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File contributed by: C.Hunt & M. Taylor

    [from the Revd. R. S. MAFFETT] 

'A broken headstone, greatly worn away through flakes of the 
stone coming off; stands not far away from the WILLS' 
tombstone. The inscription is very imperfect.

The following is all that is now legible' :-
"............... G [1] .............
27: OF: NOVEMBER ..................
168. ....................
GILBERT (?) R..YER...........
AND .............."
'There is an old headstone. with skull and cross-bones 
carved in high relief, not far from the above.  The stone is 
chipping off in flakes, and no inscription is extant.

'Near the wall on the south side of ground is a rather small 
upright stone, the inscription on which reads as follow. The 
stone is broken at the top' :-
"This stone [and Bur] ial Place Belongeth to Mr. John SALT 
of Rogerson Quay for him and his Posterity. 1762 Here Lyeth 
Eight of his Children" ___________

'A flat stone on supports over a flagged space (vault ?). 
close to the JORDAN headstone, has the following 
inscription' :-

Underneath is the Body of the Reverend Richard RADCLIFFE, 
Eldest Son of the Right Honourable John RADCLIFFE and 
Betanna his wife.  He died on Sunday the 4th day of October, 
1818, Aged twenty- four Years and three Months, of an 
Illness long protracted but Sustained with Christian 
resignation.  In Morals strict, in Religion sincere:  His 
temper was mild, His manners were unassuming.  Dutiful and 
affectionate to his Parents, Kind to his Relations, Constant 
to his Friends; In Charity with all Men and to selfishness a 
Stranger; He was stedfast (sic) in the Hope of Everlasting 
Happiness Through the Merits and Meditation of our Lord and 
Savior." ___________

'At the south wall not far from the RADCLIFFE tombstone, 
there is a space railed in with a wall built at the head, to 
which a tablet is affixed, bearing the following 
inscription' :-

"The Family - Burial Place of Thomas BELL, M.D. A.D. 1810" 

"The remains of Dean GRAVES, Fellow, and afterwards Regius 
Professor of Divinity in Trinity College, whose name is well 
known through his Donnellan Lectures on the Pentateuch, are 
interred at the south side (in a vault ?) beneath a 
headstone, the inscriptions of which are given below.

This stone is unfortunately mouldering away, especially at 
the edges of the letters in the lower inscriptions.  The low 
branches of an overhanging tree probably contribute to this. 
 The distinguished physician, Dr. Robert GRAVES, does not 
seem to have been buried here himself.  "Matilda Jane" is in 
the first inscription appears as "Miss Jane EUSTACE" in Sir 
Bernard BURKE'S "Landed Gentry" which also differs slightly 
as the first name of the Dean's wife. The father of the 
present Bishop of Limerick was John Crosbie GRAVES, Esq.' :-
"Here are deposited the remains of MATILDA JANE, wife of 
ROBERT JAMES GRAVES, Esq., M.D. who died Septr 1, 1825, aged 
19 years: and of Elizabeth Mary, wife of the Very Revd 
Richard Graves, D.D. Dean of Ardagh and Professor of 
Divinity in Trinity College, Dublin who died March 22, 1827, 
aged 60 years:

and of Sarah, second wife of the above Robert James GRAVES 
who died June 16, 1827, aged 26 years:

and of the above Very Revd Richard GRAVES, D.D. Dean of 
Ardagh, who died march 31, 1829, aged 65 years:

and of Elizabeth Drewe Jane GRAVES, only child of the above 
Robert James GRAVES, Esq., by Matilda Jane, his first wife, 
who died March 4, 1831 aged 5 years:

and of John Crosbie GRAVES, Esq., nephew of Very Rev'd 
Richard GRAVES, Dean of Ardagh, who died January 13, 1835, 
aged 58 years:

and of the Revd Richard Hastings GRAVES, D.D.. son of the 
above Dean GRAVES, who died December 25, 1877, aged 86 
years." ___________ 'A flat stone on supports near the 
headstone of the GRAVES family bears the following 
inscription' :- "Here lieth the Body of Mrs. Sarah WILDER, 
who departed this life Novr the 21st, 1788, Aged 24 years.

Here also are deposited the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Mary 
DROUGHT The Mother of Mrs. WILDER and Wife of the Revd James 
DROUGHT, D.D. S.F.T.C.D. who died on 1st May 1797, aged 47 

Richard EUSTACE the younger, Elizabeth Mary EUSTACE Caroline 
EUSTACE, the Grand children of Mrs. DROUGHT, died in 
Infancy.  James Drought EUSTACE, her Gra[ndson ?] died 6th 
October aged *71 years.

* Noted at bottom of page:  There appears to be two mistakes 
viz: "71 for 17" and Grand Father of the children for 
"Father of the Children"

Helena EUSTACE her Grand daughter died 20th April 1811, aged 
19 years. The Revd James DROUGHT died in Bath, in January, 
1820, aged 82 years.

Mrs. Catherine EUSTACE, the Beloved Wife of Richard EUSTACE, 
of Valetta Kingstown, Esqre, by whom this Tomb has been 
reerected as a small Tribute of Affection for departed 
worth, fourth Daughter of Doctor and Mrs. E. M. DROUGHT, and 
Mother of the above named Grand children, died 21st April 
1836, aged 63 years.

Also Richard EUSTACE of Valetta Esqre, the husband of Mrs. 
Catherine EUSTACE AND *Grand Father of the before mentioned 
Children who died January 25th, 1838 in the 70th Year of his 
age." ________________

'Against the head of the above tombstone (on which occurs 
the name of the Revd James DROUGHT) there is an upright 
stone with inscription on the reverse side.  It reads as 
follows' : -

Also the remains of Susannah ALLEN otherwise DROUGHT, who 
died the 1st Decr 1815. Christopher Edmond ALLEN, Esqr, 
Barrister at Law, who died 4th Decr 1826.

James ALLEN, Eqsr, Ralph ALLEN Esqr, their sons and Eliza 
Maria COLLIS, only daughter of the said Christopher Edmond 
and Susannah ALLEN whom the Lord was pleased to remove after 
a long and protracted Illness on Thursday the 17th of 
January 1850 Aged 50 Years.

Source Journal of the Association for the Preservation of 
the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (FHL # 0258795)