Church: DOWN, Lower Mourne (Ballymartin & Glassdrumman) Marriages 1850-1860

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Contributed by Sheila Phillips


Transcribed from PRONI microfilm MIC/1D/74 - Names are as I read them and may not be exactly correct

YEAR  DATE              HUSBANDS NAME                             WIFES NAME                            WITNESSES

1850  January 27th      John Green                                Elizabeth Roney                       Michael Green & Hugh Roney
      February 6th      Arthur Magee                              Rose Cunningham                       James & Patt Cunningham
      February 10th     Henry Quin                                Margaret Quin                         John & Sarah Quin
      March 1st         Patrick Cunningham                        Anne Cunningham                       Arthur & John Cunningham
      April 6th         John Flannigan                            Ann McVea                             Mrs. Dolphin & Mrs Dougherty
      May 9th           John Russel                               Ellen Burns                           Ellen & John Rodgers
      June 19th         Daniel Campbell                           Catherine Quin                        Revs. Denvir & McShane
      June 28th         John Burns                                Mary Philips                          Mrs. O'Hare & M. Phillips (Cargina)
      August 10th       James Doran                               Rose Cunningham                       Miss Mcartin & Mrs. Cunningham
      August 23rd       Patt Mcartin                              Catherine Rodgers (Ballyvea)          Wm. & Mrs. Rodgers
      October 10th      William Dawson                            Anne McNeight                         Miss Carrol & Mrs. Dougherty
      November 10th     Hugh Mcartin                              M. Burns                              P. & Mrs. Carrol

1851  January 5th       John Soy ?                                Elizabeth Cunningham                  Pat & John Cunningham
      January 23rd      Daniel Murphy                             Catherine Murphy                      Michael Kernaghan & Mary Jane Cousins
      January 24th      Francis Reily                             Peggy Rodgers                         J. & B. Rodgers
      January 24th      Edward McRink                             Catherine Quin                        Pat & William Quin (Cargina)
      May 6th           William Higgins                           Catherine Fitzpatrick                 Captain James & J. Rodgers
      May 11th          William Flood                             Anne Rodgers                          Thomas & Hugh Rodgers
      June 3rd          Daniel Fitzpatrick                        Mary Lamby ?                          John Maglew & Mrs. Maglew
      August 3rd        James Cunningham                          Mary Cunningham                       James & Felix Cunningham
      August 8th        William Rodgers                           Mary Dawson                           James Smyth & Hugh Mcartin
      September 4th     Owen Doran                                Margaret Cunningham                   John Cunningham & Mrs. McVea
      October 2nd       James Doran                               Peggy Curran                          James Cunningham & Mrs. Carrol
      October 9th       Hugh Wilson                               Margaret Rourke (Leestone)            Mr. & Mrs. Rourke
      October 25th      William Cunningham                        Mary Anne Finnegan                    P. Carrol & Mrs. Doran
      November 22nd     Bernard Rodgers                           Margaret Flannigan                    James & Mrs. Flannigan
      December 28th     Patt Brady                                Biddy Cunningham                      William Wilson & Mrs. Rourke

1852  January 23rd      John Flannigan                            Elizabeth Reily                       John Rogers & Hugh Hogg
      January 18th      John Cunningham                           Alice Rodgers                         James Cunningham & John Rodgers
      January 30th      Hugh McVea                                Miss J. Lamby ?                       Hugh Hogg & M. McVea
      February 13th     Felix McGrady                             Margaret Nixon (Ballagh)              Neal Forly & J. Smyth
      May 11th          Henry Curlett                             Margarite O'Brien (Dennywater)        Jno. Smyth & Catherine Curtis
      May 16th          Peter Rogers                              Susanna Roney (Old Town)              Hugh Roney & Ellen Rogers
      July 4th          Patrick Curran                            Anne Turley (Annalong)                Thomas Hoey & Arthur Curran
      September 19th    Hugh Ward                                 Alice McVeigh (Mullertown)            James Cunningham & Margaret McVeigh
      September 27th    William Mooney                            Anne Navin (Mullertown)               Edward Rogers & Edward McConville
      October 6th       Daniel Doran of Kilkeel                   Ann McDonnell of Moor of Kilkeel      Arthur Doran & Betty McDonnell
      October 16th      Jas. Sloane of Kilkeel                    Elizabeth O'Neill of Annalong         Patt Higgins & Brigid Burden
      October 26th      John Rooney Ballyvea                      Catherine Higgins Ballyvea            Rev.Francis Mshane & John Rooney & Hugh Hogg
      November 12th     John Rooney Ballyvea                      Margarite McCourt of Ballyvea         Hugh McCourt & Pat Cunningham
      November 12th     Patrick Rooney Maghereagh                 Margarite Cunningham Magherreagh      James Byers & Mary Rooney

1853  January 2nd       George Cunningham B.Keel                  Elenor Rogers B.Keel                  Felix Cunningham & Hugh Rogers
      January 2nd       Thomas Haughian Brackenagh                Anne Clarke Brackenagh                James Roney & Elenor Clarke
      January 7th       Patrick Boden Maghereagh                  Sara McVeigh Maghereagh               Jno. McVeigh & Ellen McConvill
      January 21st      John Flanagan of Kilkeel                  Anne McDonnell Moor of Kilkeel        John Rogers & Ellen McDonnell
      January 28th      James Sloane Maghereagh                   Sara McCartan Maghereagh              James Byers & Ellen Sloane
      February 2nd      James Rice Maghereagh                     Mary Sloane Maghereagh                James Sloane & Mary Quinn
      February 3rd      Arthur Doyle Kilkeel                      Catherine Cunningham of B.Martin      Edward Collins & Mary Cunningham
      February 4th      Ross Rogers                               Rose Higgins of B.Vea                 Jno.Reilly & Mary Hegarty
      February 7th      Patrick Roney                             Rose Anne Livins of B.Vea             George Livins & Dan Cunningham
      March 6th         Thomas Winters                            Catherine Quigley of B.Keel           Ballymartin Congregation
                        These parties had previously contracted a clandestine marriage, were excommunicated, but absolved from the censure, they
                        were this day lawfully married by virtue of a concession for both purposes from Dr. Denvir dated Feb.22 1853

      July 5th          Patrick Ryan of Newcastle Constabulary    Susan Roney of Glassdrummond          Jno. Macken & Margaret Smyth
      August 2nd        Edward Quinn Maghereagh                   Margarite Morgan Maghereagh           Margarite Smyth & Mary Cussens
                                                                                                        Glassdrumm. Chapel
      August 30th       William Rogers of B.Vea                   Mary Navin of Old Town                Wm. Mooney & Hen.Smyth
      September 3rd     Patrick Morgan of B.Vea                   Elizabeth Reilly of M.Darraghbeg      Thos. Reilly & Mary Anne Clarke
      September 24th    John McVeigh of B.Vea                     Margarite Morgan of M.Darraghmore     John McVeigh & John Camley
      September 25th    Henry Burden                              Jane Doran of M.Darraghmore (Broad Bog) John Rogers & James Robison
      October 1st       Bernard Flanagan of Maghereagh but of     Margarite Hanna of B.Keel             Jno.Trimble & Hugh McLinden (Mixed marriage)
                        paternal home Springfield Upper Mourne
      November 2nd      Thomas Carroll                            Betty Rush of B.Vea                   Terence Rogers & Susan Brady
      November 5th      James McVeigh of Moneydarraghbeg          Mary Curran of Dunmore                James McNuff & Henry Smyth
      November 16th     John Campbell of Ballinran Kilkeel        Mary Quinn of Cargina                 Thomas & Henry Quinn

1854  January 18th      James Byars of Maghereagh                 Mary Linden of B.Keel                 Wm.Cunningham & Pat Sloane
      January 24th      John Annett of B.Vea                      Mary Rogers of B.Martin               James McVeigh & Ann Rogers
      February 28th     Henry Boden of Tollybrannigan Bryansford  Anne Fagan of Dunmore                 Patk.Fagan & Patk.Carr Dunmore
      April 28th        William Roney of B.Martin                 Margarite Carr servant in B.Vea       Wm. Moore & Thomas Russell
      May 11th          Stephen Morgan of Kilcoo                  Elenor Cunningham of B.Keel           Arthur Cunningham & Arthur Morgan
      May 25th          William Quinn                             Mary Jane Wilson of Cargina           Pat Quinn & Pat McKey (Mixed marriage)
      June 15th         Patrick Kinney of Cargina                 Anne Rogers of B.Martin               Laghlin Kinney & Mary Anne Clarke
      June 29th         James Roney of Brackenagh                 Elizabeth Dawson of B.Keel            Pat Fitzpatrick & Felix Cunningham
      July 7th          James Sloane                              Sara McConville servant in B.Vea      Jno.McConville & Elenor Cunningham
      October 29th      Felix Cunningham                          Alice Roney of B.Keel                 Pat Fitzpatrick & Jas.Cunningham
      November 5th      John Kernaghean                           Brigid Savage of M.Darraghbeg         Thomas Clarke & Catherine McLinden
      November 8th      John McVeigh                              Margarite Roney of B.Vea              Hugh Camley & Sally McVeigh
                        Dispensatione tamer pricespetab concessione 3tis et 3tis covesaryis.

      November 24th     Hugh Camley                               Anne McCartan of Bracknagh            James Cunningham & Daniel Cunningham

1855  January 2nd       Patrick Carr of Bryansford propten        Brigid McGrady                        Wm.McGrady & Cecily Plunkett
                        domicilum Tyrella nativa bersdomo
      January 7th       Jno.McParland                             Betty Poland of B.Martin              Ballymartin Congregation
      February 9th      Arthur McLinden of B.Keel                 Margarite Killen of B.Martin          Hugh McLinden & James Walmsley
      February 11th     Philip Savage of Kilkeel                  Mary McVeigh of Maghereagh            Blank
      February 14th     Richard Maginn of B.Martin                Margarite Cunningham of Brackenagh    Pat Cunnighham & Bd. Rogers
      February 14th     James O'Flinn of Castlewellan             Ann McVeigh of Mullertown             Peter O'Flinn & Margarite McVeigh
      February 16th     Jno.Thompson                              Margt. Smyth of G.Drumond             Jas.Smyth & Jno.McCartan (Mixed marriage)
      February 17th     Arthur Rogers of M.Darabeg                Mary Roney of Brackenagh              Jno.Rogers & Jas.Cunningham
      May 4th           John Doran                                Eliza Clarke of M.Darraghbeg          Daniel Cunningham & Mary Carlisle
                        Concessione 4ti et 4ti obtenta verb dispensatione necesaria

      June 14th         John Rogers                               Jane Moor Moneydarramore              Catherine Higgins & Mary Higgins
      August 23rd       John McCartan                             Margaret Dick of G.Drummond           John McGreevy & Catherine Curtis
      October 3rd       John Rogers of M.darrabeg                 Catherine McCartan of Mullertown      Bd.Cunningham & Blank
      October 10th      Charles Rogers                            Maryanne Megraw of Old Town           James Orr & Pat Cunningham
      December 1st      Daniel Fitzpatrick of B.Keel              Margaret Quinn of Cargina             Blank
      December 2nd      Thomas Clarke                             Catheriine McLinden of M.darrabeg     Bd.Cunningham & Maryanne Clarke
      December 3rd      Edwd. Roney                               Mary Canning of B.Vea                 Mark Canning & Margarite Rogers
      December 26th     John Sloane of Dunavan                    Mary Dawson of B.Keel                 Blank

1856  January 7th       Henry Cane of Kilkeel Constabulary        Sara Roney of Brackenagh              Hugh Roney & Bernard Roney
      January 10th      John Roney of B.Vea                       Margaret Doran (Broadbog)             Pat Roney & Jno.Doran
      January 10th      Hugh Roney of Old Town                    Ellen McCartan of G.Drummond          Geo.Livins & Arthur McCartan
                        Dispensn. Being obtained in 4to & 4to consanguins.
      January 11th      George O'Neill of Newcastle               Ann Murray of Ballagh                 Jno.Small & Miss Keenan
      January 19th      William McVeigh                           Ann Cunningham of Mullertown          John McVeigh & Brigid Cunningham
      January 25th      John Rogers of B.Vea                      Alice Cunningham of Brackenagh        Pat Cunningham & Jno.Cunningham
      February 14th     James Maginn of B.Martin                  Mary Ann Clarke of Moneydarabeg       Jas.McLinden & Sara Tenpenny?
                        Dispn. 3o et 4o consanguins. Obtenta
      February 21st     Hugh Clarke of M.Darabeg                  Catherine Rogers of Old Town          Jno.Doran & Mary Rogers
      June 20th         Nicholas Doran                            Margt. Mooney of Mulertown            Wm.McVeigh & Mary Cunningham
      July 6th          Jas. Cunningham of Brackenagh             Catherine Curtis of Dennywater        Pat Morgan & Susan Haughian
      July 13th         John Trimble                              Brigid Holland of B.Keel              Felix Cunningham & Ann McKnight
      September 7th     Denis Clarke of Greencastle               Mary Cunningham of B.Keel             Bernd. Cunningham & Patrick Fitzpatrick
      October 21st      John Magreevy of G.Drummd.                Jane Rogers of Old Town               Edwd. Rogers & Henry Smyth
      October 21st      Patrick Doran                             Rose McVeigh of Old Town              James Cunningham & Mary Higgins
      October 23rd      Robert Cousins                            Catherine Higgins of Dunmore          Robert Cousins & John Cunningham

                        October 26th JAMES KEATING - MARRIAGES
                        (the detail disappears from this date on & the handwriting gets worse!!)

      October 28th      Edward McVeigh                            Margaret Hamilton                     John McVeigh & George Hamilton
      November 7th      John Hanna                                Mary Reilly                           Mary Reilly & Blank

1857  February 11th     Edward Rogers                             Mary Ann McKibbin                     Jas. & Wm. McKibbin
      February 12th     Thoms. Murphy                             Kate Dearsill ???                     Thoms. Murphy & John McVeigh
      May 7th           Terence Murphy                            Kate Kanan ?                          John Murphy & Mary Kanan
      July 15th         Wm. Devlin                                Sarah Clarke                          John Clarke & Blank
      July 15th         John Higgins                              Mary Mooney                           Henry Rogers & Sarah Quinn
      August 19th       George Philips                            Mary Burns                            John Murphy & Ann Quinn
      September 19th    P. Campbell                               Mary Hanna                            Jas. & Mary Savage
      September 25th    Patk.Philips                              Mary Rogers                           John & Mary Rogers

1858  February 16th     James Poland                              Ellen Flanigan                        Patk. Trainor & Margt. McGreevy
      March 3rd         James Poland                              Mary Ann Carr                         Jas. Killen & Rose Carr
      April 7th         Jas. Quinn                                Ann Burns                             John Quinn & Brigid Haughian
      April 9th         Bernard McKeay                            Ann McVeigh                           Jas. McVeigh & Mary Higgins
      May 15th          Jas. Rea ??                               Mary McCartan                         F. McGreevy & Hy. Smyth
      July 7th          Jas. Poland                               Sarah Carr                            Jas. Carr & Hy. Smyth
      August 5th        Richard McGreevy                          Rose McCartan                         Francis McGreevy & Margaret
      August 5th        George McVeigh                            Alise Rogers                          Edwd. Rogers& C. McVeigh
      October 4th       John Rogers                               Ellen Rogers                          John Torley & Margt. Cunningham
      October 6th       W. McLelan                                Eliza Cunningham                      P. McConvill & Mary Rogers
      October 6th       John McCartan                             Margt. McVeigh                        Jas. McVeigh & Jane McCartan
      October 6th       Peter Doran                               Mary McCartan                         John & Jane McCartan

1859  January 1st       Hugh Rooney                               Sally Rooney                          John Rooney & Hugh
      March 6th         Jas. Carr                                 Ellen ?????                           Jas. Cousins & Mary Newell
      May 3rd           Wm. McClelan                              Ellen Cunningham                      Pat Morgan & Margt. Cunningham
      May 24th          Wm. Doran                                 Mary Higgins                          J. Doran & Sally Cunningham
      June 10th         Hugh Cussins                              Ellen Fagan (Boyce is crossed out)    John & Sally Cunningham
      June 19th         Jas. Magarry                              Mary Smyth                            Jas. & Hy. Smyth
      September 9th     P. Savage                                 Ann Carr                              John & Mary Carr
      September 19th    Edwd. Carr                                Sarah Poland                          Jas. Carr & Mary Carr

1860  February 2nd      W. Higgins                                Eliza Rogers                          W. Milligan & P. Rogers
      February 29th     Patt McConvill                            Jane Hamilton                         Mrs. Rogers & John Higgins
      September 7th     Thomas Maglue                             Ellen Cunningham                      Saml. Moore & M. McConvill
      September 9th     Jas.Doran                                 Rose Carnely ??                       John & Marg. Carnely
      October 7th       Wm. Rogers                                Mary Maglue                           P. Rogers & Jas. McKibbin
      November 7th      Edwd. Rogers                              Ann Rogers                            Wm. & Ellen Rogers
      November 17th     B. Cunningham                             A. Curran ??                          P. Trainor & J. Higgins
      November 20th     Richard McCartan                          Mary McCartan                         John & Mary Rogers
      December 25th     John Kearney                              Mary Cunningham                       Jas. & Wm. Cunningham