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File contributed by: Eoin Kelly July 
10, 2014, 3:06 pm


Name:                Hallahan, Florence
Date Of Death:       June 15, 1886 Time: 
Place Of Death:      Bandon, Co, Cork
Residence:           Derrycool, Bandon, Co, Cork
Gender:              Male
Race:                W
Age:                 80
Marital Status:      Widowed
Source Of Record:    General Record Office Certificate

DEATHS Registered in the District of Bandon, in the Union of 
Bandon, in the County of Cork
Date and Place of Death: 1886, Fifteenth June. Workhouse
Rank, Profession or Occupation: Labourer
Certified Cause of Death, and duration of Illness: Old Age. 
5 years. Certified
Signature, Qualification, and Residence of Informant: Peter 
Dineen. Occupier, Bandon Workhouse
When Registered: Twenty Fifth June, 1886