Destitution in Gweedore and Cloughaneely - 1858 (Persons Visited)
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

From the Eppi papers.


Townland of Meenacung, Ardun & Upper Doore

Gweedore, 15th June 1858.


1. MULLIGAN, Widow. 1 bed. 3 head of cattle. land cropped.
Got relief.

2. McGINLEY, Colm. 8 head of cattle. A good house. locked up
land, well cropped. Got Relief.

3. McGEE. Tom. His house locked with a padlock.

4. DOOGAN. Connell. 1 straw bed. 4 head of cattle. A sack of

5.GALAGHER, Paul (or James.). A large wooden dish of
stirabout but when I went into the house they started eating
sea-weed. Got relief.

6. McCOOL, John. A sack of meal, he said it was his own,
that he got none from the relief.

7. Doogan, James. A battered house, and appearance of
poverty on the mountain attached; 53 head of cattle in good
condition, 4 horses and 26 sheep. Got relief.

16th June, 1858.


8. Ferry, James. 4 milch cows tied in his house. A bed and
bed clothes. This man is in London, one of Mr. DOHERTY's
witnesses. Got relief.

9. BOYLE, James. Clean house. Chairs, bed and dresser in
kitchen. 2 beds in room. Chest of meal and woollen wheel, 5
cows and one horse. Got relief.


10. ROGERS, Peter. 2 bed and bedstead. 1 cow, 1 heifer, 1
calf. Got relief.

11. DOYLE, Pat. 2 cows, Chairs, bed, dresser, woollen wheel,
and a locked room. Got relief.

12. BOYLE, Ned. 3 cows, Chairs, dresser, bed and other
furniture, a room locked, children looking well. A sheep
house and a cow house, where it appeared cows and sheep had
been. Got relief.

13. BOYLE, Farrig. 3 bedsteads and 3 beds, one of them
covered with ticken. chairs, table, a number of women's
gowns, a quantity of potatoes, 1 chest, 5 cows, 20 sheep.
Got relief.

14. DOHERTY, James. 3 beds, bedsteads and bed clothes,
quantity of potatoes, spinning wheel, sheep house, a place
for 5 cows. When I came into this townland I saw the people
drive off several head of cattle and all appeared to do what
they could to conceal any property they had. Lord Gill's
agriculturist was with me and he had an account of the
number of cattle, each of them had crops all good. Got

15. BOYLE, John. 2 beds and bed clothes. woollen wheel.
potatoes, meal, 1 cow in the house. Mr. Robinson says this
man has two cows and a heifer. Got relief.

16. BOYLE, Charley. 3 beds and bed clothes. chairs, dresser,
and I am told , he has two cows. Got relief.

17. BOYLE, James. House locked up lest I should see it. I am
told he has three cows, a horse and sheep. Got relief.

18. GALLAGHER, Owen. This man's house is not more
comfortable or better furnished then any of the others,
although I am told he is worth 400!; he sold 200!; worth of
meal on credit this year.

19. GALLAGHER, Widow. Clean house, bed and bedstead, chairs
and dresser. Got relief.

20. DOYLE, Pat. 2 beds and bedsteads, dresser, and chairs. I
am told he has two cows. Got relief.

21. M'GEE, Daniel. A good house, 3 beds, dresser, press, and
boxes. Good quantity of clothes. Was told he had 5 cows and
a horse.

22. SWEENY, James. 1 bed and bedstead. 2 chairs, 1 box,
potatoes and 1 cow. Got relief.

23. McGEE, Charles. 2 beds, dresser, large quantity of
potatoes, 1 cow, 3 bags rye. I am told he has 7 head of
cattle, and a horse.

24. McCOOL or O'Donnell, Widow, 1 bed and bedstead, a chest,
some meal. Got relief.

25. M'ELWAINE, Pat. 2 beds and bedsteads. chairs, chest,
woollen wheel, potatoes, 1 cow. Got relief.

26. BOYLE, Manus. 4 beds and bedsteads. chairs, table,
dresser, meal, 2 cows, 1 pig, large quantity of potatoes. I
am told he has seven head of cattle. This is one of the men
Hugh M'Bride said used seaweed.

27. O'DONNELL, Pat. 1 bed, 1 dresser, 1 chest, a poor house,
Am told he has a cow. Got relief.

28. GALAGHER, Anthony. 2 bedsteads, nothing in them, a
dresser. I am told he has 3 head of cattle.

29. GALLAGHER, Frank. 2 beds and bedsteads, dresser, chests,
quantity of potatoes. I am told he has 8 head of cattle.

30. M'MUNNIGLE, Michael. 2 beds and bedsteads. dresser,
chest. He appears to be poor. Got relief.

31. GAILAGHER, Michael, Tailor. 1 bed, 1 dresser, 1 cow. Got

32. GALAGHER, Ned. 2 bedsteads, dresser, chest, some
potatoes, 1 cow. Got relief.

33. GALAGHER, Widow N. This is the woman whose husband died
in the mountain. 1 bed, some meal, 1 cow. Got relief.

34. McGOE, Maggie. A poor and bad house. Got relief.

35. COLL, Maggie. (Widow). 1 bed, 2 bedsteads, 1 dresser. I
hear she has a cow. Got Relief.

36. O'DONNELL, Daniel. House shut up. Got relief.

37. ROGERS, Widow. This is the woman M'Bride said had eaten
"a garden of seaweed". 1 bed, 1 bedstead, 1 dresser, woollen
wheel. She said she sometimes eat seaweed, but had meal now.
She appears to be poor. Got relief.

38. O'DONNELL, Frank, (Cobbler). 3 beds and bedsteads,
dresser, chairs and chest. I am told he has 4 cows. Got

39. O'DONNELL, James. 3 bedsteads, the beds appear to have
been taken out, dresser and chest. Some meal. I am told he
has one cow. Got relief.

40. GALAGHER, Paddy. 3 beds and bedsteads, dresser, chest,
chairs, table, some potatoes and meal, two cows tied in an
outhouse. Got relief.

41. COLL, Tole, (Carpenter). 3 bedsteads with blankets and
rug on them, dresser, and 1 cow tied in, carpenter's tools.
Got relief.

42. O'DONNELL, Manus. (Cooper). Was working at his trade. 1
bed and bedstead. dresser, chest, 1 cow and calf. Got


43. CAMPBELL, Ned. 2 ticken beds and bedsteads, dresser,
chairs, chest, large quantity of potatoes-more than they
will require for their own use, good deal of milk, 3 cows,
crops good. Got relief.

44. BOYLE, James, House shut. Got relief.

45. GALAGHER, Hugh. 2 beds and bedsteads. some potatoes. 4
cows. Got relief.

46. GALAGHER, Nora, Widow. 3 bedsteads, 3 beds. 1 in ticks,
dresser, chests, chairs, table, woollen wheel, 6 head of
cattle. 3 of them milch cows. 1 horse. Got relief.

47. GALAGHER, Connel. 2 beds and bedsteads, chest, churn, 1
cow, meal, some potatoes. Got relief.

48. COLL, Manus. A very poor house. I am told he has a cow.
Got relief.

49. MCBRIDE, Nogher, Family at dinner, potatoes and milk. 1
bed and bedstead, dresser, 1 cow, 1 heifer.

50. M'BRIDE, Michael. House shut, this man I am told has 7
head of cattle, a horse, and sold meal on credit. Got

51. GALAGHER, Charles. 2 beds and bedsteads, a dresser, some
potatoes, sack of oats, 2 cows. Got


52. BOYLE, Bryan. beds, dresser, chairs, potatoes, 4 sacks
of oats which they wanted to conceal, 2 cows tied in. I am
told he has 4 cows. Got relief.

53. CONAGHEN, Hugh. A very poor man. Got relief.

54. GALAGHER, Daniel. House shut, I am told he has cows. Got

55. GUMELLY, Michael. 1 bedstead and 1 bed made of hay, as
much potatoes as he can use, 2 cows.

Got relief.

56. DIVER, Neal, House shut, I am told he is well off, that
he has 4 cows, and a horse, sells potatoes on credit. Got

57. DOHERTY, Dominick. This man is the husband of the woman
Mrs DOHERTY, said he had no bed or bed clothes the night she
was confined, 2 beds and bedsteads, 1 cow, some meal. The
man is poor. Got relief.

58. SWEENY, Hugh. 2 beds and bedsteads, a woollen wheel, 1
milch cow. this man is poor. Got relief.

59. DOHERTY, William. House shut, I am told he has 4 cows,
one of Mr. DOHERTY's witnesses. Got relief.

60. M'BRIDE, Thomas. House shut. His father standing outside
the house. 9 head of cattle, 1 horse, 1 boat.

61. DOHERTY, Owen. Well off, 5 cows and horse. Got relief.

62. SWEENY, Maggie, very poor. Got relief.

63. SWEENY, Dominick. 3 beds and bedsteads, 2 new calf cows,
large quantity of potatoes. Got relief.

64. FERRY, Charles, 1 bed and bedstead, 1 cow and calf. Got

65. M'GARVY, James. House shut up, his family sitting
outside, and would not open it, I am told he has a horse and
3 cows. Well off.

66. GALAGHER, Edmund, House shut, same as last, I am told he
has 3 cows and some sheep. Well off. Got relief.

67. FERRY, Michael, House shut, I am told he is well off. 3
cows, 1 horse.

68. FERRY, Owen. House shut, 3 cows, and horse, gave out
money at interest, and sells meal on credit.

69. DOHERTY, Charles. 2 beds and bedsteads, dresser and
chest. I am told he has four cows. Got relief.

70. M'GARVY, John. 3 beds and bedsteads, dresser, 3 chairs.
Would not open his barn. I am told he has potatoes and oats
in it. The window was open so saw it full of potatoes. I am
told he has 5 cows and a horse. he said he only had two
cows. Got relief.