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In loving memory of, John O'Grady, 5 Grange Park, Blackrock, 
died, 8th Dec. 1971. Erected by, his wife and family.

In loving memory of my wife, Maureen Elizabeth Kenny, died, 
10th November 1979, also her husband, Ciaran, died, 10th 
November 1979.

In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother, Henrietta 
Neale, “Coolamber”, St., Kevin's Park, Dartry, Dublin, died 
15th December 1972, and her dear husband, Maurice A. Neale, 
died, 9th January 1981. R.I. P.

In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Thomas. 
Lineman, “Annville” 30 Woodlands Road, Cabinteely, died, 5th 
Feby. 1973, also his wife, Alice, died, 29th Dec. 2000. 
R.I.P. Forever with the Lord.

In loving memory of, my dear husband, Patrick Bradley, died, 
6th November 1968, and his wife, Margaret (Peg), died, 18th 
October 1995.

Cobbe. In loving memory of my dearest husband, Leslie, 5 
Shandon Rd., Phibstoro, who died, 2nd November 1968, aged, 
39 years, also my beloved son, Philip, who died, 19th 
October 1990, aged, 22 years. Sadly missed by his loving 
wife and gamily.

In loving memory of my beloved son, Anthony, T. Ryan, died, 
31st Oct? aged, 33 years, also his loving father, John, 
died, 18th January 1975, aged 53 years, also his loving 
mother, Maureen, died, 12th January 2002, aged, 75 years. 
Thy will be done.

In loving memory of, William Frances Hegarty, died, 22nd 
July 1968, and his beloved wife, Bernadette Hegarty, died, 
22nd September 1990. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Ann Moran, died, 25th October 1981, 
Eddie Delaney, beloved husband of Molly, died, 6th December 
2005. R. I. P.

In loving memory of my darling wife, Catherine (Kitty) 
Mooney, 6 Countess Markievich House, Townsend St., died, 
25th March 1982, and her dear husband, Christopher, died, 
6th Feb. 1984. R.I.P. Jesus March, Mary help.

Colton. In loving memory of, Kathleen (nee Barry). died, 9th 
Aug. 1968, and her husband, Edward, died, 1st Jan. 1973, 
also their son, Frank, died, 5th Nov. 1999. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Margaret, died, 7th Jan 1987, and her 
dear husband, Patrick, died, 21st Jan. 1996. Clarke.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Edward (Eddie) McBride, 
died, 7th Nov. 1966, aged, 38 years.

In loving memory of, Mary D. Baldwin, Cordum House, Macroom, 
who died, 13th February 1966, Dr. Monica M.C. Baldwin, who 
died, 30th October 1978, and, Samuel Benedict Baldwin, who 
died, 13th October 1979, Ellen (Nellie) Baldwin, who died, 
30th October 1992.

In loving memory of, Mary Ann Hogan, 57 Cardan Rd. Fairview, 
died, 3rd Feb. 1966, John Hogan, died, 31st Sep? 1971, 
Teresa Hogan, died, 24th June 1994.

In loving memory of, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Rathfarnaham, died, 
2nd Feb. 1966, also her sister, Kathleen (Kay), died, 13th 
Nov. 2003, late of Sandymount, and Co. Down.

Paul Kiernan accidentally killed, 21st Sept. 1965, sged, 13 
years, his life's vocation fulfilled. In precious 
remembrance and innocence, let us pray for one another until 
the Lord unites us all. “When I was a little child, I had 
the thoughts of a child” Paul –Cor. 1-19- 15. United with 
his dear mother, Norah, died, 9th January 2000.

In loving memory of, John Joseph Coulter, 2 Glenn Terrace, 
Sandycove, died, 3rd June 1999, Josephine Coulter, died, 
21st August 1984, Nancy Corcoran, died, 2nd February 1981, 
Katie Shovelin, died, 29th May 86. My Jesus have mercy, 
R.I.P. Erected by, his wife and family.

In loving memory of, Donat Faller, Griffith Ave., Whitehall, 
who died, 7th September 1965, also his loving wife, Kay, 
died, 22nd March 1992.

In loving memory of, Marian Guilfoyle, died, 20th Feb. 1968, 
also her brother, Patrick, Temple Wuaine, Rathdoney, died, 
16th Oct. 1970. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Jane Torsney, 93 lr. Baggots St.,  
died, 15th July 1965, and her husband, Michael Torsney, who 
died, 1st April 1970, beloved son, John, died, 3rd November 
1994, and his wife, Rosaline Torsney, died, 19th June 1996, 
Dermot Maher, Sandycove, much loved husband ,  died, 5th 
Dec. 1996. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their Soul. 
R.I. P.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Paul Russell, who died, 
7th June 1965, aged, 58 years.

In loving memory of my dear wife, Margaret Dunne, late of 
Whelan House, Ringsend, died, 15th May 1965, aged, 68 years. 
Jesus mercy, Mary helps. and her husband, John, died, 28th 
July 1976, also their son, Dan, died, 16th Dec. 1989. R.I.P. 
Erected by, her loving husband and son, Dan. Henry (Har Har) 
Dunne, died, 15th September 2004. Sadly missed by his loving 

In loving memory of , William J. Fitzpatrick (Bill) Printer, 
1904- 1991, and Emily Fox, wife mother and friend, 1913- 
2000. “Just get on with it “. R. I.P.

James Owen McClone, Dalkey, 1107- 1910- 3-1 1981, Freda 
Maire McCone, 11- 7- 45- 27-12- 1981, Freda Margaret 
McClone, 18-3-1911- 1-3—1991, Ciaran Noel McClone, 
19-12-1943- 30-10- 2003.

In loving memory of my dear son, Frank Cannon, died, 22nd 
Dec. 1965, aged, 20 years, also his father, Noel Eamon 
Cannon, died, 1st August 1973, Ethel Cannon, died, 24th 
December 1973, Kathleen Cannon, wife of the above Noel, 
died, 12th October 1988.R.I.P.

In Cherished memory of a dearly loved and loving sister, 
Irene Connor Bingham, Killeney, Co., Dublin, died, 31st Dec. 
 1965. O compassionate Lord Jesus grant her eternal rest. 
Muriel Connor Bingham, beloved sister of the above, died, 
10th March 1970. Requiestant in Peace.

In loving memory of, Vincent Thomas Stanley, who died, 1st 
January 1966, aged, 18 years. May he rest in peace. And his 
beloved parents, Elizabeth Christina Stanley, who died, 28th 
June 1937, aged, 65 years, Augustine Desmond Stanley, who 
died, 7th Mary 1984, aged, 64 years. Remembered with deepest 

Maurice Sheehy, Priest and Scolar, 1928- 1991.

In loving memory of, Owen O'Reilly, Killiney Grove, 
Killiney, died, 21st Feb. 1966, Stasia O'Reilly, died, 18th 
May 1990, their son, Terry, 31st Aug.  1931 -13th April 
2005, and his wife, Helen, 27th Aug.  1932 – 13 April 2003. 

In loving memory of my dear husband, John Lord, 197 N.C.R., 
died, 21st July 1966, aged, 55 years.

In loving memory of, James Byrne, aged, 60 years, died, 7th 
August 1966, and his daughter in law, Alice Byrne (nee 
Power0, aged, 37 years, died, 5th February 1968, and her 
husband, Louis Byrne, aged, 53 years, died, 21st December 
1982, Agnes Byrne, wife of James, died, 9th December 1988, 
also , Baby Frances Byrne, . R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Anne Barry, died, 25th Aug. 1966, aged, 
11 years, Kate Barry, died, 5th Jan. 1991, aged, 42 years.

William J. Kearney, died, 29th August 1966, and his wife, 
Catherine J. died, 3rd Jan. 1981. May they rest in peace.

Francis Cave, 1901- 1966, Anne (Val) Cave, (nee Dooge), 
1909- 2001. Rest in peace.

In sad an loving memory of, Joseph Rock, who died, 17th Oct. 
1966, result of an accident, aged, 11 years, also his 
father, Joseph, who died, 4th Jan. 1999, aged, 84 years, his 
beloved wife, Julia, died, 8th February 2003, aged, 88 
years. R.I.P.Sadly missed by his loving, Daddy, Mammy, and 

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Connelly, who died, 15th Oct. 
1966. On who's Soul sweet Jesus, have mercy. And her son, 
Laurence Connolly, who died, 1st Nov. 1968, aged, 80 years.

In loving memory of my dear husband, William, Botanic Park, 
Glaswegian, died, 23rd June 1980, our son, Patrick, died, 
10th Feb. 1968, beloved wife and mother, Catherine, died, 
22nd June 2003, John Fox, died, 23rd May 2007.

Cherished memories of a loving husband and Dad, Granddad, 
Charlie O'Reilly, late of Elm Park Ave., Blackrock, died, 
1st Aug. 2002, aged 71 years. Rest in peace. To Charlie, 
always remembered, love, Pauline. In loving memory of, Jane 
Helen Maume, Greenhill Rd., Blackrock, died, 16th September 
1991, her husband, George, died, 11th June 1994. R.I.P.

Cherished memories of a dear wife, Ena O'Kelly, who died, 
24th Aug. 1967, also her beloved husband, Patrick, died, 
18th Feb. 1968. R.I.P. Erected by, her loving husband.

Campion. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the Souls of, 
Edward Campion, Ashfield Park, died, 2nd Feb. 1983, also his 
loving wife, Ivy, died, 21st May 1976. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Peter Byrne, F. Company 2nd Batt. Old 
I.R.A. died, 15th Jan. 1966, Rosanne Byrne (nee Brett), 
died, 1st Jan. 1968, Maria Byrne, died, 9th June 2007.

In loving memory of, Brian M.Reidey, died, 22nd January 
1968, Zita P.Reidy, died, 4th November 1996, Maurice A. 
Reidy, died, 16th October 2001.

In loving memory of, John P.Bagnall, late of, 16 Highfield 
Park, Dundrum, died, 30th August 1967, and his beloved wife, 
Maire, died, 6th May 1996, and grand son, died, 30th Nov. 
1977, in his 11th year, Derek Cullen, dear son of, Devin 
Bonnie. R. I.P.

In loving memory of, Paul Callan, 25th May 1907- 1st Sept. 

In loving memory of, Francis Kelly, died, 1st Feb. 1980, his 
loving wife, Maureen, died, 1st Sept. 2000, their son, 
Franck, died, 7th Sept. 2003. R.I.P.

In loving memory of our dear daughter, Kathleen Deegan, 62 
Fairview Strand, died, 26th March 1965, aged, 17 years, also 
her loving Dad, Thomas, died, 27th June 1990, aged, 91 
years. R.I.P.

Jesus have mercy of the Soul of, Thomas Greene, 131 
Summerhill, Dublin, died, 19th Jan. 1965, also his beloved 
wife, Elizabeth, died, 7th Sept. 2004. Erected by, his 
loving wife and family.

In loving memory of, Jennie, beloved wife of, Billie Taffee, 
died, 17th January 1975, aged, 44 years. St. Martin pray for 
her, also, Billie, beloved husband of, Jennie, died, 27th 
October 1982, aged, 65 years, also their beloved son, Liam, 
died, tragically in the U.S.A. 3rd Dec. 1984. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Denis (Den) beloved son of, Declan and 
Patricia, died, 5th January 1992, aged, 15 years. Forever in 
our broken hearts until we meet again.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Andrew Howard, 67 
Oliver Plunkett Road, died, 14th May 1975, aged, 67 years, 
also his uncle, Richard Howard, died, 26th Feb. 1965, aged, 
8 years, also, Anne, beloved wife of, Andrew, died, 7th Aug. 
1991, aged, 85 years, and their son, Francis, died, 25th 
Sept. 1998, aged, 50 years. Jesus mercy, Mary help.

In memory of, Michael Rooney, late of, Synge St., S.C.rd., 
died, 3rd March 1965, also his wife, Margaret, died, 15th 
July 1966, also her daughter, Catherine Broadford, died, 
20th January 1979. R.I.P. James Bradford, died, 28th Jan. 

In loving memory of our dear daughter, Sheila Mealeady, 
died, 7th March 1965, aged, 6 years, also my beloved wife, 
Anita Mealedy, died, 2nd August 1951, aged, 56 years.

In loving memory of, James Mulligan, who died, 24th Dec. 
1964, also his dear wife, Mary, died, 4th March 1986, James, 
died, 24th Dec. 1988. Rest in peace. Erected by daughter and 

In loving memory of, Esther Gratten, Sallynoggin, died, 20th 
Sept. 1988, aged, 66 years, also, Mary Gratten, died, 18th 
Dec. 1964, also husband of Esther, Christopher, died, 23rd 
Feb. 1994.

In loving memory of dear mother, Margaret (Maggie) Brown, 
late of, Countess Markivach House, died, 11th December 1964. 
St., Martin intercedes for her., her beloved husband, James 
Brown, devoted father, and grandfather, died, 9th May 2005.

In loving memory of, Patrick Fitzsimons, No. 11 Suir Rd., 
Kilmainham, died, 21st Nov. 1964, aged, 60 years, also his 
wife, Mary died, 15th May 1981, and their daughter, Monica, 
died, 4th March 1986. Erected by, his loving family.

Hurley. John and Mary. R.I.P.

In loving memory of my dear husband, William Cloake, died, 
26th Jan. 1965, aged, 73 years, my daughter, Margaret, died, 
28th April 1969, aged, 45 years, Mary Cloake, died, 27th 
Dec. 1974, aged, 74 years. Erected by, his loving wife and 

Cherished memories of my loving husband, and a devoted 
father, Thomas (Tom) Colgan, Beechgrove, Bootherstown, died, 
2nd Feb. 1986, aged, 63 years. Erected by, his loving wife 
and family.

In loving memory of our parents, Richard Jones, died, 11th 
May 65, Mary Jones, died, 15th Aug.  71.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Patrick McGuire, 36 
Rutland Avenue, died 4th Feb. 1965, aged, 63 years, also his 
daughter, Margaret, died, 13th July 1996, and David, loving 
son of Margaret, died, 6th October 2004. R.I.P. Erected by, 
his loving wife and family. Remembering Esther O'Neill, a 
devoted wife and mother and grandmother, died, 7th October 
2006, aged, 96 years. In God's care. R.I. P.

Breem. Cherished memories of, Kathleen. A loving wife and 
mother. Beechwood Grove, Bootherstown, who God called home, 
22nd Sept. 1986, also her dear husband, Noel, died, 17th 
April 2001.

In loving memory of my dear wife, Hanna Monaghan, died, 15th 
Dec. 1964, also her husband, Alexander, died, 11th Nov. 
1965, aged, 79 years. Erected by, her husband. Sadly missed 
by her loving sons and daughters.

In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Catherine Brennan, 
died, 6th Jan. 1965, also her loving son, Joseph, died 2nd 
Dec. 1972, and his loving wife, Mary, died, 19th May 1987. 
Erected by, her loving family. Don Kelly, died, 12th Jan, 

Sacred to the memory of, William Whelan, died, 3rd Jan. 

In loving memory of my dear friend, Florence Samways, who 
died, 11th Jan. 1965, and of, Rosanna Fortune, died, 16th 
May 1969, and of, Isabella Fortune, died, 17th December 
1982. R.I.P.

In memory of my dear husband, Richard F. Campbell, died, 
10th January 1965, and his dear wife, Eileen, died, 26th 
June 200. R.I.P.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Christopher Redmond, 
late of, 94 Stella Gardens, Irishtown, died, 20th March 
1965, also his loving wife, Catherine, died, 16th May 1978.

In loving memory of our dear parents, Thomas Keevan, died, 
26th April 1976, and, Bridget Keevan, died, 19th June 1974, 
26 lower Churchtown Road, also their daughter, Marie Keevan, 
died, 16th October 2001. R.I.P.

Cherished memories of, Michael Murnane, beloved husband and 
father, died, 21t October 1966, and a beloved wife and 
mother, Carmel, died, 17th August 1996. The Lord is my 

In loving memory of, Lelia Miriam Evangeline, died, Jan. 
1971, aged, 83 years, widow of, Fredrick J.McKenzie Govan, 
lost at sea, Hong Kong, August 8th 1933, aged, 37 years, and 
their only son, Kevin Gabriel, died, 27th Jan. 1974, aged, 
62 yrs. their youngest daughter, Stella, died, 12th Sept. 
1979, aged, 69 years. To the hills with life mine eyes from 
when hence doth come mine aid. Requisescant in peace.

In loving memory of, Kathleen, who died, 4th January 1976, 
also of her husband, John Nolan, who died, 14th February 
1968. May they rest in peace.

In loving memory of my dear husband, George A. Hughes, 33 
Donore Rd., S.C.R. died, 23rd November 1967, and his devoted 
wife, Lena, died, 3rd October 1997. R.I.P.

Cherished memories of, William Frances, died, 8th Jan. 1965, 
and his wife, Kathleen (nee Blood), died, 9th April 1994. 
Never forgotten, by Jean, Peter Mitten, died, 22nd March 
1974, and his wife, Mary (nee Blood), died, 15th June 1978. 
Late of City Quay.

In loving memory of, Matt Cahill, died, 29th Dec.  1964, 
aged, 63 years, and his wife, Lena, died, 24th October 2000.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Joseph Doyle, 
Blackrock, died, 24th August 1964, also his daughter in law, 
Norah Doyle, died, 13th March 1973, and her infant son, 
Garry, and his loving wife, Lena, died, 29th November 1990.

In loving memory of our darling daughter, Miriam E. 
Kellaghan, 44 Cross Ave., Dun Laoire, died, 10th oct. 1979, 
aged 3 and a half years, also our son, Derek J. died, 39th 
Dec. 1999, in Australia. Suffer little children to come unto 

In loving memory of, George Joseph Courtney, Norcote House, 
Nortcaste Ave., who departed this life, 8th Aug. 1966, also 
his beloved wife, Sarah, died, 2nd March 1975, and their 
son, Jack, died, 6th May 1987, buried at sea, also his 
beloved wife, Eileen, died, 1st May 1990. R. I.P.

In loving memory of my dearly loved husband, Jack (Buster) 
Brady, 37 La Beechwood Ave., Ranlagh, and , Broadway Co. 
Wexford, who died, 9th Dec. 1964, and his beloved wife, May 
Brady (nee Roach), who died, 23rd Aug. 2001. R. I.P. Erected 
by, his loving wife and family.

In loving memory of, Thomas Joseph O'Byrne, D. Coy 3rd. 
Batt. Irish Volunteers, Boland's Mills Garrison 1916, who 
died, 15th Dec. 1964, also his wife, Christina (Eva), died, 
13th March 1985, and their son in law, Patrick Leslie 
Taylor, died, 5th June 1994. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Mary Carr, who departed this life, 1st 
Jan. 1965, and her dear husband, Joseph Carr, died, 25th 
Jan. 1972, also, William Canavan, died, 13th Jan. 1981. 
Erected by, his loving wife and family.

Our Lady, pray for the Soul of, Ellen Timmons, 11 Orwell 
St., Ringsend, died, 22nd Dec. 1964, also her beloved 
husband, Laurence Timmons, died, 5th July 1969. Erected by, 
her loving husband and family.

In loving memory of our dear father. Charlie Higginbotham, 
died, May 26th 2007, aged, 77 years, also our dear mother, 
Rosaline Higginbottem, died, March 4th 1971, aged, 41 years, 
our loving grand parents, Thomas Higginbottom, died, January 
29th 1980, aged, 83 years, Mary Higginbottem, died, October 
3rd 1964, aged, 71 years. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of my dear wife, Margaret Saunders, died, 
4th August 987, aged, 67 years, her husband, Christopher, 
died, 7th July 1971, and their daughter in law, Marie 
Saunders, died, 25th Dec. 1993, aged, 59 years. Sadly missed 
by her loving family and friends.

In loving memory of, Catherine Griffiths, Dingle and Dublin, 
died, 8th January 1969. R.I.P.

In memory of, Joe O'Neill, died, 10th August 1967, and his 
wife, Elizabeth, died, 20th January 1970, their daughter, 
Babs, died, 22nd February 2004. Together again.

In loving memory of our dear mother and Dad, Maeve Noone, 
died, 9th August 1979, 68 Orwell Park, Rathgar, Patrick 
Noone, died, 19th|January 1980. Just a little prayer for the 
family who love you. Just a memory fond and true. In our 
heartbreak you will live forever in our thoughts because we 
thought the world of you. Erected by, their loving son's and 

Dr. Charles E. Lysart. 7 Merrian Strand, died, 11th June 
1981, aged, 83 years, his beloved wife, Rita, died, 30th 
August  1983, aged, 80 years.

In loving memory of, Edward Wallace Warren, of Blackrock, 
who died, 18th April 1925, aged, 79 years, also his beloved 
wife, Arabella Rebecca Warren, died, 10th March 1923, aged, 
81 years.

Cherished memories of, Edward H. Byrne, Abbey View, Dalkey, 
beloved husband of Jean, departed this life, 7th Jan 1878, 
aged, 60, also his beloved daughter, Heather Jean, called 
home suddenly, 6th March 1976, aged, 18 years. Dearly loved 
and not forgotten. In loving memory of, Gerald Byrne, 
Solicitor, Mount Haig, Kingston, died, 20th October 1916, 
aged, 65 years. Thy will be done. Also his wife, Catherine, 
died, 7th April 1916, aged, 64 years. Peace perfect peace. 
Gerald A. G. Byrne, died, 5th July 1951, Helen, died, 13th 
May 1955.

In loving memory of, Mary Scott (Minnie).Elder daughter of 
Edward and Mary Thompson, died, 12th February 1969. Erected 
by, a few of her friends.

In Sweet remembrance of, Geraldine Harriett Mary, the 
beloved wife of, Chillcott Douglas Harris, 3 Crofton 
Terrace, Kingstown, who was suddenly called away on the 
morning of, 28th November 1917, aged, 40 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Webster, late of Conna Hill 
Bray, called home, 5th December 1945, also, Susan, wife of 
the above, called home 21st May 1965, and their daughter, 
Mary Catherine (Mollie), called home, 9th April 1994. With 
Christ which is better. In loving memory of, William 
Webster, Bray, who passed away, 30th Nov? aged. 77 years, 
also his wife, Mary Webster, who passed away 11th Dec. 1919, 
aged, 76 years. “Thy will be done”.

 In loving memory of my darling husband, Thomas Blackmore, 
who died, 23rd January? and of his beloved wife, Margaret 
Blackmore, who died, 11th November 1936. May their dear 
Souls rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Mary Brophy, (nee Corrigan), died, 11th 
Jan. 1968, aged, 43 years, also her father, John Corrigan, 
died, 1st Sept. 19? Aged. 76 years, and her mother, Mary, 
died, 29th June 1995, aged, 75 years.

In loving memory of all who lived at the Cripples Home. 
Patrick Weekes, 3-9-1845, aged, 6
Florence Upson, 6-8-1886, aged 6.
Esther Taylor, 1-1-1878, aged 10
Sarah Ryan, 18-1 1899, aged, 11
Catherine Orr, 11-2-1889, aged 11
Violet Pierce, 31 –1899, aged, 9
Barbara Campion, 27-1- 1900, aged16
Louise Morgan, 17- 2-1900, aged, 17
Rebecca Harris, 26-4- 1900, aged 17
Mary Stewart, 28-4-1900, aged 16
Edward Curtis, 16- 2- 1901, aged, 22
Harriet Sergeant, 19-4 -1901, aged 11
Mathew Pentlands, 13- 11- 1906, aged, 19.
Jesus I am the resurrection and the life.

In loving memory of, Gerald Parmer, born, 4th July 1903. He 
live most of his young life in the Cripple Home (Later the 
Sunbeam Home). He was lost at sea, 10th October 1918, when 
the mail boat R.M.S. Leinster was torpedo and sunk near the 
Kish Bank in the Irish Sea.

In loving memory of, Edward Fanning, who entered into rest 
Dec. 5th 1879, aged 43, and his wife, Anne Fanning, died, 
Jan. 2nd? 1933, also her sister, Frances E. O'Driscoll, 
died, Jan. 16th 1933. “At rest with God”. And their nephew, 
Richard T. Bailey, beloved husband of, Bridget Baley, and 
youngest daughter of the late, Henry and Sarah Bailey, of 
Blackrock, died, 2nd Nov. 1943.

Bereaved of the darling memory of my  dear husband, Dr. 
William Stewart Smyth, who died, at the Royal Hotel, 
Kingston, on the , 26th Dec. and the year 1906.

In loving memory of, darling and devoted husband, Major 
Charles William Soden, Manchester Recement?, born, July 12th 
1863, died, October 19th 1922, aged, 57, years, also in 
memory of, Isabella Ethel Soden, wife of the above, Major 
Charles William Soden, died, December 24th 1947, aged, 85 

In loving memory of, Annie Kathleen Malcomson, who fell 
asleep July 30th 1910. At home with the lord. Mary 
Malcomson, Murphy, late of Clonmel, died, 18th A[pril 1918, 
aged, 85. The will be done.

In memory of, Mary Pearl Sanders Beatty, widow of Harvey 
Patrick Beatty, died, 13th October 1989, aged, 98 years.

In loving memory of, Violet Maude. The beloved and only 
child of James S. Robinson, Bray Lodge, Bray, died, 12th 
January 1894, aged, 15 years, also James Smylie Robinson, of 
, Bray Lodge, Bray, father of the above, died, 14th April 

Alfred Edward Morne, died, August 1919, aged, 75 years, and 
Caroline Martha Morne, his wife, died, April 2nd 1921, aged, 
78 years.