Census Substitutes: List of Landowners in 1870's - Names & Addresses Only- D-G

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Contributed by C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name			Owner Residence-1873-75

Daly, Charles			Bridge-st		Coleraine
Daniel, James			-------			Killygullib
Daniel, Thomas E.		Great Berkhampstead	England
Darcus, Henry		      	-------			Londonderry
Davis, Hugh			Derrygarve		Castledawson
Davis, John			Derrygarve		Castledawson
Davis, John, senior		Moys			Newtownlimavady
Davis, John, junior		Moys			Newtownlimavady
Davis, Paul			Ardinarive		Dungiven
Davison, Hugh			Ballyneese		Portglenone
Davison, John			Ballyneese		Portglenone
Davison, Martin		      	-------			Bellaghy
Davison, Robert			Drumanee		Bellaghy
Davison, Wm., [Reps. Of]	Ballyneese		Portglenone
Dawson, Col. Robert Peel	Moyola			Castledawson
Dean, John			Dungiven		Derry
Deane, William			Dungiven		Derry
Deans, Robert			Ballymully		Newtownlimavady
Dempsey, Francis		Mullahinch		Garvagh
Derby, John 		      	-------			Portglenone
Derby, John [Reps. Of]		Aughrim			Magherafelt
Derby, Mary Anne		Aughrim			Magherafelt
Devine, Samuel			Ardinarive		Dungiven
Devlin, Patrick			Clagan			Cookstown
Dick, Jane			Camalredge		Portrush
Dick, Robert			Camalredge		Portrush
Dickey, Thomas [Reps. Of]	-------			Bellaghy
Dimond, Andrew			Tamnymullan		Maghera
Dinnen, John			Dreenan			Portglenone
Dinnen, Stafford		Dreenan			Portglenone
Disney, John			Tamlaght		Coagh
Dixon, Francis			Drumballyhagan		Tobermore
Dixon, John			Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Dixon, Joseph			Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Dixon, Robt., [Reps. Of]	Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Dolling, Robert H.		Manor House, 		Kilrea-Ballymena
Donaghy, John		      	-------	        	-------
Donaldson, Paul			Edenmore		Newtownlimavady
Donegall, Marquis of		-------			London
Donnelly, James			Creagh			Castledawson
Donnelly, John			Creagh			Castledawson
Donnelly, William		Creagh			Castledawson
Doole, David			Luney			Magherafelt
Doole, George			Luney			Magherafelt
Doole, John			Luney			Magherafelt
Douglas, Hugh			Main			Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Hugh [Reps. Of]	Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, James S.		Rosebrook		Dungiven
Douglas, John			Ballynaherry		Newtownlimavady
Douglas, John Spotiswood	Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, Joseph			Derrybeg		Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Joseph			Main			Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Joseph jun.,		Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, Joseph (Billy)		Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, Joseph (Henry)		Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, Mary Anne		-------			Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Matthew		Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, Robert		         -------		Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Samuel			Main			Newtownlimavady
Douglas, Samuel			Ardinarive		Dungiven
Douglas, William		Tircorran		Newtownlimavady
Downing, Alexander		Dreenan			Portglenone
Downing, Eliza,			Dreenan			Maghera
Downing, George			Dreenan			Portglenone
Downing, Harford		Dreenan			ortglenone
Downing, James			Dreenan			Portglenone
Downing, Jas. (Sarah)		Dreenan			Maghera
Downing, Capt. John		Laurel Lodge, 		Monkstown, co. Dublin
Downing, John			Dreenan			Portglenone
Downing, Neill			Dreenan			Maghera
Downing, Stafford		Dreenan			Portglenone
Downing,Thomas			Dreenan			Maghera
Downing, William		Dreenan			Portglenone
Downs, Joseph			Ballynaherry		Newtownlimavady
Drapers, Company of		-------			London
Duff, William			Ballymully		Moneymore
Duffe, James			Derrynaflaw		Dungiven
Duffin, Jane			Mowillan		Moneymore
Dunbar, George			Woburn			Donaghadee
Duncan, Jas. [Reps. Of]		-------			Magherafelt
Dunlop, Mrs. John		-------			Coleraine
Dunn, James			Ballyspallin		Ballykelly
Dunn, Robert		    	  -------		Waterside
Dysart, James		     	 -------		Ballynagallagh
Dysart, John		     	 -------		Ballynagallagh
Dysart, Thomas			Curragh			Maghera
Dysert, The Rev. William	Bellarena		Derry

Eccles, Anne			Diamond			Coleraine
Elliott, John			Balynacross		Maghera
Elliott, Sarah Jane		Bovevagh		Dungiven
Elliott, William		Curragh	Maghera
Eslar, William		      	-------			Balleymena

Fallow, Ralph			Derrynaflaw		Dungiven
Farrell, Francis		Ballyness		Dungiven
Farrell, John			Ballyness		Dungiven
Farrell, Patrick		Ballyness		Dungiven
Feeny, James, junr.		Ballyness		Dungiven
Ferguson, Andrew [Reps. Of]	Ballynagarve		Magherafelt
Ferguson, Elizabeth		-------			Newtownlimavady
Ferguson, James			Derrynaflaw		Magherafelt
Ferguson, Joseph		-------			Newtownlimavady
Ferguson, Jos. (Black)		Killebleught		Dungiven
Ferguson, Jos. (White)		Killebleught		Dungiven
Ferguson, Margaret		Cahore			Draperstown
Ferguson, Mat.			Sheephill		Ballykilley
Ferguson,Samuel [Reps. Of]	Killebleught		Dungiven
Ferrier, Andrew [Reps. Of]	Grange			Toomebridge
Ferrier, Anne J.		Toberhead		Castledawson
Ferris, Andrew Morton		New York		America
Fields, Henry [Reps. Of]				Monkstown, co. Dublin
Finlay, Gerald			Ennisrush		Portglenone
Finnegan, Patrick		Rice Hill		Cavan
Fishmongers, Worshipful Co. of 	 -------		London
Fitzpatrick, Rev. James		Derganagh		Castledawson
Flanning, William		Camsie			Maghera
Fleming, Andrew			Ballymacilur		Maghera
Fleming, Isaac			Ardmore 		Newtownlimavady
Fleming, Isaac			Drumneechy		Dungiven
Fleming, Isabella		Belmount Cottage	Belfast
Fleming, James			Drumneechy		Dungiven
Fleming, Robert			Ballynacross		Maghera
Fleming, William		Aghansellagh		Newtownlimavady
Fleming, William		Ballymacilur		Maghera
Fleming, W.S.		     	 -------		Newtownlimavady
Forrest, James			Magheramore		Newtownlimavady
Forrest, Thomas			Magheramore		Newtownlimavady
Forrester, Mrs. Anne		Cloverhill		Maghera
Forrester, Robert W.		Cahore			Magherafelt
Forsythe, Mary Anne		-------			Newtownlimavady
Fowler, James			Drumcrow		Tobermore
Fox, Capt. John Joseph
     Patterson			19 Upper Temple-street	Dublin
Fulton, James			Derrynaflaw		Dungiven
Fulton, Joseph			Drumanee		Dungiven

Gage, Conelly, [Reps. of]	-------			Dublin
Gage, Marcus M.			Ballynacree		Ballymoney
Gage, Rev. Robert		-------			Kilrea
Galbraith, Rev. George		      -------		Kilaloo
Galt, William Howard		Ballysally		Coleraine
Gamble, Henry			Tamnaheran	        -------
Garvagh, Lady			House of Garvagh	Garvagh
Garvagh, Lord			House of Garvagh	Garvagh
Garvin, George		     	 -------		Castledawson
Gault, Thomas [Reps. Of]	-------			Newtownlimavady
Gaussen, Campbell		Parkview House		Castledawson
Gelson, Rev. Joseph		-------			Dungiven
George, Connolly		Terrydremont		Newtownlimavady
George, William			Derryork		Dungiven
George,William			Terrydremont		Newtownlimavady
Gerin, Robert			Diamond			Coleraine
Getty, James			Cam			Waterside
Gibson, Arthur			Broighter		Newtownlimavady
Gibson, William			Derrynaflaw		Dungiven
Gilfillen, James		Sesnagh			Newtownlimavady
Gilfillen, John			Ballyderg		Newtownlimavady
Gillespie, Mrs.			Longfield		Eglington
Gilliland, Samuel		-------			Londonderry
Gilmore, Richard		-------			Magherafelt
Gilmour, Rev. James		Boveedy			Kilrea
Gilmour, James			Bohilboy		Garvagh
Gilmour, Samuel			Boveedy			Kilrea
Gilmour, William		Mayoghill		Garvagh
Girvin, Sufferin		Ballynagarve		Magherafelt
Giveen, Butler Mildmay		Cooldarragh		Coleraine
Given, Andrew [Reps. Of]	Main-street		Newtownlimavady
Given, James			Slaghtabogy		Knockeloughrim, Castledawson
Given, Samuel			Rouskey, Lower		Moneymore
Glasgow, James 			Ennisrush		Portglenone
Glass, Robert			Cockendollogh		Garvagh
Glenn, John			Newmarket-st		Coleraine
Glinn, James		      	-------			Ballyarnot
Glover, John 		    	-------			Magherafelt
Godfrey, John			Ballymacombs		Bellaghy
Godfrey, Rowley			Ballyneese		ortglenone
Gordon, Robert			Bonanaboigh		Dungiven
Gordon. Stuart  [Reps. Of]	-------			Dublin
Governor, Robert		Craighall		Garvagh
Graham, Archibald		Ballymacilur		Maghera
Graham, David			Owenreagh		Draperstown
Graham, John			Cavanreagh		Draperstown
Graham, John		     	--------		Magherafelt
Grant and Hamilton		-------			Dublin
Graves, Catherine		-------			Castledawson
Graves, Mrs. Maria		Tiverton		Devonshire
Graves, Col. William		-------			Castledawson
Gray, Andrew			Carrowclare		Newtownlimavady
Gray, John			Grillagh		Maghera
Gray, John junior		Ballynacross		Maghera
Gray, Samuel [Reps. Of]		-------			Castledawson
Gray, Sarah Jane		-------			Garvagh
Gray, William			Keady			Newtownlimavady
Greaves, John Boyd		Church-st		Coleraine
Greer, S. M'Curdy		Springvale		Coleraine
Greer. William [Reps. Of]	-------			Dublin
Grocers, Worshipful Comp. Of	-------			London
Grunslead, Teresa		-------			Londonderry
Guthrie, Robert			Gresteel		Faighanvale

Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each Province and
For All Ireland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command
of the Queen [Out of Copyright]