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October 24, 2013, 11:17 am


45 miles from Belfast.
Has a Railway Station on Draperstown Railway, and a
Population of 101


Mrs. Fleming, postmistress; John Fleming, assistant; John
J. McIvor, Thomas J.  Bell, rural letter carriers.
Letters arrive and are despatched twice daily; also Telegraph
Office. Nearest Money Order Office, Magherafelt, two

John Bell, Stationmaster


Desertmartin Parish Church - Rev. G. Moriarty, rector
Lecumpher Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. McCammon, minister
Desertmartin Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Bernard
O'Loughlin, P.P.; Rev. Chas. Kerlin, C.C.


Desertmartin N.S. - Charles Glenn, teacher; Mrs. Glenn,
Knockagin N.S. - Denis Heany, teacher; Miss Shiels,


Desertmartin L.O.L. No. 376 - James Henderson, W.M.
Cranny L.O.L. No. 1015 - James Leacock, W.M.
Desertmartin Co-operative Creamery Society - S.
Robinson, treasurer; Wm. Oliphant, manager
Desertmartin Co-operative Poultry Society, Ltd. - S.
Robinson, president; David Wallace, manager
Desertmartin Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society
- J. Rodgers, president; J. McIvor, secretary; W. J. Hanna,
treasurer; W. Palmer, librarian


Barefoot, Mrs.
Barkley, David, farmer
Barkley, Robert, farmer
Bell, John, Stationmaster
Bradley, Hugh, farmer
Bradley, John, farmer
Bradley, John, poultry and greengrocer
Bradley, Joseph, farmer
Cadoo, James
Cahoon, Robert, labourer
Chambers, Sarah, farmer
Collins, Thomas, farmer
Conlin, Patrick, labourer
Daley, Francis, farmer
Daley, Miss, grocer
Easdale, Olivia
Esdale, Mrs.
Falls, John, caretaker
Fleming, John, grocer and newsagent
Fleming, Robert, farmer and posting establishment
Glenn, Mrs.
Gormley, P., publican
Gribbon, Michael
Henderson, James, farmer
Henderson, William G., farmer
Henry, Thomas, scutcher
Hessin, Stewart, farmer
Higgins, Mary
Higgins, Miss, grocer
Howard, William, farmer
Hutchinson, John, East View house
Johnston, James
Johnston, Sarah
Kane, Mrs., farmer
Kane, William, kilnman
Kennedy, Miss, seamstress
Kerr, John, smith and cycle repairer
Lamb, Mrs.
Leacock, John, sexton Parish Church
Leeper, J. R., J.P., Hollymount
Logan, Mrs., seamstress
Martin, John, pedlar and rate noticer
Maynes, Edward, bootmaker
Mitchell, Robert, publican
Moran, Thomas, farmer
Murray, Robert, nail merchant
McAtamney, Mary, spirit grocer
McCann, John
McCready, Thomas, grocer
McCrystal, Bella
McGeeghan, Henry, farmer
McGeeghan, James, scutcher
McGeeghan, John, mason
McGeeghan, William, farmer
McGuckin, Archibald
McGuckin, Wesley, farmer
McGuigan, James, scutcher
McKay, William, labourer
McKenna, Bernard, millman
McKenna, P., egg dealer
McKeown, Charles, merchant
McKeown, Joseph, farmer
McKeown, William, labourer
Otterson, Francis, tailor and cloth agent
Palmer, Henry, farmer
Palmer, J., farmer
Palmer, J., carpenter
Palmer, James, farmer
Palmer, Job, joiner
Redmond, Mitchell, manager for Hollymount
Richinson, Mrs,, greengrocer
Scullion, Samuel, gardener
Schules, James, farmer
Stuart, James, scutcher
Stuart, Thomas, scutcher
Wallace, David, grocer and posting establishment;
manager Desertmartin Poultry
Wallace, William, farmer
Watterson, Annie
Wilson, Matthew
Wolfe, Mrs.
Wolfe & Co., grocers

NOTE: Names with "Mc" were shown in the files as M'

The Belfast And Ulster Towns Directory For 1910