Donegal - Rent Roll for Ballyshannon Estate 1728

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File contributed by: Peter McWilliam

AGENT: National Library, Ms17,302

1 Ballydermott (James Hamilton Esq) lives James Hamilton,
Abraham Hamilton & Abraham Creighton (from May 1723)

2 Liskea (Mrs Whiteway) lives (Robt Whiteway, Edwd Whiteway,
Folliott Whiteway & Francis Whiteway (from May 1707)

3 Ballynacarrig (George Knox Esq) lives George Knox, Mariana
Knox & Andrew Knox (from May 1723)

4 Scotch Ballymcgrorty (John Coburn & Parts) lives William
Coburn, William Coburn & Arthur Carney (from May 1723)

5 Irish Ballymcgrorty (Roger McGargile) Lease of 21 years
from May 1723

6 Alla ( John Elliot & Parts) lives Joseph Elliot, William
Anderson & George Murray (from May 1723)

7 Carrignahorna (James Lowery & Parts) lives James Lowery,
Andrew Lowery & Christian Lowery (from May 1723)

8 Cashallard East (Andw Clark) Lease of 21 years from Nov

9 Cashallard East (James Baron & Parts) Lease of 21 years
from Nov 1723

10 Cashallard West ( Roger McCauley & Parts) Lease of 21
years from May 1723

11 Behay (Walter Patterson) lives s'd Walter Paterson, John
Paterson, George Paterson (from May 1723)

12 Cavangarden & Laughin (Mr Thos Atkinson) Lives s'd Thos
Atkinson & Samuel Atkinson (for three lives)

13 Ardgillan & Ardpatten (Thos Atkinson) Lives s'd Thos
Atkinson & Samuel Atkinson (for 3 lives)

14 Tworcannen (John Folliot Esq) Lives s'd John Folliot,
Frances his wife & Maj John Folliot

15 Cashall (Thos Lipsett) Lives Willm Dickson Thomas Lipsett
Michael Lipsett (from May 1723)

16 Crivey (Capt Thos Dickson).No Deed or Lease

17 Tuck Mill & Island Henry Davis Lease for 10 years from
May 1725

18 Corn Mills (Gustavus Henry) Lease of 10 years from May

19 Twenty acres of land in Culcally laid of for Wm Gallagher
Baliff for his service & succeeding Balliff during the
pleasure of the Lord of the Mannor

20 Culcally Mountain (Gustavus Henry) During my Lord Justice
Conolly's pleasure

21 Camp (Capt Dickson) No Lease or Deed

22 Knather (Owen Conigell & Parts) Lease for 21 years from
May 1723

23 Corlea (Daniel Conigall & Parts0 Lease for 21 years from
May 1723

24 Raglin O'Birn (Thoms Ellis) During pleasure from May 1728

25 Tithes Drumhome Commences Nov 1727

26 Tithes Killbaron & Rosiot (Andrew Knox)

27 Tithes Cloghboly (Mr Forbes)

28 Culbegg (Mr Hewetson) from year to year no ---- Lease or
promise further

29 Foot Barrack No lease

30 Henry Caldwell his house and tenement and 27.3.10 of land
in Carrigboy Lease for lives of Henry Dunbar, Henry Gardner
Henry Dickson from May 1723

31 Tenement and a park of 10 acres in Carrickboy (Thos
Lipsett) lives, James Dickson & Lewis Lipsett and Anthony
Lipsett from 1724

32 Tenement & 20 acres of land in Cullcally (Goerge Gardner)
Lives of George, John & Andrew Gardner from May 1724

33 Tenement (Mr Thos Atkinson; ? deed of Thos & Sam'l
Atkinson) Lives of Thos & John Atkinson & Thos Atkinson from

34 Park & tanhouse (Willm Dickson) Lease lives Henry
Dickson, William Dickson & James Dickson from Nov 1723

35 Tan House ( Mr George Gardner) A minett from Ld Folliott;
21 years but in case there wa use for?t it was to be given
up from May 1708

36 John Jennings his house and tenement & his holding of
Gortnass & 30 acres of land in Cullcally Lease of lives of
s'd John Jennings, George Jennings & John Forbes from May
1722 Do Cherry Tree Park 2.1.5 at 10 pa during pleasure

37 Tenement & Park of 15 acres of land in Carrickboy (Mr Wm
Dickson) Lives s'd Wm, Henry Dickson & John Dickson from May

38 Capt Thos Dickson from Ld Folliot lives Henry, Wm, John &
Wm Dickson, from May 1726

39 Thomas Kerrs Tenement Lives Hugh Kerr, James Dickson,
James Britton from May 1724

40 Scott, his tenement & 10 acres of land in the meadows
lives s'd James Scott, John Scott Robert Scott

41 Half Mr Shaw's tenement (John Miller) lives s'd John
Miller, William Miller Robert Scott from May 1724

42 Half Mr Shaw's tenement (Anthony Stewart) Lives s'd
Anthony Stewart, Ann Stewart John Cotter from May 1724

43 Patk O'Direys Tenement Lives of s'd Patrick O?Direy,
William O'Cahan & Henry O'Cahan from May 1724

44 Tenement & 5 acres of land in the meadows (Denis O'Cahan)
lives Patrick O?Direy William O'Cahan Henry O'Cahan

45 Tenement & 11a.2r.14p of land in Cullcally (James Ward)
Lease of 31 years from May 1723

46 Tenement & Padget's park being 81/2 acres (John
McLoughlin) lives s'd John McLoughlin Mary McLoughlin &
Thomas Campbell from May 1725

47 Tenement and park of 10 acres of land (William Edwards)
lives Wm Edwards James Dickson Everina Dickson from May 1723

48 Half a tenement (Mr Patrick Cosgrave) lives William
Dickson James Dickson Henry Dickson from may 1724

49 œ tenement & Park Cullcally of 5a.0r.12p (Thos Dickson)
lives s'd Thomas Dickson James Dickson John Dickson from May

50 Bryan McGowan During pleasure

51 Thos Bevens During pleasure

52 Thomas Boyle During pleasure from May 1727

53 Miles Garvan No lease

54 Edmond Rodey During pleasure from May 1727

55 Tenement ( Denis O'Boyle) now set to (Frank Dunlevy
Patrick Cafferty John Conall Thos Hale Hugh McPhelim John
Gallagher) + Owen Gallagher Hugh Phelim John Conell Frans
Donlevy Patk McCafferty During pleasure from May 1727

56 Tenement (William Gallagher) lives s'd Wm Gallagher Mary
Gallagher John Gallagher from Nov 1724

57 Ditto for 51/2 acres of land in Cullcally Lease for 21
years from May 1725

58 Widow McCadon during her life

59 Tenement (Thomas Harvey) lives s'd Thomas Harvey Willm
Dunkan Thady Boyle from May 1725

60 James Ward Lease of 31 years from May 1727

61 Tenement & field in Cullcally (Henry Davis) lives s'd
Henry Davis Jane Davis John Davis from May 1725

62 Park in the meadows of 4.2.10 (Henry Davis) lives s'd
Henry Davis James Davis John Grossier from nov 1723

63 Tenement & a park in the Knather of 4.3.10 (John
Fitzgerald) lives of s'd John Fitzgerald Elizth Fitzgerald
George Jennings from May 1723

64 Denis O'Boyle his tenement and 10 acres of land lives ----
Boyle John Boyle Anthony Boyle from May 1725

65 Ditto for 10 acres of land in Cullcally lives s'd Denis
Boyle ---- Boyle Anthony Boyle

66 William Coningham ----- --- during pleasure from May 1727

67 Maghon Lives Wm Maghon James Maghon Martha Maghon from
May 1724

68 Tenement (Mark Edwards) lives Thomas, James & Jane
Edwards from nov 1723

69 Ditto for 10 acres of land in Cullcally & 5 acres ofland
in the meadow Lives as above from May 1723

70 Tenement & 5 acres of land in the meadow (Thos Kerigan)
lives s'd Thos Kerigan John Kerigan Robt Scott

71 Capt Thos Dickson & Mr Wm Dickson for 10 acres of land in
Cullcally lives of s'd Wm Dickson James Dickson Robt Dickson
from May 1724

72 Tenement (Henry Dickson) lives Henry Dickson Wm Dickson
Jas Dickson

73 Another Tenement & a park in Cullcally of 10 acres (Henry
Dickson) above lives Do --- ---- park 7a.3r.15p at 7s pa &
Do Park --- 2a.3r.10p at 10s pa

74 Robt Delaps tenement with 2 parks containing 4 acres (Mr
Thos Barton) lives Thos Barton Margt Barton William Barton
from May 1724

75 2 parks in Cullacally & a Park in the Knather (James
Britton) lives Christian Britton, William Britton William
Cane from May 1724

76 Tenement (Saml Delap) lives of s'd Sam'l Delap Robt Delap
John Delap from May 1722

Ditto Cloghnanome Park 3 lives renewable for ever if Ld
Conolly pleases Sam'l Robt John Delap from May 1728

77 Tenement & park in the Knather (John Carson) lives Robt
Carson Cairnes Henderson & Catherine Hughes from Nov 1724

78 Ballplace/Castlegarden

79 Tenement (Mr Terence Coane) No Lease

80 Water Park in the Knather ditto

81 Customs and eel fishing - Wm Dickson Lease of 3 years
from May 1728

82 The Office for receiving the rent

83 Horse Barrack

84 Cloghore Lands of Belick lives John Folliott Francis
Folliott Frans Cocksedge from May 1722

85 Knocknashangon (Robt Dunkan & Mathew Foster) lives Matw
Foster John Dunkan William Dunkan from May 1725

86 2/3 Ednagor (John Dickson & Thos Foster) lives John
Dickson Thos Foster Margt Dickson from May 1724

87 1/3 Ednagor Phelim O'Boyle lease 31 years from May 1724

88 Lisacully (David Kirkpatrick & Part) lives John Thompson
Alexander Love Eli Kirkpatrick from May 1723

89 Killin & Labinlee (Denis Boyle) lives s'd Denis Boyle Ann
Boyle Wm Boyle May 1723

90 Camlin (Willm Tredenick) lives Willm Tredenick Margt
Tredenick John Tredenick from May 1723

91 Camlin (Francis Erwine) lives s'd Francs Erwine Wm
Conolly junr Ann Erwine from May 1723

92 Tully (Mr John Young & John Rutherford) Live John Young
Thos Young Robt Rutherford from May 1726

93 Rahin Wm Gallagher from May 1727

94 Drumnagroagh ( Mr Ter Coane) lease of 31 years from May

95 ( ? Ardcamfield) lease of 11 years from Ld Folliott from
May 1699

96 Ballynacarrig (John Jones) lives od s'd John Jones Wm
Jones William Roserow from may 1722

97 (? Legalustran) (Mr Daniel Coalby) lives s'd Dan?l Coalby
Elizabeth Coalby Henry Stinson from May 1724

98 Ballymunterhiggin (Mr Anthony Coane) lives Anthony Coane,
Anne Spense, James Coane

99 Dunmuckrim one Ballyboe (Roger Grahams) lives of Roger
Grahams Catherine Grahams John Grahams from May 1722

100 Dunmuckrim one ballyboe (Mr Daniel Gardner) lives Daniel
Gardner Jane Gardner John Gardner from May 1723

101 Dunmuckrim two ballyboes ( John & Robt McGumry) lives
s'd John McGumry, Robt McGumry Mathw McGumry from May 1723

102 Dunmuckrim two ballyboes (David Thompson) lives s'd
David Thompson Elice Thompson Thos Thompson from May 1723

103 Dunmuckrim four Ballyboes (Hugh Kelly & Parts) lease of
21 years form May 1724

103 Dunmuckrim four Ballyboes (John Delap & partners) Lease
of 21 years from May 1724

105 Raglass (Thady Kerigan & Parts) lease 31 years from Nov

106 ( Finner) Aghris&c (Mrs Lucy Folliott) lease of 41 years
from May 1705

107 Portnason (Dan'l Gardner) No lease during pleasure

108 Custom House No lease

109 School house tenement (McCormick) During pleasure

110 Mr Thos Carson lives Joseph Carson Catherine Carson Adam
Carson from May 1725

111 Tenement ( Mr Coane) lives Thady Coane Penolope Coane
Ter Coane from Ld Folliott from May 1724

112 Ditto another tenement lease 41 years from May 1699

113 Field in Carrigboy of 15.2.32 (Mr Denis Coane) Lives s'd
Denis Coane Frans Coane Ann Coane from May 1724

114 Tenement (Phelim Malkerran) lease of 31 years from May

115 Tenement (Cornelius Granaghan) lives Cors Granaghan Mary
Granaghan Thomas Granaghan from May 1723

116 Tenement (James Mulkerrans) lease 31 years from May 1723

117 Tenement & 7.2.30 land ( Patk Ramsay) lease 31 years
from 1723

118 Tenement (Mr Henry Donlevy) lives Edward Boyle Mary
Boyle Anthony Coane from May 1723

119 Terence Conollys tenement lease 31 years from 1723

120 Denis Glancey's tenement & Terrance Coa'for Glancy lease
20 years from May 1723

121 Tenement & 2.3.30 land in Carrigboy (Thos Dye) lives
thos Dye Thos Dye jun John Dickson from May 1723

122 Widow McDonells tenement (Christopher Foster) lease 21
years from May 1723

123 Darby Daly's tenement lease 21 years from May 1723

124 Robt Laughlins Tenement lease 21 years from may 1723

125 James Mulkerran junr lease 21 years from May 1723

126 Gormly Coan's tenement lease 21 years from 1723

127 Thos Palmer a Baron & haggard lease 21 years from May

128 Con O?Gormly & Graney Mulkerran?s tenement

129 John Kelly's tenement & a field in Carrigboy lives Denis
Kelly Robt Scott Robt McNeely from may 1724

130 Ditto for a tenement Lives John Kelly John Kelly junr
Thos Hetherington to pay 30s for each life that falls in
their deed

131 A poor woman for a little cottage & house

132 Old hay yard and a little park on the Rock (John
Gardner) During pleasure from May 1727

133 Park in Carrigboy ( Mr Carson) During pleasure

134 Park in Carrigboy (Ed O'Boyle) During pleasure from May

135 Grand Fishings

136 Land laid out for the horse bar (total 29.3.30 in
Mullaneshee, Dungrovenan (Fort) Park Barnaby Park Tobermacoy
Park Castle Park

137 Part of Ballyhanna for grazing the troops horses

138 Part of Rahin for grazing Ditto


139 Maghrecher John Ellis lease of 7 years from Nov 1722

140 Ardferna Daniel Mulkerran & Part lease 5 years from May

141 Drumcrin Mrs Lucy Folliott lease 7 years from 1724

142 œ Ramore Walter Mca---- & parts lease 7 years from May

143 ΠRamore James Smith lease 7 years from May 1724

144 ΠRamore --- oge Mulkerran and parts lease 3 years from

145 Burndrews Fishing lease 3 years from May 1728

Church Lands of Ballyhanna

146 10 acres of Ballyhanna Mr William Dickson lease 7 years
from May 1726

147 10 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Terrence Coane No

148 10 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Thady Coane no lease

149 13 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Denis Coane no lease

150 5 acres of ditto at 8s p acre Ters Gallagher

151 7.1.34 acres of ditto Darby Gormond &c lease of 7 years
from May 1724


1 Corncamb George Oliver 11 years from May 1726

2 Tullygallon M Gowan ditto

3 Laghy Adam Delap & Parts ditto

4 Robbleshaney & Mill henry Spence ditto

5 Drumore John Reynolds & Parts ditto

6 Rosnaulay John Mackey & Parts ditto

7 Rughnadrun Henry Spence ditto

8 Drumcrole William Thompson ditto

9 Raniny West John Wark & parts ditto

10 Mullans Patk Mchenry ditto

11 Rossivolan Capt Thos Dickson ditto

12 Ballykillone Bryan McGirr & parts ditto

13 Rossilly Oliver Marshall & parts ditto

14 Raring East Elice Tunny & parts ditto

15 Andeclan Wm Strong & parts ditto

16 ---man Richd Vere & parts ditto

17 -rrig East Adam Delap & part ditto

18 Carrig West John Haron & parts ditto

19 ---ard James White & parts ditto

20 Troman East Brya Tumary & parts ditto

21 Riugole Jam Freeburn & Alex Love ditto

22 Carmullin Densi Tumany ditto

23 Baley McAWard lease 19 years from Nov 1721

24 - Rossnaulagh No Lease

25 Tuleywie 11 years from May 1726

26 Malanasole & M ------ ---- Gowan ditto

27 Greaghs ditto

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