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Contributed by M.J. Bradley

{Kindly contributed by Mr. W H MUNRO-SMYTH.}
Facing Pg. Photo: The Interior of Hillsborough Church, Co. Down

Pg. 255

	The Parish Church of Hillsborough was erected by Wills HILL, first
	Marquis of Downshire, in the year 1774, on the site of a Church built by
	his ancestor, Colonel Arthur HILL, in 1662.
	The Marquis, who designed the present edifice, and superintended its
	erection himself, had parts of the walls of the nave and transepts of
	the former building incorporated with those of the present; and he
	endeavoured, as far as possible, to procure the best materials available
	for such work.  That he was successful, in this respect, is apparent
	from the perfect condition in which the walls and roof are to-day, and
	in the existence of the old oak pews and paneling, and the pulpit with
	its graceful canopy.  The Church is cruciform in plan, comprising nave,
	transepts, and chancel, and is built of stone found in the vicinity.
	The tower, with steeple, rising to a height of over 200 feet, forms
	altogether a beautiful and conspicuous object, and can be observed at a
	great distance.  There are also two smaller towers at the transepts.
	The organ, by SNETZLER, is one of the finest in the north of Ireland;
	and although it has been rebuilt on three occasions, yet the old pipes
	and soundboards have been retained.  A fine peal of bells by RUDALL, of
	Gloucester, on which there are quaint inscriptions, has, in connection
	with them, and ancient carillon which plays several tunes at intervals
	of four hours.  The Church has thirteen years in building; and the cost
	is said to have exceeded £30,000.  No account of the building of the
	Church would be complete without some reference being made to its noble
	founder – Wills HILL – first Marquis of Downshire.  He was the only son
	of Trevor HILL of Hillsborough, who was raised to the peerage of Ireland
	as Baron HILL of Kilwarlin, and Viscount Hillsborough, by Mary, eldest
	daughter and co-heir of Anthony ROWE, Esq., of Muswell Hill.  Born on
	the 30th May 1718, he succeeded his father as second Viscount
	Hillsborough, on the 3rd of May 1742, and was subsequently created
	Viscount Kilwarlin and Earl of Hillsborough, in the Co. Down, in
	addition to being enrolled among the peers of Great Britain, as Lord
	Harwich.  He was eventually advanced to the British Earldon of
	Hillborough; and he became Marquis of Downshire, on 20th August, 1789.
	He was a Privy Councillor in England and ….

Pg. 256

………Ireland; and was also Registrar of the High Court of Chancery in Ireland.  He
was constituted First Commissioner of Trade and Plantations in 1763, and
appointed joint Postmaster-General in 1766.  In 1772, he resigned the
Secretayship of State for the Colonies, which he had held for some time; but
being reappointed seven years afterwards, he became one of the leaders of the
administration which had to bear the unpopularity of the American War.  The
Marquis died on the 7th October, 1793, in the 76th year of his age; and his
remains were deposited in the vault beneath the north transept of the Church
which his piety and munificence founded, and in which five of his successors in
the title have since found a resting place.  No memorial has ever been erected
to commemorate the public and private virtues of this distinguished nobleman;
nor does the sacred edifice contain anything that would indicate to future
generations its inseparable association with his name.
	The following inscriptions are on the chancel walls of Hillsborough
	Church, Co. Down.  Archdeacon DICKSON, D.D. Bishop of Down and Connor.
	The memorial consists of two tablets of white marble set in a black
	marble frame; the left-hand one contains the inscription to the memory
	of the archdeacon, and the other to that of his daughter. An urn, set in
	a triangular slab of black marble, surmounts the tablets:-

Sacred to the Memory of the Revd John DICKDON, Archdeacon of Down who departed
this life on the 6th of May 1812 in the 65th year of his age, and the 24th of
his Preferment.  As a Clergyman he was universally and justly respected, for
while he inculcated in the house of God the true doctrines of Christianity, he
was in his private character a bright example of the precepts he taught.  As a
Friend he was beloved, as a companion admired.  Too soon did the enervating hand
of sickness deprive his flock of the active exertions of their zealous and
revered Pastor, and after a painful and protracted illness, during which his
sufferings were alleviated by the unwearied and tender attentions of filial
affection, he willingly resigned his spirit into the hands of his Maker humbly
trusting in His mercies, and the hope of a blessed Immortality Also in
remembrance of Anne his beloved Wife who departed this life on the 29th of July
1804 aged 51.  And of William their third Son, who died on the 5th of June 1805
aged 25.
The above is the inscription on the left hand, looking at the monument.

Pg. 257

Dedicated also to the Memory of Henrietta their youngest daughter, the beloved
Wife of Francis HARTWELL, Esqr She died on the 10th of July 1812 in her 22nd
year.  Lovely was her form her manners fascinating, and artless her mind the
seat of purity, her heart of feeling.  By the sick bed of a suffering Father, at
the cottage of the poor, and in the house of God were encinced the nobler
virtues of her soul.  As a Daughter, Sister, Friend she was beloved as a Wife
she was a heavenly blessing to the partner of her choice.  Great was their
happiness, but ah, how transient; an eventful week that dawned on them with the
only increase it could know the birth of a living pledge of their affection, saw
at its close the infant for ever reft of a mothers care a husband of his
promised happiness.  With uncomplaining sweetness she endured the acutest
sufferings, and in the bloom of youth she breathed her last with a pious
submission to the will of the Almighty, and in the blessed hope of being for
ever reunited to the dear friends she followed, to the weeping ones she left to
mourn dew She sparkled, was exhaled, and went to heaven.
This sentence is placed on a fan-shaped slab which runs the entire length of the
base of memorial:-
In the Churchyard contiguous rests their remains Erected on the 15th of March

Underneath Lyeth interred the Reverend John LEATHS, a Man of a most blameless
Life, and innocent Conversation.  Exemplary for every virtue which can recommend
a Clergyman, and every grace which can adorn Christian, without art or
affectation to appear that he was not his modesty concealed from the world that
he really was.  Learned in his profession Moderate in his desires.  Temperate in
his enjoyments.  Humble in his deportment.  Peaceable in his disposition.
Patient in afflictions.  Having never wronged any, he needed not to restore
fourfold, but he really did leave half of his Goods to the poor at his death To
whom he had every year given ye fourth part of his yearly income.  In his Life
where his Heart always was.  There the Goodman laid up his treasure also.
Daniel MUSSENDEN, of Belfast, Merchant erected this Monument to preserve..

Pg. 258

…ye memory & example of his Friend   Reader.  Lead the Life of this righteous
man And thy last end shall be like his.  Peace.  He died the 22nd day of
December 1737  Aged 70 years
The above monument consists of a marble slab in a setting of black marble two
inches wide, at the apex of which is a circular shield on which is the coat-of-
arms, three mullets on a bend between three fleur-de-lis, two and one; crest a

Erected by a number of his friends and parishioners in affectionate remembrance
of the Venerable Walter BISHOP MANT A.M. Archdeacon of Down, and for upwards of
34 years Rector of this Parish, respected and honored for his abilities and
attainments; beloved for extreme charity and piety; revered for self devotion
and unwearied labour in the service of his Divine master; and privileged, with
almost his latest breath, to declare the glad tidings of salvation he celebrated
Divine Service in this Church on Sunday 4th April 1869, and early on Tuesday
morning entered into his rest in the 62nd year of his age.  Daniel 12.3
This memorial is a slab of white marble on base of black.  The coat of arms: a
lion rampant, on a chief in open book between two roses, with crest, a demi-
lion, and motto: “Lucerna pedibus meis,” is placed above the inscription.  The
Venerable Walter Bishop MANT was son to the Rt. Rev. Richard MANT, D.D., Bishop
of Down, Connor, and Dormore, who was one of the most distinguished sons of the
Church of Ireland, and whose hymns are widely known and used by Christians of
all denominations.  The archdeacon was a man of scholarly attainments and great
literary ability, as his published writings testify.  He wrote, among other
works, “Bishop Mant and his Dioceses,” and the “Memoirs of Richard Mant, Bishop
of Doen, &c.”  he was also an eminent antiquarian.

In the south transept is the following:-
In the adjoining Church-yard Repose the mortal remains of Elizabeth daughter of
Mr. William WOODS, of Chidham in the County of Sussex, and for XLI years wife of
Richard MANT, D.D. Bishop of Down and Connor  “A follower of holy and godly
matrons,” “A woman full of good works and alms deeds which she did,” And “whose
adorning was the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, Which is in the sight of
God a great price”…

Pg. 259

…(Acts IX. 36 1. Pet III. 3. 4.)  She was removed, April the 2nd 1846, in the
69th year of her age, from a state of protracted suffering, To one, as those who
best knew her, humbly believe of Rest in Christ, To whose merits she trusted for
atonement “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband; Her children arise up,
and call her blessed.  Her husband also, and he praiseth her.  Favour is
deceitful, and beauty vain; But a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be
praised.” (Prov. XII. 4 XXX1. 28. 30)
A plain slab set in a frame of sandstone without ornamentation.

The north transept contains a monument by FORSYTH to the fifth Marquis of
Downshire.  His widow is represented directing the attention of the infant
Marquis to a medallion of his father, which is supported by two angels.
The inscription reads as follows:-
In memory of Arthur 5th Marquis of Downshire born Dec. 25th 1844 died March 31st
1874  Erected by his wife.

At the base are the Downshire Arms impaling those of Balfour of Balbirnie to
which the family the Marchioness belongs; all in proper heraldic colours.

In the nave (south wall):-
Sacred to the memory of Wm. Edm*. REILLY Esqr. D L & J.P. for the County of Down
who died at Tamnaharrie the 19th of April 1849.  He was a confidential friend
and Agent to the third Marquis of Downshire for the long period of 41 years,
during which time he gained the real esteem and respect of all by his kindness
urbanity and unflinching integrity this tablet was erected by the present
Marquis in grateful remembrance of him and as a small token of his great regard
for one of his oldest friends A.D. MDCCCXLIX
Tablet of Caen stone in Gothic style; lettering in black and red.

North wall of nave:-
PIAE MEMORIAE SACRUM REverendi admodum viri HENRICI LESLIE D D 89 Ann. Hujus
Ecclesiae Archi-Diaconi, Atque Reverendi admodum viri PETRE LESLIE D D 40 Ann
Pastoris fidi Ecclesiae Aheoghill

Pg. 260

…Quorum, Virtutes, Faxit, Deus ut sui imitentur Posteri Henricus PETRI filius
cum summa testificatione amoris sui erga  Parentes de se optime merito, D.D.D.
A.D. 1774
This Monument, erected by Arthur, 3rd Marquis of Downshire, to the memory of
Archdeacon LESLIE, is by NOLLEHENS.  It consists of a rectangular tablet
containing inscription, and supporting a child in attitude of despair, leaning
against an urn.

The porch, which is octagonal in shape, and which forms base of tower, contains
the following memorials.  The remains of those commemorated repose in vaults
situated beneath.
In porch (in wall of):-
Underneath is Interred Jane, wife of Mr. George CRICKARD, of Hillsborough, who
departed this Life, the 28th November, 1833, Aged 63 Years Also in the same
vault is interred Mr. George CRICKARD who departed this Life, July 15th 1837,
Aged 75 years.  An affectionate husband, a kind parent, a sincere friend, and
deservedly esteemed by all.  Also of their daughter Mary CRICKARD who died
Septr. 17th, 1839, Aged 47 years.  And their Son in law, Mr. Francis FARRAH who
died August 5th, 1839, Aged 46.  Also his beloved wife Rose FARRAH who died 26th
September 1841 Aged 44 yrs.
A plain black stone, with boarder of marble containing above.  No ornamentation

In wall of porch:-
Sacred to the Memory of Thomas PARRY, Gentleman For many Years in the
Confidential Employ of the Marquis of Downshire, and Seneschal of the Manor of
Kilwarlin who departed this Life on the 10th day of January 1842, in the 59th
Year of his Age.  Also his Wife Charlotte PARRY who died 10 day of January 1863,
aaged 81 Years.
A simple slab in wall records this epitaph

A slab of sandstone has this.  It was removed some years ago from the graveyard,
and inserted in wall of porch:-
Here underneath And in this Church Doth – ly (sic) Mr. Charles KIRTON and his

Pg. 261

Here lieth the Bodies of James LESLIE Esq who died Decr 29th 1704 Aged 80 years
and of Jane ECHLIN his wife who died in the Year 1706 Aged 81 years.  Henry
LESLIE Archdeacon of Down died Septr 3rd 1733 Aged 82 Years Margaret BEACHAN his
wife died April 11th 1717 aged      Years.  Also the Bodies of Edmund LESLIE LLD
Archdeacon of Down who died Novr 21st 1790 Aged 54 Years and of Ellen DICKSON
his Daughter who died June 1st 1807 Aged 21 years.  Eleanor PORTES his wife who
died March 24th 1818 Aged 76 years  Also of George LESLIE their Son who died
June 17th 1831 Aged 56 Years and of Elizabeth HUTCHESON his wife who died August
17th 1853 Aged 66 Years Also Elizabeth LESLIE their Daughter who died January
12th 1838 Aged 17 Years Also the Revd Henry LESLIE A M. who was 13 Years Dean of
Connor who died January 24th 1848 Aged 72 Years Also Edmund Francis LESLIE AM.
T.C.D. Born Jany 1817.  Died Feby 1862 Eldest son of George and Elizabeth
The above inscription is recorded on slab of slate, which is placed on floor,
and forms entrance to vault.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in
Ireland Vol. 6. 1904, (FHL # 0258795)