Cemetery: Baldoyle Old Churchyard

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File contributed by: C. Hunt

[From Mrs. T. Long]

Here lyeth the Body of | JOHN DUNDAS who depa | rted this 
life Feby ye. 5th | 1737 | aged 85 | ALCEY (?) GOSS erected 
this & PATk GOSS.

This stone and Burial | Place belongeth to Mr. | JAMES QUIN 
of Coolock | and his Posterity Here | Lieth the body of 
ALICE | QUINN wife of the above | JAMES & Likewise DONIMICK 
QUIN his son | who died May the ... | 1786.

I.H.S. & hour-glass. Here lyeth the Bod |y of JAMES GOSS | 
who depar | ted this life ye 5th* day | of June 1728. *th 
looks more like oh?

'These are the only three stones about the old ruin on which 
anything can be read; there are several others; some appear 
to be broken, and some show very little above the ground, 
and have no appearance of any inscription or carving.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.  Vol vii, FHL# 1279254