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October 24, 2013, 11:12 am


42.5 miles from Belfast by rail.
Linen Manufactories.
Market days - Mondays and Thursdays.
Fairs - Every second and last Thursday of each month.
Town population - 1,328


Mrs. McMaster, Postmistress.

Mails arrive at 8-15 and 11-45 a.m., 5-15 and 7-45 p.m.;
and despatched at 9-20  a.m. and 12-45, 2-15, 3-40, and
6-50 p.m. Miss J. Caldwell and Miss A. A.  Montieth,
telegraphists; Miss K. Kelly, learner. Town postmen - P.
Fullen and R.  Hamilton. Rural postmen - J. Paul and W. J.
Stewart, Magherafelt and Ballyronan;  G. Gilmore,
Ballymaguigan to Wood's rectory; J. Farrell, Magherafelt
and  Coolshinney; T. Stewart, Magherafelt to
Aughagaskin; Samuel Purvis, Magherafelt  to Carmean;
George Rankin, Ballyronan to Ballydonnell; William Nevin,
Magherafelt to Ballymulderg. Telegraph messengers -
Thos. Nevin and J. McGuckin

Petty Sessions held every second and last. Wednesday of
the month - Clerk, David  S. Kelly, Castledawson

Courthouse - Mrs. Monteith, keeper Excise Officer -
William Park, Moneymore

Royal Irish Constabulary - C. Cheesman, district inspector;
head constable, Thos.  Casey

Stamp Office, Diamond - Mrs. McMaster, distributor

Marriage Registry Office - Wm. Hastings, registrar, Rose
lodge; deputy registrar,  Richard Gilmore

Coroner - Wm. McIvor, M.D., Moneymore

Commissioners for taking Affidavits - Saml. Porter, J.P.,
Broad street; and  William Adamson, Northern Bank

Midland Railway, Derry Central, and Draperstown
Railways - B. Boyle,  stationmaster; W. J. Boyle, ticket
clerk; R. Stewart, goods clerk; permanent way  inspector,
C. H. Simpson

Gas Company - Miss Richmond, mangeress

Markets - Grain, Monday; general market, Thursday - Jas.
H. Walker, manager; James  Laurence, weighmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev. G. W. Lindsay
Presbyterian Churches - First - Rev. George Gillespie, M.A.
Second - Rev. G. W. D. Rea
Methodist Church - Rev. Samuel Allen and Rev. T. J.
McCord, assistant
Roman Catholic Church - Very Rev. Canon Quinn, P.P.;
Rev. P. J. Moore, curate


Banks - -Belfast Banking Co.'s Branch, John Walker,
manager; Northern Banking
Co.'s Branch, Wm. Adamson, manager

Rainey's Endowed School - J. A. Calvin, B.A., LL.B.,
principal; Wm. Buonynge and  Miss Patton, assistants

Church Street N.S. (Male) - Fras. Richardson, teacher; do.
(female), Miss Barber.
Market Street (male) - John Stewart, teacher; do.
(female), Mrs. John Stewart,
teacher. King Street (male) - Matthew O'Neill, teacher;
do. (female) - Taught by
Nuns of Convent

School Attendance Committee - Rev. George Gillespie,
M.A.; Rev. R. W. Wright,  M.A.; Rev. W. Reed, Rev. P.
O'Kane, P.P.; Rev. T. Maguire, P.P.; Robert Cousley,  John
Keenan, J.P.; Louis Smyth, Thomas Graham, J.P.; and
Charles Convery, J.P.  Secretary, W. H. Maitland, 11
Garden st., Magherafelt. School Attendance  Officer,
Mark A. McKenna, The Hollow, Maghera

Board of Guardians - Chairman, James E. O'Neill, J.P.;
vice-chairman, Louis Smyth;  deputy vice-chairman, J.
Keightley; clerk, W. Hastings; master. R. Gilmore;
relieving officers, Joseph D. Kelly and Peter O'Kane;
nurse, fever hospital,  Arabella Reid; infirmary nurses,
Elizabeth Hawe (charge nurse), Bridget Quinn  (night
nurse), and Charlotte Henderson; male ward attendant,
James Shooters;  porter, Frank McKenna; ward maid.
Mary E. Lennox. The workhouse is lighted with  coal gas

Rural District Council - Chairman, Charles Heron, J.P.;
vice-chairman, W. T.  Hanna; clerk and executive sanitary
officer, Wm. Hastings; sub-sanitary officer,  Joseph D.
Kelly; collectors Messrs. H. C. Mann, John Smyth, and
Matthew Lynam


Masonic Lodge, No. 211 - W. J. Morrow, W.M.; Wilson
Gamble, treasurer; M. B.  Redmond, secretary. Meetings,
second Tuesday in every month

Orange Institution - O'Hara Purple Guards L.O.L., No. 310
- John P. Magill W.M.; W.  J. McCart, D.M.; Samuel Porter,
jun., sec.; Wm. Hutchinson, treasurer. Meetings,  first
Monday in each month

Magherafelt Presbyterian Young People's Guild -
President, Rev. George Gillespie,  M.A.; vice-presidents, J.
Calvin B.A., LL.B., T.C.D.; Mr. John Stewart; John  Boden,
treasurer; John Shields and William Boden, secretaries.
Meets every  alternate Friday during winter months at
7-45 p.m.

English and Scottish Law Life Office - Agent, W. Pollock,
law clerk

Magherafelt Choral Society - Patron, Lady Spencer
Chichester; president, Robert  McGuickin, solicitor;
conductor, Mr. de Pauley, Portrush; secretaries, Robt.
Brown and James Harbinson, jun. Practice every

Magherafelt Elocution Class - Patrons, His Honour Judge
Overend and John Gordon,  K.C., M.P.; president, R.
McGuickin, solicitor; teacher, Professor Sinclair  Neill;
treasurer, Thomas Larkin; secretaries, G. R. Monteith and
J. T.  Gilmarton. Meets every Monday in Town Hall

The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited;
London and Lancashire  Fire and Gresham Life Assurance
Co. - Brice Galway & Sons, agents



Adamson, William, bank manager and commissioner for
taking affidavits
Bradley, James, coachman
Brown, James, solicitor
Campbell, Thos., boot and leather merchant
Cromie, John, shoemaker
Fullan, P., caretaker Town Hall and letter-carrier
Galway, B., & Sons, auctioneers, watchmakers, jewellers,
stationers, and newsagents
Garvin, Dr., physician and surgeon
Glover & McGuickin, solicitors
Harbison, John, solicitor
Hunter, Michael, physician and surgeon
Keatley, John, woollendraper
Lindsay, Rev. G. W., The Rectory
O'Neill, John, publican
Porter, S., J.P., merchant and commissioner for taking
Shiels, John, woollendraper, printer, and emigration
Tipping, G. R., grocer, hardware merchant and
Walshe, John, hotel proprietor and posting establishment
and undertaker


Badger, Samuel, pharmaceutical chemist
Boden, John, woollendraper
Burns, John, saddler
Burnside, Robert K., watchmaker
Charles, A., watchmaker, jeweller, &c.
Crilly, T., merchant tailor
Donaghy, James A., wine and spirit merchant
Donaghy, Joseph I., B.A., solicitor (branch office)
Ferran, Felix, J.P., woollendraper
Greer, Wm., watchmaker, jeweller, &c.
Harbison, Mrs. James
Houston, Wm. K., boot and shoe merchant
Hughes, Miss
Johnston, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant
Kelly, Mrs. John, wine and spirit merchant
Lavery, David, railway guard
McConway, John, carpenter and newsagent
McCullough, George, saddler
McErlane, Joseph, labourer
McGuckin, John, labourer
McLernon, Francis J., merchant
McLernon, Thomas A., solicitor
McMaster, Mrs., postmistress
McNamee, John, egg and butter merchant
Picken, Joseph, saddler, boot and shoe merchant
Smyth, Louis, publican
Smyth, Wm., woollendraper
Stewart, James C, grocer and provision merchant
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Wm. James, solicitor (branch office)
Wilson, David, millinery establishment


Bacchus, Margaret, lodging-house
Blayney, Terence, labourer
Bradley, Patrick, drover
Brown, William, labourer
Cahoon, Alex., labourer
Campbell, Wm., labourer
Clements, Sarah
Devlin, Peter, publican and commercial traveller
Doherty, Will mm, carter
Donnelly, John, fowl dealer
Evans, Thomas, smith
Hagan, Hugh, flesher
Hagan, John, flesher
Hagan, Patrick, fowl dealer
Harbison, Wm., merchant
Henry, Bernard, shoemaker
Henry, Hugh, shoemaker
Hughes, George, law messenger
Houston, Isaac L., The Cottage
Houston, Mrs., dress and mantle maker
Keightley, John, draper (residence)
Mooney, J., dealer
McFalls, Samuel, shoemaker
McGee, Constable
McGlone, Thomas, publican
McNaught, John, labourer
Orr, John, dealer
O'Brien, Miss L., restaurateur
Smith, Miss Bridget, publican
Stewart, Mrs., charwoman
Taylor, W., shoemaker
Teany, Joseph, labourer
Thompson, H., emigration agent and law clerk
Thompson, Hugh, grocer and baker
Toughill, Mrs., butcher
Wilson, John, publican


Auterson, The Misses
Belfast Banking Co.'s branch
Bradley, George, merhcant
Brown, John, clothier and boot merchant
Campbell, James W., pawnbroker
Calvin, J., B.A., LL.B., Rainey Endowed School
Devlin, Charles, cardriver
Devlin, Mrs., hawker
Devlin, Patrick, carter
Diamond, Thomas, baker
Dunn, Robert, mason
Farrell, Joe, labourer
Gamble, Wilson, grocer, publican, and posting
Gribben, Mrs., chemist and druggist
Gribben, J., publican
Hagan, T., publican
Hanna, Robert, shirt manufacturer
Higgins, Lawrence, grocer and hardware merchant
Johnston, John, refreshment rooms
Larkin, Thomas, auctioneer and publican
Laverty, Robert, hairdresser, &c.
Magill, James, blacksmith
Milligan, Joseph, shoemaker
Moran, Mrs., provision merchant
Morgan, John, woollendraper
Munroe, A., tailor, grocer, and toy merchant
McCandless, T., grocer (Temperance Hotel)
McCay, Mary, refreshment rooms
McCleery, Matthew, grocer
McCleery, Matthew, draper
McConway, Michael, clothier
McFarland, John, assistant to county surveyor
McIvor, Alex., tea agent and grocer
McLernon, Hugh, merchant and baker
McLernon, W. J., woollendraper
McMenamin, Joseph, publican and posting establishment
McSwiggan, Thomas, shirtcutter
O'Kane, Mrs. Sarah, publican
O'Neill, Denis J., carpenter
Paul, Mrs., laundress
Peacock, John, shoemaker
Regan, Matthew, publican
Richardson, W., publican
Ritchie. Robert, carpenter and cycle mechanic
Ritchie, Thomas, boottop maker
Semple, John, clothier
Stewart, R., goods clerk Midland Railway
Sweeney, Mrs., lodging-house
Timony, James, fowldealer
Tohill, Henry, sen., flesher
Walker, James H., manager of markets
Walker, John, bank manager
Watson, Robert, tinsmith
Wray, C. A. pharmaceutical chemist


Adams, Henry, labourer
Averall, Robert, smith
Barclay, Miss
Butler, Edward, retired stationmaster
Buonynge, Wm., assistant Rainey Endowed School
Caldwell, Miss, dressmaker
Caldwell, Mrs.
Christie, Robert, printer
Dallas, Thomas, labourer
Diamond, John, cardriver
Dixon, B. R., music teacher, &c.
Evans, J., bricklayer
Hollas, Allen, billposter
Hutchinson, Jonathan, labourer
Hutchinson, T., carowner
Johnston, Jane
Kennedy, Mrs.
Maitland, William H., assistant clerk of Union and Press
Monteith, Mrs.
Moore, Mrs.
McIntyre, John, blacksmith
O'Sullivan, Wm., sheriff's officer
Pollock, law clerk and insurance agent
Quigley, William, carowner
Ritchie, William, photographer


Anderson, Thomas, mason
Boon, Miss, dressmaker
Boon, James, baker
Evans, Matthew, contractor
Galway, Brice
George, John, M.R.C.V.S.
Hastings, William, clerk of union (Rose lodge)
Hegarty, A., M.D., J.P., registrar of births, marriages, and
Hurl, Daniel, carpenter and caretaker, Masonic Hall
Kielt, Joseph, carter
Leacock, Mrs.
Monteith, Mrs., Courthouse keeper
O'Kane, Patrick J., publican
O'Neill, Mary, charwoman
Quinn, J., blacksmith
Steacy, George
Stewart, James C.
Sweeny, Annie, seamstress


Auterson, Miss
Barber, Miss, N.S. teacher and organist
Bell, Walter, grocer, seed, and wine merchant, artificial
manure merchant, and cycle agent
Carey, Mrs., grocer and carrier
Devlin, The Misses, dressmakers
Dickson, Alex., guard Midland Railway
Donnelly, Richard, painter
Galway, B., sen., auctioneer, watchmaker, and jeweller
Garrity, B., restaurateur and confectioner
Greer, Joseph, whitesmith
Greer, Miss, dressmaker
Hegarty, A., M.D., registrar of births and deaths
Henry, Bernard, bootmaker
Henry, P. J., solicitor (branch office)
Hudson, Mrs., caretaker, Dispensary
Hueston, James, assistant registrar births and deaths
Hueston, Mrs.
Hutchinson, William, painter
Johnston, William, labourer
Johnston, William H., provision merchant
Kane, Robert, labourer
Keenan, Patrick, flesher and publican
Keilt, John, grocer
Kilroe, James, J.P., butter and egg merchant
Lilly, Margaret, draper and delph merchant
Logan, J., & Co., merchants
Mallon, S., charwoman
Malone, John, solicitor (branch office)
Mann, H. C, poor-rate collector's office
McAlister, P., railway employee
McCallister, Mrs., lodging-house
McCart, W. J., sexton St. Swithen's Parish Church
McCormick, William, labourer
McKeown, Matilda, charwoman
McMullan, Hugh
McMullan, Miss, dressmaker
McNicholl, R., general dealer
O'Kane, Peter, relieving officer
O'Neill, Matthew, school teacher
O'Neill, Mrs., stationer, &c.
Pherson, J., grocer
Richardson, F., school teacher
Rutherford, Rev. Wm., Methodist minister
Rutledge, John, draper
Timoney, J., ex-head constable R.I.C.
Walsh, Louis, spirit merchant


Brown, R., butter and egg merchant, The Cottage
Burns, The Misses, dressmakers
Crawford, John H.
Cromie, James, breadserver
Daly, Charles, labourer
Devlin, John, shoemaker and insurance agent
Gillespie, Rev. George, Manse
Greer, William, whitesmith
Hamilton, John, labourer
Hagan, John, labourer
Hutchinson, George, general labourer
Johnston, Hugh, shoemaker
Keilt, Michael, marine store and publican
Kelly, James, pensioner
Lennox, Robert, labourer
Leslie, David, grocer
Louden, Patrick, butcher
Martin, John J., horse trainer
Martin, Mary, grocer
Martin, Michael, labourer
Miller, Miss
McCausland, Samuel, sergt. R.I.C.
McGone, J., carter
McGraw, James, breadserver
McGuiggan, J., lodging-house
McKenna, Robert, billposter and fishmonger
McMullan, R. J., law clerk
McPeake, John, labourer
O'Connor, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Quinn, Rev. Canon, P.P., Parochial house
Robinson, J. J., D.I.'s attendant
Sullivan, Timothy, sexton to R.C. Church
Walker, Thomas, labourer
Walls, Mrs., restaurateur
Walls, R., coachman and gardener


Bradley, James
Clarke, Mrs.
Cowan, Joseph, blacksmith
Devlin, Thomas, labourer
Diamond, John, dealer
Doherty, Philip, grocer
Donaghy, James, spirit grocer
Farrell, J., postman
Hamilton, Robert, labourer
Henry, Felix, labourer
Hill, J., enginedriver
McCullough, George, saddler
McFall, Ann, hawker
McGuckin, John, labourer
McGuckin, Thomas, fowl and egg merchant
McGuire, Miss, nurse
McKee, Rose
McKee, Michael, fowl dealer
McKenna, Joseph, fowl dealer
O'Neill, Con, publican and coachbuilder
O'Neill, John, carter
Purvis, Henry, labourer
Purvis, J., labourer
Smyth, Louis, publican
Stewart, John, labourer
Walls, Joseph, shoemaker
Walshe, John, grocer and publican
Walsh, M.
Watterson, John, shoemaker


Boyle, B., stationmaster
Brewster, Miss, dressmaker
Mason, J., constable R.I.C.
Stimpson, C. H., permanent-way inspector
Midland Railway


Cassidi, Miss, Glenbrook
Cochrane, J., railway porter
McGuckin, R., Millbrook


Atkinson, Hugh, Coolshinney
Black, W., Ballymoghan
Black, M., Cormean
Burnett, Alex., Ballynagarve
Campbell, W. J., Ballymoghan
Clarke, John, Ballycomlargy
Davison, William, Lisalbanagh
Derby, W. J., J.P., Aughrim
Ferguson, James, Ballynagarve
Fleming, Alex., Roshure
Johnston, Mrs. Adam, Drumrainey
Kielt, P., Dunamoney
Lawrance, Alex. & James, Lisalbanagh
Miller, Benjamin, Megargy
Patterson, Hugh, Lake View
Patterson, William, Rowney Grange
Porter, William, Ballynogher
Smyth, A., Bellevue
Stewart, J., Dunamoney
Stewart, Mrs., Farmhill
York, Mrs., Killyneece



Miss Mary Taylor, Postmistress; Miss Morrison, assistant;
Robert, Hamilton, postman
R.I.C. Barracks - Sergt. Weldon in charge, and four
Blair, R., labourer
Clements, John, carpenter
Convile, E., labourer
Costello, John, farmer
Crossel, J., carpenter
Devlin, B., farmer
Dudley, Rev. James, rector Wood's Church
Ewing, Thomas, labourer
Ferguson, John, farmer
Gaussen, A. D. A., Esq., J.P., coal merchant and proprietor
of Indian meal mills
Hamilton, W. J., publican and Scutch mills
Harvey, W., miller
Hinphy, J., blacksmith
Howard, R., yardman
Keatly, James, N.S. teacher
Keightly, J., farmer
Keightly, Thomas, farmer
Kelly, Thomas, labourer
Lindsay, J., farmer
Lytle, J., coachman
Marks, A., Tryadd cottage
Moore, James, gardener
Moore, Hugh, labourer
Morrow, W. J., The Hermitage
McGuckin, H., Esq., J.P.
O'Hagan, H., publican and posting establishment
Orr, Hugh, farmer, Ballyneill
Orr, T., spiritgrocer
Patterson, Hugh, farmer
Port, M., tailoress
Purvis, W., publican
Quinn, F., gunsmith
Quinn, John, farmer
Rankin, George, postman
Rankin, grocer
Rice, J., farmer
Rice, W., farmer
Rodgers, Alex., enginedriver
Rodgers, George, farmer
Scott, John, farmer, Ballyneill
Scott, R., farmer
Scott, Samuel, farmer
Taylor, M., grocer and postmistress
Wylie, R., tailor

NOTE: Names with "Mc" were shown in the files as M'

The Belfast And Ulster Towns Directory For 1910