Newspaper: National Repeal Association Contributors

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Contributed by Mary Heaphy


The following repealers contributed 67 pounds To the
National Repeal Fund per Daniel Kearney, Esq., treasurer, to
whom the measure is materially indebted--

Right Rev. Dr. McLaughlin, D.D.
Right Rev. John McLoughlin,
Rev. John Dempsey.
Rev. Wm. McDonagh.
Thomas Munny, esq.
Edward McGlinchy, Esq.
John Casey.
Daniel Kearney.
James Johnson, (Protestant)
John Keyes, (Protestant).
James Mehan,
John Mehan,
Patrick McGinley,
Wm. McLaughlin. M.D.
Edward Hyslop, Proprietor Derry Journal.
William McCarron. Surgeon.
George Duddy, Surgeon.
Hugh McKeon.
John Devlin.
Pat Bradley.
Henry O'Neill
Michael McFeeley.
Marcus McLoughlin.
John Boyle.
Robert Watters.

NOTE: The Repeal Association was an Irish mass membership
political movement set up by Daniel O'Connell in 1830 to
campaign for a repeal of the Acts of Union of 1800 between
Great Britain and Ireland

Freemans Journal, 21-Jan-1841, Loyal National
Repeal Association. (Daniel O'donnell)