Census Substitutes: List of Landowners in 1870's - Names & Addresses Only M-O

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Contributed by C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name			     	Owner Residence-1873-75

Macrory. Robert				Ardmore		Newtownlimavady
Macnaughton, Sir E.W., Bart.		Dundarave	Bushmills
Madden, Daniel 				Ballymacombs	Bellaghy
Magill, Samuel [Reps. Of]		Crieve House	Cookstown
Major, James				Donnybrewer	Eglington
Mann, William C.			Hillhead	Castledawson
Marlin, George (Big)			Curran		Magherafelt
Marlin, James (Big)			Curran		Magherafelt
Marshall, Joseph			Knocknakeilt	Magherafelt
Martin, James				Knocknakeilt	Magherafelt
Martin. John				Corrowmenagh	Newtownlimavady
Martin, John				Knocknakeilt	Magherafelt
Martin, John 				Ballynacross	Maghera
Martin, John  [Reps. of]		Culmore		Newtownlimavady
Martin, Sir Samuel			xxxx		Newtownlimavady
Mathers, Thomas				xxxx		Bogslea
Mathews, Mrs.				xxxx		xxxx
Maughan, Rev. J.D.			xxxx		Dublin
Mauleverer, Anne			xxxx		xxxx
Mauleverer,Bellinham [Reps. Of]		xxxx		xxx
Maxwell, Rev. R. W.			Birdstown	Londonderry
Mays, Joseph				Toberhead	Castledawson
Meighan, William			Bonanaboigh	Dungiven
Mercers, Co R. H. Dolling, 		Agent		xxxx
Michales, John				xxxx		Eglington
Millar, Joseph				xxxx		Londonderry
Millen, Robert				Leek		Newtownlimavady
Miller, Rev. Alexander			Muff Glebe	Moneymore
Miller, Alexander			Ballyness	Dungiven
Miller, Daniel				Moys		Newtownlimavady
Miller, Elizabeth			Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, Hugh				Moys		Newtownlimavady
Miller, Hunter				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, James				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, John				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, John				Moys		Newtownlimavady
Miller, John (Betty)			Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, John (James)			Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, Matthew	(Moys) 			Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, Samuel (Betty)			Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, Samuel (Mountain)		Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, William				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Miller, Willian				Derryork	Dungiven
Milligan, Ann				xxxx		Londonderry
Milliken, Martha			Boveagh		Dungiven
Milliken, Samuel			Ardinarive	Dungiven
Millikin, George			Bovagh		Ballymoney
Milling, William			Derryork	Dungiven
Millon, Toal				Mobury		Draperstown
Mitchell, David				xxxx		Greerstown
Mitchell, Francis			Mullagh		Maghera
Mitchell, George			xxxx		Ballynagallagh
Mitchell, George			Ballycrana	Derry
Mitchell, James				Mullagh		Maghera
Mitchell, Mary A.			Mullagh		Maghera
Mitchell. Thomas			xxxx		Greerstown
Mitchell, William			Ballymaguigan	Castledawson
Moffat, John				Ballymully	Moneymore
Montgomery, John			Benvarden	xxxx
Montgomery, Capt. R.J.			Benvarden	Ballymoney
Montgomery, Rev. Saml [Reps. Of]	Glebe		Draperstown
Montgomery, Thomas			Birchill	Antrim
Moody,  William				xxxx		Newtownlimavady
Mooney, James				xxxx		Killygullib
Moore, Alexander			Mountsandey	Coleraine
Moore, David				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Moore, David R.				Cavanreagh	Draperstown
Moore, Hugh				Ballyhewlin	Bushmills
Moore, Jacob				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Moore, James				Moys		Newtownlimavady
Moore, James				Killebleught	Dungiven
Moore, James				xxxx		Ballydivitty
Moore, John				Killebleught	Dungiven
Moore, John				Carrowclare	Newtownlimavady
Moore, John				Culmore		Newtownlimavady
Moore, Joseph				xxxx		Londonderry
Moore, Robert				Drumreighland	Newtownlimavady
Moore, Robert L.			xxxx		Mollenin
Moore, Solomon				Carrowclare	Newtownlimavady
Moore, Thomas				Curragh		Maghera
Moore, Trestram				Carrowreagh	Newtownlimavady
Moore, William (jun.)			Carrowclare	Newtownlimavady
Moore, William (Teag)			Carrowreagh	Newtownlimavady
Moran, James				xxxx		Killygullib
Moran, John				Mowillan	Moneymore
Morell, Henry				Terrydremont	Newtownlimavady
Morrell, John senior			Moneydigg	Garvagh
Morrell, John junior			Moneydigg	Garvagh
Morrell, Samuel				Moneydigg	Garvagh
Morrell, William			Moneydigg	Garvagh
Morrison, Alexander [Reps. Of]		Derryork	Dungiven
Morrison, Hugh				xxxx		Killygullib
Morrison, Hugh Rankin			Moneydigg	Garvagh
Morrison, James				Culmore		ewtownlimavady
Morrison, James				Terrydrum	Newtownlimavady
Morrison, James junior			Termoney	Maghera
Morrison, John 				Seenagh		Newtownlimavady
Morrison, John				Tartnakilly	Newtownlimavady
Morrison, John junior			Clagan		ewtownlimavady
Morrison, Joseph			Dunloy		oleraine
Morrison, Mary Anne			Tartnakilly	Newtownlimavady
Morrison, Robert			Derryork	Dungiven
Morrison, Robert			Clagan 		Newtownlimavady
Morrison, William			Cockendollogh	Garvagh
Morrison, William			xxxx		Newtownlimavady
Morrison, William			Clagan		Newtownlimavady
Morrow, James				xxxx		Castledawson
Morrow, Lyle [Reps. Of]			Derryork	Dungiven
Mulholland, Alexander (David)		Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Alex. [Reps. Of]		Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Andrew			Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Beresford			Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Bernard [Reps. Of]		Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, James			Mobuy		Draperstown
Mulholland, James]			Broagh		Castledawson
Mulholland, James			Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Thomas			Ballymacombs	Bellaghy
Mulholland, Thomas			Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, Thompson			Eden		Portglenone
Mulholland, William			Ballymacombs	Bellaghy
Mulholland, Wm. [Reps. Of]		Eden		Portglenone
Mullan, Charles				Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, Daniel				Formil		ungiven
Mullan, Denis				Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, George senior			Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, George junior			Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, John [Reps. Of]			Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, Margaret			Formil		Dungiven
Mullan, Thomas				Drumrammer	Newtownlimavady
Mullen, Michael				xxxx		Garvagh
Munn, Mrs.				xxxx		Londonderry
Murdock, James [Reps. Of]		Ennisrush	Portglenone
Murray, Bernard				Moneyguiggy	Draperstown
Murray, Jas. [Reps. of]			Caw		Waterside

Neary, James 				Drummullan	Moneymore
Neary, Robert				Littlebridge	Coagh
Neely, Mrs. John			Burnally	Newtownlimavady
Neely, Tthomas				xxxx		Killygullib
Neill, Henry				Dreenan		Portglenone
Neilly, William				Kilrea		Ballymena
Nelson, John				xxxx		Tobermore
Nelson, Robert				xxxx		Coleraine
Nelson, William				xxxx		Tobermore
Nesbitt, Catherine T. Downing		xxxx		Waterside
Nesbitt, James E.			xxxx		Waterside
Newton,  Robert				Coagh		Moneymore
Newton, Robert W.			xxxx		Waterside
Nolan, Robert H.			xxxx		Londonderry
Norris, Mary Anne			Dreenan		Portglenone
Nutt, David				Bovevagh	Dungiven
Nutt, David (big)			Bovevagh	Dungiven
Nutt, John				Bovevagh	Dungiven
Nutt, Mary				Bovevagh	Dungiven

O'Brien, John				Mowillan	Moneymore
O'Brien, Michael			Mowillan	Moneymore
O'Brien, Robert				Carrowclare	Newtownlimavady
Ogilby, James				Pellipar	Dungiven
Ogilby, R.L. [Reps. of]			Ardnargle,	Newtownlimavady
Ogilby, William				xxxx		London
O'Hagan, Charles			xxxx		Banagher
O'Hara, Rev. James			Rectory		Coleraine
O'Kane, Patrick				xxxx		Londonderry
Oliver, Alexander			Downland	Newtownlimavady
Oliver, Andrew				Derrybeg	Newtownlimavady
Oliver, Henry				Lislane		Newtownlimavady
Oliver, Henry James			Main		Newtownlimavady
Oliver, John 				Cahore		Draperstown
Oliver, John				xxxx		Killygullib
Oliver, John				Lislane		Newtownlimavady
Oliver, Robert				Aghansillagh	Newtownlimavady
Oliver, Samuel				Terrydremont	Newtownlimavady
Oliver, William				Tircorran	Newtownlimavady
Oliver, William				Lislane		Newtownlimavady
Olpherts, Capt. Richard			Red-house, 	Ardee, co. Louth
O'Neill, Francis			xxxx		Londonderry
O'Neill, Henry				xxxx		ortstewart
O'Neill, Jane				Desert		Draperstown
O'Neill, John				xxxx		Londonderry
O'Neill, Hon. Robert Thomas		Derrynoid-lodge	Draperstown
O'Neill, Thomas [Reps. Of]		Creagh		Castledawson
Orr, A. C. 				xxxx		merica
Orr, David				Eden		Portglenone
Orr, James				Edenmore	Newtownlimavady
Orr, James [Reps. Of]			Flowerfield	Portstewart
Orr, John 				xxxx		Waterside
Orr, Samuel				Bushfoot	Bushmills
Orr, William				Ballybritain	Coleraine
Orwell, Henry				Corlecky	Maghera
Osborne, John				Clooney-park	Waterside
Osborne, Smith				Clarendon-st	Derry
Osborne, William			Altmore		Dungiven
Otterson, William			Mobuy		Draperstown

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each
Province and For All Ireland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by
Command of the Queen [Out of Copyright]