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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M. Taylor

    [From Lord Walter FITZGREALD, V.P. R.S.A.I.]

'This churchyard is situated one mile to the south-east of 
Lucan.  Large proportions of the north, south and west walls 
are still standing; but except for one ogee-headed, 
double-lighted window in the south wall, no features of 
interest are left in them.  Portion of a double-belfry tops 
the western gable, up which run two buttresses.  The church 
is long and very narrow for its length.  What may have been 
the chancel is level with the ground. 'Lying in the west end 
of the church ruins is a large slab, which was smashed, 
about four years ago by the fall of a portion of the belfry. 
into five or six different pieces;  it was placed over the 
grave of Rev. J McCARTAN, who was killed by highway men in 
1807 about a quarter mile along the Dublin road from Lucan;  
the spot is marked by a large slab built into the wall by 
the roadside (for the inscription on it, see under "Lucan")  
On the slab over the grave is the inscription':-

            "Gloria  in excelsis Deo.
           Memento    I H S    Mori.
The United Parishes of Lucan and Palmerstown Erected this 
Tomb Stone over the Mortal Remains of the Revd. James 
McCARTAN R.C. Curate of said Parishes as a grateful tribute 
of their Respect for and as a lasting Monument of their 
sincere Regret of the loss of that Worthy Clergyman by whose 
death Society was deprived of a Valuable Member and Religion 
of her most Zealous Minister. Lamentable to add He fell a 
Victim to the ...... sacrilegious hands of a sanguinary 
Banditi by whom he was robbed and murdered on the Hill of 
Lucan on the 3rd day of June A.D. 1807 and in the 42nd year 
of his Age.
                Requiescat in Pace. Amen"
                        (A chalice)
        [See Lucan Parish] 
'On another slab in the west end is inscribed':-
"Here lies the Remains of the Revd. John KYAN who discharged 
the duty of a Faithful Shepherd 35 years in Leixlip & and 
the united Parishes after a long life of Piety & Virtue.  He 
entered upon ye Reward of his Actions, May 18, 1750 The 
Revd. James KYAN Departed this Life October ye 6th, 1773 in 
the 32nd year of his Age.  A Christian.  A Christian." 

'In the east end of the church ruin is a flat slab to 
a Protestant clergyman':-        
"Here lyeth the Body  of the late Revd. Wm. PERCY who died 
12 ....... 179...in the 62nd year of his Age Respected by 
all who knew him and lamented by every Friend." 

'On another slab in the east end, now broken in two, is the 
following':- This stone was erected by Bryan HACKET of 
Grange, County Dublin over the Mortal Remains and to the 
memory of his beloved son, William much deplored by his 
disconsolate Parints (sic) and Family to whom he had always 
shown a pattern of Morality and source of comfort. he was 
through Life respected and at death regretted by all his 
acquaintance. was almost suddenly but not unprovidedly 
snatched from them in the 31st years of his Age on the 16th 
November, 1823.  Also to the Memory of two infant Boys." 

'On a headstone. now laying flat':- 

+ "Memento   
I H S    
This stone was Erected by Iohn TAYLOR of the City of Dublin, 
Bricklayer in Memory of his Father & Mother Abraham TAYLOR & 
Margt  Old inhabitants of Esker who lys inter'd here  Also 
two of sd Iohns children, Iohn and Margaret." 

'On a granite headstone':-                 

" I H S
This Stone was Erected by Christopher TOOLE for him and his 
posterity Ianuary 11th 1764 Here lyeth the Body of Anne 
TOOLE Daughter of the above mentioned Age 9 years." ------ 
'A headstone':- This Stone and Burial Place Belongs to Mr. 
James JACOB, cloathier of Braithwith Street and his 
Posterity.  Here lyeth the body of his Father, Mr. Patrick 
JACOB who died the 26th of December 1756 aged 66 years, here 
also lyeth 17 of his children and 6 grandchildren. 
Requiescant in Pace."

'A headstone':-                                

" I H S
This Stone was Erected here by INo (John?) JACOB of Ormond 
Market in ye City of Dublin Dealer in memory of his Ancers   
Here lieth the Body of Mr. RICHD IACOB of Raheen in the      
County of Kildare who Departed this life 17th March 1733 
Aged 63 years and also CATRINE SHERLOCK, wife of the above 
who departed this Life 15th July 1746  aged 72 with 4 of 
their children Margret, Wm., James & Bridget, also INO IACOB 
who died 17th April 1776 aged 60 years.                
Requiescant in Pace."

At the back of this headstone is inscribed':-
Remember man as you pass by as you are now so once was I. as 
I am now so you must be, prepare for death & follow me."
'On a headstone':-
                  "Gloria  in excelsis Deo.
                  Memento    I H S    Mori.
Here lieth the remains of Mr. Robert RAFFERTY who departed 
this life on the 22 of November 1805.  Aged 59 years."
'A table-tomb':-
This stone was erected by Hester GERAGHTY in memory of her 
dear Parents
William GERAGHTY                  23rd Decr 1800
        and  who depard this life
Hester GERAGHTY                   29th Apl 1808
alias NOWLAN
    And of her Ancestors        
Richd NOWLAN -                    22nd Feby 1724        
Jane NOWLAN                       29th Jany 1730
alias WALSH
Mary NOWLAN                       6th Octr 1760
alias QUIN and
Patk NOWLAN                       27th Novr 1777
and of her Sisters Mary, Hester, Catherine & JaneRequiescant 
in Pace."
'A headstone':- 

    "Gloria  in excelsis Deo.
        I H S    
This stone was erected to the Memory of the Revd. Thomas 
SYNNOTT who departed this life May 27th 1809 in the 32nd 
year of his Age. Here lies entombed in Manhoods' perfect 
prime The Good, the Pious and the Learned Divine, The Steady 
Christian and the Sincere Friend. Whatever Man could wish or 
Heaven could send. Obedient to God's will he was resigned 
Full well he knew that Dust to Dusts consigned. Firm in 
Belief in religious steps he trod, Hoping to reign eternally 
with God. All you who do these simple lines descry, Think on 
his virtues and by him learn to die."
    I. H. S.
Here lyeth the Body of Mr. Patrick NANGLE of Church-street, 
Vintner, who departed this life the 14th December 1788 Aged 
34 years.  Also here lyeth the Body of Mary his wife who 
departed this life 28th February 1789 Aged 36 years. 
Requiescant in Pace. Here also lieth the remains of Mr. 
Christopher RAFFERTY of Grafton-street in the City of 
Dublin, Brother-in-law to the abovenamed Patrick NANGLE who 
departed this life the 16th day of June 1806 aged 49 years.
O Parent Ever dear, much honored Shade,
Whose cold Remains within the Tomb are laid.
What tho' translated from a life of pain
To where unfading Joys ever reign;
Thy wife, the children, ever must deplore
The loss of him their tears cannot restore."
                      [A table tomb] 
'The last few lines in the above inscription are all but 

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland vol. 3 1895-1897 (FHL #