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File contributed by:  C.Hunt & M. Taylor

    [kindly contributed by the Rev. R.S. Maffett]
'A flat stone on low supports against the north wall near 
the north-west angle of the graveyard:-

Here lyeth the Body of Major John PLUKENETT, who departed 
this life the first day of January 1758: Aged 66. ----	
ARTHUR RICHARDS NEVILLE died April 14th 1828 aged 74 years.  
He was through life that noblest work of God An honest Man. 
Died October the 4th, 1833 Aged 75 years, Charity, wife of 

'An altar-tomb within high railings at the north-west 
portion of the ground. This tomb is prettily over-shadowed 
by a weeping willow, but some Sycamore saplings growing from 
between the flags within the railing ought to be removed':-

"Sacred to the memory of Thomas fourth son of Surgeon 
Abraham COLLES of Stephen's Green.  He died 30th March 1829 
aged 12 years" ---- 'A flat stone on supports on the north 
side of the graveyard bears the following inscription:-

"Here lyeth ye body of Doctor Robert CLAYTON Lord Bishop of 
Clogher who was born in the year 1695 & was elected fellow 
of Trinity College in 1714*  He resigned his Fellowship in 
the year 1728 and the same year married Katherine dau[g]hter 
of Lord Chiefe Baron DONNELLAN he was promoted to the 
Bishoprick of Killaha in the year 1729 and died in 1758 in 
the 64th year of his age.

To enumerate all his good amiable qualities would take up 
too much roome for this place. His character as a Christian 
and abilities as a writer appear by his works.  He lived 
esteemed by good men. He died regretted by many.  Most 
lamented by his afflicted widow"

(*Footnote:  "28" was evidently, by mistake, first carved, 
and afterwards is "14" which figures are therefore 
intermixed with the former.  The last few lines of this 
inscription are more worn away than the rest) 

'Dr. CLAYTON was for time Bishop of Cork, He received his 
first episcopal appointment (Killala) owing to an act of 
generosity which obtained for him the friendship of Dr. 
Samuel CLARKE and brought him under the notice of the court. 
 Though learned and benevolent it was Dr. CLAYTON whom 
Bishop SHERLOCK of London rebuked for his neglect of the 
[p477]  Rev. Philip SKELTON whose tombstone may be seen in 
St. Peter's churchyard [see p486]

'Dr. CLAYTON wrote much on Biblical subjects and evinced a 
great interest in the Sinaitic inscriptions.  Unfortunately 
he had imbibed Arian opinions and would have led to his 
deposition had not death intervened.

"Ryan, in his "Worthies of Ireland" says: "His father, Dr. 
CLAYTON was minister of St. Michael's Dublin and Dean of 
Kildare.  The family was descended from the CLAYTONS of 
Fulwood, in Lancashire, whose estate came to Dr. CLAYTON by 
inheritance ...... His Lancashire he bequeathed to his 
nearest relation, Richard CLAYTON, Esq., Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas in Ireland:  but the principal part of his 
fortune fell to Dr. BARNARD, who had married his niece" 
-------- 'Not far from Bishop CLAYTON'S tomb is a flat stone 
[on low supports] with impaled arms and the following 

	"Elinor Mac:CARTY widow of the late John Mac:CARTHY, 
Esq. Barrestor (sic) at Law and daughter of the late Edward 
EUSTACE, Esq. of Castlemore in the County of Caterlough, she 
departed this life the 7th day of January, A.D. 1792 Aged 65 
years. [Incised letters] -------- 'On referring to Sir 
Bernard BURKE, I find a "Bridget, Mrs. McCARTHY" daughter of 
Edward EUSTACE of Castlemore (who married Bridget LONGFIELD 
- date of Marriage SettlementT 1712) probably the Elinor 
above-named may be the same person as the "Bridget" in this 
pedigree of BURKE.  There is no other mention of the name 
M'CARTHY in the EUSTACE pedigree in the Landed Gentry.

	'Arms - Within a circle is a [Lozange-Lozenge] for a 
widow [McCARTHY] impaling EUSTACE.  Arg.: a buck trippant 
gu, attired and unguled or. a saltiro gules [EUSTACE].' 
-------- 'There is a flat stone on the north side of the 
graveyard with the following epitaph. [It has the side to 
the right-hand broken off the whole length of the 
inscription] :-

"Here vnder lyeth the [body] of William NALLY of Rab....[?] 
in the Covnty of Dvblin, Gent: who deperted (sic) th[is] 

Transcriber's note: Nothing more shown	-------- 'At the 
north side, not far from the TIGHE monuments, is a flat 
stone with the following inscription' :-

"Katherine ROBERTS eldest daughter of John ROBERTS of Old 
Connaught, Esq. by Martha, his wife.  Died May 20th 1796 
aged 21 years. Also Martha, said wife of John ROBERTS. Esq. 
who departed this life 22nd December 1822, aged 78 years.  
Also the bodies of John ROBERTS, Esq. died 9th July 1826, 
aged 79 years.  Mrs. Anne RIALL died the 22nd [?] Feb 1837 
aged 55 [?] years.  Miss JANE ROBERTS died the 21st June, 
1839 aged 63 years.  Miss Elizabeth ROBERTS died 9 Feby 1853 
aged 70 years.  Mrs. Charlotte NEWBURY died 27 June 1855, 
aged 70. Miss Martha ROBERTS died 11th Jany 1857 aged 77 
years. Geo. P. NEWBURY died 31 May 1863 aged 36 Yrs."	
'Near the above is a flat stone with the names BUTLER and 
HANDCOCK on it.  The final inscriptions are of this century 
and speak of a tablet in Tallaght Church (see Report for 
1891, p.354) erected to a Mr. and Mrs. HANDCOCK here 
buried.' -------- 'A tombstone at the north-west corner of 
the ground placed against the wall, bears the following 
inscription (taken in 1893).  The last two lines refer to 
the Mr. SEARIGHT to whom the memorial entrance to the 
churchyard is being erected' :-

"To the memory of William SEARIGHT died 6th June, 1834 aged 
55 years and Jane SEARIGHT died 25th March, 1866 aged 72 
years.  Also their children, James SEARIGHT died 15th March 
1819 aged 19 days.  Catherine SEARIGHT died 20th Feby 1821 
aged 11 months.  William Beath SEARIGHT died 22nd Feby 1825, 
aged 7 years, [Henry] SEARIGHT died Decr 1838 aged 10 years. 
 Mary SEARIGHT died 20th April 1873 aged 57 years. Thomas 
Chamney SEARIGHT died 27th May 1890 aged 68."

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252