.2.

The inscriptions are:- On Salver-
"Humbly dedicated to ye service of ye alter of Glasnevin by 
curate and parishioners.  Anno Dom 1724  The same on one 
chalice and one paten.
On the other two pieces of plate--"D.O.M.  In usum Ecclesiae 
Parochialis de Glassinevin.  JOHANNES DAVYS ARMINGER 
humillime Dedecavit Anno Dom 1724

In the following year is a list of contributions collected 
by JOHN TRAVERS for a church porch which was soon afterward 


1735	PATRICK DELANEY D.D. (pro tem.).


'For others see "Fingal and its Churches," by Rev. Canon

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.  Vol viii, FHL# 1279254