Cemetery: Parish of Ballyboghil - Church of the B.V.M. 

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File contributed by:  C.Hunt & M. Taylor

    [from Mr. J. R. FOWLER] 
This church lies a short distance outside the village on the 
Naul Road.

Lewis speaks of it thus: - "The church is in ruins''Seward 
says: "Here are the ruins of the church" 'I could not find 
the seventeenth century tomb which DALTON speaks of.  I 
fancy that a certain large flat stone (inside the church) 
covered with grass and weeds may be it.  There is an early 
eighteenth century near it in the same state'

			'The inscriptions are as follows :-
1.	A Celtic Cross inscribed  "Jesu Mercy, Mary Help" to 
members of	McCANN FAMILY - 1818-1856 -------- 

2.	A large sarcophagus over a vault, with inscriptions on 
three sides, thus:-

	"In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of 
Thomas BYRNE, Esqre., Casino Died 13th March 1851 Aged 65 
May he Rest in Peace" "Anastasia (Relict of the late Thomas 
BYRNE of Casino) Died at 73 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, 
the 25th May 1859 Aged 63 years" "Emily Frances BYRNE died 
July 12, 1864 Aged 32 Yeats" "Thomas Clarke BYRNE, son of 
Joseph BYRNE, Esquire, died at Casinao, Malahide, Aug 8th, 
1875 Aged 14 years" Morgan Joseph BYRNE son of John BYRNE, 
Esq. J.P. died at Gardener (sic) Place Dublin, 27 April 1879 
Aged 18 months"
3]	"O'NEILL of Annbrook 1876-1892 (Cross pattee on top of 
monument) 'ECCE AGNES DEI"  (The Agnus Dei.)
4]	"Thomas HEGAN of Grange, died April 7th 1885, aged 61 
5]						+
	"This stone was erected by John and William [CORK] for 
them and their Posterity Here lyeth ye Body of John CORK who 
Departed this life May 11, 1761 Aged 69 years"

6]	(Cross Fienry on three steps)  "BROWNE of Broomefield to 
his father Michael BROWNE Died Dec 5th, 1884, aged 45"
7]				   "Crux mihi Salius"
			Chalice	        [symbol]	Chalice	

"LENNON 1880-1882, to Mary Anne of Grace Dies and children"
8]	"As No. 7 with addition of 'Gloria in excelsis Deo and 
ihs") SAVAGE, of Brownstown, 1873-1878"
9]	"SAVAGE of Nixton, 1863-1871
10]	'An obelisk with a cross pattee on the top and a niche 
in one side containing a figure of Our Lady, beneath which:-
"Holy Mary conceived without sin pray for us, NEILL of 
[Ballyboill] 1861: and 866"

Noted: 	'The spelling and pronunciation has come in only 
during the last 25 years and bids fair to oust the ancient 
name, still pronounced "Bally bochal" from common use" 
11]	"This stone was erected by Jane BYRNE and her son Thomas 
BYRNE in memory of her beloved Husband and his beloved 
Father Dennis BYRNE who departed this life January 26th, 
1825, aged 51 years. He lived happy in himself beloved by 
his family, valued to his friends and esteemed by all who 
knew him.  Also to the memory of her daughter Elizabeth 
BYRNE who departed this life September 24th, 1813, aged 13 
12]					+
			Memento	      I.H.S.	Mori.
			  Star	      Heart      Sun
	"This stone was erected by Jenny HARFORD, alias McCABE 
of Ballyboghill in memory of her beloved husband, Christor. 
HARFORD who departed this life September the 18th, 1788 aged 
44 years. 
						[Patrick Moore, engraver]
13]	"Here lieth the body of .......... McCABE, dece ....... 
Janry. 2d. 1720 aged 64 yrs."

'The heading of the next stone is unusualy ornamental. It 
consists of the letters		
with the dove descending on them, the whole encircled by 
6 eight-leaved flowers. The inscription is' :-
	"This stone was erected here by MichaeL GARTAN for him 
and his posterity here lieth the Body of Mary GARTAN 
otherwise REILY who departed this life August ye 12th, 1750. 
Here lieth also the body of Patte GARTAN father to ye above 
Michael GARTON who departed this life Aug. ye 17th, 1776 
......... ......... years. Here lieth Elizabeth his wife she 
........de.........t.......y...ye 10......"
'P.S. - The lettering is gone in several places; I have 
supplied what I thought was wanting.'
15]	"GAVAN of Garristown, 29th Sep., 1890 Aged 4 years"	
16]	"BOYLAN of Westown, 1849-1871"
17]	"WHITE of Glasuevin, 1861-1862"
18]	"FAGAN of [Bardanstown] 1859-1889"
19]	"SWEETMAN of [Dovrogue], Aug 24 1873 aged 64"
20]	"M'LOUGHLIN, 1834-1849"
21]	"MONKS, 1823"
22]	'Standing in front of the E. window is a very narrow 
tombstone thus inscribed':-
	"This I.H.S. stone and burial place belongeth to Robert 
KELLY of the Parish of Naul and his posterity Anno Domini 
1797.  Here lieth the Body of the above Robert KELLY who 
departed this life the 11th of June 1797 aged 73 years"
23]	'The next stone, which I had great difficulty in 
unearthing is strange to say, an exact replica of Dean 
SWIFT'S epitaph on Alexander M'GEE, in S. Patrick's 

	"Here lieth the Body of Patrick KELLY, Servant to Mr. 
Richard MOORE of Capel Street in the City of Dublin"	His 
Grateful master caused this monument to be erected in		 
    [p474]	memory of his Discretion, Fidelity and Diligence 
in that humble Station.  He died March the 12th, 1743 Aged 
27 years."
24]	'The following inscription is on a stone which was I 
think upright at first.  It was broken off short and 
reclines ungracefully against the E. wall' :-	
				   (In Sun with Heart)
	"This stone was erected by Walter HARFORD in memory of 
his posterity. Here under Lieth the Body of John HARFORD who 
departed this life January the 2d, 1740 aged 72 years. Also 
his son James HARFORD and his wife.  He departed this life 
October the 16th 1744 aged 35 years.  Also Bartholomew 
HARFORD son to the above James HARFORD who departed this 
life May the 4th 1762 aged 69 years.  Also Walter HARFORD, 
of Baldungan son to the above [John] HARFORD who departed 
this life January the 2d 1764 aged 68 years.
'Nothing seems to have been known about James HARFORD'S wife 
save that she is her buried'

	N.B. 'The ancient tombs DALTON refers to are the following:-
	"FOTTRELL family, 1693"
	"ANDREWS    "	  1713
	"HOUSH"     "     1722

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252