Wills: McClintock, James April 15, 1850

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: April 15, 1850
Recorded: January 30, 2019

I James McClintock do hereby declare & publish my last
Will & Testament. I leave & bequeath all & every matter
of Property I may die possessed of or  that I may be
entitled to or which may in future devolve to me in any
manner  whatsoever to my Wife Susan for her sole
benefit during her life & afterwards to be  divided share
& share alike between each of my three Sons Robert,
Fitzgerald  and Charles of their assigns with the benefit
of Survivorship to each Witness my hand this 15th day of
April 1850 J McClintock
(Attestation Clause) Saml McClintock of Granhan Farmer
_ Charlotte Stephenson Servant Derry (Personal
Appearance by Charlotte Stephenson of Londonderry
Spinster  regarding James McClintock formerly of
Londonderry deceased regarding due  execution of the
Will 20 August 1850) 29 August 1850
Administration with Will annexed to Charles McClintock
the  Son Susan McClintock having renounced Letters of
PCC Prob11/2118