Donegal - Dispensation requests, St Eunan's Letterkenny, 1856

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File contributed by:  Marie Crowley
Transcribed by Valerie Ackroyd

    From Derry Journal 13 August 1926

'The following is a list of the dispensations in Banns,
commonly called the "Marriage Lines," from the records at
St. Eunan's, Letterkenny.'

'...the couples dispensed in Banns are usually put down to
the parish from which the application was made for
dispensation, though frequently only one of them belonged to
that parish. The records in Banns are mainly concerned with
the parishes near Letterkenny, though occasionally an entry
relative to a parish at a distance is to be found. J.
O'Doherty, Adm'

DATE      GROOM                  PARISH             BRIDE                    PARISH
7-Jan     Patrick CURRAN         Laggan             Ellen HAUGHEY            Laggan
8-Jan     John PEOPLES           Kilmacrenan        Susan SWEENEY            Kilmacrenan
9-Jan     Patrick McMENAMIN      Lettermacaward     Mary GALLAGHER           Laggan
9-Jan     Hugh GALLAGHER         Gartan             Mary O'DONNELL           Gartan
10-Jan    Robert DONNELLY        Conwal             Mary DOHERTY             Conwal
13-Jan    John MURRAY            Conwal             Margaret DEVENNY         Conwal
12-Jan    Michael CANNON         Kilmacrenan        Jane BOYLE               Kilmacrenan
15-Jan    Cornelius McMONAGLE    Conwal             Elizabeth McCONNELOGUE   Conwal
15-Jan    Hugh O'DONNELL         Conwal             Brigid MacGROARTY        Conwal
16-Jan    John McDAID            Glenswilly         Anne McDAID              Glenswilly
18-Jan    Edward O'DONNELL       Aughnish           Mary McBRIDE             Aughnish
23-Jan    Dominick DOHERTY       Conwal             Margaret HANLON          Conwal
23-Jan    Neil McDAID            Glenswilly         Hannah BRALLEY           Glenswilly
24-Jan    James McGINLEY         Kilmacrenan        Margery McELWEE          Kilmacrenan
25-Jan    James CRERAND          Kilmacrenan        Sara McDEVITT            Kilmacrenan
27-Jan    Patrick McCONNELOGUE   Conwal             Anne McFADDEN            Conwal
28-Jan    Manus McLAUGHLIN       Raymochy           Grace DUFFY              Raymochy
28-Jan    James PATTON           Convoy             Ellen BROWN              Glenswilly
28-Jan    Jeremiah CROSSAN       Glenswilly         Hannah McDAID            Glenswilly
28-Jan    James BRESLAND         Glenswilly         Mary McDAID              Glenswilly
28-Jan    P. BAXTER              Glenswilly         Mary McDAID              Glenswilly
29-Jan    John STEWART           Conwal             Mary STRAIN              Killygarvan
29-Jan    Denis McGLYNN          Convoy             Anne McCORMICK           Convoy
29-Jan    Charles DUDDY          Gartan             Sara KELLY               Glenswilly
30-Jan    George ARTHUR          Drimoghill         Anne GALLAGHER           Drimoghill
30-Jan    Patrick GALLAGHER      Gartan             Rose DEERY               Gartan
30-Jan    John HERAGHTY          Glenswilly         Susan McGINLEY           Clondahorkey
30-Jan    Denis HEGARTY          Glenswilly         Winnie McCORMICK         Glenswilly
30-Jan    Philip TONER           Glenswilly         Mary RAMSAY              Glenswilly
30-Jan    Michael KELLY          Gartan             Susan McGEADY            Gartan
31-Jan    Thomas DUFFY           Convoy             Margaret SWEENEY         Convoy
31-Jan    James McDAID           Glenswilly         Mary GALLAGHER           ---
31-Jan    Hugh SWEENEY           Raphoe             Brigid McGHEE            Leck
31-Jan    John McAULEY           ---                Anne DOMVILLE            ---

8-Feb     Michael CANE           Aughnish           Catherine O'DONNELL      Aughnish
15-Feb    Daniel LYNCH           Kilmacrenan        Ellen McTAGGART          Kilmacrenan
21-Feb    James LAMB             Gartan             Mary COYLE               Conwal

1-Mar     Charles KELLY          Glenswilly         Mary GEEHAN              ---
          John McKELVEY          Raphoe             Mary McELHINNEY          Raphoe
          Peter McMENAMIN        Glenfin            Anne McGINTY             ---
          Edward CROSSAN         Glenswilly         Frances CONAGHAN         ---
          William BOYLE          Drimoghill         Mary KELLY               Raphoe
          Patrick BRADLEY        Gartan             Hannah McFADDEN          Gartan
          James TONER            Raphoe             Fanny McBREARTY          Raphoe
          John FRIEL             Conwal             Margaret BRADLEY         Conway
          James McELHINNEY       Raphoe             Elizabeth MULLAN         Raphoe
12-Mar    Francis MURRAY         Raphoe             Mary A. McFADDEN         Raphoe

5-Apr     Patrick McDEVITT       Convoy             Anne O'DONNELL           Convoy
6-Apr     Manus BRADLEY          Conwal             Isabella O'DONNELL       Conwal
6-Apr     Alex. BROWN            Aughnish           Mary BROWN               Conwal
7-Apr     Charles McMONAGLE      Taughboyne         Mary LYNCH               Taughboyne
8-Apr     Francis FRIEL          Kilmacrenan        Brigid GORMAN            Kilmacrenan
8-Apr     John KELLY             Aughnish           M. McCLAFFERTY           Aughnish
11-Apr    Denis McMENAMIN        Conwal             Margaret MARTIN          Killteevogue
16-Apr    Michael FISHER         Convoy             Rose McGHEE              Convoy
16-Apr    Charles MURRAY         Conwal             Susan McGLINCHEY         Killteevogue
20-Apr    Patrick CRAMPEY        Conwal             Rose COLLINS             Aughnish
22-Apr    Hugh McFADDEN          Conwal             Rose FRIEL               Conwal
26-Apr    John KELLY             Laggan             Jane MONAGHAN            Laggan

2-May     John RAMSAY            Laggan             Mary STRAIN              ---
2-May     James McGROARTY        Glenswilly         Mary SWEENEY             Conwal
3-May     Patrick McDAID         Glenswilly         Grace McCASHLIN          Glenswilly
4-May     Thomas DOHERTY         Conwal             Jane GALLAGHER           ---
5-May     Michael McLOUGHLIN     Convoy             Margaret CAROLAN         Donaghmore
6-May     Patrick McGLINCHEY     Gartan             Anne DIVER               Doe

9-Jun     James McDAID           Aughnish           Catherine CONNOLLY       Aughnish
11-Jun    James TAYLOR           Laggan             Anne BARLOW              Coleraine
11-Jun    Edward SWEENEY         Aughnish           Sara COOK                Lifford
13-Jun    John RYAN              Gartan             Elizabeth RODDEN         Gartan
14-Jun    John HANNIGAN          Conwal             N. GALLAGHER             Conwal
18-Jun    John HILFERTY          Lagan              Hannah DUFFY             Convoy
19-Jun    John PATTON            Convoy             Mary WARD                Leck
23-Jun    John CURRAN            Aughnish           Roseanne CARSON          Aughnish
25-Jun    Willilam ROARTY        Conwal             Hannah CROSSAN           Conwal
30-Jun    Denis McGLASHAN        Gartan             Sara GALLAGHER           Gartan

9-Jul     John FRIEL             Laggan             Elizabeth McDERMOTT      Laggan
10-Jul    N. BOYLE               Conwal             Susan GALLAGHER          Conwal
16-Jul    William McGRENAGHAM    Convoy             Matty McCOLLUM           Convoy
16-Jul    Daniel McFADDEN        Gartan             Mary GALLAGHER           Gartan
16-Jul    John BROWN             Conwal             Susan BROWN              Conwal
25-Jul    James COLL             Aughnish           Susan MURRAY             ---
29-Jul    William McLAUGHLIN     Taughboyne         Catherine LYNCH          Taughboyne

4-Aug     William CROSSAN        Conwal             Rose FRIEL               Laggan
15-Aug    Patrick HOUSTON        Convoy             Anne GALLAGHER           Convoy
29-Aug    Charles McENRY         Kilmacrenan        Anna COLL                Kilmacrenan
30-Aug    Charles McMEARTY       Tully              Susan STRAIN             Gartan
30-Aug    John GALLAGHER         Kilmacrenan        Brigid O'DONNELL         Kilmacrenan

2-Sep     Timothy CONNOLLY       Convoy             Sara McLAUGHLIN          Leckpatrick
3-Sep     Richard DUFFY          Leck               Anne McDAID              Convoy
3-Sep     Daniel McAULEY         Drimoghill         Matty SHIEL              Drimoghill
6-Sep     Edward CALLAGHAN       Glenswilly         Margaret McGRENRA        Glenswilly
9-Sep     Neil McCAFFERTY        Tully              N. N.                    Tully
10-Sep    Michael BROGAN         Laggan             Catherine CRERAND        Laggan
11-Sep    James DOHERTY          ---                Hannah SWEENEY           Gartan
21-Sep    Hugh WARD              Drimoghill         Anne BRADLEY             Donaghmore
29-Sep    Michael DOHERTY        Glenswilly         Fanny DOOHAN             Conwal

14-Oct    Thomas FERRY           St. Johnston       Catherine McLAUGHLIN     St. Johnston
19-Oct    James FERRY            Laggan             Catherine WARD           Laggan
23-Oct    Patrick SWEENEY        Convoy             Catherine WARD           Convoy
28-Oct    Hugh BROWN             Aughnish           Matty BOYLE              Aughnish
30-Oct    Chas. McCAFFERTY       Kilmacrenan        Catherin McGINLEY        Kilmacrenan
30-Oct    John McLAUGHLIN        St. Johnston       Anne ALLEN               St. Johnston
31-Oct    Neil McGHEE            Convoy             Catherine McCORMICK      Donaghmore

2-Nov     Denis GOBBIN           Glenswilly         Brigid KELLY             Glenswilly
3-Nov     Maurice KERRIGAN       Convoy             Mary J. QUINN            Convoy
4-Nov     Thomas LYNAGH          Kilmacrenan        Catherine HARKIN         Kilmcrenan
4-Nov     Charles GALLAGHER      Conwal             Susan WARD               Conwal
4-Nov     Neil GOBIN             Kilmacrenan        Rose GALLAGHER           Kilmcrenan
4-Nov     James McNULTY          Drimoghill         Margaret GALLAGHER       Drimoghill
7-Nov     Daniel BOYLE           Laggan             Martha BROGAN            Laggan
8-Nov     Charles McCARRON       Raphoe             Sara MEALY               Raphoe
9-Nov     Robert PORTER          Convoy             Catherine FLYNN          Convoy
10-Nov    Robert KELLY           Rathmullan         Brigid McBRIDE           Aughnish
10-Nov    John BROWN             Convoy             Cecilia DEVENNY          Convoy
10-Nov    Denis McDEVITT         Gartan             Elizabeth MURRAY         Gartan
14-Nov    John BROGAN            Ramelton           Charlotte MORROW         Ramelton
14-Nov    Dugal McFADDEN         Kilmacrenan        Margaret O'DONNELL       Glenswilly
13-Nov    John GALLAGHER         Derry              Ellen BARR               Cuolboy
16-Nov    James CANNON           Laggan             Matilda GALLAGHER        Laggan
17-Nov    James McTAIT           Aughnish           Mary BAIRD               Aughnish
18-Nov    Hugh TUNNEY            St. Johnston       Catherine McGOLDRICK     Raphoe
18-Nov    Alex. DOHERTY          St. Johnston       Mary WHITE               St. Johnston
22-Nov    Charles McFADDEN       Aughnish           Rose McMENAMIN           Aughnish
23-Nov    Neil MAGEE             St. Johnston       Rose MAGINN              Killeter
23-Nov    James O'DONNELL        Raphoe             Brigid KELLY             Raphoe
23-Nov    James TUNNY            Aughnish           Jessie DUNGARD           Aughnish
24-Nov    Patrick KILDEA         St. Johnston       Elizabeth CULBERT        St. Johnston
27-Nov    James McELHINNEY       Kilmacrenan        Mary KELLY               Conwal
28-Nov    Patrick DEVENNY        St. Johnston       Mary FRIEL               Gartan

11-Dec    Antony O'DONNELL       Raphoe             Grace SHEIL              Raphoe
12-Dec    John O'DONNELL         Convoy             Susan SHEIL              Convoy
12-Dec    James DUDDY            Gartan             Judy LINEY               Gartan
17-Dec    Thomas CONAGHAN        St. Johnston       Roseanne LYNCH           St. Johnston
17-Dec    Thomas CONAGHAN        St. Johnston       Hannah CRERAND           Milford
28-Dec    Charles SWEENEY        Laggan             Margaret O'DONNELL       Leck
21-Dec    Charles STRAIN         Conwal             Mary STRAIN              Milford
28-Dec    Edward MAGEE           Convoy             Margaret McCONNLOGUE     Conwal
28-Dec    Bernard McFADDEN       St. Johnston       Catherine McCULLIAN      St. Johnston
30-Dec    John GALLAGHER         Conwal             Sarah GALLAGHER          Conwal