Census Substitutes: Alsop's Survey for Aghadowey Parish 1765

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Contributed by Thomas Mullin 1972


Co. Londonderry, Ireland
List of Tenants, 1765:

Killure: Mr. Robt. Givvin (has Bleach Green).

Ballywilliam: 1/2 to William Wray and William Taylor, 1/2
to William Hanna and William and James Cochran.

Drumcruin: John Brown, Nath. Bell, John Willson, John
and Benjamin Cochran, Saml. Hunter.

Kinneglass: 1/6 cach to Robt, Kennedy, Saml, Kennedy,
Wm. Hunter, Hugh Hart, John Hart, John Cochran.

Killeagh: 1/4 to Wm. Kennedy, 1/4 to another Wm.
Kennedy, 1/3 to Wm. Tannhill, 1/6 to John Dempsey.

Ballinuntagh: 1/4 to James Collins, 1/4 to Benjn. Boyd,
1/2 to John, Sam and Abram Boyd.

Ballicaan: 1/3 to John McGomery and Elizth. Kenedy, 1/3
to James Dodd, John Cathrins and Hugh Dempsey, 1/3 to
William Ross.

Cluntagh: 1/3 to Davd. Johnson and Jas. O'Mullan, 1/3 to
Martha Gibson, 1/3 to John Parkhill, James Brown and
Andw. McBride.

Balliclough: 1/3 to Alex. Tannahill, 1/3 to John Glass,
Robt. Fulton and James Kenedy, 1/3 to Robt. and Wm.
Kenedy and John Wier.

Croscanley: James Mairs and James Elgin.
Coldrum: Matthew Boyle.

Cullans: John McQuade (has corn mill); Wm. Gatty and
Hugh Moor; Danl. McCalaster (has tuck mill); Robt.
Anderson, Wm. Hugh and Benj. Cochran; Wm. Spence
and John Berresfiord.

Knockduff: Andrew Delap, Wm. Anderson, Matthew
Lean. A rabbit warren on the townland.

Drimstable: James Gray, Thos. McMurtray, John Birney,
Hugh Torrence.

Scaltee: John Shirley.

Rusky: Revd. Mr. Eldcr.

Clonbecke, S. side: Patrick McCallastcr. N. side, Abram

Culcrow: Hugh Torrence has 1/3 of the Mill (Gold's'Mill),
Robt. Stewart and partners, John Henry, Hugh Sheerly,
James Sheerly and partners, George Moon, Jas. Neal and

Ballireagh: Robert SheerIy and Brothers has part called
the Ree, William Gregg has part called Keelogs.

Lissamore: Mr. Lecky. The boatman has 20 acres and the
Ferry. Now called Figivie.

Mullochmore: George Moon, Mr. Bristow, Mannas Boyle,
Danl. Hagarty, Allan; McAllane, Donochy McAlees and
partners, James O'Gillan, John O'Shale, John Crilly and Pat

Glassghort: Robert Michel and Hugh Thompson, Part
often under water until late in spring.

Lanagivie: Upper part, Rev. Mr. Elder. Lower part, Robt,
Sheerley. Also includes Roehan Park.

Clarehill: Wm. Fulton, Robt. Knox, Andw, Hunter, Mattw.
Brown, John McLure, Archibald McWillkin.

Clunkeen: Upper part, Hugh Caldwell. Lower part, Duncan

Carnamucklagh: Richard Boyle and partners, Jonathan
Simpson and partner.

Droughed (being part of Carnamucklagh and perhaps of
Cliggan): John Carr.

Culeaple: Isaac White and John Boyde.

Mullaghinch Upper: 1/4 to Anthy. McKilroy, 1/4 to John
MaKilroy, 1/4 to Jno. Alexander, 1/4 to Pat.

Leverty, Jno. Dimpsey, Wm. Wallace, Thos. Stewart.
Lower: No names given.

Gortfad: Jas. Wellwood and partners.

Ringrush: Alexr. Torrence.

Cleggan: Upper, Wm. Henry and partner. Lower, Wm.
Torrence and partner.

Drimall: Danl. Dimpsey and partner. Dodley Dimpsey and

Risk: Dempsey and partners.

Balliagan: Upper, Hugh Young and partner. Middle, John
Orr and partner. Lower, John Wilson and partner. James
Wilson has a Tuck Mill, an acre of land and 3 sums of

Ennishleen: Upper, Robt. Gilmore and partner. Lower,
John Gilmore and partner.

Carroreagh: Shan Tonner and partner, Wm. BIack and

Edenbann: John Dorans, Williiam and John Grahams.

Trinultenagh: James, Wm. and John Dorans and Wm.

Tirkceran: Upper, John McCloy, John Holms, John
Cochran, Henry Barton. Lower and Middle, Thos,
Maxwell. Archilbald Fisher has 8 or 10 acres and the Mill.

Gortcloughan: John Kenedy and Adam Linn.

Machrymore: Upper part, Mrs. Clintin and partners. Mrs.
Clinton's Park.

Colbane and Slaghtaverty: Part to Thos. Kane, part to Mr,
Forester, Drimban to Mr. Clinton.

Dunaverney: Kane.

Lisnacreog: A multitude. Mrs. Sarah Bryan's rent roll has
in places different names, and may reffect an earlier
period. In this, Robt Shirla and Robt. Stewart have part of
Culcrow and Drumstaple and have Dickboy. Robert
Stewart and James Shirla are in Ree, with James Shirla
having a bleach yard. Lanagivey is held by Rev. John Elder,
Rev, Robert Higginbotham and Thomas Ramadge, Agivey
is held by Rev, John Elder and Edmund GilIan has 1/2 of
Agivey Ferry and some land.