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Contributed by Celia Ewald

[From William Jackson Pigott, Esq.]
(Continued from vol. Ii., p. 74.)

"Here lieth the Body of MARY CRAWFORD who departed
this life 6th June 1862 aged 67 years."

"The Burying Ground of SAMUEL, CUMMINS late of Ballybann
who departed this life 22nd July 1851  Also his daughter
ELEANOR who Departed this life the 26th May 1859
Aged 21 years."


"In Memoriam JAMES CUNNINGHAM who departed this
life on the 18 June 1867 aged 47 years  He was for a
length of time Harbour Master at Dundrum where for
his heroic and intrepid conduct in saving life on the 17 July
1862 he was awarded the Royal Humane Society's silver
medal being one of his many act of periling life for the
safety of his fellow man.  He was through life a
consistant generous and honourable member of the
Masonic Society and this monument is erected by a few
of his brother Masons as a mark of their esteem and
respect to his memory and a lasting tribute to his worth."

"Initiated as Master Mason of St. James Lodge 197
Dundrum on the 6th December 1839.  Past King and
Companion of the Royal Arch Chapter Knights Templer,
Hospetaller of St. John of Jerusalem Palestine, Rhodes
and Malta a Master of the Levitical order of Priesthood
and some time Junior Deacon of the Provincial Grand
Lodge of Down."
429.						DOWN.

"Erected by LETITIA CUNNINGHAM of Castle Cottage
Dundrum in affectionate Remembrance of her father
mother and other members of her family  She died on
4th September 1881 and is interred here."

"To the Memory of Capt. WM. W. DANIELL, R.N., who
departed this life Jany. 14th 1833 Aged 53 years."

"Here lieth the Body of MARGRET (sic) DAVISON wife
of HENRY DAVISON of Watterask who departed this
life . . . . . . . . March 1812 Aged 70 years."		[P.]

"arrow" pointing downward
"Here Lyeth the Body of JOHN DONNELL Who Departed
this Life March 25 Andomon (sic) 1721 aged 23 years."

"ROSANN DONON Departed this life June 4th 1847 Aged 30."

"Sacred to the Memory of DANIEL DOVE Master Mariner
who died at Dundrum County Down Ireland 21st
March 1887 aged 56 years."*

"To the Memory of BARTW DUFF late of Castlwellan Who
departed this Life 2nd Febry. 1780."

"Here lies the Remains of JAMES ENGLISH who dept this
life ye 18 June 1781 Aged 74 years Also his wife
JANE ENGLISH who depd. This life ye 25 April 1790
Aged 66 years.						[P.]

"Here Lies the Remains of ANDREW ENGLISH of Waterask
who depd. This life the 4 of December 1832 aged 84 years."

"Erected To the memory of ELEANOR FITZPATRICK
Late of Ballywill will who departed this life the 7th of
June 1810 Aged 42 Also her husband DANIEL FITZPATRICK
who departed the 3rd of May 1830 Aged 68 years."
* "Messrs. John Dove and Co., brother of Daniel, have a mineral water manufactory
At Pitt-street, Glasgow, and their Aunt, Margaret Dove, was married to Sir James
Bain, Kut, M.P. for Whitehaven, and formerly Lord Provost of Glasgow.'

DOWN.		430

"In Memory of MATHEW FORRESTER Murlough Died
Feb. 1867 aged 85 years also his wife, MATILDA CAROLINE
Died Oct. 1865, aged 52 years Requescant in pace
Erected by their children."

"Sacred to the Memory of HANNAH MARIA FRAZER
who died 30th of August 1853 Aged 17 years.
		"This lovely bud so young and fair
		Called hence by early doom
		Just came to show how sweet a flower
		In paradise would bloom."'

"Here lieth the Body of ROBERT GABBY of Ballyguney
who departed this life the 28th of March 1815 Aged
82 also his wife ANN GABBEY Who depart. This life the
8th of January 1801 Aged 80 years."

"Erected by FRANCIS GALWAY in Memory of his father
ARTHUR GALWAY of Moneylane who departed this
life 7th January 1838 Aged 65 years Also his mother
SARAH GALWAY who departed this life 12th March
1851 Aged 72 years."

"Underneath Lies the Body of JOHN GORDON who Depd.
this life Nov. 4th 1768 aged five years."

"Erected to the Memory of MARGARET GOWDY alias
HODGES of Castlewellan who departed this life 24 Decr.
1809 aged 46 years also her husband Surgeon JOHN
GOWDY who departed this life 19th May A.D. 1820
Aged 58 years."

"To the Memory of THOMAS GRAHAM who departed this
Life May 9th 1780 aged 82 years, also JAMES GRAHAM who
Departed this life July 2nd 1801 Aged 70 years Also
THOMAS H. GRAHAM July 1st 1838 aged 70."

"In Memory of JOHN GRANT of Bryansford."

"Here lyeth ye Body of MARY GREEN who deceased Jan. ye

21st 1706 and ye of her age 26."

431							DOWN.

"Erected by FRANCIS GREEN of Waterask In Memory of
his beloved wife JANE ANNE who died 15th March
1869 Aged 34 years Also his beloved daughter ELIZABETH
who died 26th June 1871 aged 21 years Also the
above Francis died 14th April 1878 aged 72 years."

"Erected by FRANCIS GREEN Dundrum In Memory of
his wife ANNE who died 29th July 1875 Aged 34 years."

"Erected by THOMAS GREENE* In Memory of his beloved
child CHARLOTTE SARAH who died the 20th of April 1869
Aged 2 years."

"This is the buring place of PETER GRIBBIN of Waterask
Also his son HENRY and wife."					[P.]

"Here lieth the Body of Mrs. ANN GWYN of Dundrum who
departed this life May the 7th 1767 aged 67 years."

"This is the Burying ground of HUGH HANNA of Castlewellan
his wife NANCY HANA (sic) Interred here Augt. 1st 1823."

"Erected by WILLIAM HANNAH of Castlewellan in Memory
of his Mother ELIZABETH HANNAH who departed this
life April the 19th 1854 Aged 48 years Also his sister
JANE who departed this life July the 7th 1845 Aged 16 years Also his sister ELIZABETH who departed this
life July the 3rd 1855 Aged 23 years Also his Grandfather
JOHN TRINDLE who departed this life June the 29th
1839 Aged 66 years And also his Grandmother
ELIZABETH TRINDLE who departed this life March
the 22nd 1842 aged 66 years."

"Sacred To the Memory of ANDREW HANNEY	 who
departed this life Feby. 1855."

"Sacred to the memory of MARIA HARRISON	 The beloved
wife of SAMUEL HARRISON Esqr. Of Dundrum who
departed this life the 2nd February 1854 in the 69 year
of her age The above SAMUEL HARRISON died 26th
January 1856 Aged 86 years."
*'This Thomas Green has changed the spelling of his name from the original.'

DOWN.			432

"Erected by FRANCIS HETHERINGTON of Moneycarra in
memory of his beloved wife CATHERINE HETHERINGTON
who died 28th October 1862 Aged 65 years also
FRANCIS HETHERINGTON of Moneycarra who died Jan. 18th
1880 aged 77 years."

"Erected by FRANCIS HETHERINGTON of Moneycarra In
memory of his second wife MARGARET HETHERINGTON
who died 22nd April 1872 Aged 33 years.
		'Dear Husband now my life is past
		You have dearly loved me to this last
		Grieve not for me but pity take
		On my dear infant for my sake."'

"Erected by ANN HILL In Memory of her father and Mother
DAVID and MARY GIBSON of Castlewellan Also her
Daughter ELIZABETH HILL died 19th May 1811
Aged 11 years.'

"Here lieth the Body of JANE HILL of Moneylane Who
depd. This Life May 1st 1812 Aged 18 years."

"Erected by JAMES HILL in Memory of his son ROBERT HILL
who died 21st September 1874 aged 25 years also his father
ROBERT HILL who died 4th February 1851 aged 82 years
also his sister HANNAH HILL who died 1st May 1841
aged 18 months."

"This is the Burying ground of ROBERT HILL Moneycarragh."

Here Lieth The Remains of JONATHAN HODGE who
departed this Life the 14 day of Guly (sic) 1805 Aged
47 years."

"Here Lieth the Body of ERVEN HOLLAND who depd.
this life August the 19th 1783 Aged 59 years."

	We have been furnished with the Pedigree notes of those
marked [P.], in case any of our readers feel interested in them.
We regret the additional expense of printing them prevents us
from producing them here.

		(To be continued.)

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the
Dead in Ireland: 1897 - FHL # 1279285