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File contributed by: Eileen Sullivan Tormey August 1, 2011, 3:15 pm


Source: Family Photos

This is a picture of my grandfather, Hugh McDade, born on 
Aug 2, 1884 in Letterkenny, Ireland and died in Glasgow, 
Scotland on Oct 11, 1957.  

Additional Comments: The family notes indicated that this 
picture was taken in Eygpt sometime during WWI.  His parents 
were James McDade and Elizabeth McClay who were married in 
Letterkenny on July 15, 1883 at the parish of Conwal & Leck 
Diocese of Raphoe. Bestman: Manus O'Donnell of Oldtown. 
Bridesmaid: Catherine Boyce of Calhame.  Hugh had the 
following siblings:  Anne Jane, Winifred, Joseph and 
Francis. I have information on his siblings with the 
exception of Anne Jane.