Donegal - List of Lives in Each Lease, Connolly's
Ballyshannon Estate 1748

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File contributed by: Peter McWilliam


1. Alla Wm Anderson jun, son to Wm Anderson, sen, Joseph
Elliott, son to Wm Elliott & George Henry, son to Thos Henry
(lives all in being) ?8.10.0

2. Ardlong hill (Rev James O'Neale) lives Rev James O?Neale,
Elizabeth O'Neale, wife, Ann O'Neale, daughter & John
O?Neale, eldest son of Rev James O?Neale (not renewable)

3. Ardlonghhill Mr Moses Cahill (Not renewable)

4. Ardgillon (Mr Thos Atkinson) Thos & Wm Atkinson, sons of
John Atkinson late of Cavangarden & Ed Jones, son of Wm
Jones ?41.5

5. Aughrish &c

6. Ballydermot Lives James Hamilton, Abraham Hamilton his
brother & Abraham Creighton eldest son of Brigadier David
Creighton ?27.10

7. Ballynacarrig (Andrew Knox esq) Life Andrew Knox ?25

8. Ballplace&c (John Dickson, esq) Lives James Dickson
brother & Thos Dickson, son to said John Dickson ?2.5

9. Behay Lives Walter Paterson, George Paterson & Thomas
Atkinson eldest son of John Atkinson of Lakin in the County
Sligo ?15

10. Ballynacarrig (William Jones) Lives Wm Jones, Edwd Jones
his son & Thomas Atkinson of Cavangarden ?22.10

11. Ballymunterhiggin No entry

12. ----Carrignahorn lives James Lowry, Andrew Lowry son of
John Lowry of (Speerstown) and Christian Lowry daughter of
said James Lowry ?17.10

13. -----Cashalard East lives Michael Clarke & John Clarke
sons of Darby Clarke of the City of Dublin Esq & Richard
Bulkeley son of John Bulkly late of the City of Dublin
Brewer; Renewal one Pepper Corn; one life Dec'd

14. 'Cashell Lipsett lives Thos Lipsett son of Thos Lipsett,
Michael Lipsett son of Michael Lipsett sen and Joseph
Lipsett eighth son of Michael Lipsett ?25 Lives all in being

15. Creevay & Camp Lives John & Thomas Dickson, sons to Capt
Th Dickson, ded'd & Wm Atkinson, 2nd son of John Atkinson,
dec'd ?1.10

16. Cloghore (Jno Folliot Esq dec'd 10 Jan 1765) Lives John
Folliott Esq Frances Folliott his wife & Michael Clarke Esq
third son of Darby Clarke of the City of Dublin esq ?34

17. 2 Ballyboes Corlea (Henry Major senr) lives Henry Major
and Wm Major sons of Henry Major of Camlin & Edward Jones
eldest son of Wm Jones of Balllynacarrig Not renewable

18. Camlin Major lives John Major eldest son of Henry Major
of Camlin, Roger Major third son of Thos Major of (Gragan)
in the County of Londonderry & Henry Major eldest son of
Alex Major of (----------) in the affords'd county ?12.10

19. Camlin Tredinick lives William Tredinick of Camlin,
Margaret Tredinick wife and John Tredinick son to said Wm
Treinick ?12

20. Coolcally Mt. As Ballplace Renewable a Pepercorn

21. Dunmuckrum (Edward Allingham) lives John Henderson, senr
of Portnasun, John Davies eldest son of Henry Davies of
(---) and John Allingham ?3.10

22. Dunmuckrum Anth Stuart Catherine Graham wife of Roger
Graham dec'd John Graham son the Roger Graham & Anthony
Stuart son the Anthony Stuart (Catherine Graham died about
25 Jan 1755) ?4

23. Dunmuckrum John Montgomery Lives John Mongomery Robert
Montgomery ?7

24. Dunmuckrum Thompson Coll John Folliot No lives mentioned

25. One Ballyboe Dunmuckrum Delap (Coll John Folliot) No
lives mentioned

26. Dunmuckrum John Delap lives Robert Dickson, 4th son of
Henry Dickson, dec'd, Andrew Johnston, eldest son of John
Johnston of Colin, Co Fermanagh & Susanna Johnston, eldest
dau of said Andrew Johnston ?4.12.6

27. Ednagor lives Mgt Dickson, wife of late John Dickson of
Ednagor, William Dickson, son of s?d John Dickson & William
Tredinick, jnr - (Mgt Dickson died 15th Dec 1779) ?16.10

28. Knocknashangon (John Dunkin died in Apr 1776 & Wm Duncan
died ---)lives Mathew Foster son in law of Robert Duncan of
Knocknashangon dec'd, John Duncan eldest son and Wm Duncan
second son of the said Rober Duncan ?14

29. Killen & Labinlee No entry

30. ---Legalushin lives Elizabeth, Wife of Daniel Coalby
dec?d Henry Stinson eldest son of Wm Stinson of Killeybegs &
William Joans ?6.10

31. ---Liskey Frances Whitway of the City of Dublin,
spinster, Folliott Whiteway & John Whiteway both nephews to
the s'd Frances Whiteway Not renewable

32. Lisacully lifes John Thompson, 3rd son of Wm Thompson of
Drumeroen Alex Love eldest son the Robert Love of Killygole
& Eliza Kirkpatrick fifth daughter of David Kirkpatrick of
Lisnally dec'd (John Thompson died in Feb or March 1776)

33. Portnasun Wm Allingham, eldest son to Edward Allingham
jun, Major Britton, 4th son of late Robert Britton & Rob
Armstrong eldest son of Wm Armstrong ?7.0

34. ---Scotch Ballymagorty William Coburn second son of John
Coburn of Ballymagrorty, William Coburn eldest son of John
Coburn and Arthur Carney third son of Arthur Carney of
Ballymagrorty ?30

35. ---Toramin &c John Folliot Esq Frances Folliott the wife
of Coll John Folliott (Not transferable)

36. Tully (Thomas Dye died 1775) lives Thomas Dye eldest son
of the late Thos Dye, Thomas Young second son the late John
Young & Thomas Dye second son of Wm Dye ?9.10

37. Pt Mullanashee (Mr Thos Dickson0 Thomas Dickson,
merchant, Wm Lindsay, 2nd son of Joseph Lindsay, City of
Dublin & Edward Jones son of Wm Jones of Ballynacarrig

38. Charles Concannon Five Tenements & A Parke Charles
Concannon of Ballyshannon, Gent, Henry Major second son & Wm
Major third son of Henry Major of Camlin ?4.18

39. Ditto A Tenement & Parke Ann O'Boyle wife of the late
Denis O'Boyle, John O'Boyle & Anthony O'Boyle sons of the
said Denis O'Boyle (Ann O'Boyle died in ------ 1755) ?3.1.3

40. Ditto A Parke William O'Boyle & Anthony O'Boyle sons of
the late Denis O'Blyle & Wm Major third son of the Henry
Major of Camlin ?2.10

41. Charles Concannon (John Miller Sen) John Miller William
Miller brother to the said John Miller ?0.17.6

42. Dennis Coanes Park Denis Coane & Francis his eldest son

43. Denis.Coane A Tenement Denis Coane, Francis Coane eldest
son & William Coane second son of the said Denis Coane

44. Francis Allingham A Tenement Anthony Stuart, Ann Stuart
his wife & Wm Allingham 3rd son of Francis Allingham of

45. Tenem & Park Gustavous Hendry Gustavous Hendry John
Hendry son of the late Walter Hendry & Edward Davis fourth
son of Henry Davis ?4.10

46. Tenement (Geo Bingham) Geo Bingham, Jonathan Bingham his
brother & John Dickson Esq all of Ballyshannon ?0.5.0

47. Tenement (Henry Major) Henry Major, Elizabeth Major his
wife & John Major eldest son of the said Henry Major ?0.0.6
(one life dec'd)

48. Ditto John Major eldest son, Henry Major second son &
William Major third son, all to Henry Major of Camlin ?0.1.3

49. Tenement (Henry Major & Edward Allingham) John Major
eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin, Edward Allingham & John
eldest son of Edward Allingham of Ballyshannon ?1.0.0

50. Tenement (Henry Major jun?) Henry Major, the Revd John
Major & William Major sons to Henry Major the elder of
Camlin ?0.10

51. Tenement (Henry Davis) Henry Davis, Jane Davis, wife &
John Davis eldest son to the said Henry Davis ?1.10

52. Parke (Henry Davis, Jane Davis died July 1780) Ditto

53. Tenement Henry Kane Everina Dickson, dau of late Capt
Thos Dickson, (an entry scratched out) Henry Kane & John
Major ?0.12.6

54. Tenement (Coll John Folliott) Coll John Folliot, James
Wynne Esq son of Coll Owen Wynne & John Clarke Esq second
son of Darby Clarke Esq (Renewal a peppercorn two lives

55. Tenement (John Curry) George Curry, John Curry &
Isabella Curry, sons & daughter of John Curry of
Ballyshannon, Taylor ?0.17.8 (one life dead)

56. Tenem/Park (John Gardiner) George Gardiner Sen, John
Gardiner & Andrew Gardiner sons of said George Gardiner

57. Ditto (John McGloughlin) John McGloghlin of
Ballyshannon, Mary McGloughlin his wife & Daniel McGloughlin
son to the said John McGloughlin ?3.10

58. Tenement (John Kelly) John Kelly of Ballyshannon, Thomas
Hetherington son of Wm Hetherington & William Britton second
son to Robt Britton ?1.10

59. Tenem/Park(John Fitzgerald) John Fitzgerald of
Ballyshannon Elizabeth Fitzgerald eldest daughter & John
Fitzgerald eldest son both of the s?d John Fitzgerald

60. Tenem (John Coningham) George Gardiner eldest son of
Thomas Gardiner of Ballyshannon, John Major eldest son of
Henry Major of Camlin Thomas Kerrigan second son of Thos
Kerrigan of Ballyshannon ?0.16.0

61. Sir Henry Caldwells (John Dickson Esq) Henry Dunbar, 3rd
son of James Dunbar of Donnegall, Henry Gardiner fourth son
of George Gardiner & Henry Dickson third son of Henry
Dickson of Ballyshannon ?6.1.3 {Note added in margin; one
life dec'd}

62. Tenement/Park (James Dickson, senr) lives James Dickson,
4th son Thomas Dickson, John Dickson, 2nd son of Henry
Dickson of Ballyshannon & Thomas Dickson, 3rd son of James D
senr of B'sh ?1.5.0

63. Tenement/Parke (James Gildea) Wm Coane, youngest son of
late Terence - Honor, Elizh, Ellinor, daus of s'd Ter Coan
(Not renewable)

64. Park (Jas Dickson, jnr) James Dickson, son of Capt Thos
Dickson, Robert Dickson of B'sh, Ed Jones, son of Wm Jones
?2.10.0 (?Deed 2 - 251:181:159388)

65. Tenement (James Mahon) Mr John Clarke son of Darby
Clarke Esq, James Mahon & Martha Mahon daughter of Wm Mahon
?1.0 (I believe there are two lives dead)

66. Tenem/Park (Heirs of John Jennings) John Jennings, John
Forbes grandson of the said John Jennings & Clothworthy
Robertson son of the Revd John Robertson of Donnegal ?10.10
(one life dead)

67. Tenement (Mary Henderson) Cairnes Henderson grandson of
John Carson of Ballyshannon, George Carson eldest son of
Robert Carson dec'd & George Henderson youngest son of Lieut
David Henderson Dec'd ?1.17.6 (one life dead)

68. Tenement (Patk Cosgrave) Wm Dickson, 2nd son of John
Dickson, Mariner, John Cosgrave eldest son of Patrick
Cosgrave & James Dickson fourth son of Capt Thos Dickson
dec'd ?0.12

69. Tenement/Park (Robert Dickson)(Henry Dickson is dead ?
not dated) James Dickson, 4th son of Henry Dickson of B?sh,
James Dickson, 3rd son of late Henry Dickson of Derry &
Henry Dickson, eldest son of Capt John Dickson, mariner
?6.11.11 (all lives in being)

70. Tenement/Parke (Rev Sam'l Delap) Robert & Sam'l, sons of
Rev Sam'l Delap & Henry Major jun second son of Henry Major
of Ballyshannon ?.15

71. Tenement (Rev Sam'l Delap) James McCaddon son of Doct
henry McCaddon dec'd Francis Allingham second son to Francis
Allingham of Ballyshannon & James Britton eldest son to Robt
Britton of Ballyshannon ?0.5

72. Tenement (Sam'l Parke) Sam'l Parke & Thomas Parke of
Ballyshannon & Thomas Atkinson of Cavingarden ?0.13

73. Tenement (Mr Thos Dickson) Thos & James, brothers to Wm
Dickson of B?sh, dec'd & Wm Atkinson second son to John
Atkinson of Cavingarden ?0.1.0

74. Granaghans tenem (Mr Thos Dickson) Mary Granaghan wife
of Cornelius Granaghan, Thomas Granaghan son of the said
Cornelius Granaghan & Edward Jones on of Wm Jones ?2.0

75. 2 Parks Thos McNabb & Parts (lives dead) Thomas Mcnabb
eldest son to Thomas McNabb dec'd, Edward Reynolds second
son to John Reynolds of Drumore & George Henderson youngest
son to Lieut Henderson ?1.18.6

76. A tenement & Parke (Mr Thos Dickson) John Dickson son to
Mr Thos Dickson of Ballyshannon, Wm Lindsay son of Joseph
Lindsay & Edward Jones son of Wm Jones ?4.10

77. Parke (Rev Thomas Carson) John Dickson of Ballyshannon
Esq, Henry Major of Portnasun & John Major son to the s?d
Henry Major ?2.0 (One life dead) ?2

78. Tenement (Rev Thos Carson) Thomas Carson, Joseph Carson
& Elizabeth Carson sons & daughter of Thos Carson Clk of

79. Tenement (Rev Thomas Carson) Joseph Carson brother to
Thos Carson Clk of Ballyshannon, Adam Carson of Cornomoyle
in the Co of Monaghan & Henry Major of Portnasum ?0.5 (One
life dead)

80. Tenem/Park (Thos Barton)(Margt Barton is dead) Thos
Barton, Margaret his wife & Wm Barton eldest son of the s?d
Thos Barton ?2.10

81. Tenem/Parke (Thos Lipsett)(Lewis Lipsett is dead) James
Dickson fourth son of Capt Thomas Dickson, Lewis Lipsett
second son of James Lipsett & Anthony Lipsett fourth son of
Michael Lipsett both of Cashel ?3

82. Tenement & Parke (Thos Dye)(Thoms Dye is dead) Thomas
Dye ---- son of Thomas Dye of Ballyshannon, John Dickson son
of Capt Thos Dickson & Thomas Dye eldest son of Wm Dye

83. Tenement & Parke (Widow Kane) Henry Cahan, Daniel Cahan
& James Cahan sons of Denis Cahan of Ballyshannon ?2.6.31/2

84. Tenement & Parke (Widow Scott) (One Life dec'd) Wm
Allingham, 3rd son of Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon,
John Major eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin & William
Scott son of John Scott dec'd ?4.0.1

85. Tenem (Widow Carr) Hugh Carr eldest son of Thomas Carr
of Ballyshannon, James Dickson fourth son of Capt Thos
Dickson of Ballyshannon & James Britton eldest son of Robt
Britton of Ballyshannon ?1.2.6

86. Tenem/Park (Widow Kerrigan) John Kerrigan & William
Kerrigan sons of Thomas Kerrigan of Ballyshannon & Anthony
McIntire ?2.8

87. Tenem (Capt Wm Higgins) No lives or lease stated

88. Tenem/Parke (Wm Edwards) Wm Edwards of Ballyshannon &
James & Everina Dickson son & daughter of Capt Thos Dickson
of Ballyshannon ?2.14

89. Tenem (Wm Gallagher) William Gallagher of Ballyshannon,
Mary Gallagher wife of said William Gallagher & John
Gallagher youngest son of the s?d William Gallagher ?0.7.6

90. Tenem (Wm Ross) William Ross of Ballyshannon, Smyth, Ann
Ross wife of s'd William Ross & Francis Allingham second son
of Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon ?0.4

91. Park (John Kelly) Denis Kelly second son of John Kelly,
Rob Scott second son of Jas Scott & Rob McNeeley second son
of John McNeely all of Ballyshannon

Names of the lives in the lease of Thomas Lipsett?s tenement
& Parke, 4th April 1776 Lewis Lipsett second son of James
Lipsett & Anthony Lipsett fourth son of Michael Lipsett both
of Cashall & Lewis Lipsett third son of Lewis Lipsett Sen of
Cashall about 10 years inserted in the place of James
Dickson/deceased 13 May 1774

Names of the lives in the lease of John Kelly?s Parke Denis
Kelly second son on John Kelly, Robert McNeely, second son
of John McNeely late of Ballyshannon & John Jones second son
of Edwd Jones of Ballyshannon 8 years Inserted 16 Apr 1779

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