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File contributed by: C. Hunt


This churchyard is situated near the Rathcoole gate of 
Athgoe Park, some hundred yards from the barbican of 
Colmanstown Keep. Near the latter is a large, grey boulder, 
beneath which tradition saith there is treasure. To gain 
this one must go at midnight, but going is vain because the 
spectre of a murdered man, mounted upon a steed, drives off 
the treasure-seeker. Many years ago two of Mr. 
LOCKE-O'CARROL'S tenants had the hardihood to dig under the 
stone. They found a secret passage, at the end of which they 
saw some ancient holy vessels; they feared to touch them. 
There seems to be somewhat in this, as the road near the 
place sounds hollow when a car is driven over it. The 
churchyard is encompassed by a somewhat circular wall of 
little height. It is honeycombed with rabbit burrows. Inside 
the wall round the graveyard are some remains of a trench 
once encircling it. The ruins of the church,marked "chapel" 
on the ordnance map, now exist only as foundations. I copied 
all the inscriptions I could see, but others including a 
seventeenth-century tombstone, are said to exist beneath the 
earth and weeds which overspread this graveyard like many 
another one in Dublin.

'The inscriptions run as follow':-
'An upright stone'


This Stone was Erected 
by PATRICK RINKLE of the par
ish of the parish Sagart
Here Lieth the Body of his
Departed this Life March the 25th
1748 Aged 68 Years
Heare also Lieth MARGRT RINKL,
wife of the above
RICHARD aged 80 years
Also his Son EDMEND RINKLE [sic]

In hoc  IHS  Signo Vinces
       [On Sun]
This Stone was Erected 
by PETER DUNN in Memory
of his Wife BRIDGET DUNN
who Departed this Life
March 18th 1766 aged 52 years
And the Lord have mercy
on her Soul Amen

This Stone and Burial place Belongeth to PATT LYNCH
and His family (?) Here Lyeth the Body of BRIDGET
MATTHEW[S] Who Departed This Life December ye 21st
1762 [60?] Aged 22 years

Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
Chalice   (on Sun)  Chalice
Erected by JOHN WYNNE OF NAAS in memory of his
dearly beloved Wife ELIZA WYNNE who departed this life
on the 18th day of June 1869 Aged 60 years

'The next stone has the same heading' -
Erected by PATRICK BYRNE of Windmill Hill in memory
of his beloved Brother MORGAN who died 10th Sept 1864
Aged 78 years, also of his Sister MARY BYRNE who died
29th March 1869 aged 60 years

Ecce Agnus Dei
(The Agnus Dei)
Erected by Mrs MARY BYRNE of Punchestown in memory
of her brother HENRY &c &c 1851-1858

'The next headstone is broken into three pieces, which are 
at the distance of some yards from each other. The first. 
fitted into the original socket, runs':-

Ecce Agnus Dei
Gloria in [an Agnus Dei] Excelsis Deo
in memory of his ...

'The second fragment runs'
who depd this life
4th of Octbr, 1858 aged 29
In thee O Lord has 
She hoped let her
never be confounded

'On the last fragment' :-
Requiescat in Pace

This Stone was erected by Mr PATRICK CANTFIELD of
Dorset Street in the City of Dublin to the memory of
his dearly beloved Wife Mrs WINFRED CANTFIELD who
Departed this life February the 26th 1810 Aged 46 years.
Here also lieth the body of his dearly beloved Brother
Mr JAMES MURPHY who died 1778 aged 37 years and his
wife CATHARINE who died 1800 aged 42 years

Over one of the doors of Athgoe Castle are two square slabs
bevelled edges, the upper thus inscribed':-
IHS  1579

'This being greatly worn, a replica was set up underneath at 
the close of last century, thus arranged':-


'The initials are those of WALTER LOCK and KATHARINE ALLEN.'

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.  Vol vii, FHL# 1279254