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October 24, 2013, 11:48 am


40 miles from Belfast by road; about 50 by rail.
Market day - Wednesday.
Fair day - Second Wednesday of each month.
Population - 787


Mrs. Long, Postmistress
A mail car leaves Kilrea for Cullybackey at 7-40 a.m.,
returning from  Cullybackey at 4-45 p.m., reaching Kilrea
at 7-5 p.m. A mail car arrives every  morning from
Cullybackey at 9-25 a.m., and leaves at 2-55 p.m. Other
mails reach  by train at 9 a.m., 12-7 and 6 p.m. (English),
and 6-15 p.m. (Demand Coleraine).  Despatches by train
at 8-30 a.m., 11-40 a.m. (English and foreign only), 3-10
and 5-35 p.m.

Church of Ireland - Rev. A. E. Sixsmith, B.D., rector.
Hervey Hill - Rev. Mr. McQuade, B.A., rector.
Killylagh (Swateragh) - Rev. G. Sweetman, rector
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jas. Stewart, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Farley, B.A.
Boveedy Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Hill, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Revs. James McGuigan and P.
McGowan, C.C.


Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - R. A.
Dispensary - James Lennox, M.D., M.Ch., L.R.U.I., J.P.
Estate Surveyor - W. J. Given, C.E.
National Schools - Male, Archibald Kane, teacher; Thomas
H. Turbitt, assistant. Female, Mrs. Tomb, teacher; Miss
Stirling, assistant. Boveedy - T. Simpson. Movanagher - R.
J. McFadden, teacher. Reastown - J. Kilpatrick.
Drumgarner - James Henry
Northern Banking Co., Limited - Joseph Anderson,
manager; J. Houston, cashier
Petty Sessions Office, Courthouse - J. Hay, Coleraine, clerk
Magistrates - Captain A. M. Armstrong, Culmore house;
chairman; Charles Rogers, Lisnagrot; Dr. Lennox and Fred.
Wilson, J.P.; Dr. S. J. Bolton J.P.; Capt. Welsh, R.M.; S.
Hezlett, J.P.; F. McKeefry, H. Gribbon, J., Bamford, W. W.
Woods, J. Knipe
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - James Hay, Joseph
Bamford, and Alexander Archibald
Loan Fund - Treasurer, Rev. F. McGuigan; trustee, Rev.
James Stewart; clerk, Mr.
George Kidd; assistant clerk, Mr. W. H. H. McCleery
Hotel Keepers - Mercers' Hotel, James McLaughlin;
Commercial, Mrs. Irwin
Clerk of Markets - Jas. Gracey
Constabulary - Sergeant Nevin and four constables
Rate Collector - R. A. Sinclair
Doctors - James Lennox, M.D., and S. J. Bolton, L.R.C.S.
Veterinary Surgeon - John Paul
Solicitors - J. H. Tomb and Robert Liddle


Adams, T., grocer
Archibald, A., draper and funeral undertaker
Archibald, Mrs., draper
Armstrong, Captain A. M., D.L., Culmore house
Armstrong, John, grocer
Atkinson, Mrs. T., groceries and hardware
Atkinson, Mrs. William, refreshment rooms, "The
Bamford, J., & Co., dressmakers, drapers, milliners,
undertakers, and auctioneers, Royal arcade
Bloomfield, J., saddler
Bolton, W. J.
Bradley, Benjamin, watchmaker, &c.
Bradley, Mrs. E., grocer
Calvin, Solomon, coachbuilder
Campbell, James, butcher
Campbell, James, carpenter
Campbell, John, grocer
Campbell, John, carpenter
Clark, Miss, The Villas
Connell Bros., butchers
Craig, W., grain merchant and miller
Cromie, W. S., draper, milliner, funeral undertaker, and
insurance agent
Darragh, The Misses, grocers
Devlin, J. & P., carpenters
Diamond, E., publican
Diamond, J., mason
Doherty. J., tinsmith
Fitzpatrick, Thomas
Gardiner, R., draper
Gracey, James, fishing licence distributor & clerk of
markets, Bridge street
Graham, Mrs., publican
Graham, Mrs. George, grocer and newsagent
Graham, Mrs. Smyth
Gwynn, A., shoemaker
Hamilton, Hugh, grocer and hardware merchant
Henderson, H., grocer, baker, and hardware merchant
Henry, John, cooper
Henry, P., shoemaker
Holmes, Robert
Holmes, W., posting establishment
Hunter, James, M.P.S.I., medical hall
Hutchinson, T., R.D.C.
Irwin, Mrs. J. H., publican and hotel keeper
Johnson, Mrs., jun., millinery warehouse
Johnston, T., blacksmith and timber merchant
Kane, Miss F. J., "Diamond," dressmaker
Kane, Hugh, publican
Kane, Patrick, flesher
Kelso, Stephen, saddler
Kennedy, J., publican and flax merchant
Kennedy, T., R.D.C.
Kerr, Joseph
Kerr, Mrs. T., dressmaker
Kerr, Miss, dressmaker
Kerr, Sloan, shoemaker
Kerr, T., refreshment rooms and posting establishment
Kerr, Samuel, hairdresser
Kidd, George
Kidd, Miss, teacher Lislea N.S.
Kilpatrick, S., saddler
Knipe, J.
Knipe, Miss
Knox, A., blacksmith
Lennox, Henry, grocer
Lennox, R., R.D.C.
Liddle, R., solicitor
Long, R. A., stationer and emigration agent
Long, Mrs. E. C, organist and music teacher
Michael, James, grocer
Millen, Miss, grocer
Mitchell, James, tailor
Montgomery, W., carpenter
Mooney, Miss, dressmaker and milliner
Moore, William, cycle manufacturer
Moran, P.
Mulholland, Mrs., grocer
Mullan, John, publican
McAlister, A., tailor
McAllen, J., shoemaker
McAtamney, Mrs., temperance hotel
McCahon, J., grocer
McCahon, John, draper and merchant tailor
McCahon, Miss, milliner
McCahon, W., grocer
McCartney, John, publican
McCleery, W. H. H., R.D.C.
McCurdy, Mrs., grocer
McFadden, J., shoemaker
McFadden, R., town postman and hydraulic engineer
McFadden, W., postman
McGonigle, Isaac & James, grain merchants
McGrath, John, boot and shoe merchant
McIlwrath, William, The Schools, Lislea
McKeefry, Francis, grocer
McKeefry, Mrs. Margaret, publican
McKeown, P., car proprietor and refreshment rooms
McKeown, R. T., merchant tailor
McKinley, William, grocer
McLoughlin, Mrs., grocer
McReynolds, F., tailor
McRory, T., publican
McShane, A., flesher
McShane, John, flesher
O'Fee, S., cooper and grocer
O'Kane, William, carpenter
Patterson, Joseph, shoemaker
Peden, Miss, dressmaker
Peden, R., flax and saw mills
Rainey, James, grocer
Rea, George, watchmaker
Rogers, Mrs., cafe
Scullen, John, publican
Scullion, William, blacksmith
Shiells, William, publican
Sloan, William, pig butcher
Smith, W. J., county councillor, Moyagney
Smyth, John, grocer and seed merchant
Stewart, M., dealer in clothes
Titherington, W., civil bill officer and cycle agent
Thompson, Samuel, stationmaster
Tiley, Samuel, watchmaker
Torrens, Samuel, Lower Tamlaght
Wilson, F., Lake view
Wilson, John
Wilson, S., grocer
Woodend, David, blacksmith
Woods, W. W., drapery, millinery, and dressmaking


One and a half miles from Kilrea.

POST OFFICE and Inn - James McLaughlin

Doherty, J. J., N.S. teacher
McHenry, S., View park
McLaughlin, James, jun., auctioneer
Neeley, Daniel, Keersland house
Smyrell, James

NOTE: Names with "Mc" were shown in the files as M'

The Belfast And Ulster Towns Directory For 1910