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October 24, 2013, 11:33 am


50 miles from Belfast.
There are numerous factories which give employment to
a large number of inhabitants.
Market day - Wednesday.
Population - 500.


Miss Philips, postmistress; telegraphists, Miss Gallagher
and Miss Graham;  telegraph messenger, John
McGuigan; postman, J. Mullan; rural postmen, C.
Campbell, for Sixtowns; Jos. J. Conway, for Moneyneeny;
Saml. Taylor, for  Carnamoney; John McGuigan, for
Bracknaslay; Daniel McNeill, for Corick.
There  are three deliveries each day, the first at 9 a.m.,
the next at 2 p.m., and the  third at 6 p.m.

Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. Donnelly, M.D.

Draperstown Co-operative Dairy Society, Charles A.
McVeagh, manager; Miss  McNamee, dairymaid; Andrew
Bradley, fireman

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - Mr. J. McClean,
clerk of petty sessions

Assistant County Surveyor - Mr. McAnulty


Parish Church - Rev. Williamson, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. C. C. Dickie, pastor loci
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Grant, P.P.; Rev. James
Kearney, C.C.; and Rev.
McMahon, C.C.


Intermediate School - Peter McNamee, teacher
Draperstown National School - Male, Daniel McGuigan;
Female - Miss Bradley
Carnamoney Female National School - Miss Kelly
Brackadysart National School - P. Rowan
Church School - Mr. Christie
Blackhill National School (Mixed) - Mr. and Mrs.
Straw National School (Mixed) - J. F. Kelly
Moneyneena National School (Mixed) - D. O'Kane;
assistant Mrs. Crilly
Drumard National School - Teacher, Miss Lagan


Brigade-Surgeon Waters, C.B., J.P.; James Sinclair, J.P.;
Henry O'Neill, J.P.;  J. F. McGeagh, J.P.; C. Heron, J.P.;
Peter Carleton, J.P.; Philip Bradley, J.P.;  Patrick Cassidy,
J.P.; Captain Welch, R.M. Petty Sessions are held on the
third Tuesday in each month, commencing at 12  o'clock
noon. John McClean, clerk; John Spillaine, summons
R.I.C. - Sergeant James Mason; Constables, J. J. McElrath,
Peter Ward


Barclay, Mrs., draper
Barclay, Sarah M., grocer
Bell, William, enginedriver
Boyle, John, blacksmith
Boyle, Miss Lily, The Draper's Arms Hotel
Bradley, Daniel, cattle dealer, Brackadysart
Bradley, James, labourer
Bradley, Maggie, grocer
Bradley, Miss Susan, draper
Bradley, Mrs., grocer and refreshments
Bradley, Patrick, tinsmith
Carleton, Peter, J.P., woollen draper, shirt factor, and
Clinton, Mrs., grocer, refreshments, and lodging
Colgan, Harry, milesman
Connor, James, farmer, Gortnaskea
Connor, James, scutcher, Gortnaskea
Connor, Michael, grocer and farmer
Connor, Bryan, farmer, Gortnaskea
Connor, Thomas, labourer
Convery, Daniel, carpenter
Convery, Edward, flesher and farmer
Convery, Francis, publican
Conway, Andrew, clothier
Conway, Bernard, grocer and druggist
Conway, John, veterinary surgeon
Conway, Mrs., draper, grocer, and refreshments, Cahore
Corr, Henry, churchwarden
Crilly, Peter, tinsmith
Diamond, J., labourer
Dickie, Mrs., Mountvievv
Dickie, Rev., C.C., Mountview
Donnelly, Bernard, farmer and millowner
Donnelly, Dr., registrar for births, marriages and deaths
Donnelly, Edward, farmer and slater
Donnelly, James A.
Donnelly, Miss M., letterpress correspondent
Donnelly, Mrs. R., woollen draper, boot and shoe
Donnelly, Philip, farmer and millowner
Donnelly, Mrs. M.
Doyle, Patrick, Derrygunard, Co. Tyrone
Duffy, Miss, shirt agent
Ferguson, Robert, grocer and publican
Fields, Miss, seamstress
Gillan, J., grocer
Gormley, Mrs. Bernard, grocer
Gormley, J., & Co., hardware, grocer, bakery, and pork
Graham, David, farmer
Graham, John, farmer
Graham. Thomas, farmer
Gribbens, registered druggist
Griffin, John, labourer
Hagan, John, farmer and contractor
Hagan, Michael, railway porter
Hanna, Robert, farmer and millowner
Hegarty, James, labourer
Henry, Daniel, farmer, Gortnaskea
Henry, Francis, farmer, Gortnaskea
Henry, John, farmer, Gortnaskea
Henry, Joseph, fowl dealer
Henry, Miss M., woollen draper, boot and shoe
Henry, Miss Mary, Glengamna house
Henry, Patrick, fowl dealer
Henry, Patrick, solicitor
Henry, Patrick, farmer, Gortnaskea
Henderson, George, woollen draper
Henderson, Robert, farmer
Henderson, William, farmer and grocer
Henderson, William, farmer, The Lodge
Heron, Patrick, grocer and farmer, Glengamna
Higgins, Patrick, ex-milesman
Hutchinson, Job, cycle agent
Hutchinson, John, farmer and auctioneer, D.D.I.
Hutchinson, William, grocer and farmer
Johnston, Edward J., coachbuilder
Johnston, John, farmer
Johnston, Robt., carpenter and coach factory
Kearney, Tom, farmer, Gortnaskea
Kelly, Alice, grocer
Kelly, Bernard, bootmaker
Kelly, Bridget, grocer
Kelly, Francis, farmer, Crieve and Gortnaskea
Kelly, James, boot and shoe maker, The Cottage
Kelly, James, publican and grocer, Straw
Kelly, John, grocer
Kelly, Joseph D., Mills, Straw R.S.O.
Kelly, J., blacksmith
Kelly, Michael, publican and grocer
Kelly, Michael, farmer, Gortnaskea
Kelly, Mrs. Neal, farmer, Labby
Kelly, Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Kelly, Patrick, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
Kelly, Peter, boot and shoe maker
Kennedy, Alexander, farmer
Lafferty, John, grocer and farmer, Cahore
Lagan, John, saddler
Lagan, Kate, clothier
Leacock, H. J., grocer
Leacock, William, grocer and hardware merchant
Leadon & Co., blacksmiths
MacGeagh, James Foster, grocer
MacGeagh, Robert F., farmer and millowner
Magee, John, woollen draper, auctioneer, & valuator
Mallon, Arthur, cattle dealer and flax buyer, Gortnaskea
Mallon, Patrick, farmer
Mallon, Peter, farmer and sheep exporter, Gortnaskea
Mawhinney, Miss Rosetta
Molloy, Joseph, farmer, Drumard
Molloy, Peter, labourer
Molloy, Peter, Cartelon's terrace
Morris, Miss Lizzie, shirt agent and grocer
Mullan, Susan, woollen draper
Mullan, Thomas, saddler
Murphy, Mrs., refreshments
Murray, Daniel, tailor
Murray, John, R.D.C.
Murray, Michael, grocer
Murray, Patrick, grocer and farmer, Glengamna
Murray, William, nailor, Cahore
McAlleer, Michael, publican
McAllister, Henry, baker
McAllister, John, Moyola view, Dysart
McAllister, Teague, farmer, Glengamna
McBride, James, farmer and gunsmith
McCallion, John, carowner
McCallister, Joseph, labourer, Drumard
McCallister, Daniel, labourer
McCallister, David, & Co., boot and shoe makers
McCalister, John, baker
McCann, J., farmer
McCausland, James, stationmaster
McClean, John, petty sessions clerk
McCloskey, B., farmer
McCloskey, Michael, medical student, Gortnaskea
McCloskey, Patrick, farmer, Gortnaskea
McCormick, Annie, farmer, Glengamna
McCormick, Francis, farmer, Glengamna
McCormick, Paul, farmer, Glengamna
M.Cullahg, Francis
McCullough, Edward, Corrick
McCullough, Mrs., Mountview
McGeagh, James Foster, J.P., grocer
McGlade, Felix, carter
McGlade, Henry, farmer, Strawmore
McGlade, John, farmer, Strawmore
McGlade, John N., farmer, Tonagh
McGlade, Joseph Francis, farmer
McGlade, Joseph, grocer, Strawmore
McGlade, Patrick F., farmer, Strawmore
McGuigan, Bernard, hairdresser
McGuigan, Daniel, labourer
McGuigan, Frank, bootmaker
McGuigan, John, postman, Cartelon's terrace
McKeiver, Michael, Corrick
McKenna, Daniel, farmer, Gortnaskea
McKenna, Mark, publican
McKenna, Michael, Doon
McKenna, Michael, farmer, Gortnaskea and Duntybryan
McKenna, Michael, labourer, Drumard
McNally, John, farmer, Bancran
McNamee, James, saddler
McNamee, John, publican and grocer
McNamee, John James, farmer, Glengamna
McNamee, Michael, flesher
McNamee, Miles, publican
McNamee, Peter, classical teacher
McNamee, The Misses, woollen drapers and
McNichol, Joseph, solicitor's clerk, Cartelon's terrace
McQuade, Michael, grocer and sculptor
McShane, Bernard, labourer
McWilliams, John, labourer
McWilliams, Patrick, labourer
Nesbitt, J., Derrymoyd park
O'Kane, James, butter and egg merchant
O'Kane, James, labourer
O'Kane, John, tailor
O'Kane, Michael, farmer, Strawmore
O'Kane, Mrs., publican, Monyneeny
O'Kane, Patrick, P.L.G., publican, farmer and road
O'Neill, Bernard, publican & grocer, Strach
O'Neill, Felix, Straw
O'Neill, Frank, farmer
O'Neill, Henry, J.P., pork merchant and farmer
O'Neill, Henry J., solicitor
O'Neill, The Misses, Cartelon's terrace
Patterson, Miss, Mountview
Quinn, Patrick, secretary Football Association
Quinn, Thomas, publican, grocer, ship agent
Reid, James, farmer, Bancran
Reid, Joseph, farmer, Derrynoid
Reid, Patrick, farmer, Bancran
Robinson, William, carpenter
Rodger, Bernard, C.C., publican, farmer and grocer
Rodgers, R., Ballybriest
Sergeant, Henry, tailor
Sergeant, H., farmer
Sinclair, James, J.P., farmer and millowner, Caranreagh
Sinclair, Josias, farmer, Caranreagh
Smith, James, farmer, Cockhill house, Caranreagh
Smith, John, farmer, Dysart
Sweeney, Jos., publican
Taylor, Robert, farmer, Gortnaskea
Taylor, Samuel, postman, Cartelon's terrace
Timoney, Frank, carowner and posting establishment
Toner, B., flax mill, Brackadysart
Toner, Bernard, boot and shoe maker
Toner, Michael, publican and grocer
Torner, Daniel, grocer and labourer
Trainor, James, fowl dealer
Trollan, Henry, farmer, Cahore
Waters, Colonel, J.P., Brigade-surgeon
Watson, Miss, Mountview
Watt, Miss Sadie, housemaid, Mountview
Wilson, Mrs. A., publican and grocer


Barnett, G., farmer
Bradley, John, R.D.C., farmer
Brown, John, publican and farmer, Glengamna
Christie, W., national teacher
Clerkin, B., R.D.C., farmer
Convery, Miss, postmistress and grocer, Church hill
Conway, F., grocer, Glengamna
Deane, M. C., gamekeeper and farmer, Sixtowns lodge
Farley, Jos., grocer
Heron, Patrick, grocer, Glengamna
Heron, C, J.P., R.D.C., C.C., secretary U.I.L., Glengamna
Kelly, Bridget, grocer, Strawmore
Kelly, Mrs. Patrick, Bancran G. School
Kelly, Patrick, carpenter, Crieve
Kelly, Patrick, publican and grocer, agent for wool, sheep
dip, manures, Crieve
Murray, Patrick, grocer, Glengamna
McBride, Joseph Peter, & Co., grocers and book agents
McBride, J. P., Bancran Boys' School
McCloskey, James, Gaelic teacher
McCullagh, J., grocer, Bancran N.S.
McCullagh, C, farmer, Glengamna
McCullagh, publican and farmer, Crieve
McKenna, C, National teacher
McKenna, Martha, National teacher
McNamee, M., scutch mill and farmer
O'Neill, Felix, Owereagh house
O'Toole, ex-sergeant R.I.C., Glengamna
Phillips, Thomas, manager Sixtowns Supply Stores

NOTE: Names with "Mc" were shown in the files as M'

The Belfast And Ulster Towns Directory For 1910