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October 24, 2013, 11:39 am


Forty-nine miles from Belfast by rail.
Small Market Town, has Railway Station and Post Office,
with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market Day, Friday.
Fairs, 21st of each month.
Population, 515


Mrs. E. Harris, Postmistress; Miss S. M. Eider, assistant.
There are four deliveries of letters, &c, in the town daily.
Mails are despatched at 9-5 and 10-15 a.m., and 1-5, 3,
4-5, and 7-20 p.m.
Magistrates - Major W. A. Lenox-Conyngham, Springhill;
James Lepper, Welbrook;  Thomas Meeke, Springvale; G.
Ramsay, Clagan; W. Ekin, Rock Spring; T. Crilly,  Lissan;
Captain Welch, R.M., Ashvale; Patrick Devlin, J.P.,
Moneymore; Henry  Byrne, J.P., Moneymore
Petty Sessions Clerk - Thomas Pattleton
Drapers' Charity Office - James L. Cooney, clerk
Royal Irish Constabulary - Acting-Sergeant Clarke and four


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. R. McKim, M.A., rector;
Ballyeglish, Rev. W. Hogarth,  rector; Ballinderry, Rev. J.
Nash, rector; Lissan, Rev. C. A. B. Millington  rector;
Tamlaght, Rector, Rev. Cooper
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. Reid; Second
Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. W.  Sharpe; Ballygoney, Rev.
J. Forsythe; Lecumpher, Rev. R. McCammon; Saltersland,
Rev. McCandless
Methodist Church - Minister, various
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. O. McEleavy P.P.; Rev.
Rafferty, C.C.; Coagh and  Drummullen, Rev. P. McMullan,
P.P.; Ballinderry, Rev. McWilliams, P.P.


Belfast Bank, Ltd. (Cookstown branch) - J. G. Donaldson,
manager - open on Fridays  and fair days


Moneymore Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society,
Ltd. - President Mr. H.  Byrne; manageress, Miss L.
Burnett, with auxiliaries at Castledawson,  Desertmartin,
and Lissan
Coagh Loan and Monetary Co., Ltd. - Isaac McCord,
St. Patrick's N.S. - Hugh Toal, teacher
National Male School - Wm. Porter, master
National Female School - Miss Orr, teacher; Miss Banks
and Miss Trotter, assistants
Medical Profession - William McIver, M.D., coroner,
attendant at Drapers' and Union Dispensary, and
registrar of births, marriages, and deaths; Dr. Burgess,
dispensary, Coagh, registrar of births, deaths, &c.


Agnew, James, painter
Allen, Mrs., Moneymore
Badger, Samuel, grocer and egg merchant, Gortagilly
Banks, Miss M., dressmaker
Bell, George, shipping agent, grocer, and hardware
merchant and general draper
Nesbitt, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Bell, Robert, farmer, Moneyhaw
Bell, Thomas, farmer, Boherbuoy cottage
Ben, Whan, farmer, Ballylifford
Berryman, James, stoker
Blaney, Thos., grocer and general merchant
Boyce, Allen, scutcher and water bailiff
Boyle, J., teacher, Carndaisy N.S.
Bradley, Samuel, R.D.C., farmer, Larrycormick
Brooks, James, merchant tailor
Brown, Andw., R.D.C., farmer, Ballyeglish
Brown, Joseph, farmer, Ballyeglish
Brown, Joseph, M.R.N.C.C.
Brown, William J., postman and cycle mechanic
Brown, William J., R.D.C., farmer, Moneyhaw
Brown, J., & Sons, Ballygurk Mills
Burns, D., grocer, Cranny
Burns, M., spirit merchant
Byrne, Henry, farmer, Moneymore and Ballindrum
Carleton, John, farmer
Carleton, Matthew, general dealer
Carson, Joseph, farmer, Ballydawley
Carty, Constable, R.I.C.
Casement, John, teacher, Carradarra N.S.
Clarke, J., postman
Conyngham, Major Lenox, Springhill
Conyngham, Miss, Springhill
Corey, J., grocer, Maghadone
Costello, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer
Cousley, J. W., lime works, Gortagilly
Cousley, Robert, farmer and auctioneer, Moymulmurray
Cowan, Jas. H., farmer, Annahavill (county councillor)
Craig, C, teacher, Ballindrum N.S.
Crooks, Mrs., boarding-house, Lawford st.
Crooks, T. J., grocer, Letteran
Devlin, J., commercial hotel
Devlin, James, draper
Devlin, Mrs., spirit merchant
Devlin, Mrs., spiritgrocer, Ballygurk, Loop
Devlin, Mrs. H., grocer, provision, and coal merchant
Devlin, Peter, Drapers' Arms Hotel
Devlin, Patrick, lime merchant
Diamond, James, tailor
Donnelly, Mrs., Bracka house
Duff, John, farmer, Churchhill
Duff, Mrs., Circular road
Dunn, James, grocer, Smith street
Ekin, William, J.P., Rockspring
Ekin, W. & J., farmers, Ballymoyle
Farley, James, farmer, Moneymore
Farley, James, farmer, Tamnadoey
Faulkner, Thomas, watchmaker
Ferguson, William
Fields, Alex., civil bill officer
Fields, Robert, boarding-house
Fleming, Charles, Ballinderry N.S.
Forsythe, J., farmer, Coltrim
Garvin, G. R., farmer, Tamnodoey
Gerrity, Miss, dressmaker
Gilliland, James, blacksmith
Gilliland, J. H., postman
Gilmore, Robert, farmer, Carmain
Graham, Robert, postman
Graham, Henry, horseshoer
Greer, Henry, billposter
Greer, Miss, Ballygoney N.S.
Greer & Sons, painters and decorators
Grey, W. J., Bigbridge, Ballenahone
Guidera, P., spirit merchant
Gunning, John E., Esq., J.P., Manor house
Hanna, Misses, Circular road
Hanna, Thomas, tailor
Harbison, Henry, spirit merchant
Harris, Jane, dressmaker
Harris, John, gardener, Manor house
Harris, David, farmer, Moymulmurray
Harris, E., postmistress
Harris, Robert, M.R.C.V.S.
Harris & Co., newsagents
Harris & Co., grocers, confectioners, stationers, cycle, and
Henderson, W., farmer, Ballydawley
Hill, Miss, Churchill National School
Hoey, J., lodging-house and farmer
Hogg, Alexander, farmer, Maghadone
Hogg, James, farmer, Beechhill
Hogg, James, coal, general merchant, and posting
establishment, Lawford street
Huey, George, postman
Hutchinson, Mrs., dressmaker and draper
Hutchinson, William, miller and carpenter
Johnston, E., grocer, Ballindrum
Johnston, J., postman
Johnston, James, labourer
Jordan, John, labourer
Kerrigan, P., Ballynenagh N.S.
Kingston, Miss Daisy, sewing mistress
Lagan, John, farmer
Lammy, James, general dealer
Latimour, John, lodging-house
Lawrence, John, farmer, Moneyhaw
Lawrence, Robert, farmer, Quilly
Lapping, C. T., pensioner
Lee, William, farmer
Lindsay, R. J., farmer, Gortagilly
Loughry, J., cabinetmaker
Lowry, M. A., Cranny N.S.
Lynn, M., farmer, Ballylifford
Magee, Miss, Circular road
Marshall, Joseph, coachman
Megaw, Miss Neta, head dairymaid
Millar, Samuel, Circular road
Millar, S. J., solicitor
Miller, Miss, Ballyloughan house
Miller, Robert, farmer, Drumeen
Minnis, Mrs., Trainview house
Mitchell, David, carpenter
Mitchell, J., farmer, Quilly
Molloy, Samuel, scutcher
Monaghan, Charles, teacher Loop N.S.
Moore, John, postman
Morris, John, refreshment rooms
Mulholland, A., gardener, sexton, and refreshment rooms
Mulholland, B., grocer
Mulholland, James, butcher
Murphy, John, farmer, Carndaisy
McCauley, Constable, R.I.C.
McCaw, John, carpenter
McElvenna, John, railway porter
McGarvey, George, farmer
McGarvey, J., railway porter
McGuiggan, James, quarryman
McGuiggan, John, labourer
McGuiggan, Joseph, cattle dealer
McIntyre, R., blacksmith
McIver, William, M.D. and coroner
McIver, Wm., carpenter and millwright
McKinney, John, labourer
McLaughlin, Miss, ex-teacher
McNally, Samuel, postman
McOscar, Mrs., Ballinderry N.S.
McQuillan, Edward, labourer
McQuillan, John, labourer
McTague, Mrs., Lawford street
Nerrie, Robert, corn mills, Little Bridge
Parker, Thomas, farmer, Carradarragh
Pattleton, Thomas, C.P.S.
Rankin, John, grocer and fowldealer
Rea, Alex., stationmaster, Midland Railway
Reid, Mrs., draper and outfitter
Reid, Samuel, grocer and farmer
Rutherford, John, department of agriculture instructor
Sandford, Mrs., Circular road
Sargent, E., posting establishment
Scott, Mrs., Bridge street
Scullan, F., spirit merchant and grocer, Loop
Scullan, Mrs. E., grocer and post office, Loop
Shaw, J., R.I.C.
Sloan, William G., grocer, Annahavil
Smith, Miss, music teacher
Smith, Frank E., press correspondent
Smyth, Isaac, The Cottage
Stewart, C, posting establishment
Stewart, Jackson, shoemaker
Stewart, Joseph, merchant tailor
Taylor, John, Smyth street
Taylor, Martha, laundress
Thompson, H., farmer, Ballindrum
Thompson, Mrs., Conyngham street
Toal, Hugh, teacher St. Patrick's N.S.
Turkington, Mrs., Stonard street
Walls, John, labourer
White, John, Desertlyn cottage
White, John, farmer, Drumrot
White, R., Gortagilly N.S.
Wilson, Miss, Lawford street
Woods, Robert, fowldealer


Trains from Belfast, Cookstown, Dublin, Londonderry, &c.
(see railway guide).
Stationmaster, Mr. Rea. In connection with mail trains, a
car conveys the mails and passengers to Coagh twice
daily, at 8-30 a.m. and 5-40 p.m. Goods conveyed by carts
to Coagh. John R. Elliott, contractor


A small village close to Moneymore.
A Co-operative Creamery is now working in the village.

The following is a list of the principal inhabitants: -

Bell, Hugh, grocer
Bell, Mrs. J., hotel
Bell, R. W., farmer, Windmill
Bell, T. W., farmer
Burgess, R., M.D., J.P.
Connolly, Felix, farmer
Cooke, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Darragh, Mrs., spirit merchant, Ballinderry bridge
Devlin, E., spirit merchant, Kinrush
Dickson, James, farmer
Doherty, John, postman
Drummond, P., merchant and insurance agent
Duff Bros., spinners and corn mill
Duff, W., fishery inspector
Duff, Wm., spirit merchant, Drumaney and Newport
Elliott, J. R., J.P., grocer and postmaster
Ewing, Charles, grocer, Bellagherty
Farrell, Robert, rate collector, Arboe
Farrell, James, farmer, Tamnavalley
Ferguson, Thomas, farmer, Silverhill
Flack, Hugh, spirit merchant
Fleming, T. J., Tamlaght N.S.
Gillien, Miss, teacher Arboe N.S.
Graham, Rev. D.
Gray, W., farmer, Ballynargin
Greer, Mr., Coagh N.S.
Hagan, Robert, posting establishment
Hagan, Samuel, mail-car contractor
Hagan, Thomas, posting establishment
Howe, W., ex-constable
Lavery, F., spirit merchant
Marks, W. T., hardware merchant
McGovern, Miss, dairymaid
McIntyre, John, spirit merchant, Ballinderry bridge
McKee, Mrs. A., publican, Ballylifford
McKee, Lancelot, implement agent and farmer
McLaughlin, Mr., manager Coagh Dairy
McMullen, Rev. P., P.P.
McNight, T., jeweller
McVey, Patrick, hardware and spiritgrocer
Neeson, F., schoolmaster
Orr, Robert, farmer, Brookend
O'Neill, Ambrose, grocer, Arboe
Quinn, T., grocer and hardware and spirit merchant
Spiers, J., draper
Stewart, H. R., draper and shipping agent
Young, W. T., draper

NOTE: Names with "Mc" were shown in the files as M'

The Belfast And Ulster Towns Directory For 1910