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File contributed by:  Loretta (Lynn) Layman


From "An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster
at the Commencement of the Seventeenth Century, 1608-1620"
Rev. George Hill
M'Caw, Stevenson & Orr
Belfast (1877)
Including Nicholas Pynnar's Survey of 1618-1619

Extracted by Loretta (Lynn) Layman

Definitions of Certain Terms Used in the Ulster Plantation

Land - While the following terms are not included in this
index, their definitions will be helpful to those who refer
to Hill's volume [hereafter referred to as "Hill's Account"]
for additional information.
1. Pole = 24 acres
2. Pottle = Πof a pole (6 acres)
3. Proportion : Great = 2,000 acres
4. Proportion : Middle = 1,500 acres
5. Proportion : Small = 1,000 acres

1. British : born in either England, Scotland, or Wales.  A
person's place of origin is not always stated or obvious in
the text.
2. Freeholder : one who held land in fee simple and in
3. Leaseholder : one who held land by contract for a
specified term   ...and specified rent.
4. Native : native Irish.
5. Servitor : typically, a military officer in service of
the Crown.
6. Undertaker : A man, often of aristocracy, who was granted
one or more proportions, each of a thousand acres or more
(as described above), which proportion(s) it was his duty to
people, develop, and defend in a manner prescribed by the
Crown.  The undertaker often lived some distance from the
property, sometimes in England or Scotland.  Some came to
Ireland but later returned to their own countries.  Still
others came and took up permanent residence on their
properties.  Hill often tells in which of these three
categories a specific undertaker falls; in compiling this
index, I am attempted to do likewise but probably missed

Additional Notes

1. Individuals indexed as appearing on pages 445-590 are
those found in Pynnar's Survey.  All others are those found
in State papers and documents (other than Pynnar) compiled
by Hill.
2. Many surnames such as O'Donnell plainly are native to
Ireland.  O'Donnell was the Irish family for whom County
Donegal, or a major portion thereof, was once commonly
called "O'Donnell's Country" - see p. 175, 1st full par.
3. In many instances, a man's name appears multiple times on
the same page of Hill's Account.
4. Some men appear only in footnotes on the page listed.
5. See the relevant page(s) in Hill's Account to learn: (1)
whether a man was an undertaker, a freeholder, a
leaseholder, or a mere resident; (2) whether he was a
Native, Servitor, or other; and (3) the names of properties
held or inhabited.
6. Many undertakers were granted multiple proportions in a
precinct, and some undertakers were granted lands in more
than one precinct or even in  more than one county.  Be sure
to look for all occurrences of any particular name in all
precincts of Donegal.
7. Any bracketed, italicized text indicates a notation by
this compiler. Bracketed text which is not italicized
represents information included in Hill's Account.



BALFOURE, Michael, Lord Burley, eldest son of Sir James
Balfour of Pittendreich and Montquhanie [Montquey?],
Fifeshire, Scotland, and his wife, Margaret Balfour [p. 300]
BOMBIE, Laird - see MacLELLAN, Sir Robert
BROUGHTON, Laird [p. 504] - see also MURRAYE, George, below
CATHERINGHAM, Thomas [p. 503]
COGWELL, Rowland [p. 503]
CONGALL, Francis [p. 503]
CONGALL, Owen Ballagh [p. 503]
CONINGHAM [CUNNINGHAM], Alexander, Gentleman of Powton,
Sorbie Parish,
Wigtonshire, Scotland [p. 299]
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander [p. 504]
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander of Ponton [Powton], Elder [p. 500]
DOWNBAR [DUNBAR?], Alexander [p. 500]
DUNBAR, Alexander, Gentleman, son of Sir John DUNBAR [pp. 298,503]
DUTTON, Thomas, Captain, later Knight [p. 501]
GALCHOR [GALLAGHER?], Onora ny, "Irishwoman" [p. 503]
GORDON, Sir Robert [pp. 502,504]
GRIFFIN, Edward [p. 504]
HAMILTON, James [p. 503]
HAMILTON, William, Gentleman [p. 502]
JOHNSON, Andrew, agent to Sir Robert MacKELLAN [p. 500]
KEARNS, William [p. 504]
KEARNEY, Alex., Gentleman [p. 504]
MacKEE [MacKIE], Sir Patrick of Laerg [Larg], Knight, from
the parish of Minnigaff [Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland] [p.
MacKLELLAN/MacLELLAN [MacCLELLAN[D]], Sir Robert, Knight and
laird of Bombey or Bomby, from the ancient sheriffs of
Galloway and barons of Bombie in Kircudbrightshire, Scotland
[pp. 296,501]
MAXWELL, Robert [p. 503]
McCOLLAGH, Thomas [p. 502]
McCOLLYN, Owen [p. 502]
McCOLLYN, Bryan [p. 502]
McCULLOCK, James, Gentleman of Drummorell [Drummoral],
Wigtonshire, Scotland [p. 298]
McCULLOGH, James [p. 500]
McDEGANY, Owen [p. 502]
McGALCHOR [McGALLAGHER?], Bryan mergagh [p. 504]
McGILKER [McGALLAGHER?], Donnell [p. 504]
McGILLGIRR/McGILLKIR [McGALLAGHER?], Phellemy [pp. 502,503]
McKEE [McKIE], Sir Patrick [p. 502]
McKEE [McKIE], Sir Patrick, Knight [p. 500]
McKEYE, John [p. 502]
McSWYNE, Hugh McDonnough bane [p. 501]
McSWYNE, Mulmory Oge [p. 501]
MONEPENY, Thomas, laird of Kinkell or Kinalle [Kinaldy?],
Fifeshire, Scotland [p. 301]
MONROE, Alex. [p. 504]
MORREY, Alexander [p. 502]
MURRAY, John, Lord Annandale [p. 501]
MURRAY or MURREY, John, Esq. [p. 502]
MURRAYE, George, laird of Broughton in Whithorn Parish,
Wigtonshire, Scotland but died at Lifford, Donegal;
children: John, Susan, Marian, Katherine, and Helen [pp.
MURRAYE, John, brother of George, laird of Broughton [p. 296]
MURREY [MURRAY], John, Esq., of Cockpool, later Earl of
Annadale, Scotland [pp. 500,502,504]
MURRIE, John [p. 502]
MURRYE [MURRAY], George, Laird Broughton [p. 500]
NEMOCH, Patrick, burgess of Edinburgh [p. 504]
NESBITT, Andrew [p. 503]
O'BOYLE, Edmond [p. 502]
O'BOYLE, Edmond boy [p. 501]
O'BOYLE, Manus [p. 501]
O'BOYLE, Mennama [p. 501]
O'BOYLE, Tiege Oge [p. 504]
O?BRESSLAN, Edmond [p. 504]
O?CONVOAGHAN, Tirlagh [p. 504]
O?CURYN [O?CURRAN?], Bryan [p. 503]
O?DOGHERTY, Cahall duffe [p. 501]
O'Donnell, Farrell [p. 501]
O'Donnell, Neale Oge [p. 501]
O?DONYNE, Hugh [p. 502]
O?GALCHOR [O?GALLAGHER?], Bryan mergagh [p. 504]
O?GALIHER [O?GALLAGHER?], Tirlagh [p. 501]
O?GALLACHOR [O?GALLAGHER?], Toole McFarrell [p. 501]
O?HARRAGHY, Owen [p. 502]
O?KERYGAN [O?KERRIGAN?], Conchor [p. 501]
O?MIGHAN [O?MEEHAN?], Neale [p. 503]
O?MELLANE, Donnogh  [p. 503]
O?MULCANAN, James [p. 501]
O?MURREY, Patrick [p. 502]
SMELHOME or SMAILHOLME, George, from Leith [in Edinburgh],
Scotland [p. 302]
STEWARD, William, brother to Lord Gartlesse/Garlies [p. 500]
STEWART, John, agent to William Steward [p. 500]
STEWART, William, brother of Gartlesse or Garlies STEWART
and brother of Sr. Alexander STEWART [pp. 502-03]
STEWART, William, Esq. [p. 297]
STEWART, William, of Maines, brother of Sir Patrick Stewart
of Raneall [p. 502]
TOODIE, James [p. 503]
TRAYLE, James, Esq., probably from Fifeshire, Scotland [p. 302]
ULTAGH, Dermott [p. 502]
VANCE, Sir John of Lancaster [p. 503]
VANS, Patrick [p. 500]
VANS [VAUS/VAUX], Patrick, Gentleman of Libragh, Kirkinner
Parish, Wigtonshire, Scotland; second son of Sir Patrick
VANS, VAUS or VAUX of Barnbarroch, Kirkinner Parish and Sir
Patrick?s wife, Catherine KENNEDY [p. 299]
VAUS or VANS, Patrick [p. 502]
WISHART or WISHARD, Sir John, Knight and laird Pettaro
[Pittarrow, Aberdeenshire?], Scotland [p. 301] - Note: One
Sir John Wishart of Pittaro is listed in the Scottish
National Archives as Knight Comptroller to Mary Queen of
Scots in 1562.


BALLAGH, Dowltagh McDonnell [p. 330]
BANAGH, Donough McSwyne, Gentleman [p. 328]
BANAGH, McSwine [p. 131]
BINGLEY, Sir Ralph, Knight [p. 62] [p. 325]
BINGLEY, Sir Richard, Knight of Westminster, brother to Sir
Ralph Bingley, above [p. 326]
BOURK [BURKE], Honora, widow of [blank] O'BOYLE, lord of
Boylagh [p. 328]
BROOKE, Basill, Esq., later Knight; wife Anne, daughter of
Thomas LEICESTER; their son and Basill's heir, Sir Henry
BROOKE of Brooksborough, Fermanagh [p. 324]
BROWNE, Thomas, Esq. [p. 326]
CHICHESTER, Sir Thomas, Knight and youngest brother of Sir
Arthur Chichester, Deputy [p. 325]
CRAWFORD, David, son of Owen or John CRAWFORD [p. 323]
CRAWFORD, Owen or John, Scottish [p. 323]
CRAWFORD, Patrick, Captain, Esq., of Lifford, Scottish, son
of Owen or John Crawford [p. 323]
DONNELL, Grany Ny [p. 329]
ELLIS, Edward, Gentleman, a/k/a Edmund Ellis [p. 326]
FAWNETT, Donald McSwine [p. 327]
FAYNET, McSwine [p. 131]
GALE, George, Gentleman [p. 326]
GRIMSDITCHE, Charles, Gentleman [p. 326]
HANSARD, Sir Richard, Knight [p. 324]
HART, Henry, Esq., from London [p. 325]
HILTON, George, Gentleman [p. 325]
JAMES, Nene Duffe Neene, mother-in-law to Sir Niall Garve
O'Donnell [p. 328]
KINGSMILL, John, Esq., an Englishman and son of Sir William
Kingsmill of Hampton [p. 324]
McARTE, Donnell Groome [p. 329]
McCREE, Patrick Crone, Gentleman [p. 329]
McGILLDUFFE, Dowaltagh [p. 330]
McGILLPATRICK, Owen, Gentleman [p. 329]
McMALCAVOW, Cahir [p. 330]
McMORPHY [McMURPHY?], Owen [p. 329]
McQUIN, Donell, Gentleman [p. 329]
McQUIN, Hugh Boy, Gentleman [p. 329]
McROWRIE [O'Donnell], Neale Garrow, Gentleman [p. 329]
McSWINE, Calvagh McBryan Roe [p. 329]
McSWINE, Hugh boy, Gentleman [p. 329]
McSWINE, Murtagh O?Dowgan Owen Modder [p. 329]
McSWINE, Neale [p. 329]
McSWINE, Neale McMulorie, Gentleman [p. 329]
McSWINE, Tirlagh Carragh, Gentleman [p. 329]
McSWYNE, Manus McNeale, son of the rebel Neal McSWYNE, who
was nephew to Sir Niall Garve O'Donnell
McSWYNE, Walter McLaughlin, Gentleman [p. 327]
McSWYNE na DOE, Sir Mulmory, Knight [p. 327]
McTIRLAGH, Shane [p. 330]
O'BOYLE, [blank] [p. 131]
O'BOYLE, Edmond boy [p. 330]
O'BOYLE, Irrel [p. 330]
O'BOYLE, Tirlagh, Gentleman, son of Honora BOURK, above [p.
O'BOYLE, Tirlagh Oge [p. 330]
O'CLEARY, Loy [p. 330]
O'CLEARY, Shane [p. 330]
O'DEVENEY, Donell [p. 329]
O'DOE, McSwine [p. 131]
O'Donnell, Caffer McHugh Duffe, Gentleman [p. 329]
[O'Donnell], Hugh McHugh Duffe, Gentleman [p. 329]
[O'Donnell], Neale Garrow McRowrie, Gentleman [p. 329]
O?GALCHOR [O?GALLAGHER?], Donell Ballagh [p. 330]
O?GALCHOR [O?GALLAGHER?], Farroll McHugh, Gentleman [p. 329]
OGE, Farrell McTirlagh [p. 330]
O?SEREN, Donough [p. 329]
PERKINS, Thomas, Gentleman a/k/a Thomas Perkins, Esq. a/k/a
Lieutenant Parkins [p. 325]
STEWART, William, Captain, Esq., from Whithorn Parish,
Wigtonshire [Scotland] [p. 322]
VAUGHAN, Henry, Esq., brother to John VAUGHAN, following [p.
VAUGHAN, John, Esq., an Englishman, Captain and Sheriff of
Donegal, later Knight; his daughter and heir Sydney VAUGHAN
married Sir Frederick HAMILTON, son of Lord Paisley [p. 323]


BANNAGH, McSwyne [same as McSWYNE, Bannagh?] [pp. 523, 526]
BENSON, Peter [p. 524]
BINGLEY, Sir Richard [p. 526]
BROOKE, Sir Basill, Knight [p. 523]
BROOKES, Basil, late of Donegall [p. 523]
BROOKES, Henry, son of Basil [p. 523]
CAMPBELL, Patrick of Magheryhubber [p. 524]
CHICHESTER, Sir Arthur [p. 525]
CHICHESTER, Charles, son of Sir Thomas [p. 524]
CHICHESTER, Sir Thomas, brother of Sir Arthur [p. 524]
CLARE, Sir Henry [p. 524]
CRAIFORD, Captain [p. 523]
CRAWFORD, Captain Patrick [p. 523]
ELLIES/ELLIS, Captain [p. 526]
ELLIS, Lieutenant [p. 525]
FANAD/FARNE/FAWNETT, McSwyne Farne [p. 526]
GALE, Lietenant [p. 525]
GALE, Eliza, daughter of Lieutenant Gale [p. 525]
GALE, Margaret, daughter of Lieutenant Gale [p. 525]
GORE, Paul, Captain [p. 525]
GORE, Ralph, son of Paul [p. 525]
GORE, William, son of Ralph [p. 525]
HAMILTON, Francis, spouse of Margaret Gale [p. 525]
HAMILTON, William, spouse of Eliza Gale [p. 525]
HANSARD, Sir Richard [pp. 523, 524]
HARTE, Henry, of Muffe [p. 524]
HARTE, Henry, Captain [p. 524]
KERNES, Alexander, general agent for the Scottish
undertakers [p. 523]
KINGSMILL, John, nephew of Sir John [p. 523]
KINGSMILL, Sir John [p. 525]
KINGSMILL, Sir John, Knight [p. 523]
LYNN, William [p. 525]
LYNN, William, nephew of William Lynn above [p. 526]
MARBURIE or MALBURY, Sir George [p. 523]
McSWENEY, Sir Mulmurry [same as Sir Mulmorie McSwyne] [p.
McSWYNE, Sir Mulmorie [p. 526]
McSWYNE, Walter McLaughlin [p. 527]
O'BOYLE, Tirlagh Roe [same as Tyrlagh O'BOYLE] [p. 526]
O'BOYLE, Tyrlagh [p. 523]
O'DOGHERTY, Sir Cahir [p. 524]
OLPHARTS/OLPHERT, Wybrant [p. 524]
PERKINS, Perkins, Lieutenant [p. 525]
ROWLEY, Edward [p. 525]
ROWLEY, Sir John, son of Edward [p. 525]
ROWLEY, Nathaniel [p. 525]
SANFORD, Captain [p. 526]
STAMPFORD, Anne, sister of Toby Stampford [p. 526]
STAMPFORD, Joan, sister of Toby Stampford [p. 526]
STAMPFORD, Lettice, sister of Toby Stampford [p. 526]
STAMPFORD, Maria, sister of Toby Stampford [p. 526]
STAMPFORD, Maudlin [Magdalen], sister of Toby Stampford [p.
STAMPFORD, Toby [p. 526]
STEWART, William, Captain [p. 522]
STEWART, Sir William, Knight [pp. 523, 524]
TERRIE/TIRRY, Arthur [p. 524]
VAUGHAN, Sir John [p. 524]
VAUGHAN, Sir John, Knight [p. 525]
WRAY, John, Esq. [p. 524]
WRAYE, Henry, son of John [p. 524]
WRAYE, John [p. 524]

Some Towns inhabited by English, Scottish, and Irish

ATKINSON, Chas. [p. 515]
BABINGTON, Richard [p. 515]
BAILIE, George [p. 515]
BARKLEY, Sir Morris, Knight [p. 514] - see also, BARTLEY and
BARNS/BARNES, Sir William [pp. 518, 522]
BARNES, Sir William, Knight [p. 514]
BARTLEY, Sir Maurice [p. 520] - see also, BARKLEY and BERKELEY
BENSON, Peter, also his wife and family [pp. 514-15]
BERKELEY, Sir Maurice [p. 520] - see also, BARKLEY and BARTLEY
BINGLEY, dame Anne, widow of Sir Ralph Bingley and wife of
Robert Harrington, Esq. [p. 519]
BINGLEY, Sir Ralph [pp. 515, 519, 520]
BINGLEY, Sir Ralph, Knight [p. 521]
BROWNE, William, resident agent [p. 514]
CARTER, Edward [p. 519]
CARTER, Owny [Una], widow of Edward Carter [p. 519]
CARTWRIGHT, Edward, Lieutenant [p. 521]
CATTHERALL, Edward [p. 515]
CLARE, Sir Henry [p. 514]
COACH/COACHE, Sir Thomas, Knight [pp. 514, 521]
CORNWALL, Sir Thomas [p. 516]
CORNWALL, Sir Thomas, Knight [p. 514]
DAVIS, Robert, brother of Thomas [p. 516]
DAVIS, Thomas, brother of Robert [p. 516]
DAVYS, Sir John [p. 517]
DOCWRA, Sir Henry, Knight, an English undertaker [p. 513]
DUTTEN/DUTTON, John, Lieutenant [p. 519]
EWART, John [p. 515]
GOARE/GORE, Paul, Captain [p. 514]
HAMILTON, Sir Frederick, brother of James, Earl of Abercorne
[Abercorn, West Lothian, Scotland] [p. 516]
HANSARD, Sir Richard [pp. 514, 515, 517]
HARRINGTON, Dame Anne, wife of Robert Harrington, formerly
Lady Bingley [p. 519]
HARRINGTON, Robert, Esq. [pp. 519, 521]
HILTON, George [p. 515]
KILPATTERICK, John [p. 515]
KILPATTERICK, Robert [p. 515]
KINGSMILL, Sir John [pp. 518, 522]
KINGSMILL, Sir John, Knight [p. 522]
LITTLE, Edward, resident agent of Sir Robert Remyngton [p.
MANSFIELD, Captain [pp. 514, 517]
MANSFIELD, Francis, Esq. of Ardrummon House [in Donegal] [p.
MANSFIELD, John, son and heir of Ralph Mansfield [p. 517]
MANSFIELD, Ralph [p. 517]
MAXWELL, James [p. 515]
McBRYAN, Neal [p. 521]
McCONNELL, Owyn Modder [p. 519]
McCORMACK, Hugh [p. 518]
McCORMACK, Phelomy [p. 521]
McDEVITT, Toole [p. 515]
McDONNELL, Ferrall [p. 518]
McGILBRIDE, Morris [p. 521]
McKECOGE, Donnell [p. 515]
McMATHE, Archibald [p. 515]
McNULTY, Tirlagh ballagh [p. 516]
NEWTON, George [pp. 515, 516]
O?BRILLIGAN, Dowaltagh [p. 521]
O?DEVIR, Hugh Oge [p. 519]
O?DEVYN, Donnell, same as the following [p. 519]
O?DEVYR, Donnell [p. 519]
O?DOGHERTIE [O?DOHERTY], Shane [p. 516]
O?DONELL, Bryan [p. 519]
O?DONELL, Toole boy [p. 519]
O'Donnell, Hugh Mergagh [p. 519]
O?GALCHOR [O?GALLAGHER], Owen Ballagh [p. 516]
O?GALLAGHER, Dowalta McOwyn [p. 521]
O?GALLAGHER, Hugh Oge McArte [p. 518]
O?GALLAGHER, Owyn McOwyn McAdegana [p. 521]
O?GALLOGHER, Edward Oge McFergnandem [p. 518]
O?GALLOGHER, Farrell McHugh [p. 521]
O?GALLOGHER, Neal McDonnell [p. 518]
O?GALLOGHER, Turlagh boy [p. 521]
O?GALLOGHER, Turlagh mergagh [p. 521]
O?HARKAN, Donnell [p. 521]
O?LINCHY, Edmund duff [p. 519]
PARMENTER, Chris., resident agent of William Wylson of
Clarye, Suffolk [Clare, County Suffolk, England] [p. 514]
PAYNE, Peter [p. 516]
PERKINS, Thomas, Esq. [p. 518]
PRESTON, Henry [p. 515]
PRESTON, Thomas [p. 515]
READ, James [p. 515]
REMINGTON/REMYNGTON, Sir Robert [p. 519, p. 520]
REMYNGTON, Sir Robert, Knight [p. 514]
ROPER, Richard [p. 515]
RUSSELL, Captain [p. 517]
RUSSELL, Captain, with his wife and family [p. 518]
RUSSELL, Edward, Captain [p. 514]
STUBBINS, Ludovic [p. 515]
TATE, James [p. 515]
TORLETON, Edward, Esq. [p. 519]
VAUGHAN, Sir John [p. 518]
WATSON, Thomas [p. 515]
WILSON, Mr. [p. 522]
WILSON, Andrew, brother of Sir John Wilson and son of
William Wilson, Esq. [p. 515]
WILSON, Ann or Anne, daughter of Sir John Wilson [p. 515]
WILSON, Sir John, son of William Wilson, Esq. [p. 515]
WILSON, William [pp. 518, 522]
WILSON, William, Esq. [p. 515]
WYLSON [WILSON], William of Clarye in Suffolk [Clare, County
Suffolk, England] [p. 514]


BARKELEY [BERKELEY?], Sir Maurice, Knight of Somersetshire
[County Somerset, England]; his wife, Elizabeth KILLEGREW;
his son, Sir John BERKELEY [p. 273] BARNES, Sir William,
Knight [p. 272]
BINGLEY, Sir Ralph [p. 273]
CLARE, Henry of Stanfield Hall, Norfolk County, later Sir
Henry Clare [p. 271]
COACH [COATES/COATH/ COOTCH/COTCH], Sir Thomas, Knight, from
England [p. 274]
CORNEWALL, Sir Thomas, Knight, of Herefordshire, son and
heir of Thomas Cornewall, baron of Buford in Salop [England]
[p. 273] DAVIES, Thomas [p. 273]
KINGSMILL, John, later Sir John Kingsmill [p. 272]
MANSFIELD, Ralphe, Captain, an Englishman [p. 272]
REMYNGTON [REMINGTON], Sir Thomas, Knight [p. 273]
RUSSELL, Edward, Esq., of London, later Captain Edward
Russell [p. 272]
WILLSON, William from Bolton, Suffolk County [p. 271]


ACHISON, Archibald, Sir [p. 508] - May be the same as:
Archibald Acheson, Esq., who died at Letterkenny, County
Donegal in 1634 but had been granted land in County Cavan
[p. 472]
ALEXANDER, John [p. 507]
ALEXANDER, William, Sir of Menstrey [pp. 507, 508]
ALLANE, Robert [p. 506]
ARNETT, Andrew [p. 507]
ARNETT, William [p. 507]
AULA, Sir Aulant, Knight, resident and agent for the Duke of
Lennox [p. 505]
BALFOUR, David [p. 512]
BINGLEY, Ralph, Sir [pp. 508, 509]
BLACKE, George [p. 507]
BOYL, James [p. 506]
BOYL, Robert [p. 506]
BOYLE, William [p. 506]
BROWNE, Andrew [p. 507]
BROWNE, John [p. 507]
BRYCE, John [p. 506]
CALHOWNE, John, Sir, son of Sir John Colquhoun, Laird of
Luss [in Argyll,
Scotland] [p. 511]
COLE, William, Sir [p. 512]
COLEWELL, Andrew [p. 506]
COLEWELL, Alexander [p. 506]
COLQUHOUN, John, Sir, Laird of Luss [in Argyll, Scotland]
[p. 511]
CONNELL, Donnell [p. 506]
CRAWFORD, John, Laird of Kilberry [town and castle in
Argyll, Scotland] [p. 505]
CUNNINGHAM - Including all spellings; e.g., Coningham,
Cuningham, Cunyngham, etc., but alphabetized by forename ...
CUNINGHAM, Alex. of Ballesallagh [related to Ballysallagh
Road, Down?], County Down [p. 507]
CONINGHAM, Andrew [p. 506]
CONINGHAM, Bernard [p. 506]
CUNNINGHAM, Cuthbert, of the CUNNINGHAMS of Glengarnock
[North Ayrshire, Scotland], precise relationship or position
in the family unknown, but probably uncle to Sir James [pp.
CUNNINGHAM, George, son of Sir James [pp. 507,508]
CUNNINGHAM, James [p. 508]
CUNNINGHAM, James, esquire [p. 508]
CUNNINGHAM, James, Gentleman of Fowmilne in Scotland, uncle
of James, laird of Glengarnock [pp. 295,506]
CUNNINGHAM, James, of Horomilne, returned to Scotland [p. 505]
CUNNINGHAM, James, Laird of Glangarnocke/Laird Glangarnoth
[Glengarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland], took possession but
returned to Scotland while his son remained [pp.
CUNNINGHAM, James, Sir [pp. 507, 508] - Note: The first
entry on p. 507 also mentions "the Lady and her Daughters"
then living on Sir James?s estate. Another entry further
describes her as Katherine, daughter of the Earl of
CONINGHAM al- Huggin, John [p. 510]
CUNNINGHAM, John, brother of Sir James [p. 507]
CUNNINGHAM, John, Gentleman [later Sir John Cunningham], of
Crafield or Crawfield, son of Sir James Cunningham of
Glengarnock (above), last of the Glengarnock Cunninghams
[pp. 294, 505, 507, 508]
CUNNINGHAM, John, Esq., probably a kinsman of the Duke of
Lennox [p. 295]
CONINGHAM, William [p. 506]
DROMOND, John, Master, servitor [p. 508]
DUNNE, Alex. [p. 507]
DUNNE, John [p. 507]
DUNNE, John junior [p. 507]
DUNSAYER, James [p. 510]
EKYN, William [p. 507]
FLEMINGE, John [p. 506]
FULLERTON, James, Sir [p. 513]
FULLERTON, William [p. 510]
FYEFF [FIFE?], John [p. 506]
GAATE/GALT, William [p. 507]
GALBRAITH, Humphrey [pp. 510, 511]
GALBRAITH, Robert [pp. 510, 511]
GALBRAITH/GALBREITH, William [pp. 511, 512]
GALE/GALL, George [p. 508]
GILLASPICK, Donnell [p. 506]
GILMORE, James [p. 507]
GRYNNEY, Alex. [p. 507]
HAMILTON, John [pp. 507, 508]
HARPER, John [p. 507]
HENRY, Wm. [p. 507]
HOLMES, Thomas [p. 513]
HOMES, Edward [p. 507]
HOOD, John [p. 510]
HUNTER, Alex. [p. 510]
HUNTER, Robert [p. 506]
HUTCHINE, John [p. 507]
KENNEDY, David [p. 507]
KENNYDAY [Kennedy], Gilbert [p. 510]
LEICH, George [p. 507]
LODGE, Thomas [p. 510]
LOKARD, William [p. 507]
MacDONNELL,  Inneen-duv, mother of the Earl of Tyrconnell
[p. 293]
MACINTIRE, Owen [p. 510]
MacKAY, John [p. 510]
MAGHAN, James [p. 510]
MARTIN, John [p. 506]
McAULA [McCULLOUGH?], Alexander, Gentleman of Durlin or
Durlinge [Duirling, Galway, Ireland?], probably from
Dumbartonshire, Scotland [pp. 294,505] McAULA, Alexander [p.
McAWLEY alias STEWART, Alexander [p. 510]
McCASSACK, William [p. 506]
McEREDY, Donnell [p. 507]
McEVENE, Donnell [p. 506]
McKILCHANY, Alexander [p. 506]
McKILMUN, Donnell [p. 506]
McKYM, Donnell [p. 507]
McKYM, John [p. 507]
McLOGHERY, Michael [p. 510]
MOLSED, John [p. 506]
MOORE, Hugh [p. 507]
MOORE, William [p. 507]
MURRAY, David, Sir [p. 513]
LOKARD [LOCKHART?], Alex. [p. 510]
O?BRALLAGHAN, Dermont [p. 510]
O?BRALLAGHAN, Shane [p. 510]
O?DERNY, Killegroome [p. 510]
O?DOGHERTY, Hugh [p. 510]
O'Donnell, Con [p. 510]
O'Donnell, Niall Garve, Sir [p. 293]
PATERSON, Robert [p. 507]
PATTERSON, James [p. 506]
PEERE/PERY, George [p. 507]
PLOWRIGHT, John [p. 506]
PORTERFIELD, Gabriel, of Hapland, Dunlop parish; his spouse,
Jean MAXWELL [p. 294]
PURVEYANCE, John [p. 507]
RAMSAY, John [p. 506]
RANKIN, William [p. 507]
ROBBIN, James [p. 506]
ROGER, John [p. 507]
SARE, William [p. 506]
SAYRE, James [p. 510]
SMELLEY, William [p. 510]
SMYTHE, Andrew [p. 507]
SMYTHE, John [pp. 507, 510]
STUART, Ludovic, Second Duke of Lennox [p. 293]
STEVENSON, Peter [p. 507]
STEWART, Alexander [p. 508; see also McAWLEY above]
STEWART, Alexander, progenitor of the earls and marquesses
of Londonderry; his son, John STEWART of Ballylawn Castle
[p. 294]
STEWART, Anthony, gent. [p. 510]
STEWART, Arthur, gent. [p. 510]
STEWART, Barbara, widow of John and mother of William [p.
STEWART, Esme [p. 513]
STEWART, Francis, Earl of Bothwell [p. 513]
STEWART, John [p. 510]
STEWART, John (son of the above) [p. 510]
STEWART, John, Sir, Knight [pp. 511, 512, 513]
STEWART, Ludovic, Duke of Lennox [pp. 512, 513]
STEWART, Walter [p. 510]
STEWART, Sir Walter, Knight and laird of Minto or Mynto
[Roxburghshire], Scotland [pp. 293, 505]
STEWART, William [p. 507]
STEWART, William, grandson of John [p. 510]
STEWART, William, Laird of Dunduff/Dunduffe [Dunduff Castle
in Maybole Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland] [pp. 294, 505, 508,
STEWART, William, Sir [p. 508]
SUTHERLAND, William [p. 507]
SCOTT, Thomas [p. 507]
TEYSE/TEESE, William [p. 507]
THOMSON, Archibald [p. 510]
VALENTYNE, William [p. 507]
WATSON, John [p. 507]
WIGTON, John [p. 506]
WILSON, John [p. 506]
WIMBES, John, Sir [pp. 511, 512]
WISHARD, John, Sir [p. 512]
WOOLSON, Stephen [p. 506]
YOUNGE, John [p. 507]
YOUNGE, Robert, resident and agent for Sir James Cunningham,
above [p. 505]
YUNG [YOUNG], William, servant to Sir John Stewart [p. 513]


CONGALL, Rowland
McCARVILL, Tirlagh carragh
McDAVID, Cahill bane
McDAVID, Henry Oge
McDONELL, Fferall
McGATRIGHIE, Cahill duff
McGINELL, Hugh Oge O?Donell
McSWAYNE, Walter
O?ARDENS, Maurice
O?CLERY, Lewys
O?DOGHERTYE [O'DOGHERTY], Gilleduff McGerald
O?DONAN, Pierce
O?KEROLAN [O'CAROLAN], Morice [Morris or Maurice]

[DONEGAL] CIRCA 1608-1610 [pp. 256-58]

CHICHESTER, Sir Arthur - rents, etc. from the barony of
ELEY [ELLIS], William, Captain - the precinct of [blank]
FOLLIOTT, Henry - the barony of Boylagh and Bannagh
HANSARD, Sir Richard - the precinct of Fawnett [Fannett];
lands of Lyffer [Lifford]; and Portlaugh or Portlawe
KINGSMILL, Sir John - the precinct of Lyffer [Lifford]
McSWYNE, Donell Gorme, Esq. - the precinct of Fawnett
McSWYNE, Knogher McDonnell - the precinct of Doe
McSWYNE, Neal ballagh - the precinct of Doe
McSWYNE, Sir Molmory - the precinct of Doe
McSWYNE, Sir Mulmory - the precinct of [blank]
O'Donnell, Hugh McHugh duffe - the territory of Clanely
O'Donnell, Manus Oge McHugh, son of Hugh - the territory of
O'Donnell, Tirlagh McHugh duffe, son of Hugh - the territory
of Clanely

[p. 257]

DUFFE, Hugh McHugh [O'Donnell] - at Ramalton [Ramelton]
FANAID, MacSwyn [same as O?Farre] - at Ramullan [Rathmullan]
GALLOCAR [O?GALLAGHER], Donnell - at Ballakit
GARVE [O'Donnell], Niall - at Castle Fene [Finn]
MacDONNELL, Inendubh, mother of [The] O'Donnell - at
Bun-aber and at McGwyvelin [Mongevlin] - see also, O'Donnell
McDONOLOGHE, Alexander - [location unclear]
McGONELL, Seneschal - at Calboy [Killybegs]
McO'DONGONRYE [Rorie, son of O'Donnell] - at Ballashanan
[Ballyshannon, Donegal]
McSORLIE, Alexander, slain - at Bonneber [Bunaber]
O'BANE [BANNAGH], [blank], brother of Hugh boy McSwyne
O'BANE - at Castle Bromoyle
O'BANE [BANNAGH], McSwyn - at Bannagh's Tower
O'BOYLE, Bishop of - at Kilmirrish Castle
O'BOYLE, [blank] - at O'BOYLE
O'DOE, McSwyne - at Castle Conogarhen
O'Donnell, Niall Garve - at Castle Fene [Finn]
O'Donnell, Shane McManus Oge - at Dunboye
O'Donnell, The - at Cul mac Tryen, at Liffer [Lifford], and
chiefly at Lough Eske
O'FANE [FAWNETT], McSwyne - at Red Haven
O'FANET, McSwyne - at Castle Menryee
O'FARRE [FANAID], MacSwyn - at Ramullan [Rathmullan]
O'GALLOCHAR [O'GALLAGHER], Sept of - in the midland of
Tirconnell OGE [O'Donnell], Shane McManus - at Dunboye