Donegal - Rent Roll for Manor of Ballyshannon May 1689

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File contributed by: Peter McWilliam

By The Folliott Agent, Thomas Atkinson: Castletown Papers C/23/1

Thomas Fauser, Roger Seayles and Partners, the garden of
Ardfarna and Maughery Carr 46.13.9

James Magilpader, the halfe quarter of Raglasse 4.15

Connor O'Cleary, the halfe quarter of Ramore 9.0

(Wm) Connolly, the 10 ballyboes of Ballymunterhigin 16.10

Donogh o'Tumany the 4 ballyboes of Ardlaughill 8.15

Tho Ellis, the four ballyboes of Lecklostrane 2.14.6

Henery Jones, the 2 Ballyboes of Ballynecarig 7.10.7 1/2

Patrick Connelly, the Ballybo of Sminver & Mill 9.0.0

Wm Smith the ballybo of Rakin ye 4 ballyboes of Ballyhanna
and the ballybo of Tully 13.0

Wm Fauser, ballybo and a half of Camblin 5.0

Archable Harvie, ye ballybo of Templenew 2.16.8

Rowland Fauser, the two Ballyboes of Knocksheeran and
Edinagore 6.0

John Delap, the houses of Portnason ballybo of land store
house and Tann house at Beleek 7.13

Francis Earles, the quarter of Beleek 13.10

Wm Fletcher, ye ballybo of Knocknashangan 3.0

The Cunny warran, John Delap 5.0

Francis Irwin, the quarter of Corlea 10.0

Robert Delap, ye quarter of Knader 17.10

Lewis Lipsey, Culecallow and macafras Campe 16.10

Bryan o Muckerran, the quarter of Cashell 13.0

Redmond O'Gollogher, Ye Ballybo of achidooey 2.17.6

(Matt) Floyde, the Rahill 4.5

John Henderson, the Ballybo of Ardgilly 3.5

(Wm) MaCawly, the Ballybo of Behay 4.15

John Boy Makennay, the third of Ballydermot 6.0

(Corrish) O'Clery, one third of Ballydermot 5.19.6

Tho Atkinson, the four Ballyboes of Creevey

The halfe quarter of Caricknahorna under distress 6.14.6

(Conor) magargie, Nine Ballyboes of Ballymagroerty 24.10

John maCordock ye other halfe quarter of Caricknahorn 6.14.6

(--) Francis Folliot, ye two ballyboes of Leskie 6.5

(Tho) Atkinson, the 2 ballyboes of Loughin ye ballyboes of
Cavangarde 7.15

(--aney) Irwine, Ye quarter of Cashelard 13.9

(--oghey) mc a Teere, ye quarter of Tober 10.4.6

(--ale)mcSwine, ye 4 ballyboes of Ballynecarig 13.0

Francis Jenings, ye 2 parks of Gortenasse 1.0

(----) Knox, on Ballybo of Ballymagroerty called Relalln

(--nor) maCawly, the quarter of Garvanagh 8.14.6

Total £363.7.6

Wm mc a Teere, the ballybo of Tullycorka 4.4.6

Mulaghnashee and the meadow set to Fra Jenings 9.0.

Robert Whitely, the tuckmill and Island 4.0

Patt Connolly the halfe quarter of Creevy in ye Megh 6.10

Robert Long, the abey Coarne Mill 8.0

Pattrick Connolly, the Too parks in the Meadows 2.0

John Delap, the six ballyboes joyneing to Portnasson 9.2.6

Widow Cotton, the half ballybo of Drumnakilly and
Knocksheeran 2.0

Hugh Bryan, ye too Ballyboes of Killin & Labinlee 6.0

Wm Foster a ballybo and a halfe of Camblin

John Delap ye quarter of Dunmuckrome 14.0

Wm Foster, the three ballyboes of Lisaully 9.0

Pattrick O'Dally, the halfe quarter of Alla 4.2.3

Ralph Thorpe, foure ballyboes of Drumnagrogh-- &
Cluntasheere 10.15

John Jones, the ferryboate 15.0

Robert Delap, ye parke near the garden 0.10.0

The quarter of Dumerin set to Tortogh Conigill & partners
£492.13.6 1/2
signed Tho:Atkinson

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