Donegal - Patton, Anne July 23, 1869

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File contributed by: C. Hunt


No. of Cert: 18
Date and Place of Death: Twenty third July 1869. Clarcam
Name and Surname: ANNE PATTON
Sex: F
Condition: widow
Age Last Birthday: 80 Yrs.
Rank or Profession: Widow of Farmer
Cause of Death: Weakness from decline of nature. 3 years.
Uncertified. No medical attendant.
Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: MARY
ANNE PATTON (her mark), present at death.
Clarcam Parish of Donegal.
When Registered: August 14, 1869
Signature of Registrar: James Davis, Registrar.
Deaths Registered in the District of Donegal.

COMMENT: Name Hugh and M[ale] were scratched out. Ann and
F[emale] inserted.

Source: Photocopy of vital record