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Contributed by M.J. Bradley


{From Mr. Philip CROSSLE of Newry}
Pg. 252

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Euphemia ARBUCKLE who departed this life on the 21st
day of April in the Year of our Lord 1792 in the 87th Year of her age  Also of
The Revd James ARBUCKLE Rector of Barragh in the County of Wexford, who Departed
this Life on the 29th day of Jany in the Year of our Lord 1811 in the 37th Year
of his age.

Here Are Deposited the mortal Remains of Robert HATHORN Esqr who departed this
Life on the 1st of February 1834, in the 41st year of his age.
Flat slate slab.

Erected by James CAMPBELL of D.dee in memory of his Wife Ann CAMPBELL, who depd
this Life 14th March 1828 aged 23 Years.  Also the said James CAMPBEL who
departed this Life May the 3rd 1843 Aged 44 years.
Broken upright slate headstone

Erected by William JARDEN of Donaghadee in memory of His two Children viz
William who Died 17 Decr 1811 aged 3 months and Archibald died 25 August 1824 
3 Yrs 6 Months  Also his Daughter Agnes JARDEN, who died Decr 14th 1823 Aged 10
Years.  And his son James JARDIN, Mariner, who died Novr 28th 1842, Aged 28
Years.  Also the remains of his Wife Agnes JARDIN alias CLARK who departed this
life the 24th of September 1846 Aged 64 Years.  Also his son Thomas JARDIN who
died on the 11th day of March 1850 Aged 25 years.  Also the above named William
JARDIN who died 3rd May 1859 aged 82 years.
Upright slate headstone;

Here lieth the Body of Thomas McHARG who died Febry the 16 1800  88 Years .
Here lieth the Body of Mary McHARG who departed this life the 13 of January in
the .

Pg. 253

.year 1791 aged 23 years.  Also his wife Margret McHARG who dept this Life Octr
the 5th 1814  93 yrs  Also his Son John McHARG who departed this life May 28th
1887 aged 65 years
Upright slate headstone;

Large railed-in enclosure, with the following six stones inside is:-
	This is Jas LEMONs Burying Place.  Life how short, Eternity how long.
	Conifider Lifes Contrac** span.  This Little Solitary Silent Chamber
	Contains the
	Body of Helen White CLARK Wife to JAMES LEMON Who Departed this Life
	March the 8th 1791 Aged 29 Years.  Also John LEMON Who Departed this
	July 24th 1793 Aged 2 Years and 9 Months
Flat slate slab;
Here lieth the Body of Mary Batt LEMON wife of William KELLY who departed this
life the 23rd of February 1818 Aged 23 years.

Though t'is an awful thing to die
   Twas fo to me yet the dread path once trode
Heav'n lift's its everlasting portals high
   And bids the pure in heart behold their god
From Earth's allurements our spirits took their flight
  We here entombed do ly freed from Alarms
With my stillborn babe who never saw the light
   My infant son my darling in my arms.
Flat slate slab;


Erected to The Memory of William KELLY of D-dee who departed this Life the 14th
April 1825  Aged 25 years
Upright slate headstone:

	James LEMON Died 18th Nov. 1851  Aged 93 Years
	Elizabeth His Wife Died 28th April, 1830 Aged 59 Years
White Marble slab let into boundary wall.

Pg. 254
Here lieth the body of Jean McKELVEY wife of William LEMON Superannuated Coast
officer of Babbyhabbert.  She departed this life of the 13th of May 1820 Aged 88
years.  Also her husband William LEMON who departed this life 19th of April 1822
in the 87 year of his Age  Also Elizabeth JOHNSTON, wife of James LEMON who
departed This Life 28th of April 1830  59 Years.
Flat slate slab:-

By permission of James LEMON this Stone is erected n his burying Ground.  Sacred
to the Memory of John COCHRAN of Donaghadee  He was born at Passley July 21st
1778 and departed this life the 11th of August 1813 being in the 35th Year of
his age.
Flat slate slab:-

Here Lieth the Body of James DICKFON who Died April the 9th 1762  Aged 87 Years.
Upright slate headstone:-

Here Lieth the Body of Martha REID wife to James MONTGOMRIE who died May
Jst(sic) J  Aged 66 Years.
Flat slab, completely buried:-

This is Willm GUNNINGS Burying Place, Wherein lieth 2 of his Children Robert and
Elizabeth who both Died June 1793.  Also his wife Elizabeth GUNNING alias BALCON
who died in March 1843 aged 88 years.  Also the said William GUNNING late of
Ballyhay who departed this life in June 1817 aged 86 years.  Also their son
William GUNNING late of Ballyfotherly who departed this life on the 11th day of
November 1859 aged 71 years.
Upright slate headstone:-

Erected by Willim REID of Bangor-Granshaw  In memory of his Wife Anne REID
Otherwise CRAWFORD who departed this life on the 26th July 1851 Aged 32 

Facing Pg. 255, Photo of :
The Interior of Hillsborough Church, County Down

Pg. 255

	.Years. Also of his Son William REID, who departed this life on the
Jan,y 1851; Aged 5 Years.  Also the abovenamed William REID, who departed this
life on the 5th of November 1874; Aged 72 Years.
Upright freestone headstone:-

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in
Ireland Vol. 6. 1904, (FHL # 0258795)