Census Substitutes: List of Landowners in 1870's - Names & Addresses Only- P-S

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Contributed by C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name			     	Owner Residence-1873-75

Palmer, William				Knockloughrim		Castledawson
Patchell, James 			Ardlough		Waterside
Patchell, John M.D.			Magherascullion		Moneymore
Patchell, Wm. [Reps. Of]		Ballyspallin		Ballykelly
Patterson, Alexander			Carnamoney		Draperstown
Patterson, Wm. Rowney			Grange			Magherfelt
Pattin, Mary				Crindle			Newtownlimavady
Pattin, Miss, [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Pattison, William			Bovevagh		Dungiven
Patton, Abraham				Crindle			Newtownlimavady
Patton, Joseph				xxxx			Shantallon
Patton, Richard				xxxx			Shantallon
Patton, Robert				xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Patton, William				xxxx			London
Paul,, John				Curragh			Maghera
Paul, Rev. J. T.			xxxx			xxxx
Pellos, Hugh				xxxx			Portstewart
Perry, Joseph				Maine			Newtownlimavady
Phillips, Thomas			Cavanreagh		Draperstown
Pickering, Wm. John			Ballymaguigan		Castledawson
Pickernan, William			Ballynacross		Maghera
Piden, Hugh				Mayoghill		Garvagh
Piden, James				Mayoghill		Garvagh
Piden, Robert				Mayoghill		Garvagh
Pollock, James				Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Pollock, Jospeh & Brothers		Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Pollock, Rachel				Templemoyle		Newtownlimavady
Pollock, Samuel				Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Port, David [Reps. Of]			xxxx			xxxx
Porter, William D.			xxxx			Londonderry
Purcell, Robert junior			Ballyderg		Newtownlimavady
Purcell, Robert sen.			Ballyderg		Newtownlimavady

Quigley, James				Derrynaflaw		Dungiven
Quigley, John				Drum			Dungiven
Quigley, Joseph				Bovevagh		Dungiven
Quinn, John				xxxx			Camsie
Quinn, Neal				Knocknakeilt		Maghera

Railway Company				xxxx			Belfast
Railway Company Belfast &
Northern Counties			xxxx			Belfast
Railway, Irish North-western		xxxx			Dundalk
Railway Company, Londonderry
& Lough Swilly				xxxx			Londonderry
Ramsay, George				Clagan House		Cookstrown
Ramsay, John				Derryork		Dundalk
Ramsay, Samuel				Ballyneese		Portglenone
Ranken. William				New Park		Garvagh
Rankin, Miss				xxxx			Garvagh
Rankin, Robert				Ballynaherry		Newtownlimavady
Rankin, Robt. P & William		Lisboy			Garvagh
Rankin, Thomas				xxxx			Garvagh
Rankin, Thomas 				Lisboy			Garvagh
Rankin, Thomas R. [Reps. of]		Lisboy			Garvagh
Rankin, William				Moneycarrie		Garvagh
Rea, Adam				Glenconway		Dungiven
Reid, Alexander				Mayoghill		Garvagh
Reid, Sir Edward			xxxx			Londonderry
Reid, Forrest				xxxx			Londonderry
Reid, William				xxxx			Portrush
Reynolds, Archibald			Ballymully		Moneymore
Reynolds, Rev. Wm.			Carrick			Newtownlimavady
Rice, Rebecca				xxxx			Portrush
Richardson, Thos. R. [Reps. Of]		Somerset		Coleraine
Richmond, James				Moneydigg		Garvagh
Ritchie, Robert				Bovevagh		Dungiven
Robb, William				Castleview-ter.		Coleraine
Robinson, Elizabeth			Caw			Waterside
Robinson,  John				Derryork		Dungiven
Robinson, Merwin			Owenreagh		Draperstown
Robinson, Robert			Cockendollogh		Garvagh
Robson, Rev. James			xxxx			Tobermore
Rodgers, Alexander			xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Rogers, Rose Ann			Ballynacross		Maghera
Ross, John				Gortnarney		Newtownlimavady
Ross, Mary Anne				Aghansillagh		Newtownlimavady
Ross, Michael				Gortnarney		Newtownlimavady
Ross, The Misses			xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Ross, Robert				Gortnarney		Newtownlimavady
Ross, Thomas				Ballyown		Waterside
Ross, William				Gortnarney		Newtownlimavady
Ross, William S.			xxxx			Newtownlimavady

Salters Company				xxxx			London
Scott, Henry [Reps. of]			xxxx			Londonderry
Scott, James				Tartnakilly		Newtownlimavady
Scott, Miss				Burnally		Newtownlimavady
Scott, Thomas [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Willsboro
Seawright, Andrew			Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Seawright, James			Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Seawright, John				Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Semple, John				Strath Ho.		Dungiven
Semple, John				Clooney-terrace		Waterside
Semple, John				Altnagelvin		Waterside
Shane, James				xxxx			Killygullib
Shannon, James				Derrybeg		Newtownlimavady
Shannon, John				Derrybeg		Newtownlimavady
Sharpe, Robert				Kingsgate-street	Coleraine
Sheil, Augustus				Bear Forest, 		Mallow, Cork
Sheilds, Francis			xxxx			Ballyshannon
Sheilds, Samuel				Terrydrum		Newtownlimavady
Sheils, John				Fallogloon		Maghera
Sheils, William				Drumballyhagan		Tobermore
Sherrard, Henry				Ballymacran		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, John				Ballymacran		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Mary Anne			Drumreighland		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Michael			Ballymacran		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Paul				Drumreighland		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Robert			Drumreighland		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Samuel senior			Ballyderg		Newtownlimavady
Sherrard, Samuel junior			Ballymacran		Newtownlimavady
Shouldham, Alexander			xxxx			Londonderry
Simpson, Daniel				Moys			Newtownlimavady
Simpson, Hugh & Daniel			Moys			Newtownlimavady
Simpson, John				Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Simpson, Wiiliam			Tonduff	Killaloo
Sinclair, John				Cavanreagh		Draperstown
Sinclair, John				Owenreagh		Draperstown
Skinners' Company			xxxx			London
Skipton, George				Beech Hill 		Derry
Skipton. Kennedy			Beech Hill 		xxxx
Skipton, V. [Reps. of]			xxxx			xxxx
Sloan, Thomas William			Carrydarragh		Moneymore
Smith, Miss Catherine			Graystone Hall		Newtownlimavady
Smith, David				Heathfield		arvagh
Smith, Rev. Mitchell			Ballintemple		Garvagh
Smith, Samuel Edwards			Bovevagh		Dungiven
Smith, Thomas				Cahery			Newtownlimavady
Smyth, Anne				Ennisrush		Portglenone
Smyth, Daniel				Ballynaherry		Newtownlimavady
Smyth, Hamill				xxxx			Derry
Smyth, Rev. James [Reps. Of]		Ennisrush		Portglenone
Smyth, James				Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Smyth, Jane				Magherascullion		Moneymore
Smyth, John				Moneystaughan		Portglenone
Smyth, John				Creagh			Castledawson
Smyth, John				Upper Culmore		Newtownlimavady
Smyth, John				Moys			Newtownlimavady
Smyth, Margaret				xxxx			Lisdillon
Smyth, Robert [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Curnber [Cumber]
Smyth, William				Moneystaughan		Portglenone
Smyth, William				Moys			Newtownlimavady
Smyth, William D.			xxxx			Londonderry
Society, Hon. Irish			xxxx			London
Speers, David				Caw			Waterside
Spencer, Lee				Drumrainey		Magherafelt
Stafford, Francis			Drumanee		Bellaghy
Stafford, Jane				Drumanee		Bellaghy
Staples, Sir Nathaneil
Alexander, Bart.			Lissan			Cookstrown
Staples, Robert				Dromore	Durrow, 	Queen's county
Steele, Hudson				Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Steele, James				Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Steele, John				Keady			Newtownlimavady
Steele, John				xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Steele, John				xxxx			Magherafelt
Steele, Wiiliam				Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Steele, William				Corneroy		Bailieborough, co. Cavan
Steen, William				xxxx			Newtownlimavady
Stevenson, James			Fort William		Tobermore
Stevenson, James			xxxx			Londonderry
Stevenson, John				Drum			Dungiven
Stevenson, John [Reps. of]		Killybleaght		Dungiven
Stevenson, Jos.				Ardkilin		xxxx
Stevenson, Robert			Drumreighland		Newtownlimavady
Stevenson, Robert			Leek			Newtownlimavady
Stewart, ------ [Reps. Of]		Hornhead		Dunfanaghy
Stewart, George				Gelvin			Dungiven
Stewart, Rev. Hall			Grange			Toombridge
Stewart, Hugh				Cloytin			Coleraine
Stewart, James				Ballymaglin		Bellarena
Stewart, Jas. [Reps. Of]		Curran			Magherafelt
Stewart, John				Curran			Magherafelt
Stewart, John				xxxx			Coleraine
Stewart, Rev. John			Brookvale		Portstewart
Stewart, Rev. John			Ballymacilcur		Maghera
Stewart, Samuel				Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Stewart, William			Tirmaquin		Newtownlimavady
Stewart, William			xxxx			Coleraine
Stirling, Henry				Gelvin			Dungiven
Stirling, J.B. [Reps. of]		Moneycarrie		Garvagh & Portrush
Stone, George [Reps. Of]		xxxx			Australia
Stone, Henry John			Curran			Magherafelt
Stone, Robert				Toberhead		Castledawson
Stothard, Colonel			xxxx			London
Strafford, Earl				xxxx			London
Strong, Sir James M.			Tinan			Armagh
Sturgeon, James				Toberhead		Castledawson
Swinerton, Joseph			Rouskey. Upper		Moneymore

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each Province
and For All Ireland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of the
Queen [Out of Copyright]