Census Substitutes: LONDONDERRY-List of Landowners in 1871 - Names & Addresses Only- H-K

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Contributed by C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name				Owner Residence-1873-75

Hamill, William				Camelredge	  Portrush
Hamilton, Jane		  		----	  	  ----
Hamilton, John		  		----		  Waterside
Hamilton, Robert		  	----		  Liverpool
Hamilton, William			Drumreighland	  Newtownlimavady
Hammersley, William			Derrygarve	  Castledawson
Hammond, George				Curran		  Magherafelt
Hannay, Major E.A.		  	----		  Portrush
Hanson, Eliza				Macsoquin	  Coleraine
Harbison, james		  		----		  Magherafelt
Harris, Frederick			Killymurphy	  Stewarts-town
Hart, George V.		 		----		  Kilderry
Hart, John				Damhead		  Coleraine
Harvey, Daniel		  		----		  Eglington
Hasard, Richard				Delgany		  Co. Wicklow
Haslett, Henry				Drumneechy	  Dungiven
Haslett, Thomas				Caw		  Waterside
Hastings, William			Portstewart	  Belfast
Hatrick, Margaret		  	----		  Greerstown
Hazlett, Alexander			Craigmore	  Maghera
Hemphill, James				Aghadowey	  Ballymoney
Hemphill, John				Lower Culmore	  Newtownlimavady
Hemphill, William			Tartnakilly 	  Newtownlimavady
Henderson,  Archibald [Reps. Of]	----		  Garvagh
Henderson, James		  	----		  Lisdillon
Henderson, Capt. John			Army-Navy Club	  London, S.W.
Henderson, John				Drumlamph	  Bellaghy
Henderson,  Mary, sen.			Drumlamph	  Bellaghy
Henderson,  Mary, jun.			Drumlamph	  Bellaghy
Henry, David				Caw		  Waterside
Henry, E.C.C. (minor)			Castle Townsend   Southend, Kent
Henry, James				Cahore		  Draperstown
Henry, Richard		 		----		  Eglington
Henry, Robert & Mary			Bry		  Draperstown
Henry, William				Ballinacross	  Maghera
Hewston, James				Terrydrum	  Newtownlimavady
Hewston, John				Terrydrum	  Newtownlimavady
Heygate, Sir F.W., Bart.		----		  Bellarena
Heyland, Robert [Reps. Of]		----		  England
Heylett, Thomas				Moneydigg	  Garvagh
Hezlet, John				Bovagh		  Ballymoney
Hill, Sir john [Reps. Of]		----		  London, S.W.
Hill, John		  		----		  Castle Bellaghy
Hill, Samuel				Kiltennerymore	  Coleraine
Hodge, George				Drumagosker	  Newtownlimavady
Hodge, S. A.		 		----		  Dublin
Hogg, Rankin				Gortenmayoghill   Garvagh
Holmes, Elizabeth			Ballyderg	  Newtownlimavady
Holmes, James				Ballyderg	  Newtownlimavady
Holmes, Samuel				Ballyderg	  Newtownlimavady
Hopkins, David				Bolea		  Newtownlimavady
Hopkins, Margaret			Tamlagh		  Coagh
Hopkins, Mark				Bolea		  Newtownlimavady
Hopkins, William			Ballyderg	  Newtownlimavady
Horner, Charles				Bovevagh	  Dungiven
Horner, John Lyle			Bovevagh	  Dungiven
Houston, David				Ballymacilcur	  Maghera
Houston, John				Ballymacilcur	  Maghera
Houston, Thomas				Ballymacilcur	  Maghera
Houston, William			Ballymacilcur	  Maghera
Houston, Wm. (Robert)			Ballymacilcur	  Maghera
Hughes, James				Luney		  Magherafelt
Hughes, John				Glenmaquill	  Magherafelt
Hughes, Robert, senior			Luney		  Magherafelt
Hughes, William				Luney		  Magherafelt
Hughes, William Jas.			Luney		  Magherafelt
Hull, John [Reps. Of]			Segorry		  Garvagh
Hunter, isaac				Corrstown	  Portrush
Hunter, James				Ballyvelton	  Coleraine
Hunter, John				Ballymacpeake,    Lower Portglenone
Hunter, John C.F.			Straid		  Feeny
Hunter, Joseph				Clagan		  Newtownlimavady
Hunter, Robert				Tartnakilly 	  Newtownlimavady
Hunter, William				Clagan		  Newtownlimavady
Hurley, Alexander			Spring Gardens	  Coleraine
Hutchenson, T.L.		 	----		  Ballymoney
Hutchinson, Creighton			Kilrea		  Ballymena
Hutchinson, James			Luney		  Magherafelt
Hutchinson, Thomas		 	----		  Ballymoney
Hyland, A.C.		  		----	  	  ----
Hyndman, John				Ballymore	  Newtownlimavady
Hyndman, Samuel				Ballymore	  Newtownlimavady
Hyndman, William		  	----		  Greerstown
Hyndman, Wm. & Wm. Kennedy		----		  Newbuilding

Ironmongers, Worshipful Co. of		----		  London
Irons, John				Ardinarive	  Dungiven
Irons, William				Ardinarive	  Dungiven
Irwin, Alexander		 	----		  Waterside
Irwin, Rev. A.S.			Tamlaght	  Coagh
Irwin, Benjamin				Ballyspallin	  Ballykelly
Irwin, John				Gelvin		  Dungiven
Irwin, Oliver				Ballymore	  Newtownlimavady
Irwin, William				----		  Strabane

Jackson, Archd. (Wee)			Ardinarive	  Dungiven
Jackson. David				Carron		  Newtownlimavady
Jackson, James		 		----		  Newtownlimavady
Jackson, Robert				Ardinarive	  Dungiven
Jackson,  Robert			Bovevagh	  Dungiven
Jackson,  Robert (No 2)			Bovevagh	  Dungiven
Jackson, Samuel				Bovevagh	  Dungiven
Jackson, Samuel				Ardinarive	  Dungiven
Jackson, Samuel		 		----		  Newtownlimavady
Jackson, Samuel				Terrydrum	  Newtownlimavady
Jamison, Rev. W.			Derrymore	  Newtownlimavady
Johnson, David				Slemay		  Portrush
Johnson, James				Craigall	  Kilrea
Johnson, Robert				----		  Coleraine
Johnston, Andrew			Aughagaskin	  Magherafelt
Johnston, Andrew, sen.			Fallogloon	  Maghera
Johnston, Anne [Anna]			High-street	  Holywood
Johnston, Hannah			Fallogloon	  Maghera
Johnston, James		 		----		  Drumsaragh
Johnston, James				Drumanee	  Bellaghy
Johnston, John				Slaghtabogy	  Knockecloughrim, Castledawson
Johnston, John				Fallogloon	  Maghera
Johnston, John C.			Curran		  Magherafelt
Johnston, John  [Reps. Of]		Creagh		  Castledawson
Johnston, Margaret			Ballyhefer	  Magherafelt
Johnston, Matthew			Fallogloon	  Maghera
Johnston, Robert		 	----		  Newtownlimavady
Johnston, Robert			Slaghtabogy	  Knockecloughrim, Castledawson
Johnston. Robert			Drumrainey	  Magherafelt
Johnston, Robert			Drummullan	  Moneymore
Johnston, Thomas			Fallogloon	  Maghera
Johnston, William			Anahorish	  Castledawson
Jones, Elizabeth			----		  Dublin
Junkin, Hamilton			Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Junkin, Hugh				Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Junkin, John				Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Junkin, Joseph				Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Jute, John M.		 		----		  Dublin

Kane, Bernard				Drumsurn	  Newtownlimavady
Kane, Charles				Formil		  Dungiven
Kane, James				Drumsurn	  Newtownlimavady
Kane, James				Formil		  Dungiven
Kane, James				----		  Killygullib
Kane, John				Main		  Newtownlimavady
Kane, Michael				Ballyleaghery	  Newtownlimavady
Kane, Patrick				Formil		  Dungiven
Kearney, William			Cockendollogh	  Garvagh
Keenan, John [Reps. Of]			Leitrim		  Castledawson
Keith, Richard		  		----		  Coleraine
Kelly, Daniel				Corick		  Draperstown
Kelly, David		 		----		  Castledawson
Kelly, Edward				Corick		  Draperstown
Kelly, Rev. Francis		 	----		  Londonderry
Kelly, Henry				Luney		  Magherafelt
Kelly, James				Ballyneese	  Portglenone
Kelly, John				Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Kelly, John				Drummullan	  Moneymore
Kelly, John and Thos.			Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Kelly, Laurence				Corick		  Draperstown
Kelly, Michael				Corick		  Draperstown
Kelly, Peter				Corick		  Draperstown
Kelly, Wm., [Reps. Of]			Ballymacombs	  Bellaghy
Kennedy, Alexander			Cullyramer	  Garvagh
Kennedy, Andrew		 		----		  Newtownlimavady
Kennedy, Church				Cullyramer	  Garvagh
Kennedy, Henry		  		----		  Bellaghy
Kennedy, Henry (Sidney)			Mullaghbuoy	  Bellaghy
Kennedy, John		 		----		  Killygullib
Kennedy, John [Reps. Of[		Mayoghill	  Garvagh
Kennedy, Thos. W.			----	  	  ----
Kennedy, William			----		  Drumsaragh
Kerr, James				Grillagh	  Maghera
Kerr, James				----		  Shantallon
Kerr, William				Cragmore	  Maghera
Killen, James Brice		 	----		  Ballymena
Kilpatrick, Daniel			Damhead		  Coleraine
Kilpatrick, David		 	----		  Camsie
Kilpatrick, William		 	----		  Cloghole
King, Henry				Drumacarney	  Ballykelly
King, Joseph [Reps. Of]			Moys		  Newbuilding
King, Michael				Strangemore	  Dungiven
King, William, senior			Drumreighland	  Newtownlimavady
King, William, junior			Drumreighland	  Newtownlimavady
Knipe, Miss		 		----		  Dublin
Knox, Charles James [Reps. Of]		----		  Coleraine
Knox, Edward C.				Derrynaflaw	  Dungiven
Knox, George				----		  Prehan
Knox, John				Cockendollogh	  Garvagh
Knox, Marcus				Liskenboy	  Strabane
Knox, Robert				Rushbrook	  Coleraine
Knox, Robert Kyle		 	----		  Coleraine
Knox, Saml. [Reps. Of]			----		  Coleraine
Kyle, Henry				Laurel Hill	  Coleraine
Kyle, John [Reps. Of]			Knocknakeilt	  Maghera
Kyle, Thomas James			Slaghtabogy	  Knockecloughrim, Castledawson

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each
Province and For All Ireland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by
Command of the Queen [Out of Copyright]