Church: DOWN, Lower Mourne (Ballymartin & Glassdrumman) Marriages 1839-1849

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Contributed by Sheila Phillips


Transcribed from PRONI microfilm MIC/1D/74 - Names are as I read them and may
not be exactly correct. Big gap in the records between Feb 18. to July 19th
1840 and Feb 19, to July 1841- could be the pages in the book were missing


September 11th	Patrick Cunningahm	Mary McLoughin
September 23rd	Daniel Haughien 	Catherine McCartan
October 20th	Charley O'Neill 	Mary Savage
November 8th 	John Caulfield 		Cecily Rogers
November 25th 	John McCartan		Mary Feran
December 5th 	Patrick Sloane 		Elizabeth Higgins
December 20th 	Richard Quinn		Elizabeth Cunningham
December 24th 	John ??????? 		Elizabeth Higgins

January 6th 	Isaac Quinn 		Margaret Cosgrove
February 10th 	William McCartan 	Widow Macken
February 12th 	James Smyth 		Ann Fitzpatrick
February 18th 	John Cunningham 	Widow Rogers			something about a dispensation given here
July 19th 	Michael Quinn		Mary Moore
July 28th 	Arthur Riley 		Mary Wherrity
September 13th 	Henry Quinn 		Helen O'Hear
November 9th 	Felix Woods 		Mary Roney
November 20th 	Hugh Smyth 		Ann Rice
November 25th 	Felix Cunnigham 	Mary McVey
December 15th 	James Young 		Ann Linden

January 8th 	Peter Burns 		Helen McNight
January 22nd 	Stephen ??????? 	Mary Ann Cousins
January 22nd 	Patt Quinn 		Mary Rogers
February 19th 	Francis Doran		Mary Quinn
July ??? 	Francis Rooney 		Rose Sloan
August 8th	Henry McNally		Mary Ann ??????
September 27th 	Michael H?????? 	Bridget Doran
October 7th 	James Taggerty		Matilda Smitem 			Smitem is best guess
October 11th 	John Rice 		Mary Cunningham
November 10th 	Daniel Macken		Mary Burns
November 17th 	William Sloan		Ann Dornan 			William Fitpatrick & Dan Fitzpatrick

January 16th 	Patrick McParlen 	Catherine Quinn
February 8th 	James Sloan 		Rose Hamilton
April 10th	Henry Smyth 		Miss Lowey
April 20th	Daniel McClelland 	Sarah Wright
May 9th 	Thomas Cunningham 	Sarah McVey
May 10th 	Patrick Corr 		Mary Finnigan
August 25th 	Patt Cunningham 	Elizabeth Levings 		Jno.Levings and Patt. Cunningham
August 25th 	James Malone 		Catherine Devlin
					of Maghereagh
August 27th 	Jno. Doran 		Mary Carson
					of the Moor Kilkeel
November 5th 	Arthur Cunningham 	Ellen Byars  			Hugh McCartan & Francis Cunningham
		(Dunnavin)   		(Maghereagh)
November 16th 	John Smyth 		Ann McGinn  			Ellen Rogers & Edward Rogers
						 			3rd & 4th Consangtis dispensation
November 25th 	Patt Cunningham 	Ann McGinn 			Thomas Rogers & Jno McCartan
November 26th 	James McDaid 		Mary Ann Doran 			Bernard Dawson & Margaret Doran
November 26th 	James Burns 		Margaret Murphy 		Hugh McCartan & Ellen Rogers (Moneydara)

January 19th 	John McEvoy  		Margaret Rogers  		John McAnulty & Jno Rogers
		of Kilcoo   		of Ballymartin
February 1st 	Felix Cunningham 	Ann Cunningham		 	Catherine Cunningham & Jno Cunningham
					of Maghereagh
March 11th	James Cunningham 	Sara Small 			John Doran & Ellen Rogers
					of Maghereagh
May 8th 	Robert Crayton 		Eliza Ann Dawson 		William Dawson & Jno Moore
May 31st 	Michael Sloan		Ellen Scott 			Thomas Rogers & Jno Cunningham & Ellen Rogers
					of Ballykeel
July 19th 	John Sloan 		Catherine Doran			Arthur Doran & ???????
					of Moneydara
September 24th 	William Kernaghan 	Catherine Tegharty 		Ellen Roggers & Mary McLindon
					of Ballyvea
October 24th 	Edward Burns 		Mary Magee 			Patt Cunningham & John Magee (Dispensation)
October 30th 	John Mcalindon 		Sarah Hughes 			Patt & Miss Carrol
November 5th 	Mark Quinn 		Mary Roney 			Patt Carrol & Daniel Cunningham
November 15th 	Patt Fray ? 		Mary Mooney 			Patt Quinn & John Maglue (Dispensation)
December 29th 	Patt McCartin		Anne Roney 			Arthur McCartin & John Hughes

January 21st 	James Magee 		Mary Rodgers 			James Cunningham & Patt Carroll *
January 28th 	James McCartin 		Mary Rodgers 			James Cunningham & Patt Carroll *
February 7th 	James McCancey 		Widow Savage 			Bob & George Thompson
February 18th 	Patt Quinn 		Mary Cunningham 		John Henretta ? & P. Carol
February 18th	Patt Rodgers 		Susanna Caufield 		Hugh McElroy & Mary Thompson
April 14th	Hugh Rogers 		Rose Harrison			Edward Roney & William Rodgers
April 22nd	James Judge 		Mary Cosgrove			Patt Ward & Bernard Cosgrove
July 17th 	John Magee ? 		Margaret Cunningham 		William Fitzpatrick & Elizabeth Doyle
		Of Maghereagh		of Ballykeel
August 10th 	Richard McKneight 	Anne Roney 			William Doran & Mary Hogg
November 5th 	James Rodgers		Eliza Hanna 			Hugh O'Neill & John Smyth
December 30th 	Patrick Morgan 		Biddy Haughen			Bob Haughen & Mrs. Haughen

January 31st 	William Connor 		Catherine Roney 		Edward Roney & Hugh Campbell
						 			Dispensation J. McAlenon
February 4th 	James McNight		Mary Philips 			James Hughes & D.L. Moore
April 4th 	Arthur Doyle 		Sarah Whirrity 			Patt Carrol & Patt Quinn
April 5th 	Patt Quinn 		Ellen Newell 			Richard Quinn & Mrs. Newell
Mary 2nd 	James Clarke 		Mary McGrady			Miss McCartin & Miss Carrol
Mary 22nd 	Edward Collins 		Anne Cunningham 		Thomas & John Rodgers
June 5th 	Peter McAvoy 		Mary McCartin			Robert Thompson & Patt McCartin
 									Dispensation from Dr.Devlin Dromara
June 23rd 	Patrick Haughen 	Catherine Roney Brackney 	Peter Cunningham & Pat Doran
June 27th 	John Doran 		Margaret Coulter 		James Mooney & John McGreevy
August 17th 	James Doran 		Catherine Doran 		James Quinn & John Doran
September 6th 	James O'Neil		lMary McCarten			Anthony McCarten & Mrs. McCarten
November 2nd 	Patt Savage 		Sarah Burden 			Mrs.Carrol & Mrs. Dougherty
November 4th 	Thomas Foy 		Elizabeth Reilly 		James Savage & James Rodgers
November 13th 	Felix Cunningham 	Catherine Higgins 		P. Higgins & Catherine Cunningham
November 26th 	John Cunningham 	Catherine Doran 		Mrs. Doran & her daughter
November 27th 	William Doran		Mary Cunningham 		John Curren & P. Carroll
November 28th 	John Dawson 		Rose McNeight			Bernard Doran & Mrs. Dawson

January 11th 	John Dawson 		Mary Morrison			Felix O'Neal & Margaret Morrison
January 12th 	John Kinney 		Mary Cunningham 		McCartney & Bernard Toner
January 17th 	James Clacton ? 	Sarah McCombe			P. Clacton & Miss McCombe
									Dispensation from Dr. Blake
January 29th 	John McConville 	Catherine Clarke 		John Clarke & Charles Clarke
January 29th 	Michael O'Hare 		Rose Cunningham 		John Cunningham & Patt Cunningham
									Dispensation from Kilcoo
February 2nd 	Arthur McArtin 		Mary Morgan 			Joseph Mcartin & P. Morgan
February 14th 	James Mcgin 		Cicily Keelty			James & Thomas Cunningham
February 16th 	Daniel Keelty		Catherine Savage 		Thomas McGreevy & Henry Savage
						 			Dispensation from Mr. McAlenon
Feburary 23rd 	William McAlindon 	Ellen Flannigan 		Jordan Reily & P. Carrol
February 24th 	James Rodgers 		Anne Doran 			John McCullough & William Burden
		of Moneydarrah More 	of Moneydarrah More
February 24th 	Bernard Doran 		Rose Flannigan 			Mr. George Thompson & James Smyth
		of the Broad Bog 	of Old Town
June 3rd 	Patrick Haughan 	Susan Moore 			Rev. Mr. McGiven & Margaret Sheals
August 16th 	Charles Cull 		Anne Gibson 			John McGreevy & Mary Gibson
October 21st 	Edward Rogers		Sarah Sloan 			Mr. & Mrs. McBurney
November 22nd 	Hugh Doran 		Mary McCartin			James & Mrs. McCartin

January 2nd 	Patrick Cunningham	Betty Roney 			George Thompson & Pat Roney
January 29th 	P. Cunningham		Mary McArtin			H. Trainor & Thomas Trainor
January 29th 	James Doran 		Jane Annett 			H. Trainor & Thomas Trainor
February 13th 	John McArtin 		Mary McVea 			John McVea & John Fitzpatrick
April 6th 	John Higgins 		Peggy Doran 			Hugh Doran & Mrs. Doran
June 6th 	John Campbell		Margaret Roney 			Ellen & Thomas Rodgers
June 10th 	James Devlin 		Margaret Cunningham 		Susan & Mary Cunningham
December 12th 	Edward Fisher		Mary Anne Mclelland 		John McVea & Mr. Burns

January 9th 	Hugh Reynolds		Ellen Cunningham 		Thomas & John Rodgers
					of Ballymartin
January 19th 	Stephen O'Neill 	Betty Fitzpatrick 		William & Daniel Fitzpatrick
February 6th 	John Savage 		Mary Carr 	 		Thomas Savage & P. Magin
		of Tullemore 		of Dunmore
February 11th 	P. Magin		Ellen Hanna 			P. Carrol & Mrs. Carrol
February 12th 	Arthur Burns 		Susan Cunningham 		Mary & Felix Cunningham
February 16th 	Anthony McArtin 	Margaret Cunningham 		John Flannigan & R. Savage
March 5th 	John Cunningham 	Margaret Cunningham 		Thomas & John Rodgers
March 7th 	John Flannigan 		Mary Cunningham 		Patrick Carrol & Mrs. Dougherty
April 29th	Hugh Cunningham 	Mary Quin 			Owen Quin & Mary Jane Cousins
					of Cargina
April 29th	John Roney 		Mary McCourt 			Mark Kenning & Margaret McCourt
					of  Ballyvea
September 7th 	John Fegan 		Mary Jane Curtis 		Bob Haughen & Stephen O'Neill
October 30th 	Peter Burns 		Catherine Philips 		P & Mrs. Carrol
					of  Cargina
November 12th 	Daniel Cunningham 	Ellen Curtis 			Michael McArtin & Mary Coghlan
November 28th 	Thomas McVea 		Mary Cunningham 		Mrs. Dougherty & Mrs.Carrol
									(Consangunitias Dispensation)

February 12th 	Patrick Morgan 		Peggy Cunningham 		Charles Cunningham & D. Fitzpatrick
February 12th 	James Rice 		Susan McGlaughlin 		D Cunningham & Mrs. Carrol
February 14th 	John Dempest ?? 	Mary Coghlan 			Miss Morrow & Miss Boyce
February 27th 	John Carr 		Ellen Boyce 			Thomas Savage & Mr. Monahan
September 28th 	John Doran		 Susan Cunningham 		James & Thomas Cunningham
October 3rd 	Francis Reily		Anne McAlindon 			Richard McAlindon & C.McAlindon
October 14th 	James Burns 		Rose Poland 			Hugh O'Neill & John Poland
October 14th 	John McArtin 		Catherine Livins P		Cunningham & B Cunningham
November 4th 	Patt Haghan 		Jane Hamilton/Annett(?)		William Clarke & Wm. Wightman
November 8th 	Michael Curtis 		Betty Anne Orr 			Mr. Digney & John Rodgers
November 19th 	Arthur Burns 		Mary McCartin			Eliza Rodgers & John Cunningham
December 12th 	James Sloane 		Kate Magraw 			Mrs. Byrne & Rev. Fr. McShane

 * These are 2 diffet entries - so they could be duplicate or they could be 2 marriages!